After coming here, Kai was finally noticed by the breadth of me.

(... I'm a rumor?!)

For some reason, not only the big man in front of him, but also the meat masters who are 'waiting in order' behind him, as well as other audiences, are pointing to Kai and rumouring in abundance that he is' the luggage holder of the example '.

Of course I had memories of events like the cause that attracted such strange attention. I guess it was last night when I arbitrated the two idiots who started the fight just to get my meal fast.

Of course, I didn't even have a name, and I didn't think as much as hairy that I could suddenly remember my face from someone I didn't know until then. Even Kai was drunk by the atmosphere of his first visit to the state castle. The public ignorance that I assumed that my situation, full of them, was shared by all the humans staying here, made me unaware of the sweetness on the side.

Even this flourishing state capital is Kai, who finally understood after it was too late that it was only a city where the people of the peripheral soil lived, praising the 'martial arts' of the individual who would also be the power to protect the people from external enemies.

And even worse, I noticed another sign.

(… seen)

Sense that someone is dealing with 'spiritual power'.

Most of those in the audience will be 'sheltered'. Sometimes we fight, and when we get tired of it, we turn to the audience... there are two or thirty in line that seem so bloody bloody.

And the big men in the battle posture and the 'waiting in order' guys behind them, too, are, of course, just 'sheltered'. It was not strange that the wizards, the so-called wizards, whom the White Princess (Jose) had said were lost in them.

Close your eyes once, and open them.

There was a world spreading colored by spiritual light.

(... the one)

Find out who the watchman is. Further behind the meat masters waiting in order, a group of the lads I saw passing by earlier, lined up near the back entrance of the Sannomiya Palace... he was a fine high priest with a tin length at its center.

Truth Inspector. The words immediately came to my mind.

A newly found land god… I am searching for a pillar of royalty so powerful that I would expect the kingdom of the people to take charge of its stalls, the high priests of the "Monastery" Dispatch. It would have been natural, in a way, for them to come here to the largest town on the soil. Moreover, it is now the period of the Feast of the Winter Solstice. Maybe they were on this occasion at an invitation from the Uncle Bedou family to take on some sort of sacrifice.

The only thin eye exposed from the headscarf of the high priest stares at Kai as he eats in. From that standpoint rises the spiritual light stained with Zhu as of the sunset. Light dwells in his eyes narrowed like that yarn, and he can see that the technique involving the 'eye' is exercised.

He also sees this world that I see.

You must also be seeing blue spiritual light flooding out of me.

(... If you can compare it this way, are there still many)

With dozens of 'shelter holders' lined up around him, Kai was able to easily objectively see how I was. "Protective holding" bears a strong spiritual light on each one, either because its power is purely poured into improving physical ability, or because the body of flesh exposed from the garment thins and contains light, which instead reduces the amount of light emitted.

Because the more spiritual power is supplied to the greater the divinity, the more powerful the body appears. Is it advantageous in a way to know that without looking at "Neighborhood Pickup"?

In this sense, wizards… those who specialize in magic, such as "the master craftsman", seem to be able to discern. You must always have the excess amount of spiritual power necessary for magic operations, so you are carrying the spiritual light to strengthen it.

(... do I look like that too)

As he bathes in luxurious spiritual power thanks to the God of the Valley, Kai always leaves room for magic operations. Therefore, when I went to arbitration last night, I was able to convert it to instantaneous physical improvement.

This was the secret that Kai could show off his doubles in the state of "untainted". With the activation of the protection sealed, it was recycling the 'surplus' of its spiritual power to the body to gain power. Familiarity was horrible, until a constant effort to hide his identity could unconsciously make the cumbersome task of redistributing surplus spiritual power.

but the redistribution is done unconsciously, but if necessary, the switch is off.

I guess that was switched on now that I realized there were already dangerous enemies looming. The spiritual light that was overflowing from me weakened.

(... anyway, escape this scene)

By finding the power of God in the valley, that truth investigator tried to kill Kai. I can't say enough, though, that the lads here aren't the same.

