Let's hit him and go home.

Kai himself had done so and broken it off completely, trying to cope with the 'thief' in front of him, but there were a lot of people in the world who couldn't break things off that easily, and there were as many of them there as there were.

The same goes for my end, but the White Princess, who was equal to forcing me to make decisions that also involved the floating and sinking of my parents' house, was aware of the encouragement given to the accompanying person of what he had not ordered in words. Beyond the unbroken wall, she saw a scarlet figure rise, and she even bared her breasts wide open.

And the bitterly facedown, and the woodchipped addle on the garment was also like a kind of person who could not simply be. Until earlier, the only color madness that appeared to be missing was a small, left and right wave to shake off some thoughts, directed at the White Princess, not at Shiro (Kai), who did harm to me.

Kai responds to the dollar he tries to get closer to.

After a few moments of confrontation, it was Adore who spoke first.

"Princess. Will you be my 'wife'?"

That said, the scarlet prince fell on one knee.

Instead of Princess White, who had nothing to say, Adore began to speak with caution, choosing words, in order to obscure the reason why I had come to this election.

Adore already has three wives, all of whom are involved women of the leading aristocracy in the center, he said. Of course, he was chosen as the eldest son of Uncle Beito's future, but he was chosen from among the myriad friendships. At the end of the glitch and rush, the surroundings created their own shaped frame of life, and if they realized it, they were tangled up in a lying situation and free and nothing was gone... they were marriages in such a way.

The younger younger younger brothers were also brought together early in a similar fashion, which greatly affected my father, the current head of the Hiroshi family, who deeply serves the royal family as the foundation of the country, who was very keen to darken his blood ties with the center. And the seat of Adore's successor to the Hiroshi Hiroshi family, who obtained the princess of the Grand Duke of Sara, was as if it were unwavering from the eyes of a third party.

But lately, it rocked out. There was an alarming change in the words and deeds of my father, the owner of the Uncle Bedouchi family.

"You have to get Moroccan princess."

One word of its Lord was the beginning of all the confusion that led here.

It is surprising because several friendships of the half-determined clan children were returned to blank paper, and instead were rarely looked upon until now, from the House of the Uncle, the princess of her age was looked upon from some of the side land lords who are only children, and with that of the White Princess the day was proceeding in the step of simultaneous presentations at the "Feast of the Winter Solstice".

Of course, the other fringes were to the extent of the descendants of the Lordship of Seven Cypress Cities, a cousin of the Uncle's family, so although largely unknown, it seems that Uncle Bedou was keen on other things than sudden policy shifts that could be described as' soil-focused '.

At the heart of that shift in emphasis on the soil, it was the only bond with the men of the direct line of the Bermuda family, and the entry of the Moroku family's "beautiful princess" into the Bermuda family, which had a reputation as one of the Bermuda.

Against the dollar sitting on her knees, the White Princess also crawls out of bed and sits on the floor as well. The strength of the White Princess's heart, which stretches her spine resolutely and does not turn away, even in front of her princess, who is quite good as a nobleman, I suppose there is a fatherly concession part, but I still think it works greatly that she is sheltered in that body.

The stability of the mind because it is equipped with power beyond the ordinary person honestly spreads into attitude as well. The same is true of Kai, who sits on both sides in the same manner. Now I'm not nervous, but I'm waiting to keep an eye on Adore, who is an uninvited guest.

"... I am the only decent heir to my father. If Arshena is foolish enough to inherit our sacrificial god, he will surely be disgraced and there will be disaster on the periphery. Therefore I say... be my wife, princess of Moloch."

"... I fear I do not know you. Besides, I don't know what to believe after this."

"... well, let's have some reflection around that. I can't trace it back to you just because you're listening to me and holding my fingers.... and that's why I'm here at night."

"... I can't believe I crawl at night... shameful"

"Not so many women don't like 'sheltered' night crawling, princess. You can expect a favor after accepting it, and it's a total waste where you resisted a little before."

Haha and laughed, Adore clasped his mouth. Because the White Princess gave me a hard look.

