That's what Nevin said.

And it was nothing more than a ritual to bring the outer gods (...) into this world, a manifold that people have worked out to gain that extrarational power.

The uncertain, glowing beings of shapes that were far more playful responded to the spirits offered by Nevin, just as they were drawn to the prayers of the peripheral Lords, who rushed down from the sky with a fierce twist of an indeterminate body.

They actually tore the atmosphere of this world apart even though they did not involve physical entities, creating a great wave of wind that was not visible to the eyes. Almost bounced by that gust of wind, Kai endured by clinging to the barely caught chest wall.

On the other hand, Nevin, a sacrificer who drew in those outer gods, also escaped that shockwave at a critical time, not least because he couldn't afford it… he rolled to bounce on the pile of snow on the roof and ended up falling straight off the edge.

When I thought about it, I remembered that he was a flying creature.

(... the gods... sucked into the tower)

Maybe it was also the work of a magical device.

The entire building vibrates violently to realize that the state castle has taken on the uninterrupted power it has taken from the sky. The running of that power must have pierced the spire to perhaps the lowest temple.

Nevin floated as he shook his head to dislike the scattered snow,

"I almost blew myself up."

Kai blamed him for crushing with ease.

All that power struck me, I was not very sure that the people who were in the temple would just do it. "That's how it works, so don't worry," Nevin said after a few decent glances.

Kai, who had no intention of listening honestly, jumped into a vertical hole to return to the path he had immediately come to.

Sweat erupts into a bad feeling. It was Kai who ran down a steep slope feeling the spiritual plumpness that still stood up and turned back again to the opening of the large ceiling...... but at the bottom of the large space looking down from it, he blinks at the large number of peripheral territorial lords who are bothering to drink it the same as he did in phase. It would be too big for the building to be so shaky that it wouldn't even notice.

Kai crawls down further and flies to the iron chandelier. Concerned about the swinging scaffolding, I saw the center of the feast, the circle of people seated side by side by side by side by side by the Lord, and now I saw exactly that side standing up and shouting something.

Though full of people's stirring, the chanting of the monks, which until then had continued as the tone of the background, had been interrupted. Kwon Sangdu, who had prayed for the grand statue of "Baal Retriga", stood up so that he could stand up, and his subordinate monks are rushing to gather around it.

Kai's eyes were looking at the statue of the 'Baal Retrigger' so that he could be guided as he was. That was impossible because the statue was so full of strength that it was glowing and visible. The descended gods are in their god statues...... no, I found them enclosed in the tombstone of 'Baal Retriga' at their feet.

And Uncle Kaito, who was crying out for something he wasn't sure about, also began to exude tremendous spirits from him. Kai narrowed his eyes to such a strong glow that he thought it might burn up as it was.

(... that one)

Kai looked familiar to the blue light that was wrapping Master Kaito.

And I understood why, while Uncle Horizontal continued to twitch, he was desperately rubbing his body against the stone floor like those caught in fire.

That's not screaming. I'm just screaming at all the heat and bitterness that burns my skin.

"... 'evil god (diabo)'"

"... what, you know..."

Before I knew it, Nevin was coming in from the outside again. It's like my garden, I spreading my feathers flat and winged, but apparently I'm magically hiding myself.

Uncle Kaito rolling around is still just glowing, and that cursed blue flame hasn't made my skin feel burnt to pieces (just). In the first place, the light itself does not yet appear to be visible to the 'protectors' around it. The burning fire, which continues to burn the skin as if even that being had been repelled, has not been concretized.

Falling and distressed, Uncle Kaito keeps screaming something out of the hands of his sidekicks. Kai was also surprised that it was instructed to continue with the Feast. Uncle Bedou is also risking his life for what Nevin calls "sacrifice."

Side service runs out and is obstructed by the lads who changed their blood phase of it. Some waved off the boy's restraint in the scolding of Uncle Bedou.

"... I used to start a service match around this time, but people really didn't know anything about it. Well, this time, it's good to have a replacement."

"... what, instead"

"... well, watch. God outside doesn't have eyes for things that come from this world."

I can't keep up with my understanding. Approximately Kai.

The sixth child, who must have seen nothing, appeared from the moment he received the signal arranged by his son Arshena and refrained.

With that lead, the two sunny-wearing princesses come in quietly.

Floris, son of Marquis Varma, and son of the White Moroccan family of colors, whom Kai also knows well.

"People say she's an 'uncharted woman' from time immemorial."

I don't know if it's empirical rhetoric or a selfish worldly cliché of the 'protective' people in this world who are often men.

