Even in the village of Rag, I have encountered something called a wedding feast more than once.

It is naturally far from what is in a seat that gathers all these neighborhood lords, but there is no basic difference between the structure of the celebrated guests and the celebrated men and women.

When an example man accompanied by a squire appeared before the two women who had finished wearing and waited, Kai wondered if he was still the man who would be Princess White's husband.

Sixth Prince Arshena.

The same was true of the night crawling dude, but similar to the middle-backed, skinny Baltarabe, Archena was also small. Sometimes I guess I haven't grown up yet, but my thin arm, which doesn't even have something roughly muscular on it, is like a woman, and I just grabbed it lightly and wondered if it could be threaded off.

Arshena approached the two women who would be my wives, and when she familiarly abandoned each name, she casually crawled her gaze worthy of its whole body. Though Floris, who was due to be his rightful wife, seemed a little reluctant, he stretched his chest to expose himself to the strength of those who were prepared or to his gaze.

By contrast, the White Princess shuddered with shame and tried to shudder herself. Was Archena inspired by the reluctant White Princess, who tilted her gaze without any shards of that reluctance before creating a hissing grin in her mouth.

He was not a poorly made boy in the face, so he may have intended to play a cool prince with it, but he only gave the impression that his lower heart had become clear from his youthfulness and he was inferior to his surroundings.

(... what, this guy)

Kai accidentally threw up in a whisper.

Something with a similar sentiment, or Olha broke into a position where she stood silently covering her sister princess on her back while responding with a smile.

The glance of Archena, who raised it, caught Orha's eye and seemed to deviate from it even if it was not funny.

"Prayer is almost over. When Father finishes his greeting, follow me."

Saying so in a boyish high voice, he recommended it to both of them with the beverage that his squire had brought in. From behind it, the dishes divided into small pieces are brought in by different squires. I suppose it is the attention of the prince and son to those who are caught in the midst of refrain. Kai's stomach rang to cross too.

Kai sees how Princess White looks as her eyes are going to be drawn to the smell. It still seemed like a waste of time on this fringe to me that I still couldn't seem to accept Archena, and I didn't think it must be better to break it down.

Of course, Kai is no longer in a situation where he can intervene arbitrarily... but he just reticed a little, okay, then decided to be self-absorbed and abandoned his stray lightly with the arrogance that is unique to being "protective".

It's not like anybody dies where the fringe is smashed. If the Lord chooses destiny in his discretion, I think he should have had the option of passing himself through as the kingdom of the valley.

Master Orha is beside me, so you can leave this place to me already.

Kai decided to move independently.

(... First, I'll get him)

Leaving gently between refrains, Kai looks up at the great ceiling of the temple.

It would surely be quicker to convince guardian Nevin, who must be pulling threads in the back, to flip this edge. In the corner of the ceiling I just saw, I don't see the other one.

Its ceiling, which is a step higher near the center, is in a multi-layered structure that conceals something like a vent, or the fog of obsessed spiritual power is moving slowly like a vortex, seemingly sucked in a little towards the central indentation.

(... well, he's in that vent too)

There are many secret hidden passages in this castle. There will be many such passages hidden in this temple for the families of the Uncle Bedou family to fall.

There are few clues to the wall that stands out, and it seems quite difficult to pass the wall up and up.

Then do you want to follow the escape and jump to a breath... Although I was motivated by the unique cluttered idea of "holding protection", the spiritual temple already had guests hissing, and there was nowhere else for me to be able to follow the escape.

That's how Kai searched for another hand to sew the waiting line for prayer, finding a giant iron chandelier that was slightly suspended from the ceiling in chains.

They are pulled up to the ceiling by pulleys, and naturally their chains are firmly secured with winders placed in the shade of large columns, in low places within the reach of people.

He jumps onto that chain without getting lost and begins to pass it up. Rusty, boneless chains barely even wobbled, such as on the weight of a small cai. It was when I laughed unexpectedly and stretched my arms to crawl up the next step.

I was accidentally called from below. When I left the room last night, it was Gando Yonna, who had just thrown me in the hallway like coarse garbage.

