Are they going to 'feather'?

Hundreds of white cocoons are made at the bottom of the departed underground world of The Evil God (Diabo). Thinking of how I felt closer to the worm than Nevin's bird, I somehow only knew that the species to which he belonged was trying to do something.

Is this also part of "Sacrifice"? It's supposed to be a human sacrifice, but why are there insects involved that don't even seem to be marginal species?

And in the first place.

(What was the people going to do after creating such a 'Diabo'?)

Unload the outer god and plunder the power. I can see that.

But the gods, who were summoned and plundered with power, receive flesh to exchange evil into this world, where the little thieves burgle. The end of it is the evil god (Diabo), who is here now.

It crawls up from the bottom of the tomb of the created goddess, full of a lot of malice. Ultimately, someone has to take him down.

Who the hell is this guy?

(… well, don't even think about it)

Outside the tomb of "Baal Retriga" are now "Protected" people scratched from all over the soil.


(... you got a hell of a 'blessing', there's a 'warrior' of people)

Kai's brain was filled with the figure of Boho Kaito, who had benefited from all the sacrifices. A terrible calamity strikes the earth suddenly, and one 'warrior' stakes his life to defeat it.

Even if there are quite a few problems with how things got there, if we were to be shown the appalling disaster that rots this world, the advent of The Evil Gods (Diavo) and their crusade play, it would be more than anything else that the peripheral territorial lords who honor The Strong ones will only be able to live by the advent of a new 'hero' of The Evil Gods (Diavo) 'crusade. Strong power is just that' good 'thing that protects the peripheral soil from foreign enemies.

Match pump, the word floats in Kai and quickly disappears as it slips up with a pin.

(Anyway, just do what you can)

If there are three outer gods, it means that this giant 'evil god' also has three 'divine stones' somewhere in his body. If we manage to capture that 'divine stone' and break its shell like it did then, the reason why we keep the 'evil god (Diabo)' in the world will collapse (...) and reverse every cursed meat of it and disappear.

I tried poking it with the 'sword' in many places while avoiding the tentacles that attacked me.

Naturally, "The Evil God (Diabo)" never remembered itching, and I was happy to play with Kai. Even if it's just a play for the opponent, it's almost one-sided if the difference in his or her power appears intact.

Even if we try desperately to counter it, the maneuver of the 'evil god (Diavo)', unlimited in the number of tentacles, is precisely blue ceiling, but also so hard that every shot can prune Kai's consciousness because it is an extrahuman force.

Furthermore, thanks to the unstoppable advance of the body, Kai's footing is also deteriorating at an accelerating rate. The slopes of the underground space go vertically where they naturally are and then begin to converge in reverse towards the ceiling.

I was wondering if the hole Kai and the others have fallen into would be the exit, but does it also work in magical deception? "The Evil God (Diabo)" is blind and goes for a wider overhead space. As a matter of course, the torso of The Evil God (Diabo), which Kai has to rely on as a scaffold, also rapidly reinforces the slope.

Kai decided to carry out what he had conceived at the verdict of Aggression, almost intuitively sending the onslaught of 'The Evil God (Diabo)'.

He took the knife that was resting on his hips and stabbed it backwards into the flesh of the 'evil god (Diabo)'. Nor will the outer skin of "The Evil God (Diabo)" be harder than iron, which is so hard that it can only properly pass through about "The Invisible Sword".

Even as I began to hang with one hand on the knife I stabbed, I instantly spent the spiritual power I had worked out in my hand on "A Magic"... slamming it straight into my patterned ass to beat it to "The Evil Goddess (Diabo)".

(How about this!)

How does The Evil God (Diabo) move its soft tissue? The evil god (Diabo), who can take in something from this world and receive meat for the first time, probably doesn't have flesh or anything. I just saw the cutting surface of the burned meat react like 'protein'.

From the fragmentary findings, I suspect that the way the mysterious meat body operates somewhat mimics that of this world.

It was the ultra-high voltage that punched in.

A short lightning bolt was sucked into the knife's patterned buttocks when it was exercised, and the sound and shock of the pan's bottom pulling and tapping made Ky squint his eyes.

The moment I punched in, the body of The Evil God (Diabo) jumped to tremble. Even a small power source like a dry battery can render every human being incapacitated, although it was something he could not even see how many electrical shocks he was given. That's what I did with the spirit of being 'protective,' maybe a few or dozen times more powerful than that wasn't weird.

(... it worked...? Ha)

The result is Aurai.

