Unexpectedly, the earth sway came.

The disturbances in the Great Spirit Temple have been completely quelled by the violent shaking of the hills on which the state castle itself is built. Intuitively perceiving the "source of earthquake" crawling up from the bottom of the deep earth, the "protectors" clearly perceived that it (...) climbed the back of the statue of the god on the back of the peripheral earth uncle who proclaimed the king (heaven) and finally reached its ceiling.

That's how it happened again, now a violent quake that rocked the state castle to the side.

The ringing spread to cover the great roof of the state castle, descending on the 'sheltered' and others, where fewer strips of wall material gathered in flocks. Even as he shook them off with his hands, the "sheltered" people of the limbo were just spitting off the end of the "source of earthquake".

Something terrifying is crawling up from the basement, and I'm crawling on the roof of State Castle right now. We all knew silently that it was not something we could have seen, but a 'disaster' itself, in which a species called man had to perish with its survival.

The first person to move was the person who, after all, revealed the 'King's Crest'.

Embodying the overwhelming power that the people of the marginal earth can only hope for, with a short run to the altar below, he jumps across the thick human walls of the lords gathering in flocks at once and leaps out as far as you go. A huge carpet at the landing strips up behind me to show the strength of its kicking feet.

Someone said, "Continue to Uncle Kaito! When he shouted," the roaring cry spread, and the neighborhood lords, who had made him think of war, began to overflow from the Great Spirit Temple. That was like an unstoppable turbulence no longer.

Orha, who was attached to the edge of the altar, had spent less time in suspension of thought, shaking his heart by the fierce exaltation that preceded the great 'enemy', but with reason and plate judgment that priority should be given to the rescue of his missing sister Jose. That delay resolved when my father Vezin, who had come to my feet, said, "Go quickly!" For I also began to climb to the altar. Luft Gala, the "Red Jade Sword" who kept his father, shrugs his neck and drops this one off with regret as to whether he decides that the Lord, Uncle Kaito, 's plan has been accomplished. Behind it I can see several 'guardians', who seem rather divine, unknown to Orha, standing and about to walk out of the Lord's disappeared, urging Luft Gala. They were possibly the 'Holy Crown of the North', the Lords of Cypress City, responsible for the stalls of the Uncle House.

He was Orha, who crawled up to the altar, pushed on his back by his father's gaze, but there he is stuck holding his hand to go to Kwon Monk Capital.

"... it no longer seems necessary"

Kwon Sangdu, who must have been watching the underground in "Hundred Eyes," retreats from the edge of the hole and tries to make way for someone. If you look, the rope you just threw down is shaking to some weight. Someone's climbing up from below.

It was still our 'shelled' that showed up that way. Shortly after that, the two princesses, who had lost sight of themselves, were tied together in a waistband on the back of the 'shelled' and fried like a load.

"Shelling", who climbed out with little or no breath, said he had been in charge of two people, even though they were women, asked Kwon Sangdu to spare time as he unloaded the princesses.

"Where did he (...)"

"Looks like you're still on the roof," replied Kwon Sang-du, who guessed what he was going to say, taking the headscarf.

"Shelled" quickly examined the messed up clothes, tightening his hips back tightly before trying to jump off the altar just quickly. It was my sister Jose who grabbed her shoulder from behind and the princess of the Varma family who grabbed the other sleeve.

"You may rest for a little while," Jose said, indicating the multitude of soil lords about to leave the Great Spirit Temple.

"You stay here," said Floris, the princess of the Varma family. Orha was also not so dull as not to notice that the two princesses, who together looked exhausted, showed their affection for 'shelling'. It was not hard to imagine that something would have been born to them to pass through deep underground and unusual dead places.

Kwon Sang-du is also about to reveal his face as to whether there is anything to think about, and ask him, "What is that (...)," to look at the roof in the dark and ask the besiege-born child, who is ignorant despite being one of the country's leading knowledgeable.

Kwon Sangdu, who revealed the neighborhood, surprisingly revealed the Three Years Old Divine Print (Torres). This monk stands on the height of the 'Three Ages' that Orha lost without the protection of the Land God.

"Shelled" turned a blind eye so that he only slightly disliked Kwon Sang-du's glance.

And potpourri;

"... I think it's 'The Evil God (Diabo)'"

That's what I answered.

It took some time for that slight question to penetrate into Orha. Of course, Orha has also been taught about "The Evil God" as something you need to know if you are "protective". God of disaster, who sprinkles a curse on the land just because it exists, must be wiped out as soon as possible if he finds it.

