For a moment.

Only for a moment, Kai squeezed the greatest force he could ever forgive.

The ultimate power that can be given out while remaining "untouched" … all the spiritual power that devotes even the underlying margin of life activity of each of those moments, made possible by the fact that Adore is losing his will to war, was poured into every muscle force that gives rise to the movement, and only a small part of the clashing surface of the stiffened fist.

Knock it off!

I turned away in case to increase my concentration to the extreme. I hated the risk of the neighborhood coming to light in unexpected ways.

Although we still haven't sorted out how to feel when the neighborhood comes out, we know that when the enemy is raised in front of us in a spirit of war or misguided harm, it comes up semi-consciously to eliminate the danger of the death of the possessed.

It is easy to take control because it is still in my consciousness, but when I eat inadvertently from the shadows, sudden accidents, or other trauma, for example, it is sometimes unconsciously expressed like a conditional reflex. That's pretty hard to control, of course. If you get into a collision like you did earlier that would cause a major injury, if you were careful, God would make a scene.

(I'll try to see how far it'll work while it's still "untouched")

The left foot that stepped out was first overloaded.

Dong, and his whole body is pushed out to the starting point with that step of weighing all over his eyes, and the simultaneous starting upper body rotational motion sends his right shoulder out in explosive momentum. In this way, the kinematic energy of the entire body removed from the muscles concentrates on one right arm.

Can you go beyond the protection of the Five Years Old while remaining "untouched"?

All Kai's spiritual power, gathered scratched by his clenched and consolidated fists, was screwed to the horizontal side as he scratched through the crevice-filled structure of the addle trying to prevent it with his hands.

The enormous amount of destructive energy generated on the collision surface returns to the dollar that was attacked according to the laws of nature and also to the Kai that sent it out for some time. Kai's fist is equal to a shell at this time, if the strength of the flesh was used as an iron armor to protect him as a 'guardian'. If that collision force has the strength to pierce the opponent's guard, much of the destructive force propagates and permeates the other side.

Conversely, if Kai's protection on the offensive side were weaker, the force would have been bounced back and spent destroying Kai's own fist. It is a diagram in which shells that cannot penetrate the opponent's armor destroy themselves so that they crumble, become bouncing bullets and are bounced off.

A flash of outline in which the difference in divinity as a 'protective person' is questioned.

Thus, Kai instantly perceived the situation of every person who couldn't push his fist in, and realized that he still couldn't easily cross the "Five Years Old" wall to the extent that he squeezed his spiritual power. My bone meat supporting the unleashed attack smudged and screamed, and instantly I felt the force bouncing back through my arms and back osmosis.

(Pain splitting again like this...)

Kai missed the fact that I was not equipped with enormous muscles and wild bones, like that armored warrior.

I bit my teeth.

I seriously injured my dominant arm immediately after this attack, but can I continue to protect the White Princess... I considered whether "your friend", who Yonna has beaten this way, can continue to maintain his current advantages even though he has begun to step up.

I just have to push in here now.

Kai drew strength from every "divine stone" almost without delay, which should (...) be. The heat, which can only be captured by that feeling, covered his chest and spread to his arms.

The rigidity of the bone meat, which was about to be beaten down, was incredibly raised, and much of the impact that was about to be scattered was surely sent into the Adore.

"Dear Adore!

Mullah's scream happened.

No one saw the 'neighborhood lift' that Kai floated for just a few moments.

The only thing Kai compensated for with that inherent force was the strengthening of the rigidity of every flesh, and the shock force he inflicted on his opponent was only within the bounds of "Untattooed".

but still, Kai's fist, which became a collision surface, gained remarkably high rigidity, but most of the destructive power created by that attack passed to the flesh of the shot out opponent.

Adore's body, struck out with an iron fist, spun vertically and horizontally to cone.

I rolled to bounce to the bed where my lord and Olha woke up once and was flashly slammed against the stone wall, which is the end of the space I call the room.

The stone wall, which has a huge structure called the Sannomiya Palace, explodes like a building block collapse when kinetic energy is pressed from the addle.

Suddenly, the stone assemblies around him, unable to withstand their own weight, also collapse one after the other into the big hole they were able to make. The collapse of the stone wall may have extended to the third floor section.

I expose myself to that big hole and my addle is sinking.


The neighborhood has disappeared in just a few moments.

Phew, it was Kai who exhaled the air in his lungs, but he also slowly realized that I had finally done a little too much after seeing the scream of Princess White behind him and the haste of 'your friend' who popped up scratching the ground.

There's kind of a lot of screaming coming from outside the broken stone walls, too. Needless to say, this room is upstairs and the fallen stone fell to the ground from a considerable height.

When Kai tried to get closer to the big hole, Mullah, who was already trying to get his addle up, said, "Don't come!," he shouted like a scream. I don't mind trying to get close, I can stop it tight on the White Princess.

"That's enough, Ky."


"No more, please"


As for Kai, I'm plainly shocked that he didn't seem very pleased, even though he was just going to let her be rewarded for her wondrous behavior towards White Princess. Addle seems to be bleeding a little, but nothing else seems traumatic, and now that Mullah has pulled him up, he is in a state where he has been put to bed.

"... I knew you were still hiding, brother."

Yonna, walking over next to Kai, who was standing up, took Kai's fist, which had been sluggishly lowered, and sounded her throat as if she was crazy and couldn't wait to make sure that her finger wasn't seriously damaged.

"Tattooless" pulled out the "Five Years Old" shield. Funny.

"Let go."

Waving away in evil, Yonna sighed small looking down from above her head at Kai, who was not as good as every chest.

"... So, what do we do, brother? I've done a great job."

"After all, is it bad"

"... it was this blubber that attacked your bedroom before the wedding, so if it's just Reason, it's not a problem at all to make it look painful. On a day when the princess really laid hands on me, no one would blame me for killing each other to keep the tickets, regardless of their status in the country.... or do you stab him?

"Should I do that?"

"... that's fine if you're talking about the bumpy one, but I guess it's easier not to. It's not about this guy, it's about what Father thinks."

Mullah, "your friend," listens to the disturbing conversations of Kai and follows the trend. He is an inexplicable opponent who sank an Adore who is "Five Years Old" even though it is "Unprinted". The vigilance was natural.

"... sorry for your loss."

That's when a suddenly extended voice happened.

Those who were there, who felt no sign or anything, swayed their shoulders and gathered their gaze toward the voice. Beyond the big hole that collapsed and the winter sky pattern spread, it was not a place where you could normally walk.

Its white shadow, which fluttered and descended, was a younger child than Kai.

"This blur comes from an oila pickup. That's what I mean."

Against the backdrop of a slightly snowy sky, the spreading wings seemed white and soft to the eye. The child, covered in fluffy hairs like a little bird swelling in the cold, skilfully manipulated his wings into the room and looked straight at Kai, wondering if he had just glanced around during the bundle. There were no bird-like feathers on the wings folded on my back.

He was a strange white child, like a man, a bird, and a worm combined. The tentacles dripping in front of my face are crackling and shaking.

Stared at me with red eyes like that blood, Kai blinked as soon as he noticed the 'voice', though he was unexpectedly blurred.

(... you, too much -)

He was scolded Kai, but only the odd subhuman who is lovingly inclined to his neck is in front of him. When Kai, who could not accept, remained silent, the sub-man frowned slightly and pointed his lips.

(of the valley. Talk to me. You know what I mean.

Its presence speaks to 'God of the Valley' while watching Kai in amazement.

(... These are oila territories. of the valley)

That was now one 'guardian'.