Guardian Nevin.

Kai discovered the origin of Nevin's name.

With flickering white wings like butterflies, Nevin takes a blow out of the air... but that was already endlessly off track.

Even though a mundane butterfly is a lightweight that is likely to be shed in a breeze, like it's just floating fluffy, Nevin maneuvers fast enough for a statue to bump even with Kai's eyes, and strikes from outside unexpected horizons. And the momentum that the fist would bring on itself was also a powerful thing that I could hardly believe was coming from the air without scaffolding. No matter how much of an auspicious arm a human floating in the air wields, its momentum should mostly escape without something to take the reaction, but it doesn't make sense for itself.

Is that magic, too?

Nevin uses "magic" such as optically erasing my appearance. I think it's easy to get into a situation where the more highly divine the Great God's blessing is, the more luxurious its spiritual power is, and just drooling is a waste.

If, especially for those who have been born less powerless than others because of their racial characteristics, they have been driven by the need to beat the strong, then it must have been natural in a sense to flow to a use like Kai… 'magic'.

Although the people were powerless, Nevin, born weak as this butterfly, probably needed something even better than the others.

Whenever Nevin moves, buh, buh, sounds like a wind pounding. I'm really alarmed by the way he looks, but the movement was more like a bee than a butterfly. He also seems to be quite well informed about body surgery, releasing a stabbing blow at Kai's defense with one hand, or coming to destroy the brittle parts of his joints precisely.

If the defense is skewed at all like that, there will be an unstoppable rush on my eyes.

Kai identified them as attacks against the backdrop of some 'magic', but he implicitly accepted that the direct attacks were only strikes and that this was a 'duo' unique to 'protective' people. So Kai responded to the battle with one of his flesh, the same as the grass match, without lethal magic such as' sword magic '.

While eating his fist to the left to the right, Kai rolls out his fist. He tries to grab Nevin's leg with one lower to right hand after a left and right streak as he carves a circle with his leg rolling. Besides, Nevin has responded with a revolving kick. The stretched right hand kicked up from the bottom and a white bump suddenly struck Kai's eye where his torso was empty.

That's an attack rooted in Nevin's pedigree traits... when he realizes it's something that eats his eyes out with feathery scaly powder and Kai says, "Oh no!," he yelled, returning a spiral laugh of ridicule.

"You're sloppy, you idiot"

"Damn, then watch!

Kai washed away the stained pain in his eyes with "water magic" that overflowed from his palm. That's how I tried to wave the water that appeared and instantly turned it into fog. It's a mist's eye.

A small leg, like Nevin's child who ate the bubble, finally became empty. Kai grabbed that thin ankle and did not hesitate to slap it against the body of the 'evil god (Diabo)', who was still moving slowly. It was a blow to Kaishin, but it feels strange to convey it at hand. Its body jumped soft, as if it had hit a cushion, and Nevin, who was barely damaged, came to prune Ky with his other leg, which had not been grabbed. Kai, kicked out to rub around the side of his head, although he noticed it, had his neck swayed magnificently and was knocked down like a decaying tree.

It was almost for a moment that I lost consciousness. Wake up the moment you are struck on the ground and roll up to turn your body. That evasive action saves Kai from Nevin's deadly pursuit.

The current strange cushion must also be 'magic'.

Nevin's aerial travel in the first place is also not very likely to have been done with that seemingly large soft feather. It's not like wingspanking, but rather sticking it up like a 'sail' with a gust of wind...

"The magic of the wind."

"Well, the basic 'curse' of the oilers."

It seems that both rapid manoeuvre in the air and scaffolding during the attack were carried out using the force of the wind. Reason is probably similar to the 'dirt magic' I just tried.

Maybe Nevin continues to dominate a certain area behind me by 'magic'. Each time, we use the invisible 'gas' to the fullest extent possible in the phase.

Regardless of "sword magic," other "magic" looks like it would be better to lift the ban.

You noticed the increased spirit emanating from Kai, taking a certain distance, Nevin quickly gazed around as he watched Kai move.

It was Kai who dreamed that he was looking for the location of the White Princess and the rest of the "offerings", which could also be a weakness on our side reflexively, but Nevin bitterly distorted his expression when he saw the unity of the "evil god (Diabo)" recovering and moving out of paralysis and the other one about to crawl up again at the bottom of the rink bowl.

"... no, it's still early"

Kai's ears also conveyed the noise that began at the bottom.

Falling to the bottom, 'The Evil Gods (Diavo)' is crawling up again and a white cocoon ball burying the wall tightly.

