And there is no other god of land on the soil, and rare is that which makes the contemporary a woman.

The grace of the Land God strengthens the five bodies of his dwelling and possession... Because there is an unpleasant trend of succession to God hitting a man with excellent physical performance in order to manifest himself by elevating the flesh to a demigod.

Of course, there is an exception to everything. Sometimes it was like the Pinjeroy family in the village of Bagna, where there were no men successors, and there were women who would win succession competition out of squareness and pure excellence.

Luft Gala, then hits the one.

Its forged flesh is disappointingly armored by muscles, not to mention slightly skeletal skeletons. I suppose my chest was originally full, but even that seems to have now turned into part of a chunky large thoracic muscle.

Because "this service" is "divine," jumping in was not supposed to be allowed in principle. The priests also tried at first to keep the motion, but withdrew according to the heavenly voice "Let it be done" from above the gates.

Luft Gala, who stood to face Vegin.

He's just taller than one head, Vegin.

but as shown by the "neighborhood" that has already emerged in its face, the sense of power given by the high divinity of the Five Years Old (Sinquester) seems to radiate from its entire body. Even if the underlying abilities of the flesh were somewhat inferior, the difference in divinity must have easily turned over, for example, to that extent.

For something, a conversation was exchanged between my father Vegin and Gala, and the two took a certain distance to prepare for the battle. The line of sight is set.

Orha was clenching her fist without my knowledge.

The progeny of the Moloch family, who once had several villages and a large number of inhabitants, also drained the Five Ages at times. My father Vezin's dream was also to elevate his divinity to "five years old".

And now, "Five Years Old" to be targeted… Luft Gala, "Red Jade Sword," Lord of the City of Cypress and one of the "Five Swords," one of the mighty pillars of the private army that the Burdock family continues to bind to protect the vast periphery, has officially declared to be present. My father got the biggest opportunity he could hope for.

"Red Jade Sword" is a five-wave bronze sword of the first generation, given by the king and in the hands of his juries, which is passed down from generation to generation by the lord of the city of Pavarus Cypriot, which is so called in the name of the embedded Huishi.

That sword, already unbearable to pragmatism, would be sleeping in the treasure trove of each house as a family heirloom. Luft Gala instead wore a necklace in the form of a sword with red balls.

Of course, even if the sword could be used, it would be difficult to bring it up in the "present service", which forbids its use.

Hit each other in the wrist.

And with the same behavior as our earlier interaction with Entes, we compared our forces to each other. Although his physique is completely above that of Vegin, it was Gala who was pushing him in. The woman's abundant arms, which were not thought to be so, had muscles thriving like wilderness rope, causing Vezin's fingers to snap and tighten without the gold rigidity to be squeezed out.

Understanding his disadvantage, Vezin tries to collapse by means of a body surgery tube. All of a sudden, he only weakened his left hand and pulled Gala's body into a broken mood. I pulled my left hand in wide enough to turn my half further.

A attached gala's body is called in at the front, or he quickly tries to pay his feet to turn behind it.

but Gala crossed her foot payments by flying on the spot and clawed with rigidity enough to squeeze a stone in both hands that she didn't let go any further. A nail eaten into the meat distorted Vezin's face. As much as I went to pay for my feet, my posture was poor for Vegin.

Gala increases the drop by folding herself on landing, dragging Vezin's upper body down near the ground with his weight as a heavy stone.

And I put on my feet. No. Now I bounced up, drew a brilliant arc and twisted myself in the air. Of course, Vezin's hand stays grabbed.

Vezin, who was twisted with his joints in mind and was about to be twisted in the direction opposite to the range of motion, threw himself at the slightest discretion and turned the twisted direction in reverse to free the joints.

"I won't let you get away with it."


Gala put more force into her tangled fingers and raised her nails.

To its rigidity, Vezin laughed from the bottom of his belly for the first time after this game, kicking the elbow part of one arm of Gala up with his toe. It is a dangerous kick that crushes the elbow joint if hit properly.

Gala tried to control it by strengthening Vezin's control over his finger joints...... failed.

Vezin ignored the pain in my fingers. A kick released at the expense of three fingers on the inside destroys the elbow that was stretching out... so identified Gala finally let go of her hand and the kick cut off the sky on the verge.


