Kai, accompanied by the White Princess, visited the sanatorium… It was not until some time after that that that the Lord visited the corner of the House where he could rest his body.

Having met Olha, who had come earlier, and been informed that her lord's consciousness had not yet returned, Kai turned his suspicions to the doctor that there was no way that one was so nasty. The old doctor, sighing with that look in his eyes, told him that he had prescribed strong medications for patients who could hardly rest even if instructed, and that he would probably not wake up until tomorrow morning.

If you were right, it would have been a good medical practice.

but Master Orha suspected that it had been done on the confidential instructions of Uncle Sidtu, and Kai had to nod to that doubt as well. Besides, I also suspected that a highly detoxifying 'protective hold' that didn't get too drunk on alcohol was enough to lose my mind all day and night.

Kai, who steals the eyes of the doctors and tests his body, sees that the spiritual power of the vegetables overflowing from his body surface is weakened slightly around his chest. I suspected that someone might have applied the technique to your Lord's "Divine Stone" because he could perform the manifold himself (...).

At that time, I find it hard to avoid associating myself with the white little guardian's face that floated in my brain, wondering if he was the one who treated him.

I'll probably be able to recover.

Though I think so, I can't help but think of the possibility that if this treatment was his manipulation, my treatment of it could be taken as his' disturbance '.

If that warning isn't just a threat... if it's his aim to say he doesn't want to send his lord home until banquet day, 'treatment' here can buy that guardian's anger if he does poorly. Asking himself whether he was ready to kill him or whether he was confident that he would survive, Kai, who exhaled with a small sigh, broke his clenched fist.

(... what, you just told me to go home soon)

That protector named Nevin probably didn't see him as a Moroccan Brotherhood (...) because he knew that Kai had the protection of God in the Valley to become what he called a 'protector'. Indeed, Kai himself does not depend on the power of the Moloch family for his survival, so it may come as no surprise that he was chosen as' separate '.

(Neither he nor Uncle Nemitsu intend to catch the owner and return him. I'm definitely going to work with the princess... but what's the reason for that (...))

What is the reason why Uncle Kaito, who binds the other Kaito Lords with his power and has the patronage of the Great God who has no one lined up on the North Side, is obsessed with taking in the Moroccan family, who is just a Kaito Lords in the border zone?

Even if you overestimate the battle power that has bounced off the forces of the Grey Monkeys (Makak), you can only force a three-pillar land god headed by Four Years of Age (Kwart) and only about a hundred soldiers. Is there any benefit beyond that?

That's how when I was surrounded by the Moloch family and realized that I was crushing my heart in its accomplishment, I came to the conclusion, like other personnel, that oh yeah, the Moloch family would come with me. The bond between Princess Baek and Uncle Sidtu's sixth child is probably a chain for connecting the guardians of the valley.

That, in turn, also leads to the possibility that Hiroshi Kai (...) knows who he is. If that Nevin thing whispers in your ear, you'll believe it without even questioning it.

(What is the connection between him and the Hiroshi Nemitsu family...?)

Something is going on and a critical situation is coming to the periphery. As one of its fabric stones, it was born necessary to keep a good grip on the Moloch family with connections to the guardians of the valley. I guess that's what this is about.

That's about all I know right now. For Kai, who just happened to be brought to the feast by the master, there was no need to know what was going on here in the state capital.

If we cannot escape, we must make our bellies to protect the families of the Moroccan family. I thought he was the one who couldn't escape while telling me not to disturb him, and I couldn't blame him for getting in the way of something as a result.

We can't help but kill each other. The moment I was so ready, my heart softly quieted.

"... if that's what happened to your room, you'd better stay here by your father's side tonight"

Upon hearing of the scandal that had occurred in Sannomiya's living room, Master Orha hung the chief medical officer with his fingers rubbing the wrinkles between his eyebrows, and the Moroccan family was to get a temporary place in the sanatorium.

One of the temporary dormitories for medical officers was hit and the three were to spend the night there, but they all immediately perceived that the strict 'protection' that began outside the room was not for the external malicious, but to keep the three inside from escaping.

It was a narrow, breathless temporary dormitory, but only the White Princess seemed badly relieved for some reason, and as soon as she lay down she began to take a nap. Master Orha wanted to hear the scene of the infidelity of the first prince, who tried to assault the sister princess's sleep, and didn't let Kai go for a while.

After the two had finally fallen asleep, one of Kai, who was lined up by the entrance to the room, took on the sleepover. I felt my gaze several times in the darkness, but every time Kai reacted, the signs walked away.

