"... I went out of my way from our superior seat. I need you to accept that the respect I can show you has been shown."

The name of the central nobility is Eal Varma Corsarouge.

You thought you were a rural opponent, and another man present told me how old the 'House of Varma' had an ancient history and retained great influence in the center, so I could roughly understand what a nobleman in front of me was also like in ignorant Kai.

Ayal refers to 'Boho (Ayal)', which indicates aristocracy, and in upstream socialisation it is the official practice to call it that. It seems to be a fairly large aristocracy, with three cities and ten villages, in the light of the kingdom of the people, the class system of 'united kingdom', 'Ho (Bahrn)', named by most of the small lords of the peripheral soil, which died suddenly in the hands of the sub-people on the outskirts of the village of Rag (...) The class that comes above the 'Tuhou (Sebeiro)' named by that patrol angel is' Boho (Ayal) '.

I can somehow guess what's great, but I wasn't too familiar with the aristocratic realm sequence or anything else on the limb, and unfortunately I didn't want to unconditionally lay low where I was named that way.

"I don't know how much 'advance' means to them, but after my daughter was brought in from this Varma family, it's customary to resign herself without having to say anything.... of course I have heard about the great success your house raised on the north side a while ago. I also understand that your heart is shattered in an attempt to reward you. That's why I came all the way out here myself..."

That was how the situation was somehow perceived.

I guess this means that the White Princess's friendship is twisted inside. Kai looks softly indoors to make sure that his appearance remains the same. He does not know that this service has taken place, that Vezin, the Moroccan head of the family, has been badly injured in that match and nursed by the specialist doctors of the uncle's house in Ichinomiya.

The appearance of a fat man named Corsarouge, whose lord is absent but has not stopped worrying about it at all, is taken as if he were unilaterally trying to say the brothers and sisters of the isolated and helpless Moroccan family to his authority, and the nerves that were loose in Kai are straining again.

At that time, Bo Hou's daughter, who was messing with my hair with her fingertips, pinched her mouth.

The white princess's shoulder swayed as she was stiffened by a tight stare.

"... I don't like this woman."

"Floris, shut up."

"... in the state capital (here), it seems to be praised by the lords. Anyway, you're wearing your nose full of what you see."


"Father, I would never let you in with him. Even if they take the concubine in between, they will definitely choose another one!

Pointing his thick lips, he takes his seat with momentum when he says what he wants to say.

Even though his face is similar, that face, which is not as relaxed as his father's, is hardly to say frivolous. She also wears makeup well, so fleshly adorable that if the beholder sees it, he may be enchanted.

Around the time the air in the field had been largely readable, Kai had a mind to break into front of the White Princess at any time as a servant, but he never thought that his companion would soften the foolishness that anointed the fire.

At the moment Olha tried to put something into words in a casual manner, Yonna, who had also eaten the food she had brought in and was out of hand, mumbled about something extra.

"... well, this princess is more beautiful."

This greedy big man, something vegan and loud with the intention of being crushed, so it reached the ears of those who stayed together without any need.

shah, and a tea bowl lined up on the table made a noise. Floris' knee jumped up the edge of the table by accident.

"... Become"

I guess this is what you say about losing words. You'd have a lot to say. Floris' mouth just moves puckering, silence of results.

It was the father who hung up the changeover and stared at the voices.

"If I had meditated my eyes rudely from earlier... I don't know if you're a Moloch."

"That's just something about" The Best Beauty Princess in the Neighborhood. "Other men took it from me, but it was quite eye-catching from behind.... what the hell, old man. Yan?"

"… you"


"This is why the countrymen don't know what it is!

To the voice of accusation that followed, Yonna, who was about to flaunt even her nose, handed out a familiar and noisy glance to her likely enemy (...), then showed her teeth and laughed as she did.

"You're right about the countryman. You can't live on the soil just because you're classy! Well, no idea how to get out of the country, so please don't let what you think get out of your mouth right away."

You think it's not violent enough yet? This battle freak.

While Kai pounds his inner tongue, he still spills a small grin. The neighborhood is clearly floating on Yonna's face already.

"Guardianship" can wield extrahuman power by God's grace. The fact that individuals who gained extraordinary immense violence were somewhat 'selfish' left them with no choice, and the many 'choices' that their arms gave them made their actions more free.

