A storm of flesh-bomb warfare that was swallowed up with little effort to escape.

There were no more loose ends to what four or five were saying. The local operation of spiritual power was just too much to be seen. I was so exposed to the operation that I couldn't imagine the boy would miss it in the hiding place. These people are really coming to kill me. If you want to eat an attack, you can easily destroy your body if you don't take it so well.

After the blowout on the way, Kai himself had already had quite a bit of blood on his head, and he immersed himself in the beating just in the minds of not revealing the neighborhood.

(Enough, I'll beat them all!)

Stand around and dodge around not to get caught between the meat as you return the meat masters approaching with a 'good face' right away. In that case, Zula Stream's "Walking in the Circle", which I learned to learn, really helped. If he kept running linearly, he would surely have been driven right into the corner of the square and not waiting to expand into a bag rat.

It was really huge that they continued to ensure positioning while painting a circle of rolling feet in a wide space in the center of the square.

Of course, Kai's face is already clear on the bread after getting some good ones, with more and more impossible stories such as continuing to avoid attacks flying from all directions. Whether beaten or beaten, the meat masters who kept laughing fun were really just crazy guys. Kai, who was also flushed near the place where the headscarf boy was' sightseeing 'as a matter of course while being swallowed up by the turmoil, could continue to watch with a gloomy eye, deliberately summoned in the attack of an elongated big man who was turning his whole body bright red with excitement, and dared to direct a field of defense towards the boy as he looked around.

Then he majors the blow of the elongated man's whole body, hitting that back cleanly flowing toward the rear boy even harder and pushing it with all his might. I made a gap with extra mischief and was made an octopus punch by the other ones, but that's no longer what I found out. All of a sudden the battered boy looked slightly open at the thin eyes he could see from his headscarf and saw him avoiding it at the rink. I guess I was late responding because I was concentrating on some kind of magic, but it was really a shame.

But Kai didn't have any hair, like he was going to end it. I grabbed one guy I had grabbed at the edge of his eye and assembled him to ride on his shoulder as he grabbed that head. That's how Kai, on the 'launch pad', shot himself out with that momentum. He turned himself into a shell by kicking the man with all his might.

There was a boy who came around as he made his discoveries, and when he realized it, at a later festival, Kai's cerebral head poke burst into the boy's nose column. There was a creepy feeling about it, and the boy knocked it down behind him in a system that seemed to take Kai's body.

With his nosebleed blooming relentlessly elbowed, Kai slams a strong shot on his weight into the boy's stomach. Just like Kai, the boy who was putting himself in charge of his spiritual power had gathered too much power at his disposal until he should have gone all the way to his body. Its body skin defense was to the extent that hair grew in normal humans.

(... zama)

I guess Kai wasn't unconnected with the unique brain muscle of a limbo man, like the rest of the "sheltered" ones, around the time that his disloyalty came up as a pleasure, doing something he wouldn't normally do.

Kai planned to do something about it by putting them together, as the boys were about to rush up to heaven. And a little further away, I find a man who's often trying to fall into salt plum, and I pick up an extended arm trying to poke him through the ground. I almost got a few shots in by the guys who came in the group again, but with minimal movement I grabbed the arm of purpose to sew through the gap in the riot.

You guys hang out!

Kai regained the stepping of his axial feet while flushing his body, lifting and swinging the man who was about to fall under his full strength, and threw him to blow up with the surrounding flesh mastering. A man screaming as he twirled and spun struck brilliantly at the feet of the rushing boys.

Kai laughed from the bottom of his heart when he saw the lads fall saying they were disturbed, and at that moment his neck was armlocked and hung from the back of the bearded big man. Kai's consciousness finally dimmed after being completely strangled by the carotid artery.

I don't know how long I've been unconscious.

But sometimes they are all 'sheltered' around there, and I don't think it was a lot of time.

Kai woke up and woke up physically in the square behind the Sannomiya Palace unchanged. Apparently, the fainting continued in the brawl, and several are still sleeping beside Kai. Most of all, many people were scratching a great deal of snoring under the impression that they were just tired and asleep rather than in fainting.

The moment Kai woke his head, there was a slight sign that he was drawn to it. I had the impression that someone was exploring the presence or absence of my breathing.

