(... the 'magic' of this world is made of the strong 'aspirations' of the operator)

I stopped putting a 'lid' on the grace God of the Valley gives me.

The 'Divine Stone' of God's dwelling in the Great Divine Valley gathered warm heat.

The immense amount of spiritual power that is so overflowing fills Kai's body as he waves like a wild storm. Kai calmly quantifies that 'total quantity' in his image, even as he is so wrapped up in a sense of strength that he wonders what kind of unscrupulous desire can be fulfilled. Among the people of this world who would only look at the river and think "there is a lot of water flowing", Kai was a heterogeneous being with intelligence that could define the river as "dozens of tons of running water for seconds".

Naturally, there is something like a historical (refreshing) cap on the grace brought by the Valley God no matter how much outpouring, and Kai thought about it as "fuel" that could be exchanged as "magic" without being imprisoned by the cheap "almighty" and cracked much of his consciousness into its proper way of operating.

(... magic is unexpectedly fuel-efficient. Will you try it out?)

There was a time when armored martial artists mocked me to deceive them.

No more of me then was expecting 'magic' with fluffy and dreamy thoughts.

The incredible phenomenon driven by the use of the spiritual power that the people called "Mitsuji", the subraces called "curse", and the individual spiritual power that they themselves interpret as "magic" … is a kind of "trick" that only somewhat favors the battlefield if it precedes the melting barrier of God's patronage, said the great warrior of the pig tribe. As I said, half the time, half the time was off. In the end, that great warrior sprinkled his life with Kai's braided 'Sword Magic', so if he wasn't even half-baked, he wouldn't have to work... that's the kind of technology Kai understood at the moment.

(Maybe if I didn't see it wrong, there are three gods down there... I don't know if they're mixed up, but honestly, they seem to be tight)

So I have already abandoned my hesitation. I'm calculating how to use 'magic' to bring it down.

Only Kai can resist the appearance of a giant 'evil god (Diabo)' who is revealing himself more and more from the depths. If it only had an effect, magic or whatever, it was a phase that should squeeze all the powers allowed to me.

(e.g.… 'earthly magic')

A wave of blue flames looms into sight. Its boundless, swollen, hairy, miserable presence stretches countless tentacles sharply into a stuck chi. Pay them as long as you can in time and cut them off. But the insignificant thing would not even feel the itch, "The Evil Gods (Diavo)" let Kai wrap his tentacles around Kai's limbs by poking at that gap that made him cut meat, without fear that some of him would be mutilated.

The tentacles of the walking muscles pass directly next to Kai, who had done his best just to resist the terrible power of trying to attract him in that way. Of course, it was an attempt to eat other 'bait' lurking in the hole.

I still don't have enough 'hands' overwhelmingly.

I needed 'magic'.

Inside the hole behind it, the dust dug out provides a good defense against the condition, and it doesn't immediately hit the White Princess and others lurking behind it with a blind (Mekura) attack. The majority of them pull in slightly just by deciding the dirt.

but still, the tentacles that happen to be dressed to poke through the gap reach the back of the hole. Are you protecting Kai's prior caution? The White Princess and others are trying to fight back with stone rubble (snuff) from the gap in the base, avoiding direct contact. You ate decently into something that looked like a sensory organ, and its tentacles deflect back like a panic. A number of stones are thrown and rolled to follow it.

Three people who are gaining momentum just by repelling just one tentacle are too dangerous. Kai was beginning to try, tentacles and life-threatening outlines.

(... blocking the hole)

In the image of messing with the hole behind her, Kai braids' earthly magic '.

Try to inflate the knowledge and image derived from the "soil" of Alan and let the spiritual power down there.

The combination of fine minerals, water, and bacteria.

cultivated soil in the village fields evoked in connection.

That can be like clay if you knead it with your hands, or it can liquefy like water if you give it a vibration. If it melts, it will become a rock, and if it is precipitated, it may be trace, but it can also be extracted as metallic. The way the soil looks depends on the situation is probably a thousand different. That also means that 'dirt' conceals the possibility of accepting transformation.

But behind expectations, the first change that began began began to happen on the ground just below where Kai stood.

(... no!)

The soil turns up so that ripples spread around Kai's foot, replacing it with fluffy soil as if it had been plowed. Kai flinched for a moment as the leg he was screwing was about to fall out.

It almost intuitively emitted 'fire magic' and slightly loosened the tentacle commandments by blowing flames out of my whole body without my clothes burning. It was Kai who outwitted a dangerous moment when the line leaned to defeat, but soon another tentacle followed him one after the other, and eventually his movements became moody. Kai has no choice but to continue to be Kaiyamako.

Kai exercised 'earthly magic' in another way.

(Stiffen up!)

Stiffen the softened foot against the bee.

Mutate the soil composition of that area so that the feet of the piled ones do not fall out. Tons of rock masses at his feet were dressed to join Kai in a battle with 'The Evil God (Diabo)'. This won't even push you off easily due to the weight difference.

That's how he wrapped himself around dozens of tentacles without gaps, and even as he couldn't breathe, Kai was engaged in a discussion of the failed first 'earthly magic'.

