I don't know if the world will end.

Yes, not that I thought of it for no reason. When did you realize that the God of the abominable people, who lid (lid) our land, began to make his glory come to pass?

Watching the fortunes of a people who hadn't even taken an interest in him for a long time, he began to understand what was causing the "grudge".

A clan called 'Balter' was uniting an increased number of people in the land.

The first 'Balter' brought a mighty God with him from the Far East. The 'Balter', who had laid down the great warrior of the 'Baal Retriga', the god of the hills, who had a strong power over a strip, took away the grace of God and became the ruler of God's land in the hills.

No matter how high the god, it would not have been enough for the people to single out this terrible and vast North Side wilderness just because they had sent down a single pillar of God. The people who erected themselves in the rich lands of the south had already gained another mighty great god, and the combined power of those gods instantly destroyed hundreds of species who were trekking in the wilderness, plundering the grace of the earth one after the other.

"Balter" gathered his subjugation from God after he had sent it down and made "Baal Retriga" a mighty great god that crowned the North Side wilderness.

How long has it been since that first 'bulter' died?

Being an eyeless great god whose generations of 'balters' tried to crush him and kept bouncing all around him, he had been isolated from the human race as an indelible being and had eventually been forced to consecrate himself as an inseparable two-sided god of 'Baalritriga' mythology.

Hundreds of starfrosts passed ruthlessly even after no one had looked at them. Only one of him, who withstood the curse by divine power, left the enclosed land and continued to spend many years now on the observance of the Phase.

A turning point came to him, who had no choice but to bypass the turn of time, when contemporary 'balters', who began to show their strength, tried to re-carve the curse of their fathers with their own hands.

The little old man was distressed by the weakening grace of "Baal Retriga".

And the old man assumed that the ancient curse (...) that the recurrent "Balter" had laid on the temple so many times... was a waste of limited divine power to flatten this peculiar land (...) by the inevitable sealing magic of the Hill God.

It was only a whim that he appeared before the eyes of contemporary 'Balter'. It was very interesting to see a little old man who was beaten in front of the 'Baal Retriga' while sweating, as his wife became the king and spit on his fatherless business. When I started to break the curse with my own hands, I held my belly and laughed.

"... shall I help you"

If I could get rid of the lid covered in my land, it would have been very good. If you can break the curse that sealed the first "Balter" to the bottom of the earth, then let the centuries of disrespect flow into the water.

He was tired of watching the world alone. Even in the outside world going on a whim, guardians and others and the respected way they wouldn't even put it down there, the joy was only for when, and they couldn't keep taking such interest in the flourishing and falling of others forever. Nearly a hundred years these days, he was merely watching the daily fortunes of the 'Balters' for no purpose.

I've been watching this for a long time, and I knew what was happening to the world of people. "Balter" was by order of God, king of the people, sending gestures south of the confused wilderness. Contrary to the old days, I watched the irony.

Because of this, the treatment of the gods of the North Side wilderness was diminished, and the people became less and less powerful in protecting the land. The ethnic territory, which can only gather small numbers, seems to be gradually being eroded without shaking off the sub-races.

Thus the gesture of the Tiger Son, who sent him up to the north side to grace the decency of the incompetent king, was wielded in the land of others, and he was brushed up for no reason everywhere. One of the lords of the city of Sai, the crotch minister of "Balter", who went as a general, fell in the battlefield and finally even his god was taken away. He was a loyal minister by the name of 'Pavarus'.

The "Balter" clan feared it by referring to it as the "Holy Crown Collapse". It was also around this time that my subordinates began to show obvious resistance to troop movements to the south.

"You can let Oyla lead you."

Contemporary 'Balter', Atarkush, was a dubious man.

It was fun to show up in teasing half to enjoy the reaction and let others flirt with Atarksh while hiding their appearance and treat them as "busty". Even though he told the powerful that he could only see himself, he didn't quite try to believe it.

