"... it's still not easy to shadow."

"He is a pillar of God in the high kingdom of the people. It's better to assume that some of these 'circumstances' are definitely leaking."

"The cause of His Majesty the King's denial is also still said to be one of the causes of the frustration of the disturbed marginal lords...... 'disappointment' with the royal family that continues to leave aside the harm of the subhuman. After repeated requests for assignments, the Hiroshi Kaito family also continues to be forced to bleed heavily into Northside care. … we have enough basement to reach out to 'contraindications' to settle a bundle of northern gods"

"... stop. We are not here to uncover the 'sins' of the Uncle House. I am also fascinated by the earlier" prophecy, "but finding the root of the" heresy "lurking in the land and" re-indoctrinating "is what the Monastery wants."

Kwon Sang-du Seruga flamed a blue flame on his palm, trying to crush something.

Some of the monks accompanying him also kindled fire, and a huge darkness was paid off, with little sight. A similarity to the view of the main service venue in front of Ichinomiya rested there.

The male on the north side, the fringe gods supporting the stalls of the Tubor family on the side of Balter, were being festived there.

Deep in the monogamous palace, it was there so that the tomb of the venerable 'Baal Litriga' could be surrounded by the gods of 'the body'. The giant statue of the god standing behind the tombstone was probably built by the House of Berths to make 'Baal Litriga' an object of worship. Is the seven slightly smaller side samurai on its left and right a statue of God illuminating the 'Holy Crown of the North'?

"... be a great row god, but what an admirer"

"The creation of the giant statue is a privilege allowed to the loyal god generals by the first king Yashadara." Baal Retriga ", which is passed down to the House of the Uncle, is only" Seven Holy Heavenly Seals (Setocentus) "… It is only the reason of the world that we must look upon the Great God when he is an ant crawling through the earth."

"... not if you're offering such a pleasant thing. Kwon Sangdu"

"The only respite left is tonight. I haven't been able to smudge a dim spot in my territory for a very long month, but the key clues are still…"

"... by continuing to look into it, I only found that it could no longer be anything other than 'here'. Let's just say it was an effort to find out. … and this is the only time to step into this place, before and after a feast that will not stop us from entering the fold of law."

The monks take Seruga's gaze and scatter in the temple.

As they light the magic fire and walk away, many of the offerings already dedicated before the statue of God reveal themselves. Dry foods such as grain (wheat, rice, koolyam, black beans) and dried meat, which have been served in piles in the toilet, appear to have already been served since the previous day.

"... don't forget the divine manoeuvres you should have when you move offerings. Bearing in mind that there is always an eye for surveillance of the Uncle's house, the term" cleansing payment "in the" Pre-Law "should not collapse. Because this is precisely" in the belly of the Hiroshi family. "

Seruga approached the tombstone of "Baal Retriga", the center of this temple, and after uttering the sacrament of one, gently crawled his fingers into the inscribed text on its surface.

It is assumed that the heights and lows of divinity have nothing to do with the size of the divine tombstone of the Land God. What makes the difference is the sophistication of the tattoo that appears on its surface… should have been sought for differences in the amount of information.

(There is still a slight appearance of unreadable disturbance in the divine text... it is clear that some 'contraindication' has been committed... even though it was breathless, it really wasn't if you were doing 'after-effects' etc.)

Seruga sighed small.

"Protectors" from all over the soil… "Winter Solstice Feast" hosted by the Burger House, most of which meets together.

In response to the invitation of the Uncle House as usual, the Grand Monastery (Mars) dispatched a mentor to the Moon Tribute Law. It was about a month ago that a group headed by Kwon Sangdu Seruga visited Baltavia, the main Yi of the Berber House in Bentu. They added several explorers who were riding ahead at the same time as they arrived, and as vigorously as their time allowed, they went around investigating the vast area of the Hiroshi family. I went around the city of Seven Sacred Crowns of the North, the backbone of the House of Berths, and other villages with the tombstone of the Land God.

Although their activities naturally greatly undermined the mood of Uncle Nemitsu, a request had also been made in the name of the King to cooperate in the 'search for truth', and the Uncle family had to proceed and cooperate in the investigation in order to prove that there was nothing in the belly.

Although it was kept secret from the Uncle House, the Order of the Monks had been given to Seruga, the capital of Kwon Monks. Parallel to the 'search for truth' activity, they were also investigating a completely different project.