It would have been a raw peripheral lord who kept killing subhuman beings to throw his life lightly at what I believed was right. Kai himself had a sense that his actions had become much more forthright since he gained protection.

I guess it came with Floris. The samurai started making noise with a voice that ripped silk, and the noise instantly spread to the spectators in the hallway.

An escort of the Varma family, who had kept him in the hallway so that he could be attached, slipped in and quickly consolidated the protection of the men of the house. If we took only the number of humans to give, it was no longer very likely that this was the Moroccan room, etc.

"... wait, you can't get your daughter's celebration dirty with blood"

Uncle Hou Varma, who slightly lowered the soldiers by hand gesture, still rose with a neighborhood lift on his face. It was that outfit, which was not very significant, but the power of its protection unleashed overflowed the surroundings, proving that the land god of the Bo Hou family heirloom was a powerful being.

The other royal parties who were present also rose and still revealed the neighborhood to each of them.

(About five years old (synquester)...)

Kai so deserved the prominent neighborhood visit of Boho Varma.

He was clearly better than Yonna, who is "Three Years Old," and perceived that there was so much difference in power that it was difficult to override him with some difference in martial arts. The more ancient custom of 'sheltered' letting each other first show their neighborhood must have had the effect of avoiding useless strife. With that disparity in sight, I must say that it is the brain muscle idiots who really want to die that make the war roll even more. Yonna was exactly that couch.

"Either way, if the story keeps going, it will be the blood of my Varma family that should be chosen as the 'True Wife'. I will not be present with you, Shiro. [M] If you want to play" Grass Match, "hit the other one. If we do this now, I will leave you to your wrath and tear you apart. If you don't pick the right person to play with, you'll die prematurely.... descendants of the Moroccan family."

But Boho Varma didn't ride a bad provocation.

And fully used the authority of being a central nobleman, an uncle, he approached Master Orha to pass through my 'selfishness'. Kai thought that his authority as a central aristocrat was also a gift of God's power over the land gained by his fathers if he followed the original, and that it was no different this way that he enjoyed the multitude of options gained by it.

"... Lord Vezin, your father, said he had offered to resign once to his uncle. Unfortunately, however, the old lady could not accept the offer. They even reprimanded me for being unfaithful. I am impressed by the heart of the uncle who cares about the neighbors of the soil, but even if he were to be replaced by the" Queen of the Side ", it would just be pitiful to ask for it... This time it was out of my care, but I don't intend to persuade him to continue until he pushes and kills any more unpleasant.... Let me excuse you."

"... such, a story"

"I don't know if I should check with your father once. And you just have to discuss it with your family until it's satisfactory. I don't mind if it's on top of that, but let's make it clear here that our Varma family, which is double-scaled with the wooden nobility of the soil with only one village, will not have very pleasant emotions. Okay, then."

Exactly what I wanted to say, Boho Varma walked out of the room.

The men of the Brotherhood, who were prominent in "Two Years of Age," also continue afterwards, urging Floris, who remained, and a few of the maids flee shittily to fear the evil air.

"... because you're in the way"

Princess White, then I'm sure I glanced at Yonna, and then Floris paid off her clothes and left, too. Yonna blurts and tongues "Yanne's Cow" as her siblings push silently into the unspeakable and bitter air.

"... you're the ones who get angry"

When Kai blurted, the white princess finally exhaled heavily, tending to lean over or quietly crying out. As the samurai being followed from the Uncle Bedou family stood up without knowing what to do, Master Orha rose her sister princess and took her to the next bedroom.

"... I'm coming to my father. Shells stay in the room and protect him. Don't let someone who doesn't know your face in there."

Yes, I left it, and Master Orha left the room again with courtesy. It was obvious that he would have gone to the Lord, the Father, as he told me.

Princess White was lying on her bed, still crying without a voice, as she looked down on the sunny clothes that were dearly hung by the costume hanging.

In an attempt to do what he was commanded to do this time, Kai stood with his nose rough and arms around the entrance to the room. Kai finally figured out the bottom of this guy's heart when Yonna stood just as well, even though he didn't say anything beside it, and this guy actually had nothing to do with it.