(God on the outside...)

So all this alien obscenity that is about to crawl up is the possession of those gods, "The Evil Gods (Diavo)" in the same row?

The same goes for the land gods, but another high-ranking being, called the God that makes up this world, cannot be accompanied by an entity on the spot and requires a possessory charge (more so) to interfere with the inferior world.

I don't know why the gods are obsessed with a cramped earthly world. That's all if I say 'specifications' for this world, but I guess it's accepted as a component of the world, where 'protective possession' can wield power over itself, while the descended 'evil gods (Diavo)' of the extroverted gods must continue to be burned with repellence for their existence.

That's just positive and negative.

As if that logic proved right, that indefinite creature about to crawl up had its whole body burned with a blue flame. As if the fires of the deceased were spreading into the plains, the blue glow of the cheeks fills the underground world.

(Not good as this...)

I found Princess White's body sticking stiff to tension.

Kai quickly looked around and explored if there was any place conducive to protecting her behind her back. That's how I notice the walls of the tallest part of the slope, just beneath the hole that everyone has fallen, being chopped off.

Is it a mark that the torn witness rose to death in madness? I got goosebumps all over my body in disillusionment of the unfortunate forefathers crying and begging for their lives.

Apparently, the walls around there are probably soft against the look of it. Even though the holes are stoned, this underground space does not feel such artificial, and has irregular, scarce topsomatic skin that looks inside the barbecued daikon. When you come on the soles of your feet, they are still soft on the outside.

The blue glow pays off the darkness underground.

The creepy skull at the heart of the deep abyss of darkness, with nothing to see following the bottom of the bowl, resembled a man very much. but more than half of them are sinking into darkness and we don't even know that whole picture. If the scale was just too ridiculous and not accompanied by a sense of reality it must have been a giant creature that would have been 100 yuls tall.

(... here, under the tomb of 'Baal Retriga'. So is that the place (...))

Being a bone is something that must have lived once.

Even though the flesh and the gut are rotten, only bones are left behind. Its appearance is no different than that of a mere human being tied to the natural proverb of life, sickness and death. If that is the identity of the Land God, was there a time when they walked wide and dominated the earth with their own flesh?

Kai would probably lead to the roots of the creature. While shaking in awe, he pulled the White Princess's hand and ran up to its shredded wall. The white princess, confused by Kai, who doesn't talk about anything, has called her name many times, but she concentrated her consciousness on what needs to be done now.

I stuck a knife in the wall. He then twisted his fingers in with the rigidity of "holding protection," so that he grabbed the earth mass and pulled it out. That alone made a hole of considerable size, and Kai continued to dig more and more silently.

You noticed Kai's intentions, and White Princess also began to cooperate in the task of digging holes by showing off the neighborhood. A central noble princess, not surprisingly much disturbed, joined the task of wrapping her sunny-wearing arms around the soil.

"You're going up there digging a hole! Really?!

Archena ran up to crush her hips from something nasty that approached her, stuck Kai's work out of the side with an anticipating look. Kai wondered if this guy, who says no thoughts like a child, would be really stupid when he said that it was not a situation where such a dream big construction would be made, no matter what he thought.

After securing some depth, Kai told the White Princess to come into this, and the princess of the central nobility, who showed unexpected wisdom, also followed Kai's guide with his eyes open.

Archena, who had stared stunnedly at Kai, who had stopped digging the hole, also dived into the depths to push the two princesses away like she immediately felt in danger.

Kai made sure he could put the three of them behind him and exhaled briefly. I found myself feeling calm back by getting my breathing ready.

(Nevin said this was a 'sacrifice')

The outer gods, unloaded by Nevin, were entangled in the magical apparatus of the state castle and deprived of considerable 'power' by 'Baal Retrigger'. I understood that some kind of efficient device to strip the gods of their power would have worked appropriately because Uncle Bedou was about to shine like 'Diabo'.

Perhaps he was eaten by the 'Baal Retrigger' body.

It wasn't particularly hard to understand reason if you recall the feeling when you ate the "Divine Stone" of "Protective Holding". Kai is sensibly experiencing the soul of God that has slipped out of my stomach. Then I reasoned that the manifestation and thought of the gods outside who were now appearing here, and that the herd of "evil gods (Diavo)", after being so stolen from their power, was something that had been miserable.

I see, I can't just take it away from you. Therefore a personal confession is given to quell the anger. I thought it might be that kind of 'sacrifice'.

(Then he must be pretty weak right now)

If I go home hurting you, will the Hiroshi family sneak in? You can sneak up on me like that. It's karma.

About to crawl up from the bottom of the darkness are probably earthly creatures that are deep underground and death-connecting without even reaching this light... Though we can't even see what's going on with the ecosystem, I think those countless small animals were pinched up to the will of the gods and made into vessels of flesh as' evil gods (Diavo) '.

Something amorphous creeps its entire body violently, while it creeps toward the four, delicious offerings.

