My father was nominated for the honorable 'Dedication Match'.

It was also entrusted with the final end-day effort, precisely the important divine tri before the "Feast of the Winter Solstice," and was nothing more than a taunt for the Lords of the Side Territories.

Upon hearing his father's sunny stage, Orha hurried to the match venue in front of Ichinomiya at the urging of the Ritualist, who had also come to reward Jose, who was originally surrounded by sidelined women. "Almost" is not coming back, so I left it.

One day after his arrival in the state capital, his father, Vegin, was summoned early by Uncle Horizontal to leave his precious daughter before his engagement and his absence continued. His father, who went directly from that place to the match venue, found our sons who rushed to the venue, but only at a slight glance.

When he rinsed his mouth with clean water without loosening his harsh expression, and prayed to the gods of more than two hundred pillars of soil, he even looked up to Uncle Soto, who was watching the game from above the gates of Nomiya Castle Hall.

The progress of the Ritualist also sees the opponent standing alongside his father, elevating his mind to the battle to come by following Jesai's steps. My father's opponent was a bald-headed man with a slightly pointed head shape, the famous "Zepeidra" Entes Marquis, in the western side of the soil.

(What is Father doing...)

Orha noticed something wrong with her father.

He said he had a good opponent in front of him, but he showed little interest there. It appeared that the "Iron Taurus (Tor)" preferred an arm test to a three-time meal.

At the end of my father's gaze, there was a VIP seat on the Gate, where, in addition to the herself, there were also several figures of the central nobility invited to the "Feast of the Winter Solstice", and the tip of the gaze was like the herself, Tubor Balter, who was sitting down near the center.

He was summoned by Uncle Bentu and was interested in what he was talking about, Orha. He thought it was a conversation that had arisen in the stream because there had been earlier reports of rewarding the war effort that had stopped the Great Invasion of the Grey Monkey People (Makaku).

(What... why is Father angry)

There is a family that I have lived with for a long time, which is why I understand it. A man named Moloch Vezin can flaunt his shallow wrath at the bottom, while he can be grossly faceless with recoil when he holds more than enough thoughts that a lord nobleman must have and sinks his wrath deep into the bottom of his belly. Better not get too close to my father when that happens...... it was one of the ways the Moroccan children had to learn to prescribe themselves right away.

That's how opponents name each other and match each other's wrists in the air opens the battlefield. To my father Vezin, who had raised his martial name with much earlier, he said that more than thirty lords had hoped for a match. From that standpoint, it was the Empress Marquis who was chosen to be worthy in terms of personality and force. Being a challenger had also heightened my feelings, and had already exposed the neighborhood to the age of four.

A rolled out fist broke the air.

And from the palm of Vezin, who had received his fist, a trembling sound rang from the bottom of his belly, as if he had slammed the ground with a gavel. Just a fist blow wiped out the noise of the audience in one breath.

"Come on, let's do it, Iron Bull"

"... eat your teeth off, stonehead's"

In the game of "This Dedication," the two should not be flanked either. Only the flesh of each other shall be used as a weapon.

Now Vezin rolled out his fist, and Entes received it with his palm in the same way.

And as it were, the two compare forces, and that muscle that was built up builds up, and the bones lift up. The cobblestone at the foot, which had to take on all the extraordinary forces emanating from both, clearly sinks in part, and the pressed part bulges as it cracks.

It was Vezin who was overwhelmed by force. Gradually pushed in, Entes released his head poking with his teeth out. It was a vegin that crossed it with a twist on its neck, but the blood bled out of the temples that I had just blurred.

It was exactly 'divine'.

Vezin's foot, pushed off hard as it was, crushed the cobblestone.

And a step I took depressed the hole even more. When an Entes giant slammed by force jumps to the ground, Vegin's foot kick bursts into its side of the head in pursuit and all.

Every responder rolled out was pregnant with murderous power.

The audience that returned to me screamed out at once as Entes collapsed more and more with blood scattered.

Do it, Iron Bull!

Don't lose, Stonehead!

Excitement wrapped the venue.

Besides the hustle and bustle, Orha just kept looking at his father's side. If they were of the same divine character, the Four Years of Age (Qwart), the usual father would have tried to flaunt the battle with his tongue. Because one end of such madness now appeared in its eyes for a while.

but there was still something strange about how his father looked because he was his son.

The lack of a gap that revealed Zula stream walking and uninterrupted disintegration of the entes trying to get up and keep them from getting up felt the depth of my father's martial arts that dawned on his workouts.

And hating the overly inclined situation, he also seemed like a constant father, pulling back just a little to give the opponent a respite to stand up.

But my father, who did not enjoy the battle from the bottom of his heart, was still strange.

"Your father..."

Jose also seemed to notice something strange about how his father Vegin was doing. He pushes the side servants and walks over to Orha's side.

