"Come on, we're gonna do it right behind us."

I have business to attend to.

"Together...... hey"

When Kai grabbed the wiping cloth with the tapped water he had been given from the kitchen's bottom work, he turned back on his heel and walked out, not caring about Gando Yonna, who was grabbing his shoulder. A big man pushed from that little body into a horrible force that he could never imagine, following him as he stepped on his feet.

would have caused the power relationship to fall if it had been watched from the "Whoa," chased Yonna out into the hallway, as several men glanced at the shape of a laugh through it and stood in front of Kai and Yonna.

No, I guess only Yonna was exactly what they were after.

"of the village of Gand"

"Work with me one more time, ask for me"

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

What a hot and painful meat masters, all of them 'neighborhood picking' on their faces after their intentions had passed, all three seemed 'sheltered'.

Taking those glances, the big man chasing Kai...... Gand Yonna snorted loudly, "Later, later," as if it was something he waved and showed to get rid of even at the mercy of a child, so the men were really sudden.

"You can't let a winner get away!

"Don't worry! There's three of us behind us!

"That spare side, snag it!

There is no escape with Yonna of the Three Years of Age because they were all attacked with the full force of those who wanted to "take shelter". And Kai, who stood before him, was exactly like a leafy vegetable sandwiched in a wall of meat.

If Kai alone had just avoided it, he would still have managed. But at that time, his hands were about the same size as his body, and the water was stretched out. Besides, one hand was carrying a wipe cloth, which was not at all able to handle sudden movements and other situations. It would have been great until I put the sauce right on the floor and kicked it and let it slide. But shortly afterwards, he was completely crushed by thick muscles, and lost his complexion to the tendentious stiffness and unpopular male odor.

"Out of the way."

Even in close contact, Kai's rigidity can be exerted. Folding his left arm forcefully and sticking his elbow out, he made sure to wrap his bush with his other hand and slammed it into Yonna's lower belly, which was behind him while adding a twist to his body.


Yonna, who was stretching her arms over Kai's head and trying to resist the pressures of the three looming men, broke into a letter spitting out her stomach fluids and her body.

That's how Kai makes the space empty with all his might, and now he pounds his head and punches it with pain as he sweeps through the jaw of another man he was snuggling with. Shaped to blur his jaw from the height difference, the man, shaken by his brain, peels off his white eyes and falls.

Kai's eyes snap at the movement of an object that is shifting up close. Was that terrible moving vision still a special favour of God in the valley?

In a world that keeps moving slowly, Kai calmly assembles the form of an attack, just as he keeps his usual sobriety.

I instantly understood that a jaw-flagged head poke had invited the other person's 'concussion'. Even 'sheltered', it is the brain marrow that fits in the skull that dominates the movement of its body, and if it prunes the action of its central organs, it can instantly fall into whatever stubborn body bearer it is. Those who learn to fight on foot learn a number of moves based on such 'principles', but how many of them have waved their moves with a proper understanding of their 'principles' in this world?

One of the core conditions of victory in the struggle called "concussion" settled in Kai at that moment, fused with previous life knowledge. I understood it in my body as the word acquired.

(... this, good)

Maybe if we knew about this move even in the fight against that armored martial artist, we could have beaten each other up a little decently... even immersed in such a fluent thought when it came to being a fighter.

However, because of other people's knowledge, it is difficult to understand that "concussion" is probably not a weakness if you strengthen your neck.

No matter how massive the ones in front of you are, it is in the narrow context of race that reason works as it does, and the subordinates with exceptionally high physical performance in their race traits… it doesn't work for those who are armored (or otherwise) with isolated stubbornness like that armored warrior. I think so.

A small moan leaked from those who watched the spot to the boy who instantly let Yonna put a buttcake on him and pruned the consciousness of one of his companions just by poking his head.

"If you want to do it, do it yourself. I had nothing to do with it."

Put it aside, it was Kai who tried to recover the toss.

His hand blocked him from going to Yonna, where he blew out while holding his stomach with one hand, and his brow bounced irritably.

"... okay, sounded in my stomach"

"Out of the way."

"What village are you in?


"... you're not a lord, I knew it"

"Are you really about to" crush Kai, "as usual, who doesn't float" neighborhood pickup "on her face, and Yonna turned up a full delight color after a sinister face.