The long winter nights deepened with the stained bottom-cold and lasted until the doors were knocked casually at an early hour when the sun was still rising after a few hours or so.

"Ladies and gentlemen of the Moroccan family, it is your time"

The official, with his face out of a slightly open gap in the door, left as he saw and interpreted the awakening Orha deities.

The air of time, unchanged from the night when it was not even dawn, was chilling to stab. There are uninterrupted signs of people walking around outside the hallway and in the sanatorium, even though it is such a time period.

A strange hustle and bustle surrounds the state castle.

The feast of the Winter Solstice, a sacrifice, had already begun before sunrise.

"Winter Solstice Feast"

The day of the Great Festival finally came.

Apparently the festival begins before sunrise, while it is still dark. A voice official runs simultaneously in the room of each lord's house during his stay, knocking everyone up. That was more or less a moment before sunrise.

The familiar guests head to the banquet's monogamous palace amidst noises that do not yet seem like nights. It must have fallen in the middle of the night. The snow is beautifully consolidated so as not to hinder the castles in their total exit. It was as if a line of burials stretched as people climbed the slopes of the hills on which the state castle was built with lights on.

Winter snow patterns have not changed near the morning, covering the night sky with gray little snow. Those who were welcomed into the Onomiya had to first pay off the massive amount of snow attached to their clothes.

That is how the Iron Gate, which is a little bit into the monogamous palace, opens, and all the visitors are swallowed up in the huge space that lies within it. The chanting psalms and percussion instruments of the monks called from the centre rang out. There was nothing more than the resting graveyard of the main 'Baal Litiga' of the Balter Teraburi family.

It is the difference in size that each of the Lords covers the graveyard of the real prince, which is the root of the power, and the house of the Lords remains the same. A palace in the highest part of the hills with this state castle was built in this place because of the presence of this' Baal Retriga 'cemetery.

At the end of the dive through the Iron Gate is a huge hall that will be fifty yul wide and a hundred yul deep, supported by giant columns and arches. As they step on the scarlet carpet laid in its center, the visitors are led straight to the front of the giant statue of the god behind the hall. That god statue, which is terribly huge, is probably the statue of the 'Baal Retriga' built by the Bertu family in the hope of their own prosperity.

In its side samurai rises the statues of the power gods supporting the Bertu family to sway in the fire of the candlestick illuminating the hall. Each of its statues is carefully provided with a pedestal, to which the extraordinary offering is dedicated.

And at the foot of the statue of Baal Litriga, there must have been many dishes that gathered exactly all the ingredients of the world, so that the high priest and his subordinates sat together against his offering to summon a rough psalm, blow a round whistle, and tremble the air of the hall with a golden plate of metal.

A stone pedestal is set up in the form of a view of its monks' backs, which continues to spit out the smoke of the crushed incense tree. The visitors, who even came to its "chapel", sanctified their thoughts, releasing small pieces of incense wood in a burning charcoal after their unwavering loyalty to the Baltarabe family and their gratitude to the ancestral spirits, who became the pillars of mankind in pioneering the soil.

And imitate the original name of the feast, the "offering of the moon," and spill the liquor cup offered by the Ritualist into heaven, and spill it in a large bottle set up with small quantities, then spill it on one side.

With them, the visitor ends the liturgy of the sacrifice.

(... spiritual power is truly dedicated)

Feeling the liquor roasting his throat, Kai looked at the statue of the soaring 'Baal Retriga' and looked up at the ceiling of the covered hall further up.

In Kai's eyes, a faint spiritual power seemed to rise from the prayerful 'guardians' and rise overhead. They increase in intensity like clouds, elaborately near the ceiling of the hall, slowly flowing into small windows hidden as if smoke were searching for an exit. Exactly as the Word says, spiritual power in the form of prayer is dedicated to God or to the Ancestral Spirit.

"... Let's go, Kai"

Your lord, who regained consciousness as neatly as a lie once the feast began, is leading the Brotherhood of the Moroccan family. Olha, White Princess, and Kai follow your lord.

After the ritual, the guests mix in three ways in a circle of banquets that are naturally formed everywhere in the hall. Perhaps some of them are on the peripheral soil. Connections between lords, kinship valves, or personal friendships encouraged union. The size of those small groups serves as a preparation for the safety of individual lords.

There was a group of people who waved and called against the Lord. Perhaps that's where the original Moloch family was positioned. but the master only waved and responded, and did not go there.

Towards it was a huge banquet ring, closest to the statue of the "Baal Litiga".

"Finally, Iron Cow (Tor)"

It was Baltarabe, the man who called with his hands up gently.