Brother, what are you doing?

Yonna had just entered the temple, and it seemed like she was about to join the waiting line for worship now.

Kai asks for silence as he pounds his tongue, trying to stand his finger on his mouth. but Yonna seems to be more concerned about the identity of "someone" who stunned me in one blow, and she tries to show off her conjecture and come near me, saying, "It was yesterday more than that," etc.

Worse still, I guess there was a couple of 'shelter holders' following him around Yonna. They're the meat masters. What was different from the grass game was that they were all dressed in noble attire, legal clothes.

Kai lightly despaired of Yonna's evil conjecture, choosing to rush ahead before staying.

From there, Kai suddenly climbed the chain, quickly reaching the part of the pulley at the base of the chandelier to quickly find clues from it.

(... fly over there!)

The chandelier was to the corner of the ceiling indentation, about five yul long. The perimeter of the indentation was marked with something like a belt decoration on the stone, which was going to take a long fingertip.

I had noticed that there was starting to be noise under my eyes, but if I had time to turn my attention to it, it would be more constructive to prioritize getting out of here. Once Kai got down to the chandelier body to get the angle to jump up, he carefully positioned himself not to drop the candle and rocked that huge steel ring several times to get the timing.

And flew.

I heard a wild groan from down there, but I don't care.

With barely a dozen yuls at his barely spent fingertips, Kai swayed his body at a certain height, from which he used his overwhelming physical abilities to lift his body to further heights.

"Brother!" I felt like I heard Yonna, but I didn't turn around anymore. Several shouting voices, and the guard-like men entering the straw and the temple, were sighted, and tongued again several times.

Thanks to Yonna, individuals are likely to be identified all the time, and I was greatly frustrated.

(... is that it)

In the upper layer of the indentation, the 'mouth', which had not been seen by the outpouring, was finally dewy. That was exactly around the time I saw guardian Nevin.

Kai, who gained scaffolding for the outing and became comfortable, approached its' mouth 'on the sidewalk, crawling up again for its unexpectedly large void. Already around it, in that mist of spiritual power, Kai finally came close to the top of the ceiling, feeling the slightest enthusiasm that dived the hot air, unlike the massive crowded warmth that was hanging in the temple.

Kai was stiffened by surprise as he put his hands on the vent and the thought and darkness. He even forgot to crawl up to the safety zone and looked up at something carved on one side of the ceiling.

(… characters)

It only looked like some pattern in the distance. Kai, realizing that it was a very fine letter, was inevitably reminiscent of an inscription engraved on the tombstone of the Land God.

The letters were probably the same. They covered the ceiling side surprisingly without gaps, stimulating some kind of physiological aversion, like when I saw a lot of bumps, and gross fury.

I wonder who the visitors don't realize as one of them that this kind of unusual and disgusting sight is stuck over my head. Many were pointing to Kai, but the majority of the others are interested in the feast in a good mood for alcohol as well.

"... the prayer... the spiritual power was accumulating because of 'this guy'"

Nature and faint spiritual power continue to dissipate from the body of the living.

"Protected" and other spiritual powers up to the point of being out of digits are overflowing from that body at 46: 00, but Kai had never seen any other sight of that dissipating spiritual power becoming foggy and remaining in the world.

It must be strange, if you leave it alone, to interpret the spiritual power of prayer, which would be fogged without a trace, as a strange story if you think carefully that it continues to accumulate near the ceiling, and that anomaly was caused by that inscribed letter.

That string is acting magically, not scattering the offered spiritual power for no reason, but gathering it over this temple.

Is this temple itself a magical device?

The crawling vent was also engraved with a similar letter, surprisingly if you look closely, and you felt the magical will to lead your spiritual power into the back. The breeze that slips through my neck, hands, and feet is just such a pulling spirit.

(... my countrymen hatch)

A faint voice that reached my ear then.

Its slightly picked up voice trembles with joy.

"Snowstorm (Nevin)!"

The screams bounced back into the cavity one after the other, dwindling.

Kai heard a mocking laugh happen in the distance.