That's how Yonna sees what Kai cares about, kicks around the sight that was near her feet and punches the hot water in a grand way.

"... you see, you've got time. Let's go back there."

"... you can have it again"

"I'm so glad to see you."


The two remaining members of the threesome also have a stark view of Kai and Yonna's exchange. And I'm guessing Yonna's obsession reason, and I'm crushing, "Is that the 'rumor'?

Other people who happen to be there whisper, "Stupid strong luggage." Last night's brawl had actually already spread under the water around the Sannomiya Palace.

Even if it is an uncertain rumor of origin, it is equal to the aroma emitted by the supreme delicacy for the young 'protectors' who cannot help but test the excellence of my God. Everyone put their presence in the corner of their hearts and looked forward to an unexpected encounter.

Yonna isn't the only one.

Kai realizes the unwanted fervour that swelled in the hallway and makes a decision to temporarily renounce every thing Orha commands. Fighting was easy, but without fine dust, such as the intention to show off the power of God in the valley, I never got lost in that choice.

Kai, who quickly glances at all sides, reckons with those who can be enemies.

(... about 8... 9 people)

If all of that were to be 'sheltered', even Kai, with the protection of God in the valley, if he were to be attacked simultaneously with his footsteps in place, or overwhelmed by maneuvers, he might be able to stop the roots of his breath.

Kai, who was mostly stuck in the room with the intention of serving, also did not have much idea of the overall structure of the Sannomiya Palace. The tip so intuitively oriented was in the opposite direction to the entrance I went through when I first visited this building.

A heterogeneous group jumps right into Kai's eyes as he rushes through the corridor, cleaning up the "sheltered people" trying to challenge him from left to right.

It was a group of monks.

Four people were walking along to follow the lead of a man who hung a cloak full of mountain blown fabric on a ukulele monk's coat.

The high priest, who concealed his mouth by means of a headscarf, looked at Kai, who was now about to rush through his sides, widening his eyes as thin as a thread.

Why is there a boy here... Kai thinks for a moment, but recalls that the monk visits the village of Rag on the outskirts of the soil regularly, and abandons his thoughts to the point that it is natural for him to be as prosperous as the state capital (here).

The "Feast of the Winter Solstice" was a great sacrifice given by the Uncle Bo family, and it would not have been necessary to consider that the presence of monks was indispensable to the various ancient rituals that would take place there.

The end of this corridor is probably connected outside.

And after shaking off his tracking, he quickly releases his powers, turns direction and hides in the clouds... although it was Kai who was so full of it.

I didn't even think the 'Grass Match (...)' stadium was suddenly expanding before I left the back door.

I jumped out as far as the inside of the square outside with the momentum, where I finally noticed my mistake. Blurred by useless intuition, Kai was still the one who explored the escape route, but the scream of the man who jumped in from behind sealed his actions.

"... me! I challenge him! Gand village lord, it's Gand Yonna!

I have been exposed to countless eyes I never imagined, and my back has been held back by the 'protective holding' and others in the tracking group that came late.

A big man approaching with a foothold that I didn't believe could ever make it this far and escape, and a little boy like a hairy kid looking back.

"That's the example of 'luggage carrying'!

The scream came from the mouth of the one who followed, and the venue turned.

"... that one"

Kwon Sang-du went back the way he came.

The venue of Sannomiya's 'Grass Match', which has determined that there is no longer anything to see...

Hearing the accompanying people asking me what was going on, my busy legs quickly became a small run. That's how I opened my sight.

Behind the Sanno Palace, between the walls and the castle hall, there is a square for the training of soldiers. In the middle of it, I found a small, tumbling back, and suddenly I felt my feelings waving.

The other monks, who followed the Kwon monks capital, who suddenly walked out with their heels back, cautioned their mouths when the 'present service' was about to begin, hearing the distant cheer that was happening elsewhere from this venue. It was the monks of Kwon who ordered us to move to "this service" in the monogamous palace, as the missed lords of the late ginseng would show their faces.

But those eyes don't get off the back of a stand-up boy.

The tin length I had in my hand (...) made a slight noise with Chillin.


The eyes of Kwon Sang-du captured the blue pillar of spiritual light rising from the boy.