The banquet ring was probably the gathering of the 'main guests', the center of the banquet that the Lords of the Neighbourhood wanted to attend once.

Uncle Beitou originally wanted to welcome the Moroccan Brotherhood with pleasure, as the visiting central noblemen drank their wine in their luxurious and colorful coats in the wrong place. Among them was the figure of Corsarouge, the head of the Varma family, whose affixed gleaming appearance showed that Olha and Princess White, who were facing each other the day before, had become true for a moment.

Olha's eyes sew away Kai, who seemed to fit slightly. In that way, the brothers and sisters of the Moroccan family make a grin that includes them at the speed of the aristocratic switching, and they exchange model-like greetings to enter the circle.

Kai, who had not drawn any particular attention, stood up on the spot, not least when he appeared from the backs of the Moroccan people who sat in.

Seems that even each aristocratic family brings a low-status squire, and they sit on one knee one step away from the banquet ring to serve their master, reluctantly eating at the slightest liquor turned by their master.

Kai slowly looked around inside the giant temple once now, good that he had not been seen.

I was a little concerned that the owners were aware of it. Quite a few eyes were watching the Moloch family trend, and its nature was becoming heavily degenerate into two by joining the ring of chief guests.

(... the eyes that honestly give me life and the cold eyes that scorn the fool...)

I felt like I could see something like their 'airiness' where the lords from all over the marginal soil, who would not normally even get together, were only seeing each other this way.

The circle of the minded who tried to call the Moloch family, in contrast to being generally favorable, had some harsh gaze from the lords around the centre of the limestone close to the circle of the Uncle family.

Whether it is also impacted by the incense of culture blowing from the centre of the country, or whether the more such a person, the more the costume has become a spirited and brightly shaded one close to it in the centre, it was said to be quite an interesting regionality. The low temperature eyes directed from there seem to be directed not only at the Moloch family, but also at the intoxicating and noisy guests in the circle of chief guests, the central nobles who are supposed to admire them.

Kai's well-wisely eared, "While the holy crown collapse is not healing..." But "the tail birds (Pavers) who can't protect their land on their own" receive many dissatisfied voices, albeit reluctantly. I don't know what you're talking about.

Kai's stomach snapped unexpectedly. Many dishes are arranged in large plates in the banquet ring. The overwhelming good smell drifting from it reaches Kai's nose without ever losing the smell of a full incense tree.

"... Dear Uncle Kaito, then again"

"... it's tough. Iron Bull. My face is not enough to stand."

The master is eating up at Uncle Horizontal for the treatment of his daughter.

but it still seemed hard to translate it because of the firm determination of Uncle Bejitu. The central aristocrats around them look at it with a lukewarm glance. Still, the Varma family, who gave out their real wives, seemed to have a thermal eye on what was going on.

It was still the basket owner who gave in to the end of the short exchange. Looking at that discouraging back, Kai was a little angry that there wasn't supposed to be a lot of options for 'having protection'.

Well, Kai doesn't know, but maybe the Moroccans have the impeccable clutter involved in its existence.

"… please remember the promise."

"Of course, of course. I will make sure... this is another cup of consolidation. Iron Bull."

"… we accept"

We returned the cup several times and asked the central aristocrats around us to enjoy that Uncle Bitu had made an affair with the princess of the Moroccan family.

What a creepy, computationally chilling glance completely diverged from that smile, of the many words of celebration to be returned. It was obvious that they were not even as concerned with Hairy as they were with the daughter of a rural lord on the sidelines.

Still sifted, Uncle Varma, who was supposed to have the most evil feelings, even took to the tip of his toast in an effort to celebrate his rise and the conclusion of that bond. That glimpse of glance turned to make Princess White scream without a voice. All of Uncle Varma's words of celebration seemed to pierce me in opposition.

Slightly, the master looked at him, and Olha stood up with the White Princess. Apparently, it was due to the need to change colors for formal disclosure. I guess the moment has come when you can wear the sunny clothes created by the woman in the village of examples in general. When the two stand, Kai is also urged to accompany them as a squire.

As for Kai, I really didn't feel like it was a shame to give the White Princess to me as the dumb son of Uncle Beyond. How Princess White herself, who is clearly unwilling to get on with the fringe, also holds Kai's thoughts back.

That's how I came up with it.