The surrounding people also seem to have noticed the appearance of Jose, who is clearly not dressed as normal, with a brand new headscarf in pure white,

"Hello, that one."

"The 'princess' of the Moroccan example"?

I hear such conversations from nearby.

Orha, who does not want to expose her sister, who is in front of her precious engagement, to the gaze of the nasty men, told the ladies at the side to take her sister back to her room. Not long after this "Dedication Match," my sister is scheduled for a face-to-face ceremony with her fiancée, Uncle Bedou's sixth child, Archena.

But Jose didn't listen to his brother. I just shuddered myself as I covered my mouth with my hands and said, "Why are you so angry? I've heard."

"... something to know. Something must have happened in the discussion."

"I've never seen your father like that before."

"... right"

An out-of-the-way meatball battle continues between 'sheltered' people. Beaten, beaten, grabbed, thrown, blood and sweat scattered all around him. Marquis Entes obviously enjoyed the battle, but the look on his father Vegin's face is far from clear.

Thus, at the end of an unlimited number of responders, when Entes knelt down on his hip crush, he would have let it go with traction, when Vezin's knee stumbled into the dovetail (Mitsuru), the steep point of the human body.

Seeing Entes fall down at the front, the Rituals declared the end of the game. Kido is hit hard and hard so that he can't be dispelled by a more boiling cheer.

After speaking to his opponent, who was carried out by a few people from the venue, Vezin thanked him for the applause he received from above the gate.

The winner of the Tori of the "present service" was, as a rule, spoken by the noblest guest on the spot. This year it became a voice from my uncle because he himself watched the game.

Oddly enough, the Moroccan principals, who were to have a new relationship with the Bertu family, are in the venue as its flourishing winners. It was to be awarded not only the ambition from Uncle Bitu himself, but also the "sweepstakes", which will be leisurely with a mouthfeel from the central nobility present.

Vezin, who was told to "express hope" while the audience was complaining that it was something unusual, was "hope" if...

"Chi, Father..."

Orha understood what his father Vezin wanted, or was stunned.

Vezin offered to work with Archena, his daughter's fiancé, on this occasion.

It is impeccable to desire money. Vezin's demands must have been reflected as very favorable for the borderland lords and others.

If anyone were to give my lovely daughter to their daughter-in-law, they would want to test the other man's 'power'. Moreover, the opponent is a warrant from the neighboring parent, the Hiroshi Kaito family. If I hadn't taken such an opportunity, I wouldn't have been able to accomplish it.

But whatever your feelings as a father were, when it came to taking out a sixth child, Arshena, on this occasion, it could also have caused the side of the Hiroshi family to scratch shame in letting out their husbands. There was no problem if Archena, my husband, was clearly on the scale, but from what I hear, Archena, the sixth child, has the divine character of "Four Years Old (Kwart)," an exquisite proposition that it is difficult to refuse a match because she is equal to Vegin... and "shelled" that she is still shallow with protection.

There were no elements that would delay Vezin long in martial arts, and losing was a must if we fought. This is an offer from Vezin to Arshena, the sixth child, to scratch shame in front of the public.

Of course, it's not like Uncle Bitu himself is going to lose, it's normal for 'having protection' to overlap defeats in gaining experience, etc., so the audience watched to see if Vegin's hopes would be met with mundane replies and that his lucky prince, who gets a beautiful daughter-in-law on this occasion, would be taken out with a bitter face to the defeat he is finalising.

However, from the VIP table on the Gate, it was informed that after a frequent exchange with the central nobility, Archena's appearance would be refused.

He was an Orha who was surprised to hear what his father wanted, but was even more surprised by the flow of his refusal to fight. This refusal was because it could give my son a bad reputation for 'indolence' even more dishonorable than not fighting.

Of course, Uncle Nemitsu, who is in the VIP table, will be simmering back at Vegin's demands, which have led to such a result. Even though it was a bad flow, it was also strange not to see any sway at all on the side of my father, who stumbled into the venue.

(6th child Arshena... Was there anything included, Father?)

Orha, who was finally able to get as close as his father felt, still looked painful, thinking of the bad flow for the Moroccan family that would happen after this. Neighbourhood Lords There is nothing good or bad about getting into contact with all the neighboring Neighbourhood Houses.

That's when they took my sleeve and Orha blinked.

My sister's white fingers were tangled in her cuffs, as I had a hunch about something. Its strength, clenched all the time, showed the strength of her sister's anxiety.

"... Instead, I'll do it."

There was a figure who entered the service venue so as to take the venue.

A woman with leather armor on her tight body raised her name.

"It's Luft Gala, Lord of the city of Pabalus Serge. Five Years Old, I'm Happy With Me. Put the spear away."

Uncle Bedou's "Five Swords" was one of them, and "Red Jade Sword" appeared.