(... it's not good to be seen)

Feeling a dangerous bystander, Kai was unable to assemble the battle properly.

Performing local physical strengthening through the operation of spiritual power was Kai's only way to fight in the 'untainted' state. In front of a good observer of "Eye," the deception is lightly left naked.

Fight! Show me!

You reacted to Kai's impatience, God just happens to start making noise.

Kai's concerns seemed entirely like other personnel, especially to a valley god who had no intention of concealing his powers.

But what do the boys always care about me?

That boy, who tried to take away my 'Divine Stone', was also daring to step deep into the dangerous woods where no human race had set foot, searching for the existence of a new land God. In other words, I had agreed that I was looking for "God of the Valley," but few villagers, including Kai, know specifically about the Prophecy that was actually communicated to the principals at the moment.

The only thing we know clearly is that we are trying to bring the powerful 'God of the Valley' to the kingdom of the people… perhaps to the king God in his heaven (Cushing), and to take it into the Divine Group of the species. I guess there's just a bunch of liars who have attenuated their powers like that froggy bastard. The country's hub is tempted, and if you refuse the request, you know you're chopped up enough to come kill without hesitation.

Kai positions the big man's body as a shield to escape the suspicious boy's gaze as much as possible. Kai's spiritual power, overflowing with nature, is immense among the young soil lords who live here. Look around and be objective about that fact.

That's how Kai realized.

(... well, is it the difference in usage)

Normal 'protective possession' gains some form of land god protection somewhere in life, and suddenly from that moment onwards it has a special effect as' protective possession '...... it acquires extrahuman physical abilities. In the vegan state, the protection of the Land God takes the state of physical strengthening because of the priority given to protecting the possessory power from the danger of life, but for those who have learned to operate the spiritual power as magic, like Kai, the power supplied from the' Divine Stone 'is a' finite resource 'to be effectively utilized and subject to management.

It unconsciously reduces consumption and pools surpluses.

Whereas ordinary "protectors" naturally leave the flow of rivers with a constant amount of water to use, Kai-like "servants" create "dams" inside that anticipate secondary use.

It suddenly overflows with spiritual power because it unconsciously tries to 'pool' something that will disappear if it is used drooling over physical strengthening.

(... should I drool)

Kai licked her lips as she calmed her breath.

Abandoning his greed to use 'magic', he relaxes the strength of his body. I feel the heat emanating from "Divine Stone" staining my body.

Thus again compare the difference between me and those around me.

(... Ok, it's gone)

The opening up of power as a 'sheltered man'...... Kai's total spiritual power, which has not revealed the neighborhood, was still only quite that amount, a lot weaker than the big man in front of him. Well identified, relieved Kai... but the big man of the battle frenzy did not miss that slight blank of his heart.

A gripping hardened iron fist captured Kai as he screwed in from his lower abdomen, and a severe pain thrust through his brain like a current. Since the weight difference is between adults and children, it was taken lightly from body to body with that one gesture.

Maybe my gut screams. Not good.

It's a travesty!

God's kanshiku rings in the back of his ear, and he meditates his eyes all the time with pain. Hating to lose is probably something that can be described as all the gods of the land. God's frustration in the valley came through, and I dulled myself.

Give me a break. God.

I still have to keep a secret about the valley.

Kai tried to round himself up with the intention of taking passivity, but the relentless pursuit of the big man approaches Kai in the air. You're totally gonna kill me, you son of a bitch!

I was trying to decide to lose as it was, but if they made an attack that would involve living and dying like that, I'd have to do it. Kai caught sight of my lower body still hidden from the boy's sight and gathered his spiritual power on his toes.

Motor vision looks directly at the big man's rolling kick leg.

He reached out both hands in the air and clung gently as he resisted kicking his feet. That's how he crouched down to hold that leg like a marutai aside and shot him straight out of his heel toward the axial foot of the big man.

That's when I felt my gaze again.

I feel like someone else is watching me, even though I'm supposed to be poking the kid's blind spot and moving. But it's too late to deal with you because you've already let go of the kick.

The heel struck out the axial foot knee slightly from the side. With the unpleasant feeling, the big man slowly falls back like more and more depressed.

So my vision opened, and a group of lads standing near the back door of the Sanno Palace entered my eyes again. The strong gaze from there is the same... but there is still a strong sense of 'being seen' from somewhere different.

It's not just that great kid.

There are dozens of 'sheltered' people around who decide to watch the game. It wasn't weird to have one or two good 'eyes' in it.

Anyway, let's get rid of the problem right now. This big man probably gets up right after he falls, and he must be persistently challenged. The other 'sheltered' people here have a similar or stopping atmosphere, close to that of your lord when you are training soldiers.

Born and raised on the marginal soil, and ordained to continue to fight powerful subhuman beings, the marginal territorial lords and their entanglements are unusually obsessed with something called strength to beat all things. There was a monstrous hunger behind all eyes that seemed to bite me with madness in death, even if I crushed my limbs.

Let's mow the consciousness anyway.

Although Kai has come up with the means of a concussion, he understands that it is difficult to 'shake his head' of a big man who is putting his back on the ground at this moment. Then I hardened my fist bones thinking I would give him a fatal beating.

The steep point of the human body is largely along the center line of the body. Jaws, dovetails, and groins are among them. That was the best thing I could teach when learning physical surgery.

Immediately into my eyes was a pigeon tail exposed to defenselessness. In a series of attempts to shake his fist down there, Kai remembered the relative 'Evil Gods (Diavo)' in the royal castle of the Fuji Grey Monkey Man.

He faints anything that touches him at all. It instantly snatches away something experiential and intelligent that was stored in the opponent's "Divine Stone," causing even the God in his seat to faint in that shock.

Quickly ascertain the position of the 'Divine Stone' of the big man.

And gather strength in my hands. Kai's fist hasn't overflowed his spiritual powers that much because it doesn't enhance the blow itself.

With a fist-punching body, it emits a highly aggressive spiritual wave directly toward the land god in the 'Divine Stone' at the moment when the striking surface is intimate.

The blow itself would not have looked like much. To Kai, who now unmounted the horse ride and took a distance, the big man immediately tried to get up...... and vomited abundantly there.

(Wouldn't it be like "Diavo")

A glimpse into the world of spiritual light with only a moment of strength showed that the thin red light covering the big man's body was losing only brightness around his chest.

The fact that spiritual power is lagging also means that the place is now out of God's protection. It's just human flesh being exposed.

There is also a clear place on the back side of the big man who grieves with his hands, losing light. Kai fisted down again relentlessly, making sure the place was blocking rapidly. That put a stop to it.

When the big man named Gand Yonna sinks completely, the queue-awaited 'protective holding' tries to get closer by dying. Some people try to make a name for themselves by barking at will from within the audience.

Kai saw.

Get out of the group of monks and see the high priest in the headscarf rushing out this way.

And now, on the other hand, I finally figured out where the other glance that I felt strongly was coming from, and I burned it in that eye to see who it was.

(... bird?)

Above the far elevated roof of the Miyagi, overlooking the square of grass matches...

I could see something sitting on the tip of the soaring roof. Almost instantaneous events, the figure disappeared in the blink of an eye.

"... run away... you won't, I knew it"

Surrounded by the maddening 'shelter holders' and others, Kai decided to be ready at the same time as giving up. Included among the noisy ones are those high priests.

I'll do it, call me.

I won't show you anything from here anymore. I had made up my mind.