I don't know the rules for the one called 'Grass Match'. Though there's an air of having to deal with each other anyway when I raise my name, I don't even have a prospect, and I guess it's just a place where we're beating each other up as much as we like.

Then ignore it but no scrutiny.

I guess I intuited that Kai, who looked around quickly, would be able to escape, the big man...... Gand Yonna reveals the neighborhood and grabs it all at once.

Kai manipulates an unprecedented amount of recycled excess spiritual power. Fears of being seen inhibited Kai's rampant behavior.

(... feet)

If you turn your consciousness around like when you manipulate magic, your spiritual power moves like that.

The grace of God overflowing from the 'Divine Stone' is like the strange 'fuel' given to make the aspirations of the Possessory Generation come true. If you wish, it can be done quickly.

Kai, conscious of moving quickly, gathered his spiritual power on his feet and tried to fly out of the venue as a result of his disengagement. Kai, who is only fortified by "surplus minutes," is not in fact as far as the three-year-old (tres) gand Yonna in front of him in terms of total output. but he had outdone himself by biasing his spiritual power where it was necessary to fight flesh bullets.

At this time, Kai was clearly outnumbered in terms of leg strength. But because it was purely a force spent on 'jumping', it was the same thing if it was grabbed.

Gand Yonna, who captured Kai's ankle on the verge, slammed Kai straight onto the cobblestone ground, no longer losing his scaffold and exerting his power. The moment he was attacked by a dangerous floating sensation, Kai turned all his spiritual powers to the back and back of his head, which became a clashing surface.


There was no pain, but instead all the air in my lungs was thrown out.

And every body that bounces dances through the universe. A moment after that, I am slammed to the ground again. Now I felt just the pain. The feeling of compression spread all over my chest like I had been crushed by stomping my lungs.

My body floated in the universe again, but it didn't come a third time. Flowers of blood from all my bloodshed were scattered all around me.

It was a mess, but fighting each other with 'shelter' is basic because they're too sturdy for each other.

As I looked up at the cloudy weather in the snowy winter, I was burned with fierce anger as I lost my share of what I was doing for a little while and caught sight of the big man looking down slightly like he had won this one.

(No wonder!)

The god of the valley threw up.

And I went mad to screw this enemy down with all my might.

The pain of a crushed lung quickly became a fever. I feel like my lungs are starting to repair their guts at a dizzying rate. You have to indulge in suffocation until your breathing is restored.

Do you play 'Lose' by pretending to faint like this?

Such a calculation brought a head, but it soon gives up. Gando Yonna was trying to hang a merciless chase on Kai.

"I mean it, but yes!

Behind the screaming of a big man with a stirring and imminent huge shoe.

A stomping attack (...) was imminent to further destroy Kai's gut. It's about rolling the body. So we talk.

The cobblestone on which Gand Yonna stepped was crushed.

This guy, are you going to kill him!?

The time to wait for lung repair seemed to have to be managed with self-help efforts. Touch the seriousness of the opponent and the god of the valley barks belligerently.

Kill him! Kill him!

No, it's not good to kill, God.

Gand Yonna advances to Kai, who managed to get up while rolling.

What will it take to counter this boar bastard? You can't do everything you can in front of a frigid kid watching.

Kai stared at the blind spot of the boy as he slightly repositioned himself... diving into the shadow of the big man's body. Keep hanging the 'healing magic' towards my lungs during the few moments I escaped from those eyes.

Kai had a dizzying idea as he recovered his breath.

What are we supposed to do here?

Run, or win?

If I win, then what happens to me?

(The owner must have brought some with him)

Then winning just a little is fine. All you have to do is make it look like you lost in time.

This boar bastard flies because he's upset. Afterwards, flush it appropriately and pretend it was done somewhere. All right, let's do that.

The boy also still just glimpses my spiritual light and expects me to be just suspicious.

That's how my mind was set.

Kai was just straight, fisting out.