(... 'contraindication' destroys country)

Faith in the King God, who made the kingdom of the people immense, became religion, and the monks who sought to find the backbone of the world, like the gods, built the first monastery, which eventually became the main mountain of the Human God (Manu) religion, the Great Monastery (Mars). The Great Monastery has accumulated an enormous amount of 'wisdom' that scholars have accumulated. Experience and trial and error for men to reach the throne of God gave them the hidden power that even the Crown could not ignore by giving birth again to the PVP (Purvar) monks who had gained the height of God.

(Do not touch 'contraindications'. let alone it should not be the hands of fools)

Seruga, the monk of Kwon, also worked on deciphering the divine text of "Baal Litiga".

"... I see he wants to spare you."

The grunt reached Kai's ear.

The fright shown by the White Princess and the arrogant eyes of a man who looks straight at only interested opponents. If you are a prince who must have been raised to succeed a giant neighborhood princess, you do not see any fear that I am invading an unmarried princess.

"Gently, let me see your face. Princess of Moloch."

Reaching even more reluctantly, Adore was thoughtfully bounced off by the White Princess. I am not a woman who is just as weak as she will be but will remain.

To the white princess who revealed the neighborhood, Adore only deepened the floating grin of what looked like a surprise.

If Kai looks inside the room, there's something like a hidden door in a part of the wall. There are probably many secret ways out of the hall where the Bertu family lives. When they came in that 'hidden passage', they couldn't even stop it.

Again, Princess White's hand waved.

That was aimed entirely at the cheeks exposed to Adore's defenselessness, but they grabbed a light, thin wrist and became wings that could be returned and attracted.

"A woman growing up on the edge of the earth has to be about this. We'll have lots of kids later if we have a little tighter lumbar bone."

"Ha, let go!

"... I'm also strong. Let me guess what kind of person I am, and you're really bumping into me. Good, that's the daughter of the Iron Taurus."


As she twists up the white princess, who has demonstrated her power as a "protector," I guess she also has a lot of power in her addle. The neighborhood slowly appeared on its face as well.

Probably about the age of five. I suppose they host a strong god with one missing head among the "sheltered" who is also on the peripheral earth.

He sees Kai, who had not given up his resistance, and urges him to help with his strengthened eyes. Apparently, he's prepared to give your son, an associate of the Hiroshi family, a painful look without flinching at all. Kai thought you were a petty princess who seemed to have 'protection' at all.

Kai quickly turns around behind the addle, throwing the Zhu Painted chair that was there thoughtfully at the restraint and jumping from a low position himself. Embracing the tibia of one leg and engaging the other's body as it rotated, the posture of the addle broke down just as strangely.


A great scream leaked from the graceful ador, but I'm not even willing to ask Kai that. Kai also exercises rigidity and lifts his leg while holding it to Adore's leg, which manages to withstand the rigidity of "holding protection". No matter how the feet themselves increase their potential, grounding to the ground is done only by the weight of the addle itself.

With the momentum that stays lifted, he releases his addle into the air.

Of course it was thrown out by Kai's powers, so I can't wait for the other guy.

The addle is slammed against the wall of the room from the back, shattering the thin partition that was only a woodworker and disappearing into the next room.

"Dear Adore,"

There was a simultaneous scream like astonishment and an irresponsibly stirring voice. I'm laughing at Yonna showing me her teeth by pointing at this one.

Kai finally stood tall, keeping the suspicious figure away from the princess of his home.

Watching the dollar thrown into the neighboring room rise loosely as it steps on a piece of wood.

1st Prince Adore.

Will the first be the dollar and Princess White's fiancée say the sixth? In other words, there are four other boys from 2 to 5 in the Buraku family, and so does the Moroku family, but I guess the Buraku family, which is the Buraku family, feels like a lot of children accordingly.

Kai couldn't accept the reasoning that the one who acted so recklessly would be the heir to the giant Hiroshi Kaito family just because he was his eldest son. Well, whatever it is, you'll inherit it it, but you'll have a cold meal, but there's no substitute for being that dear son of Uncle Nemitsu.

What would your Lord (Vegin) say after buying Uncle Bedou's anger?

Kai remembered the unique values expressed by the master and wondered if it would make him lightly angry.

(punch this guy in the face, then let's go home)

If your lord is going to punish Kai, then you will have to make up your mind. The readiness was always there because any one of them would come.

Kai also accepted the result very lightly.