Gala's arm, opposite of letting him escape, quickly stretches out for his aiming off leg.

As a sideland lord, Gala is really classified among the 'small soldiers'. Because of the woman's skeleton, it was probably the arthroplasty that dawned on her workouts to turn these weaknesses into strengths. It was Gala who grabbed Vegin's ankle and tried to get into some moves, but instantly lost sight of his immediate goal and opened his eyes.

My legs were rapidly slipping away in unexpected directions. When I saw it, Vezin fell down to the back of my body and moved away while turning back with lightness incompatible with my physique.

The time opened and it was reopened.

"... I'm sorry to 'break it' before my daughter's big day (...)"

"What, it doesn't matter"

Vezin even laughs as he straightens out his broken fingers.

And Gala stiffens both fists.

From here on out, I'm inviting you to decide by blow.

Whatever the difference in stature, the spitting output of the flesh exceeds the gala. But because you are a small soldier, your lightness will probably have a negative effect in a blow fight. In order to convey the destructive power of the blow to the opponent, a sufficient foundation to avoid letting that force escape as a recoil...... weight will be required.

If it's a blow fight, Vegin looks somewhat like he has a minute.

This is a 'reward' match awarded to the winner of the earlier 'Dedication Match'. I guess I found that Gala took into account trying to get Vegin to have quite a few flowers. Vezin laughed a little, knowing he had been cared for.

It was not until some time later that the beatings between the two were over.

It was Luft-Gala who was able to exhaust each other's dying power and thus remain on the spot until the end.

In a great cheer, the female jewel, waving to the audience to show her, looked around in an unexpectedly swollen face and seemed to find the moroccan person in it.

The first thing she found with her thin eyes, not even sure if it was almost open, seemed to be Jose's white outfit. "Come here," he asked, where his fallen father was being embraced by the Ritualist and the Doctor.

The noise of the audience grew even louder when Orha and Jose appeared before their father.

Gala took control of Jose by hand trying to crouch in.

"Blood will stain you, so stop."

"... but"

"Your father is a fine 'protector', too. Because the injury will heal overnight if it is applied to this extent. So look at you there. The man will help you to take charge."

He was a bunch of bluffing female jewels, but seeing the amount of force that also outstripped his father Vegin, his brothers and sisters obeyed the instructions honestly. Strong in this world means that it is more out of reason as a person, in other words it is received as close to 'God'. It has an impact as an absolute authority in society.

My father, Vegin, had not lost his mind about what had been put on the stretcher.

And he saw Olha, whose eyes were nigh, and Jose, a little far away, rubbing his hands with concern. After glancing at my daughter, Vezin told Olha to lend her ear.

"... even later if it's a story"

"Don't worry about me. Orha."


"I'm not going anymore. Protect that thing until tomorrow (...). Okay?"

He had such a tiny voice that he could barely hear if he kept his ear shut.

And on the verge of closing his eyes, he snapped to disappear, "Forgive my stupid father..." and completely lost his mind.

Forgive my father?

Orha put his sloppy, dripping father's arm back on the stretcher and turned his eyes to ask the "Red Jade Sword" gala, who watched quietly.

"… may I ask you more about the situation"

"... nothing from me."

"... Something's happened, is that it?"

"... oh well. That's the thing. If Tie Niu (Tor) had been a little more calm, we wouldn't have gotten along so well."


After turning back on his heels and dropping off Luft Gala's back as he left, Orha looked up on the gate, trembling at the fierce emotions that were creeping up in her ears.

The snow shelter umbrellas were folding one after the other, and the guests seemed to be leaving with their entourage. Of course, the figure of Uncle Bo was gone there.

Stepping from the look of his flashy hit father, Orha, who also wondered if waking up would be after the next day, was driven by the urge to follow Gala, but manages to drink down what was expensive when he sees his sister Jose's anxious glance. They just told me to protect you, but I couldn't even throw you out.

(... at times like this, what are you doing with that 'pretty much'!)

When Orha struck her tongue like that.

Kai was also massively tongue-in-cheek that this had happened because of Orha, who was able to make a boring chore in an irresistible predicament.