Princess Bai is really tough on that side. Kai also remembered how strangely scolded she was when the princess found out about her relationship with Elsa, which was still early.

Well, if one of the relationships between a man and a woman is "protective," there is certainly an option to make it yours without even thinking about the other person's feelings if you want it. As strong males try to monopolize a herd of females, if they even hesitate to abandon them, most selfishness will pass by the grace of a powerful and incomparable God. I'm sure even if men and women are the opposite, the same thing could happen.

Then what would happen if both men and women were 'sheltered'?

"... My father gave Archena up to the princess's opponent only because the seat of 'Authentic Wife' was still vacant. I'm older than a princess. I really don't think he deserves a princess like that."

"... Um, stay away"

"... be my wife. I can't make him" The Right Wife, "but if you let go of all the other pussy jerks, you can just adore the princess. It's called the Lady Dowager."

"... I won't. So stay away from me."

"... hehe, it smells good. It's not the same as the Itachis in the cosmetic capital. It's a wonder of the world to have such a good princess from the Iron Taurus."

"... Um, Ky"

If they were both 'protective', it would still be the logic in this case that the stronger would be a mere development of pushing.

It was the moment I put my hand on that arm to make Kai, who stood up, wait for Adore. I was definitely caught off guard.

Kai peeled her eyes at the sudden impact that had occurred on her chest.

"This is payback"

Adore was eager to get revenge by including resentment in Kai's throw earlier.

His right arm, stretched out to catch Princess White, was completely blind. The moment Kai grabbed him near his wrist, he pulled his right arm in, and the bottom of his left palm struck like diving under Kai's arm in anticipation of Kai not letting go of his hand. He stood one knee well and hid it, but from the hips of his addle down he was already able to stand up to make a stepping stone in the attack.

It would have been such an intolerable humiliation for Adore to have been thrown away by a child like that servant, even the Moloch family, who is only a small lord of the soil.

It is originally a small, lightweight Ky. Adore's intense palm bottom, already evident in the neighborhood, was powerful enough to bounce Kai from body to body, making him the feather to be rolled into Yonna's foot near the entrance, involving chairs, tables, etc.

"Dear Adore!

Adore, who is invited as a guest, albeit a junior, to the room of the Moroccan family, equal to having just broken in without permission or being cowardly to his family, could still have been the object of accusation from a 'friend' point of view. Anyway, in an attempt to stop the 'friend' rampage, Mullah tried to push Yonna's body through... he was slapped into his defenseless belly by the roaring Yonna fist.

"You didn't tell me to come in."

Yonna laughed and stared at the country lord of the cerebral muscles as the slightly overpowered Mullah clenched her teeth.

Speaking of which, even in front of that kitchen, Yonna was overwhelmed by Mullah, who excelled in martial arts. I want permission to enter the room, but I guess I just took a reason to get involved.

Yonna has scolded me as I received Mullah's fist, which rolled out with a glance. I got kicked in the back with my leg.

"There you go, brother! Do something over there."

Pushed forward as it lasted, Kai rushed to the same momentum and jumped to the dollar where he was sitting. Addle is up to it.

Adore dared to match Kai's rolling fists. fists and fists that bump into each other...... if you are a regular person, you would have had terrible consequences such as crushing finger bones on both sides.

But this is a dispute between the 'protectors'. Divinity makes a difference in the protection of its body and in the stiffness of its skin. It is "shelled" in "Untattooed" for "Five Years of Age" dollars. Originally, in physical sturdiness, the dollar was supposed to prevail. Adore would have been convinced that that simple principle would bring me victory.

The shock wave of the collision turned into a breeze, softening Princess White's long hair. A moment later, a glimmer of blood splashed across his face, and his red balls eyes opened.

The bitterness of the men, and their teeth.

"Gu, uuuuuuu"


The appearance is a clash between the forces of "Five Years Old" and "Unprinted".

It was like slamming a blacksmith's hammer in the air.

Adore pulled his arm back into severe pain.

And I got unexpected damage, and I tongued Kai.

The cobwebs dripping with the blood of the two clearly showed that the collision had almost ended in a collision.