"... we don't know much about it, but it looks like the Wang Capital is going to be long gone."

Yonna leaked that to herself, not knowing what was out of the country. If I made Kai, who only knows about the limbo when it comes to the kingdom of the people, I guess Yonna, whose face is connected to the side as a contemporary lord, is still in the category of Knowledge.

"It seems that there are a lot of central ones who bring friendship to Uncle Nemitsu these days.... you know what? There's been a lot of mishaps in the Central Plains these days."

"... Really?

"... rugs and gands are despicable villages, kanky. I don't know, the king didn't become 'hidden', so he said he couldn't pick wheat. Uncle Bitu said nothing, but this" Winter Solstice Feast "was also used to bringing dozens of wheat and booze to work for us struggling to defend the North, usually from the Royal Palace, but it seems that the decoy and the last year were followed by a lot of letters for the third consecutive year. Uncle Bedouchi has been very firm, and he entertained us without saying a word."

"... hmm"

"They say the Central Plains are a richer land than the soil, but they've taken that harvest for granted and more people are living there, so when inaction occurs, there's really less wheat in people's mouths. There was a blur in my village with an inspector."


Apparently, there was also a boy in the village of Gand who still called himself an explorer. Though it seems that the village was too despicable to do anything, and soon returned.

I guess Yonna feels as good as she does in public discourse. Keep talking hard about what you know to hear, even if it doesn't seem particularly interesting.

In contrast to the central aristocrats, who became in harsh shape as a result of crop failures, the soil is not so depressed in the harvest of agricultural produce instead of a large number of its inhabitants continuing to die. Under the ironic circumstance that relative looseness is only increasing as the number of people who need to be fed is decreasing.

The situation of a central aristocrat's soaring 'stopover' in the face of famine can be seen in the conversation because the Bertu family, which has a land of marginal soil that is completely or hardly ever abundant, is showing its relaxation due to depopulation.

Thus Arshena, the sixth son, was also only a good opportunity to connect blood with the Uncle Bejitu family if taken by the central nobles of Haiqian Mountain Thousand, and Princess Bai was sidelined by their rightful wife, who should have sat on them.

"... I had an appointment, so it would not have been a problem if Uncle Kaito had said no clearly."

When Kai blurts uncomfortably, Yonna laughs that her brothers don't know anything about it and preaches something called 'public knowledge'.

"... they know exactly how the world works. Probably pulled a tattoo from" I Can't Say No. "

Sometimes, for example, the "accompaniment letter" that comes out of the royal palace blows up lightly, such as the thoughts of the Berserker family on the edge. If it is celebrated in the name of the king as "truly good luck", he will fall into self-restraint because he is noble for the sake of the face (mentz) he must protect.

"If so."

Kai roughed up his voice.

In the end, if that kind of rush broke the story, I wish Kai would let me like the Moloch family anymore, but from what I've just heard, it seems that Uncle Bedou is not going to give up his friendship with Princess Bai.

Yonna said, "If that's not the case, my son would definitely want it." Since there was no mistake that Princess White was beautiful, Kai was somewhat convinced by that reasoning. I was so proud that such a beauty was a village princess.

(... I got a kid's eye on me, and I'm uncomfortable. If that's the case, throw out the fringe or something, even if you just left...)

Kai puts that on his head and thinks about it.

I can't possibly be untrained about eating a full belly of treats like the ones I've never seen before that would be behaved in "Winter Solstice Feast," but Kai's obsession with food, which isn't always a hungry lower end soldier, isn't so much right now.

Kai was remembering the words his lord uttered on that night of the Rug Village Defense Battle.

There are more 'choices' in 'shelter holding' that can shake supernormal forces than there are in ordinary people. Think as far as selfish forgiveness as to what can be done to help the Moloch family not lose money and the White Princess not to cry. If you can't make it without your real wife, you can't darken that fat nobleman and bring your daughters out of the state capital if Kai cares. Of course, if you don't want to think ahead, there is certainly a simple and lucid option to blow it up with a snort, such as the convenience of the Hiroshi Kaito family, and just head back to the village.

If the same reasoning is that if you buy the King's unhappiness, the land will be unwrought, and the anger of Hiroshi Kaito, a close parent of Kaito Lords, will possibly have the same negative effect, is that a bad idea?

While I think it's hard, my thoughts slope in the direction that it would be a shame to give a white princess to a bonbonbon of unfavourable nobility, that we should take her home together.

Even for the men of the village who secretly admire the princess, that would be pretty good news.


While I was thinking blurry that way, it seemed like some time had passed.

To whom or what voice of Yonna that happened then, Kai blinked and raised his face.

At some point one young man stood in front of the two guards, standing flat.

"... you, I just..."

"... thanks for last night.... Would you stop it? Even if you look at me like that, I'm not going to do that anymore."

"Then what brings you here? Whoa?"

A young man who protrudes and lags behind the palms of both so as to avoid the imminent giant of Yonna.

Immediately his memory was stimulated and he remembered that he looked familiar in the young man's face.

He was that young man who stood around flashly with Yonna when I went to the kitchen last night to pick up food.

On a thin side that looks serious, thin golden hair that feels shrunk is bouncing. The nose stands out, and if you calm down, you can say you're quite a beautiful man, but the greedy Yonna and the strength of a good competing mood glimmer at its low temperature slice length. Yonna slowly solidified her grip, laughing deeply as she exhaled to calm herself, realizing that the youth's worthy eyes were unconsciously exploring her weaknesses.

"... well, I'm just a charity."

"Is it full of 'protective possession'? Look at his hips."

Are you a visitor?

If the Moroccans came here for a favor, it is a beautiful guest.

As for Kai, who was entrusted with his absence by Master Orha, he had to first check the customer's orientation as the person in charge and, in some cases, treat him politely.

Kai, who controlled Yonna by hand and stood in front of the youth, questioned her for use in a playful gesture, recalling old Polek's gesture closest to the statue of "Deacon" in all of her.

"A friend would like to see the princess here... my name is Pavarus Mullah. … will hit the nephew of Luft Gala, Lord of the city of Pavarus Serge"

"To the princess, a visit?

"Dear Left, I am not a suspicious person, so it would be helpful if you could put away a 'good face' and lower your grip. The princess of the Moroccan family wants to meet my master..."


"... until the name... what do you call it"

"I can't tell you my name, but do you want me to meet you?... Don't be silly."

When Yonna uttered the ultimate answer,

(Dumb ass!)

Suddenly a valley god shouted in his head, and in such a flash of surprise, the pores of Kai's entire body opened.

Kai, who had caught himself in the chills, flipped on the spot at a terrible speed and jumped into the room. While Yonna took a breath and turned to her half, Mullah opened her eyes and reached out one hand, Kai was finished entering the bedroom where Princess White lay as she rolled herself.

That's how a man who I don't remember allowing him to pass there made it to the White Princess on the bed, trying to snort her face closer.

The man, dressed in scarlet spicy clothes, was only a young man in his early twenties.

The disturbing sound of clothes rubbing that had occurred from the side of the bed was letting the White Princess know she was awake.

I didn't expect to break into the bedroom of an unmarried woman with earthfoot...... Kai instantly got blood on his head for my detours.

(Where did you come from!)

From a splendid figure known as silk weaving, the lord of the other... was only historically noble.


I stopped Kai's fist when the screams of the youth were about to roll out.

The man, who had looked down at Kai with an eyebrow, was one of Uncle Kaito's children.

Prince Adore.

He was the first son of the Uncle Bedou family.