Kai will not exceed the dollar by force of vegetables if he reveals the neighborhood. That is because there was only a small difference in physical performance between the two that similarly resembled the race of birth, and it was not an exaggeration to say that it was precisely the divine character in which it dwelled that would make the difference between the two.

There are, of course, differences in the thickness of the meat covering the body surface, the quality and quantity of the muscles, the physique due to the sturdiness of the skeleton and the age gender, and the underlying output of the vessel itself: the flesh. but still, compared to the historical difference between people and other subraces, it's not even enough to make a scene.

"Five Years Old" and "Unprinted" … There was no such thing as an objective assessment of what the output ratio would be in this world. However, it was only possible to compare with the subjective subjectivity of the individual due to experience and knowledge.

(After all, Age Count is multiplied.)

Something vague in Kai, but "standard" seemed to be sprouting.

While the phalanges, by the way, held their swollen fists in, Kai was in his calmly cooling head thinking about how to settle his battle with Adore. Kai was also equipped with wisdom enough to make the distinction that he could not beat up and kill Uncle Bedou's eldest son.

Therefore, there was an urgent need to firmly grasp the ability that the "Protective Holder" of "Five Years" could exert in order not to kill it.

Of course, the power of this "Five Years Old" compared to your son is one of the valuable samples for each hand to form an object in Kai.

Thanks to the luxurious spiritual power brought by the Valley God, Kai can output power that remains "untouched" and perhaps above the middle of "age 2" and possibly closer to "age 3". The objective assessment around it was so fixed that there would be roughly no mistake thanks to the grass game ahead, the endless association with the muscle idiots.

And the example of the bending art… the local operation of spiritual power in the procedure of using magic, at a practical level… using it physically and repeatedly without thinking about it, it was found that it would allow more than mutual meetings to be held with the opponents on the "one age" scale.

If we were to quantify the output of each of the "protected persons" here, we should have used the reference value "1" for the current situation where the average value of the species "human race" is not known, and for those without the protection.

Fist wounds repair rapidly with painful itching. The wound heals pretty fast if you haven't even broken a bone.

(If you take me as "1" before I became a "protective person"... "2" White Princess is probably "5," no, it's just frightening and shrinking by about "7". Given the weakness of God in Eda Village, I wonder if "two years" would be about "ten")

In other words, at the moment of obtaining the protection of the Land God, man suddenly wields the power of ten manpower, and at the same time acquires the protection of God, a sturdy body skin like thick leather armor.

It is precisely the birth of the 'Superman'.

While still recalling the memories in me, Kai reconsiders the criteria of "Three Years of Age". I've had a rough feeling about 50% more each time I'm older, but thanks to the increase in the sample I've experienced, I've seen a fairly solid standard. Close to home, Orha is the Yonna of the brain muscle, and numerous other peripheral territorial lords become indicators.

of Yonna, who had recently beaten each other. That would have been the most vivid and specific.

(After all, the difference between "two years" and "three years" is not so much as double. Some bulk, even if you can shake it up, it's about 70% more)

For example, if the power is increased by 80%, it is logical that "Age 2" cannot beat "Age 3" in comparison to simple power, and vice versa, if the difference is to that extent, it is possible for "Age 2" truth investigators to surpass "Age 3" Orha with martial arts.

And what is right in front of you as an enemy is the "Five Years Old (Sinquester)", which surpasses your master.

Simply because the earlier calculations apply, the calculations for "Five Years of Age" have an output equal to 1.8 times the square of "Two Years of Age". Kai, who is now able to do the calculation in computation, probably only shows the intellectuality of the level of scholarship in this world, but he has no consciousness of it.

The difference in power between "two" and "five" is less than six times greater. It is not simply an improvement in muscle strength, but also in the amount of spiritual power supplied and the robustness of the body skin, so it is no longer a very resistant difference in one-on-one. That pig armored martial artist, who had died in the past, was also armored by a body skin of exact hardness like steel.

It was already miraculous to hit each other in the fist with someone who could be considered the "Five Years Old." Only if it was a conscious and concentrated blow could we have managed to be mutually reinforcing.

(... that means I don't have a chance to win as it is)

In Kai's eyes, he took half a step backwards as Adore, who was similarly in severe pain, was upset.

Kai realized the limitations of every one of them as of this blow, but Adore seemed to have a completely different sentiment. We had a decent meeting with Five Years Old. Adore had not identified a human 'bottom' named Kai at all at the moment.

Kai, who had dived through the literal dead line many times, knew what it was like to be a fighter, a rush. It would have been a natural knowledge for the people of the marginal soil, who continue to be exposed to fierce competition for survival, to know what difference would tell the deaths of the two in the context of the killing with the subpeople, and whether the killing side and the killing side would be sorely distinguished.

