It was a moment when white arms of that young colour seemed to flutter up.

Mullah, who was concentrating her entire nerve on protecting Adore, suddenly lost consciousness. To the Mysterious Subman...... because the 'Guardian' put a knife from behind his back.

Kai overlooked that fact because his ears and eyes perceived it without any inconvenience.

If only the figure was regarded as partial, Kai was the only one on the spot who actually saw him like a butterfly and a white bat. Seeing as the unconscious Adore and Mullah were eaten by the 'void' of their being swallowed up by sloppiness, Yonna immediately tried to pack them up with a 'hey'. And I saw a thin arm of a subhuman who seemed to break his hand just grabbing it, choosing the meat of a country lord of his brain muscles to faint lightly.

"... are you there, Ky?"

I am finally convinced when I hear the voice of the frightened White Princess.

He said he didn't see anything but me.

(Oyla's name is Nevin.... Ask the valley for more information)

Kai realized that the winter sky somehow reflected in the shadow of his "Guardian", who named him Nevin, and understood that it was magical to make him disappear. Just because it didn't happen to work in the eyes of Kai, who was graced by God in the valley, the other person was completely blinded while here.

Optical magic, there's another one I'm guessing.

And as for "Three Years Old (Tres)," some of them calmly decided that Yonna was a "threat" to the arm she had mowed with one blow.

What are you gonna do with him?

(Even if you leave it like this, it's going to be a bit of a problem, right? I'll handle it properly, so it would help if you were blocking your eyes, ears and mouth and weighing yourself down.)

(When 'cause (...)' is gone, it's a hassle to explain 'here')

Eyed at, Nevin tilted his neck as he finally noticed the flashly collapsed outer wall.

(No matter how strong the one was, if he dies, all he leaves is bones, and the castle returns to rubble. If you care too little, you're bald. -)

(... are you the guardian?)

(Kind of. Look, don't make me feel unnecessary or anything. If I disturb you, I'll kill you.

(... Bump kill!?)

Nevin's appearance had already disappeared from sight when Kai peeled his eyes into swordswallowing words that suddenly spilled out of a slight conversation. Yet only the voice echoes like an aftertaste in Kai's ear, which continues to seek its appearance uncluttered.

(I don't think I'll have the world of phases anymore...)

That may have been like what was passed on to the valley god, not to Kai's ear, but heard a slight leak as the bubble began. It could have been proof that it wasn't Ky (...) who stuck in that voice.

(... just go home. And get ready -)

(... ma * know * *. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

(… the world of men will collapse -)

Though the valley god's and the voice is still obscure, I honestly wonder if I haven't been heard because I haven't grown enough as a possession because of the atmosphere in which the conversation is taking place.

The world won't have it?

The world of men collapses?

That conversation, which is followed by disturbing words, goes farther and farther. And when he was completely deaf, Kai's consciousness also seemed to have returned to depression.

As a matter of fact, I pull back my body, which was about to fall due to weakness.

"... are you listening, Ky? Talk to who..."

Princess White's voice, which had been made outside the mosquito net, is shaking anxiously.

Kai bit his teeth in the agony that sprang up.

That sub, I remember being seen earlier. Yes, Lord of signs on the roof of the Sannomiya Palace.

I'm not sure, but it seems that one of the "guardians" of the state capital is now in the dark. And they even warned me that if I interrupted them, I would kill them.

Kai has no idea what's about to happen behind The Winter Solstice Feast. Although I am only a villager in one country, I have some knowledge of the subhuman world, but I was aware that my knowledge of the ethnic areas to which I belong was a tease. Even the state capital is only part of the soil, but Kai has no idea what's going on around it.

God of the Valley, what am I supposed to do?

Although Kai tries to talk, the Valley God still doesn't give back anything unequivocally. Somehow, I had an expectation that it would be difficult if it were accompanied by my growth as a possessor. Still for a while, I suppose, a one-way street from God in the Valley will continue.