(... If he's the one pushing this edge, if you catch the mastermind and flip it, it'll be ruined)

I'm sure I'll use that invisible magic to manage to flirt with the white guardian who must be watching somewhere in this temple. If not, beat him up and tell him what to say. Kai believed that I had that option.

That's how Kai found it.

Precisely overhead, over the 'clouds of prayer' in the great ceiling of the temple, a slight appearance of the guardian of the land with a slight face.

Guardian Nevin smiled softly in return for Kai's gaze.

He was Jose, who had found one possibility in 10,000 when he saw his father forced to eat down on Uncle Kaito, but he could not hide his dismay at the fact that the frustration of the stubborn Uncle Kaito had never finally changed.

My brother's caring eyes come to my chest.

The Moroccan family, which is only a lord at the edge of the soil, has no strength but to defy the intentions of the mighty Burdock family, which brings together vast amounts of soil... Though how independant is the breeze of the landlords of the soil, it is difficult for the small lords to perpetuate the land alone, and the harm of the subpeople cannot be repelled without the help of their neighbors somewhere, and there is little such as a lord who can cover the various supplies spent in the lives of the inhabitants in a single village. The first thing that damaged Uncle Bejitu's mood was that the children of the Lordship, who grew up listening to each and every one of them, could tell.

Jose, prompted to rise by his brother, could not contain his feet trembling in small pieces. I couldn't even walk properly, I stuck it on my brother's back going forward.

"... perhaps that's Archena."

Ahead of what my brother urged me to look at, there was a boy staring at this one intriguingly. I guess it was only because I was just an adult that my real wife's seat was vacant. Around his age he was probably about the same as Kai, but unlike Kai, who grew up in Rug Village, the boy's eyes had eyes that worthy a woman as a thing. Maybe I grew up sailing women around me from an early age. Experience is abundant for you, but your mind is not yet mature, or Jose shuddered despite being older when he was pointed at the obvious, masculine teasing glances of his flourishing years like a child.

The feeling that I felt like I was being chased all the time by that gaze subsided when I felt Kai's breath following behind me. Jose was relieved to even feel that Kai, who was growing stronger and harder, was blocking the eyes of his wedding partner.

Their movement was not so noticeable as the worship of the visiting lords still continued. Soon before his brother stood the discerning maid of the uncle's house, leading the way to where he was going. What was taken was like a back door for standing servants to enter and exit the flourish.

"Please wait here"

As such, the samurai of the guide greeted him and just left.

Instead, a few women, who had refrained from being in the room, come around with her sundress, which had already been brought in. Looked at, the luggage left behind in the room is solidified and placed in a corner of the modem room.

"You're finally here."

Suddenly I heard a voice and couldn't hide my shoulders from falling apart.

There was another group in the room, and a girl stared at the women.

He was Floris, the son of Uncle Varma, who plans to become his rightful wife. The sunny clothes she wore were gorgeous enough to make my sunny clothes look so wild that the women of the village prepared them with their utmost effort.

Plenty of shiny scarlet fabric, like a bright red peony flower that the central nobles say they will not love, and the long hem below is really rocking like a flower from the tight waistband.

It must have been poured with high skill and enormous effort, the embroidery of a peony made of silk thread further ornamented Floris' standing. Many hair decorations dripped from the tied hair, making noises when the neck moved.

"That was your 'sunshine'. Is that just a sign from your aunt?

Jose didn't try to react, even though he knew he was saying he hated that it was country clothing that didn't capture the epidemic at all. A woman from all over the village perspired for days to prepare this sundress. Besides, the women in the village didn't just tailor their clothes without thinking about it. After knowing very well the thin presence of Moloch Jose, he thinks well of it to suit him.

Jose's sundress, dyed in blue, squeezed from the petals of Aoyushige, a precious dye that could be picked from the side soil, was as empty as a well sunny day. The slightly thicker fabric woven from cotton was uncomfortable in response to the cold side soil climate. It is embellished with traditional botanical embroidery, squeezed in a neat way at the waist and connected to an ancient long hem that draws tails to the floor.

My white hair will look like a cloud brushed in the sky. Jose stood with his spine stretched out in a good position after wearing it, thinking that every standing position would be like that.

Even if it was a wedding I didn't want.

You can't have all this sunshine ready and be ridiculed.

Jose and Floris, the eyes of the two girls scattered an invisible spark.