Stand up to your opponent well.

And if the opponent pulls, don't hesitate to push.

With little awareness, Kai took half a step forward for what Addle pulled.

Once inclined to 'escape', the mind can no longer be held back by nagging things.

Adore, who has determined that he is an enemy to fear the Unprinted with bottomless power, stepped back a step further. I guess I regret being single and getting in because I was too confident in my protection of the Five Years Old. My bloody face is cramped.

His eyes glimmer and he crawls through a half-open wall with a hidden passage that he must have come by when he came. Perhaps in the eyes of Adore, that hidden passage is reflected as a safety zone for now.

When the 'escape route' hits like that, the feeling on the side of being killed becomes even more offensive and weak.

(... let them get away. dare)

Either way, I don't think you can beat him up excessively, and if you want to run away, I think you can let him like it.

but Kai's desire to get a clean shot at the angry leftovers who tried to get their hands on the princess of my main body prevails. The white princess first kept her eyes open to see how Kai, who was obviously in a pushing mood, was exhaling his firstborn son of the Hiroshi beside him, but how long has she been pulling her lips together to contain air in her mouth and sending an enthusiastic gaze at the end of the battle?

Even though he didn't seem to like the nasty battles between men or anything, maybe it still means he's definitely succeeding that lord's blood muscle. Even women who usually don't like to see blood instinctively go into 'seeing' if it's the men who take care of me who are beating each other... there are many cases like that, but of course not to Kai's knowledge.

Even at the entrance, a fierce offensive has begun between Mullah trying to break through and Yonna standing up. It feels like Mullah is in a hurry, not much Yonna thinks, when she sees her 'friend' addle being cornered. I guess the peripheral territorial lords of the border zone, who are forged by their twisting with the subhumans, are also used to efficient shark hands. Yonna makes a good flow of fishin 'her opponent into the bait while exposing herself to a slight gap.

Do you feel comfortable deciding to take one shot?

He also swallowed a saliva of the dollar into Kai, where he stood, and pulled out the sword he had removed from the matching of his clothes. It was a short weapon without much blade crossing, but if the hardness of the body skin approached each other, it would be more advantageous to possess a harder weapon that could pierce the guard.

The 'protective holding' guard is inferior to iron...... I had yet to see 'protective holding' with a body skin harder than forged steel, even for Ky, who has fought various enemies. Even the armored warrior of the pig was scratched with a scratch if it was an iron weapon, and the principle that an iron weapon was superior to God's protection was still elusive.

Believing in that slight advantage, Kai seemed to fantasize about his past to the appearance of Adore, who tried to intercept Kai's assault.

(Did that pig warrior look at me like this?)

The armored warrior waited in his spare time for the 'sheltered' of the unwise who had poked him, in response to the attack power of a short spear with an iron tip. The sight fell when I was reminded of different things, and now Kai is in a position to be attacked by an iron weapon.

Kai himself was about to poke, and the cutting-edge of Adore was almost instantly about to reach Kai's throat. Even though it was a skinny blade with a gorgeous decoration, if Kai's body skin was practically nothing but sturdy under the age of three, it could have been quite damaged and pierced to the worst.

But Kai, who was dropping off with his moving vision to fear the attack, didn't budge as much of a sense of crisis as the hairs.

Whatever it is, it can be dealt with... I thought so.

Kai was picking the tip of that sword with his thumb and index finger in a flash. I was stunned at Adore's face that the move had not been followed with my eyes.

Pick it, just twist it outside.

Though it was just that much movement, it was done in such a loose flow that time felt slow that it appeared as a distortion of the sword's fullness like candy and powerful enough to take it away from the hands of Adore.

At that moment, Kai's operation of spiritual power was carried out at an extreme enough to say pinpoint exactly. He was lifting extra spiritual power from all the other parts of his body by strengthening his picked fingers and the elbows and shoulders of his arms, just there. Only at that moment was there strength that was almost equal to just a living human, except in the arms of the heart. It was only with the grace of God in the valley, whose eyes were too good.

So I thought it had nothing to do with it.

(... that armored warrior also chopped my meat like this)

Sometimes the tease of moves that I didn't know was later and I accidentally understood them. Perhaps that armored warrior, more extreme, was gathering strength only at his fingertips.

The stubborn dollar was no longer full of gaps.

I thought about it a little bit and broke it a little bit when I was five years old. I thought you just said "stop," but I didn't even care.

At that time, oddly enough, even the entrance seemed settled, and Mullah, blinded by the danger of the Adore, was flown away while destroying various supplies. Adore, who accidentally glanced at the sound and scream.

Don't miss the slightest blank.

Kai turned away from Yonna and the White Princess as she turned invisible, slamming a shot (...) of her true body into the side of the Addle.