Anyway, I didn't mean to quarrel with the other guardians. Then it was better to leave the land as soon as possible.

Looking up at the winter sky cut into the shape of a large hole in the wall, Kai looked back as he pulled Yonna, who had passed out crossing the master's bed, to do what he had in mind for now.

I looked up like I was on my way, looking back at Princess White, looking slightly harder to say.

"... I'm going to your lords. I'll tell you what's going on and ask you to be able to go back to the village.... so the princess is here"

"... I'll follow you too"

"But I did it..."

"... don't be alone"

Strongly said, Kai thought of my indifference.

There won't be a woman who just happened and wants to stay in the room alone. There was a hidden passage that had not actually been communicated to guests, and there would not have been any safety there if it had been tight and caged.

How nicely put, Yonna says, breathing remains completely unconscious of something. Kai walked out as he pulled it off as if it were a worthless large package. And the other arm, which was empty, was rubbed by the white princess.

Its softness and tickling sweet smell make it impossible to contain the exhilaration of the irresistible desire to unconditionally protect the instincts for racial prosperity to which men and women associate.

With such a floating feeling in mind, Kai thought of Elsa, his lover, who had left him in the valley.

The wide stone corridor in the depths of Ichinomiya, refraining from the "Feast of the Winter Solstice" tomorrow, was overflowing with many humans.

A few guards line up on both sides in that corridor, darkened by a light of beeswax with little odor, spears in obnoxious fashion. Those who wish to see it pass by, but there are too many of them, and they have been queued since about half the hallway.

I can only count those dressed in plain clothes that I can tell from the sideland lords to see. Most of them were central aristocrats dressed in gorgeous coats, who had their gifts held by their squire. They were all those who worked vigorously to acquire their rights as full guests, in keeping with the "Winter Solstice Feast" of the Uncle Bejitu family.

Each of them whispered and allocated their free wait time to gathering information.

"... Lord Varma has done well."

"... at all, that's exactly what Min means to see the desk. Besides, the hitter isn't much of a gap."

"... apparently Hou has been giving some nose drops in advance."

"... around in the attentive minister of service of the example? Well, that's a lesson that forward investment shouldn't be lacking. … In any case, the next step is from my door…"

"... the next thing I think I should do is my fourth child, Lord Flew. My beautiful blue eye daughter has no eyes."

"Arrange for my adopted daughter."

"We have to get across."

"You can no longer just ask for peace and king, you can lose your traditional realm"

"The general of the soil is tough, if you can pull it in when you have to..."

At the end of that line of waiting to see, there is a heavy door illuminated by a slightly dark light, inside which becomes the office of Tubor on the side of the balter.

The door was now opened exactly with the marks, spitting out several noble groups from inside. Those aristocrats, who have left the room after many meetings, leave early with the look of bitter worms bitten into the strange eyes that gather. The failure to negotiate is historical, and a mixed look of pity and ridicule is directed from those who form the line.

From beyond the closed door, it is hard to hear a voice calling in the next. However, such variations in processing were common, so the people who wanted to see each other in line only looked back at each other, and no one complained more.

Seeing how calm they were, they dropped the gaze that the civilian who was organizing the guests was about to raise to the face at hand. And not long later, the dark air broke out again in the whispering between the guests.

"Lord Gael and his surroundings."

"Was it in the name of the Southern faction who was making a scene in the court?"

"Just because the king doesn't move, let's just push past trying to pull out the soldiers of Uncle Northside Tu to the south."

"I don't even want to imagine being involved in the rough all-you-can-do South right now. Oh, Kuwabara Kuwabara"

"I guess that means we no longer have that many hitters"

A white figure slowly passes by next to the nobles so keen to explore that they don't even realize the line has moved out again.

Its small but only alien appearance, its white subhuman, is not noticed by anyone, as if it were also an illusion with no entity. The door was shut tightly after entering the gap between the opening and closing of the next entrant.