Half-eyed, he looks around and soon discovers that headscarf boy sitting on his back beside me. The frustration shook me unconsciously wondering if it could have been explored.

It is an organization to which that Nada and other boys once hunted down Kai belonged. There was a "tight fixture" dedicated to killing "protective possession," similarly it was not strange to have some means of revealing the true divinity of the Land God hidden within "Divine Stone".

Kai is proud to pretend to be "untouched". If that 'swing' had been successful, the reason it was still obsessed would still have been the operational law of the spiritual power that had shown itself to be the first.

As he tried, Kai kept the spiritual power overflowing from "Divine Stone" under the control of consciousness. The boy reacted to the brilliance of that spiritual power that occasionally began to surpass him.

"... blue... still holy precious"

Likewise as Polek did, the boy caught Kai's arm as he sat about to fall back. And Kai unconsciously tried to gather spiritual power in that arm with some moves. Kai panicked lightly knowing it was some sort of move to disable the magic. I wonder if this headscarf boy is a monastic martial arts technique as long as he is focused. Kai's movements, which he attempted to ramble into the swelling using his hands and feet, are also all suppressed by the blurring.

"Take it easy. I'm not taking it and eating it."

"Kwon Sang-du! Again, this is the place to be."

You don't really think it was rolled earlier, the superior headscarf kid drinks the other boys trying to pack it up. It seemed that your position was that of a boy.

"Those men obey the life of a foolish monk. Calm down first."


Kai, who was about to be killed by the same boy once, had no reason to believe them. but as a people on the sidelines, it was also common sense to show respect and respect for monks. Kai took care of it as he calmed his mind.

"... the fool's name is Seruga.... may I ask your name?

"... Kai"

Just because you are coming to the Winter Solstice Feast, you should most likely see it as a peripheral territory lord or its entanglement. Publicly, secular lords are more authoritative, so the boy called Kai 'Your Highness' and so on.

Questioning Kai's origins, knowing that he was only one of the stubborn inhabitants of the village of Rag, the boys around him quickly changed his attitude to something transgressive, but only the headscarf boy, named Seruga, did not break his attitude. They say they hurt me the most, but they have humans.

I knew that Kai was on the verge of becoming, eating more of the sub-people's "divine stones" on the battlefield, and I was hoping that the boy's intellectual desire would be satisfied around grasping the background of power... but it still didn't go easy.

"You use your moves, right? How did you learn that move?


"No, because I saw it right. Because it's broken."


Damn. Can't you hide where you use magic anymore?

Then the question arises as to which area to drop. I haven't shown the fire magic or anything that is easy to understand yet, so I think it will be deluded to some extent.

Given the precedent you've come to kill knowing about the God of the Valley, you can't be informed of the circumstances around it. But after they even know the setting in the village that it's 'about to be', I'd rather promote understanding rather than hide it (...). That's what I calculated.

To avoid being associated with the god of the valley, I will complete the mystery and confirm the appearance of this boy (...).

"... I saw a pig (org) using fire as he kept running away from the wasabi yard. I tried it myself later and found it available."

Kai was a cowardly miscellaneous soldier who was fleeing on the battlefield, a "near becoming" that grew rapidly from the fortunate plundering of many "divine stones" from the bodies of his enemies, when he witnessed the use of fire magic by the pigsty "master" he saw. And after I left alive, I tried to recreate it myself, and somehow I could. After that, he hid from his fellow villagers and secretly kept practicing his moves...... he made such a statement.

Even if they dig root-digging leaves, the rest pretend to be retarded villagers. It was self-appreciably perfect.


It did not make any difference that Kai was ignorant as a 'protective person'.

"You don't seem to have noticed… you are gracious of the 'Sacred Precious Color'"

What difference did Polek make when he said that spiritual power was "holy precious color"? I feel like he was saying something that meant something special.

"There's a 'quality' difference in spiritual power. Water comes out if you dig wells on any land. But there's a difference in the water that comes out. … usually only comes out with cloudy water that may or may not be drinking water"


"The quality of spiritual power appears in its color. Sometimes you will find a spring where spiritual water gushes out when sweet dew water is present. Its strange, nourishing waters contain a noble blue glow."

The boy with the headscarf figured out why he was obsessed with me.

It is something that the beholder will know.

"… its spiritual water-dyed fountain is the seat of the great god, who stands high."