Turning to the invitation to lose it again and again, Atalkš finally couldn't ignore the existence of him, having read and fished his family heirloom books over several days and revealed exactly where he came from, he finally listened (...).

King of the White Scale.

Contemporary 'Balter' called him that.

The winter sky is dyeing at dawn.

It enhances its hue so that light sunlight seeps through the gaps of dull (wabbit) colored clouds containing falling snowflakes. Only a small part of the snow that received the light was like flour hung on a sieve, increasing its whiteness.

Kai, who had followed a strange passage filled with letters, had to use his ability to 'hold protection' to the full extent that it gradually tightened the slope and finally came close to perpendicular. He clawed at a slight stone joint and desperately climbed up and down.

And the destination we reached was on the tallest spire of the state castle.

The end point was a rain-sheltered roof, crawling out of a hole on the side. I guess it keeps piling there untouched after winter. Snow formed the wall.

Kai's face was like a wild mouse crawling out of a nest hole, watering down my exhaled white breath and seeing the sky as it dawned.

"... you didn't leave, of the valley"

That's where my voice was called.

Turning around his neck, a white shadow was sitting down on the rooftop edge of a spire about the size of one room, at the outstream of the chest wall.

The guardian named Nevin watched Kai quietly.

"If I disturb you, I'll kill you."

"... I also have a convenience. Don't be silly."

In retrospect, Nevin nodded dissatisfied with the hum, spreading his white bat-like wings and dropping in nearby. Kai, who had not yet fully embarked on his own, hastened to try to get up, but understood that being reached out rather than an expected attack would not start killing each other urgently.

The tangled hands were warm. Somewhere I was relieved that Nevin was still alive.

When it is pulled up, the warmth of the spirit that was wrapped around him in the aisle is lost, and very often the cold enters the gap between his clothes. It was not even a fart such as some cold weather if it was "protective holding", but I was concerned about the thin clothing of my hair, which was also windy and hesitant.

Nevertheless, I wonder what this passage was made for. I wondered if it made any sense to lead the spirits so far that only those with good eyes like Kai could see them.

That's how Nevin pulled up Kai looked up with a tickle of laughter.

to be guided. Kai also looked up at the sky again, and there was about to be an astonishing sight unfolding there.

(... what is this)

The spirits of prayer of the peripheral earth lords who have been gathered and guided are vanishing as they rise to the sky. What Kai was staring at as he opened his eyes was the shapeless light that was appearing further ahead.

Nevin says nothing. Kai, who just seemed to watch this one quietly, but was distracted by the surprise in front of him, didn't have the kind of looseness of heart to go along with it.

(... are you eating)

That was like a fish gathering herds on the bait I threw by the water.

However, what they were playing with was the height of the sky, which was far from Kai… perhaps a few yuls below just a few distant clouds.

They appear so tall that they look about the size of my arms. If I had seen it up close, I was wondering if its size could be as much as a penny of this state castle.

Depending on the beholder, he may have looked like a heavenly woman with a long tail of clothes together.

Kai looked like an unusually long giant grass fish with a tail. It also looked like a snake that couldn't do it.

"That's God out there (...). You're the first to see it."


"Ouilla was surprised at first too"

Nevin laughed frankly.

"The lunar feast is truly a prayer to God - Feed them and pull them into the Goddess' side... maybe something."

The god of earth?

Is that about our God?

"... it doesn't make sense just to feed.... As a matter of fact, I have to sacrifice something, because people have forgotten (...). Ouilla's gonna protect you a little bit."

Nevin's appearance glowed slightly.

Its increasing spiritual power is gathered in the dedicated arms to increase its radiance.

"Creatures get smarter and smarter as they grow up.... That's how he gets sick and faded, losing the wisdom he had in his hands and becoming an idiot. The race is the same, and if it lasts too long, for some reason, the child becomes retarded... and the Oyla clan is completely stupid."

Don't interrupt, Nevin said.