The cocoon balls before hatching are crushed and the body fluids inside are scattered just as "The Evil God (Diabo)" wanders. Did the larvae still in motion attract the interest of The Evil Gods (Diavo), or they began to eat them from one end. Repetition of nightmares, after being eaten by scattered brethren.

As soon as possible, part of the cocoon had broken the cocoon in a hurry to hatch.

"The 'exit' isn't open yet, wait..."

Nevin glaring at me with open eyes.

At its floating foot, the other 'evil god (Diabo)', who had paused, starts climbing again. Acknowledging the existence of powerful 'enemies' capable of killing us, that 'evil god (Diabo)' is no longer blind to the Kays but crawls up and down.

What do you mean by "exit" by Nevin?

The ceiling of the underground world, which Kai looked up, looks thin and blurry, like a sign that once seemed to have a hole. That hole, like a lid with a large stone, has a brick neatly laid in even a few gaps, with signs as if it was blocked by someone.

Of course, it would be easily shattered to crush the sandstone if it were a big stone and the power of 'The Evil God (Diabo)'. The brick laid on top of it also just has to fall down if the bottom lid falls out. Does that mean that Nevin's 'exit' will show up there?

When I realized, Nevin had disappeared from front of me.

They headed to protect their fellow countrymen from the 'evil gods (Diavo)' raging underground.

The white figure, however, is confined to a multitude of 'white butterflies' that have sprung up from the basement. To the butterflies winging in the opposite direction to themselves trying to head downstairs, Nevin said, "Wait!" I shouted many times.

I could clearly see by my side that the words didn't make sense (...). The flock of white butterflies don't give a shit about Nevin, but go up for the ceiling of the underground world. Nevin's "Because it's too early!," cried his voice like a crying child.

"The Evil God (Diabo)" broke the hole in the ceiling.

First, the large rock on the lid is crushed, and when the hoop (but) is removed, a large number of bricks collapse. "The Evil Gods (Diavo)" were just scratching their falls so they could pull their necks in, but the white butterflies, who just fly indefensibly fluffy, feed on the falling objects one after the other, falling like petals screaming.

That's how I didn't even look at the Kyes looking at the sight, and the other one crawling up from the bottom came up with tremendous momentum and merged with the 'evil god (Diabo)' Toguchi who was up there.

Beautiful wings flicker down with shimmering scaly powder.

It's not just the blades. There is also a mix of torso like a baby with a single blade. Is the sound of the cum rising their cry? Those babies rolled over crying at Kai's feet as well, but the insect man clinging to his leg looked nothing like Nevin... the pity that he tried to gush into Kai, realizing he was a worm covered with hair all over his body, was foggy.

People seldom empathize with being too far from people. Even if you may learn to be interested, that is usually a different kind of affection from the affection you attach to a dog or cat.

Nevin just keeps looking up overhead already.

I only look to pray for the appearance of my fellow countrymen who are still alive and winged. When that number was only a few, the 'exit' finally opened.

"... isn't your clan a 'man'?"

Kai said.

Nevin blurred in response to those frank words without silk on his teeth.

"It's been a long, long time since the guys were people."

A noose of morning burn was slipping through the open hole.

Even the slightest light was felt strong enough in this unknown darkness. A few of the survivors entered the hole where the 'evil gods (Diavo)' left off, and the outer light that glistened on their wings became just a quiet light after a while.

"Gradually losing wisdom, the savory species (Yafori) became fools. The old race of the losers, who do not exchange for them, is deprived of their wisdom by God. That's how this world has always been (...)"


"Every time I have a child, 'The Decaying Species' get dumber and dumber. The race was starting to have just as many children as bugs. You don't have to be a bunch of people to abandon the godless ones."

I didn't know what you were talking about.

Is' Yafori 'the name of the species of insects to which Nevin belongs?

"Oi fought to protect the race." The White Wings (Yaffori) had the 'Great God' of the land, so they managed to outrun the great army of the people even when they came... because there was a nest in the basement, the first 'Balter' had to give up the root cut soon. "


"The guys are crossing the wave before them, too. Isn't that amazing? There was a time when we lived on the surface. Then 'lost' and the yummy abandoned the land (...) and began to breed in the abyss.... Probably wrong then (...)"

Nevin was looking back at Kai.

Kai was also looking straight at the survival (...) of the old race again.

From Nevin's eyes, Shizuku dripped.

"... the cattle you keep and make meat out of.... I was originally a 'person'. Some of them were proud to be allies with them. It's really... pathetic, it's unbroken."

Rarely, the old guardian cried.