Probably not a person Nevin doesn't have any doubts about that 'say'. I must have actually also seen examples of such people's barbarism, personal confessions (...).

Without any doubts about how Kai is being taken, he stares at the two princesses with an anticipating look as they are led to the altar of "Baal Retriga".

Therefore, did Uncle Bejitu not give up when he took Princess Bai as his wife?

Kai's body grew furious when Nevin snapped that his personal reaction was funny when his soul was torn.

At that time, he didn't think about it anymore, and Kai was leaping from the chandelier.

"Stop it!

Kai shouted his best.

Most of them were swallowed up by the whining of people in the temple when they said their throats were just ripped open. Put your hands on the chains hanging another chandelier to kill the momentum of the landing and shift your kinetic energy forward like a contortionist.

"White Princess."

The clogged distance finally got my voice.

A white princess, standing on the altar, noticed Kai's voice and raised her gaze. It was Kai, who danced through the universe at considerable speeds like a gliding bird, but he can't accelerate any further because he has no clue. In the flow as he slowed to the point of increasing concentration, Kai went over several heads and felt his eyes attracted to him.

Many central aristocrats opened their eyes to a foreign object named Kai, who plunged into my field of view.

Uncle Tsubaki, who glowed blue, dropped me off with his nodding eyes. I also saw a red-haired, rough-headed, upper-backed husband blinking his eyes and trying to grab the candlestick nearby.

I also noticed that the young lady, the one who said Kuan Sangdu and so on, looked up. Many of them passed over their assembled bald heads.

I'm almost there.

The White Princess, who came forward to receive Kai's body as she jumped in, accidentally disappeared from Kai's sight. The central princess dressed in red sunshine all sucked into her feet with her eyes open to surprise (...).

Only Archena remained decent on the altar. I guess he was in a defined position when he said it was a ritual ordinance or something. Archena, who suddenly lost sight of the two beautiful princesses who were going to be mine, screamed like a child while standing on a bar. That's how the next moment, he disappeared. Stupidly stepped out on the princess's disappearance.

And there Kai went again.

What I saw was the round 'darkness' that appeared on the altar. There was no question that it acted like a 'pit'. Because in that round darkness, I could see the splendid 'vertical hole' of stone.

It's not a physical thing, a pit activated by 'magic'.

The 'magic' was about to be closed in front of Kai. Kai, irritated, was almost reflexively creating an 'invisible sword' in his right hand to wield it. Even if the hole blocked and became just a stone structure, Kai's 'Invisible Sword' tore it apart like air.

Below one of the stone assemblies was, after all, the vertical hole itself that I saw first.

As he jumps into the hole, the stirring in the temple steeply drifts away. Sometimes I kicked a stone wall to adjust the fall speed. The hardness of "protective holding" steel was also exerted on the toe to sharpen the stone like a "rock grinder".

"White Princess!

The hole felt so deep.

If it fell normally, there was a depth that was not very good, but I'm sorry that it wasn't safe.

Slightly I felt like I didn't have to kick the stone wall to slow down the fall rate and for some reason flutter and lighter weight.

And Kai met a large space he hadn't imagined at the bottom of the earth. The temple of the Uncle Bo family was also large, but it was both there and uninterruptedly large.

In the depths of the space, there was something loud and round. I found somewhat that the breadth of the place drove my senses crazy, or that it was a 'skull' of something huge.

My legs are on the ground. They hugged me from behind when I got there. I found that to be the White Princess because of her name calling voice and good smell.



The beautiful princess called me by name, and I let go of my feelings from the comfort of being shrugged.

Around Kai stood those who had fallen into the hole first in safety.

And at the bottom of the earth, where Kai himself could tread, were scattered human bones to tread dead branches in the woods. The ground is inclined in a bowl towards the back, falling straight to the bottom of the further ground. Survival instincts were screaming that we should not go beyond that to the roar of the low, roaring, inexperienced air.

"... this, I haven't heard"

Arshena, who was shaking her body with bees, managed to pinch out the waste to help quickly, as she mistakenly thought of Kai, who had come last, as a servant of my house or something.

"What is that?"

There was another woman's voice.

I realized it belonged to that central aristocratic princess, but Kai didn't turn around.

I already understood what was said by what I found, without having to be suggested.

A 'bone' of something huge that you can tell is deep in the darkness.

Only part of the 'skull' was visible, but it was clear that its size was out of digit.

And from the bottom of that dark bowl, something (...) was about to crawl out.