When and where, and how it appears...... the sign of its emergence is assumed to be when control of the land has been disrupted (...). As the bearer of the next generation of the Moloch family, Orha was taught as such as part of the Lordship Education.

(... how does he know)

It was not a unit of decades, such as the appearance of the 'evil god (Diabo)' in the nation of men. Even at the time of its occurrence, it was only a disturbance in a small part of the vast kingdom, and there would not have been so many, such as those who saw the 'evil god (Diabo)' in person.

Yet that 'shelled' spoke as if it were something we had actually seen. If you were just a villager, you wouldn't even know the word 'evil god (Diabo)'.

"... you still mean there was no mistake in the Prophecy of the Monastery"

When Kwon Sangdu marked his chest with a sinking face, he dug his roots and leaves to see what was going on behind this hole and what had happened there. "Shelled" was pulled up by a shitty high priest and taken to the corner of the altar.

Orha shared his joy surrounding Jose, who had been safely rescued, along with his father, who had crawled up to the altar. Even the princess of the Varma family is gathered together to spill a smile.

"... hey, get out of the way, get out of the way"

There's a hole. Even though it's a narrow altar. It's something with a lot of people on it, so Archena, the son of the Kaito House, who came up at the end, couldn't come up, and he had a seizure and slapped some legs with a punch. but on this occasion he was not cared for because there were only those who were annoyed by the Uncle Bejitu family, and seemed to have been deliberately interrupted for some time. That figure, which finally came up, was unfortunately soiled as your son.

I approached the two 'fiancées' from myself because no one would mind, and began to appeal to me with a high voice, but they were made awesome, and I joined the guards of the uncle's house and pulled them in as if they were drooling. Orha sighed that it was nasty because that resentful gaze seemed to have been directed at our 'shelling'.

Something feels strange.

My chest was deliberately trying to come up with the idea that "shelling", which is just a question attack on Kwon Sang-du, might not be the person I'm looking at.

Orha doesn't know what the basement was like. So I guess I confronted the 'evil god (Diavo)', but I couldn't believe that the 'shelling'... I couldn't help but cross with the 'evil god (Diavo)' with the power of every 'untouched', and it was hard to believe that he protected the two princesses who were made 'personal', no matter what I thought.

On the other hand, I want to conclude that Jose's gaze, which he sends to converse with his father, sees "shelling" … that it contains obvious trust and favor is a definite proof that the work of "shelling" was uniquely.

Women are attracted to strong men.

The same goes for the princess of the Varma family. Nor does she look at the original 'fiancée' or anything else, stealing a little 'shelling'. It was Orha, who always found it only slight for many women in the village to be stifled, but he was caught in an unspeakable frustration, remembering the anxiety that he was now losing to "shelling" as a stallion on this occasion.

What the hell is a "shell" that has succeeded in attracting the attention of a woman, whereas I am now forced to bury the "two years old (doi)" who does not even come to the "Gate of Trial" among the peripheral territorial lords gathered in the feast? He said that instead of being "two years old," he was only "untainted," but he didn't know what it meant.

At that time, the Great Spirit Temple trembled again.

The roar of something falling apart and the cry of someone who says woah. Some of the neighborhood lords who were supposed to have left rushed into the Great Spirit Temple to roll, hiding themselves in shields with sturdy iron doors. Some of the lords fleeing apart turned to shut the door quickly.

"Definitely!" Diavo. "

"What a sudden place like this!

"I just touched it and I'm screwed! It's lame."

I know you're calming down by spitting it out loud, but I had to guess that that complexion was too bad for the war out there to be fragrant.

It was taught in knowledge.

"The Evil God (Diabo)" rots the land just by touching it.

It can be described as the incarnation of the grace of the Land God. It also means that the presence of the 'protectors' can be corrupted. It was a story worthy of fear for Orha, who had recently been humiliated and disgraced by the Subhumans by the tomb of the Land God.

"Weird white feathers fly in the sky, too, and what the hell?"

At that moment, "Shelled" ran out.

Kwon Sangdu, who should have been in front of him, had instantly lost sight of 'Shelled' and stood on the bar.

For some reason, my father, who was looking at him with a worthy eye, dropped off that popped back like he had eaten.

Jose screamed.


Even though you don't have to call him by the name of 'Shelled' or anything.


The princess of the Varma family also shouted her name.

Orha saw that her lips were "good luck" and she leaked a silent grunt.