I see, I will quickly consider in my brain the likeness of 'magic', understanding that 'earthly magic' cannot have a sensory effect unless it is actually the soil I am touching.

If it's difficult if you haven't touched it, why don't you just let your spiritual power permeate you directly to that place? Kai's head had the secret trick of that truth explorer who was freely flying his spiritually knitted 'eyeballs' out of my body. If, like the umbilical cord, we can exert our power on the soil, which is remote by 'wire'.

Kai sensibly confirms that the flow of spiritual power in all of us, the flow of heat emanating from the 'Divine Stone', has reached his feet. And be aware that the supply of that spiritual power that stays inside my body is stretched out into the ground like the tentacles of The Evil God (Diabo). I feel that my grasp and control over nearby 'dirt' will intensify.

I guess I started to scatter by exposing my spiritual powers outside my body. The spiritual power diminishes with horrible momentum, as the bottom of the temple has once fallen out. It may be an absolutely impossible rough business without the luxurious spiritual power brought about by the Valley God, such as magical remote manipulation.

(... sounds like you dug a lot deeper. princesses)

I somehow found that the three escaped holes were much deeper than the first. This would allow you to live with only some oxygen for a while, even if you are unscrupulous.

I just grasped the hole opening and the limit is getting closer to Kai as well. My tentacles tightened and I almost stopped breathing.

Sometimes there was a rush, and I wow slammed the spiritual power that spread through the opening of the hole into the dark cloud. Suddenly there was no opening near the hole during the bundle that I thought had failed, causing a superficial collapse.

Though it turned out to have served its purpose, 'earthly magic' turned out to be just a landslide, unwillingly.

I heard screams from inside the hole, but, well, there are two 'sheltered' people, and I'm going to try to get them to do something about it for a while.

Anyway, now the other three 'baits' will have disappeared from the sight of 'Evil Gods (Diavo)'.

Kai unraveled the 'dirt magic' that was hanging at his feet as he cramped his throat into a slight breath. It was a natural treatment because there was no longer any reason to stay there.

With the loss of the heavy stone, Kai's body was easily lifted to his tentacles. Kai was about to be carried after the main body of "The Evil God (Diabo)," but was lifted in the air but struggled with the rigidity of "Protective Holding," restoring the freedom of both hands by rubbing his wrist with the "Invisible Sword," and chopping other tentacles to be quick.

While doing so, Kai's body has been transported from the height where the hole was located to the bottom of the bowl. The landing tip was also on the blue and burning giant body of The Evil God (Diabo).

Kill him!

Everything at your feet is the body of The Evil God (Diabo).

Bubba took Kai's weight, 'The Evil Gods (Diavo)' body continued to sink intact and became oral, waving like a viscous liquid in an attempt to capture prey.

Kai flashed a jaw-like wave looming from both sides, sharpening it with an 'invisible sword'. And I took it off as I kicked out the mutilated 'Evil Gods (Diavo)' meat.

(Kill 'Diabo'!)

God in the valley also incites me to try to clear my depression.

At this time now, I guess Kai was only a similarly powerless' bait 'to the' evil god (Diabo) 'who almost caught him. As the tentacles stretched out so that he could play, and Kai kept on flirting with it, the gigantic body shook itself up as Bibikun.

So did The Evil Gods (Diavo), who fought in the Royal Castle of the Grey Monkey Man (Makak), but I really feel like a young child delighted with little bugs. Even if the tentacles were cut off, I couldn't help laughing at my skin if I didn't feel itching.

The skull of "Baal Retrigger" was surprisingly close to the eye. The remains of the god… Though they are almost decayed, they appear to contain small traces of fine scaffolding and scaffolding that once came and went by the fearless, even though they should be called 'sacred remains'. Or was it the remnants of that secret investigation carried out by the recurrent neighborhood Tubu?

Kai's heavens and earth turned upside down.

Halfway through the fun, Diavo grabbed me with one leg and threw me out into the universe.

I saw some small, white creature in the back of the dark world around it. He looked so white that he could barely see it in the dark. He looked like a larvae with no hands or feet, often seen peeling decaying trees even on the marginal soil.

They stick tightly against the catacombs walls of 'Baal Retriga' and are awesome. I'm guessing "The Evil God" used it to wrap meat vessels together. It was the identity of the meat.

Part of the survival of those creatures is showing strange movements.

He spits yarn and creates cocoon balls. It is in this terrible underground space that the daily livelihood of its white larvae continues.

I guess many of my fellow countrymen were devoured by The Evil Gods (Diavo), but the herd of larvae creeping out into the underground space without fear of it spits yarns and fills the bottom of the darkness with white.

I struck down the tentacles that were growing.

It was no longer even certain that Kai had either heaven or earth.

Kai fell to the point where the smoke from the fire that burned the flesh of "The Evil God (Diabo)" filled him with stench. "The Evil Gods (Diavo)" were even aiming up, and seemed to be gone from near the larvae.

(... my countrymen hatch)

I thought I heard Nevin.