The mechanism of elimination of this world, which does not accept the God of the outside world, burns the body of its indeterminate form of meat, spreading such a strange odor that the nose is likely to bend incompatible with the blue and beautiful glow. In front of a hole that teased the White Princess and others, Kai, who was alone, was trying to recall the warfare training he had acquired in his earlier battle with the Evil Gods (Diabo).

(… first, prepare resistance)

Kai speaks to the inner seat of God, the God of the valley there.

I want a body skin that doesn't accept the curse of "The Evil God (Diabo)".

Bitterness and the surface of the body began to burst, and I understood that every one of them had turned into a body that could be beaten with the 'evil god (Diabo)'.

I think for myself that just knowing what to do and being able to settle down so far is quite a lot. If you even hold onto the properties of The Evil Gods (Diavo), which will cut your soul off, the rest is a world of brain-muscle mastery that is already beating each other up.

At that time, inadvertently, a tentacle that had stretched like a whip tried to tangle up Ky.

He picked up the falling nuts, but they were stretched out every now and then, and Kai responded with one arm without avoiding them. Kai, who has to protect the White Princesses, staying on the spot was the top priority.

A tentacle wrapped around his arm pulled with a fearful force to hand over the bait named Kai, but Kai resisted the force.

On that surface, God's neighborhood in the valley, which he kept hiding, appeared deliberately. No matter how powerful Kai's body is, his weight itself, like half a child, doesn't change. If the alien monster tries to lift it, he'll probably be off the ground as easy as taking the pebbles around it.

Kai threaded the cured toe at his feet like he poked and solidified the soil, making it a pile of fixation. but still they're going to take every bit of that dirt. If the light that spreads across his sight is one creature, it was only natural for Kai to lose the outline in its weight ratio.

So knock it off before they go.

Someone behind him rattled his throat at at Kai's movement, who cut off his tentacles with just a handknife. I left the tip of my tentacles wrapped around my body... and I kept tearing it apart and scratching it off with the rigidity of "protective holding", and I tried to shake it off, but I couldn't get away with it if I had to.

Ugh. Yum.


It is no longer a case of concealment.

Kai, who emitted 'fire magic' from his entire arm, did not miss a moment of stiffness in his tentacles and shook it off. That was true in the fight against 'having protection', but I know it's foolish to have excessive expectations of the magical 'fire'. In fact, the body of the evil god (Diavo), which continues to be repelled from the world, continues to be burned by the blue flame, and should have had the corresponding resistance to fire.

I guess all that cross section detached from the body was a different composition than a sturdy body skin. Kai's fire has burned the black internal matter or he is perioding violently as he raises the smoke.

Like soft organisms such as' squid 'and' octopus', flesh may be something close to 'protein' pinched up from creatures in the underground world. I've never seen or heard of those creatures, etc., but they pile up as one knowledge in Kai.

(If the contents of "Diavo," you can burn it)

Behind Kai, it's time to scold the tentacles for trying to touch them.

"Don't touch it!

"... ugh."

I guess I felt sick about the pieces of flesh that kept groaning near the hole, the princess of the central aristocracy who was about to push me at the tip of her shoe, as if struck by lightning.

"If you touch it, you will die with your soul"


"Even 'Protected' is gonna die."

Kai picked a few words for signs like the three behind him asking, "Then why are you safe?"

"... it's called 'Mitsuji'. I'm using my powers."

Kai's clothes, which touched the fire of "The Evil God (Diabo)", are carburized and blackened although he quickly beat them to quench the fire. And Kai's own body, which seems to be safe, also drifts white smoke from the inside of his arms and fingertips, which touches the 'evil god (Diabo)'. When I gained a body skin that was resistant to the curse of "Diavo," I was exposed to the high temperatures of a blazing fire, but it was no different.

More than that.

The evil god (Diabo), who knew Kai was capable of fighting me, began attacking me with a corresponding hostility. Kai shouted as he quickly paid off his flying tentacles one after the other.

"Dig more holes! Go deeper!

No matter how hard the soil on the ground is, the hardness of the 'protective hold' nails will allow you to dig ahead without difficulty. Anyway, to keep you from touching the leak, it's easier for you to move by hiding in the back more.

And the dirt dug back eventually becomes a defense base. A white princess noticed it scolded Archena, who was just looking at the hole digging, and began to carry the soil.

Both the white princess and the central aristocratic princess are no longer soiled to the point where sunny clothes are ruined.

I didn't expect that much, but the hole I dug is becoming an excellent shelter for impromptu use. It would have been a miracle because there were more than one 'sheltered'.

"Kai! You too, quick!

I heard Princess White.

In this situation, where even my body is in danger, my chest warmed that he was showing me Kai, who was just a servant.

"Bad God (Diabo)" knows that "Bait" stuck in the hole. I don't think everyone there will be missed because of that. Kai only raised one hand and responded to the White Princess's words.

Kai then solidified his grip on the impending blue glow.