As far as I could see, the part of "The Evil Gods (Diavo)," about a 20-yul radius around Kai, was completely inactive.

Suddenly a part of my body was silent and I guess the 'evil god (Diabo)' was confused too...... I turned the edge up like a Namekuji and the activity area stopped that advance as well. Did the paralysis diminish the divine power that was resisting this world, or the blue flame that was burning the stopped part, simultaneously gained momentum. Kai stepped on the heat and odor, while concentrating on watching.

Somewhere in the body of this' evil god ', there is a' divine stone '. The neighborhood was the same as the normal' sheltered 'ones, and it should have been a bit more spiritual there, wherever the power came from.

As he approached him to climb the cliff at one point he found, Kai pierced him with an "Invisible Sword" that appeared once strong. I poked it in, put more precautions into it, and kept twitching until the magical power disappeared.

I guess I definitely did, the scream of 'The Evil God (Diabo)' roared like a grunt. Mysterious meat, which diminishes in presence towards that point, is swirled around and sucked in. It was like sewage pouring into a 'drain'.

Kai noticed that the object he was clutching collapsed and hurriedly clinging to jump onto one of the tentacles of the still alive 'Evil God (Diabo)'.

A part of the body of The Evil God (Diavo), sucked into a single point instantly, scattered a large amount of dirt so that it could reach its limits and play. My body turned upside down and spit out the current material that I had taken in.

The evil god (Diavo), sprinkled with bitches and massive carcasses of insects, instantly lost four quarters of its giant and became too much for the body to split into two.

(... Okay, can you do it)

Kai moaned his lips as he wet his sweat.

It tasted soggy and led me to the imagination that maybe that was the 'raw ingredient' of 'The Evil God (Diabo)'. Something went wrong and Kai laughed.

Both ends of "The Evil God (Diabo)", which took a thousand cuts, stopped the climb and attacked, as they regarded Kai as a complete enemy. Kai unconsciously probed around his waist to one crack of "The Evil Goddess (Diavo)", which came up scrolling almost to let that giant fall himself... and realized that he had just lost his knife.

Kill him.

Now that the response has been established, this' evil god (Diabo) 'is no longer enough to fear. Even as he grinned bitterly at the exciting valley god, Kai rode across his feet at the base of his tentacles. Was it close to the paralyzed area? Tentacle movement is dull.

If you don't have a knife, you can stick your hand in it right away.

As he witnessed the imminent evil god (Diabo) giant, Kai let go of the piercing hand he had set up to fly over there. Its hands, which were small and manifesting the 'Invisible Sword', relentlessly penetrated the body skin of the 'Evil God (Diabo)' to reach its contents.

Even as he was excited about the unspoken, plush feel, Kai developed "electricity" without getting her hair in between. Vaguely imagining 'electricity' really turns out to be just electricity, so it seems like the trick is to raise awareness that it is' high voltage 'by applying compression to spiritual power.

Boss, I heard a creaking noise.

The body of the 'Evil God (Diabo)', which had been looming until now, just fell as-is without doing anything to say that Kai, the target, was right next to him. The rest of the torso, which was stuck on the left side, also falls to the bottom of the bowl so that it is dragged by the rolling half.

If this happens, the rest is work. All you have to do is process the rest of it, in conjunction with the one that fell.

Kai watched the slow, semi-paralyzed, dull last unity of movement as he paid off the inexplicable stuffing on his hand.

Breathe slowly and calm down, Kai put up a piercing hand.

And when I tried to wave it down.

"What are you doing? I'm sick!

Suddenly he was beaten to death, and Kai blackened his head for a moment.

Cutting his consciousness, Kai fell from the very roots of the tentacles that were spanning him. I fell from my head to the slope and rolled over and over again. That slip stopped only because the slope of the ring bowl had slowed the slope by less than medium. If the momentum had gained, it would have fallen to the bottom.

Kai looked up, who regained consciousness immediately with the toughness of "having protection," where a white bug moving his wings was holding his anger in the dew and cementing it.

If you interrupt, I'll kill you.

That's exactly what I came to kill you for.

I remember the raw temperature on my face and I plucked it with my hands, and there was a little blood on my face. Even with the protection of God in the valley, his blow wounded Kai's body skin.

Kai stood on one knee to sit horseshit on the slope like a plump to his mundane, gushing stomach.

"... I told you. I'll kill you."

"... shut up and get killed? You must be boiling your head."



What do you mean, they're the same guardians?

If each other's selfishness bumps into each other, we'll have to decide later by force comparison.

However, Kai threw up his knob when it appeared to be "protective".