"The Evil God (Diabo)" was unleashed on earth.

The thought that it is only on this occasion that you can still destroy that one, whilst teething at me that you were unable to defeat before that happens, helplessly exalts Kai's heart.

The exhaling breath is hot.

The beating heartbeat on my chest increases its speed.

We have to kill the Evil God as soon as possible.

Just to reflect on the serious detriment caused to the world by "The Evil God (Diabo)" makes me think that even the risk of God's grace in the valley, which I have so far concealed, being exposed to under the daylight, is irrelevant.

That 'Pepperfish (Diabo)', which appeared in the realm of the Grey Monkey Man (Makak), wielded a terrible curse and rotted vast tracts of land, turning thousands of Grey Monkey warriors into mutilated flesh. There is no way that the inhabitants of Baltavia, the largest city of the people in the heart of this neighborhood, could be inferior to the main Yi of the Grey Monkey Man, and how much harm would be done if that 'evil god (Diabo)' were to be unleashed there... Not to mention knowing the precedent (...), so there was no wonder among Kai.

(… can we do something about a two-year-old and three-year-old 'sheltered' because it has become a bundle?)

Though I stopped unexpectedly because I was pulled over, I asked myself if the preceding neighborhood lords could hold onto that 'evil god (Diabo)' and lightly decided it was difficult. I thought that people with inferior physical abilities as a species would be able to do the difficult thing.

The body skin of "Diavo" is even sturdy, and not even an iron spear can easily rub its guard away. It will require a corresponding extraordinary strength to possess a sharp iron weapon and yet penetrate it.

And to stop that breath root, you must capture and destroy the seat of the Spirit of the Evil God (Diabo), the Divine Stone, which is hidden somewhere in your body. If only 'Divine Stone' could be tapped, the receiving flesh of 'Evil Gods (Diavo)' would literally flip (...). And I guess even reason is twisting. Its tentative first body, regain its original appearance and bounce. Fly.

I think of the moment when I can do it and tremble with excitement.

I knew I had it in my hand.

"The evil gods (Diavo)" may be given a deep hand by the high-ranking "protectors" who came to the state capital to see a few… for example, if they had hosted the Lord's land gods who rule large towns.

Some lords of the city of Sai defeated even their lords, who did not fit in the frame of "four years", and nobles with powerful patronage who came from the center.

If only the possibility of defeating them would suffice, but Kai was still unwilling to leave everything to others whose abilities were unknown.

(... Destroy it!)

Kai was running out.

I heard Princess White called my name. I also knew that one central princess had now sent me out to care. A creature called a man was truly supremely simple, and Kai felt the power he had always increased with just that.

Several 'sheltered' men, who were trying to hide themselves in the iron gates of the Great Spirit Temple, said to Kai as he popped out without a tattoo: "Stop!" "You're going to die!" He threw his voice. You wanted to tell me to know as much about myself, but Kai pretended not to hear it and ignored it. That's how he scratched a long hallway of about fifty yuls outside the main door that was causing traffic in a large crowd of "sheltered people," and finally jumped out of the building where the light of the morning burned.


The exhalation instantly became white smoke.

Winter's outer air wrapped her whole body all at once, tightening her sweaty skin cuddly. I saw a large number of 'sheltered' people poking their weapons at them along with a hanging voice, and even as I tongued at the danger, I let my heart pound and ran through the outer perimeter of the square to bypass the crowd.

Battle against the 'Evil Gods (Diavo)', front line...

(What is this?)

Kai no longer even forgot his words and stared at the miserable appearance on the spot.

My feet were so bad with the crumbling rubble. Apparently, 'The Evil Gods (Diavo)' crawled down from the big roof and broke down one of the spires of the state castle clued by its giant.

It was a square in front of the monogamous palace where a service match and a play took place the day before. The statues of the gods of more than two hundred columns of limestone earth appeared to have been mixed up with the facing lords, and the numbers were raised.

Already, dead bodies.

This was why the Lords, who were supposed to have popped up in the long hallway of the Ichinomiya, were in a huge crowd. I guess I touched the 'evil god (diabo)' attack without thinking about it.

"The Evil God" curses the things of this world just by touching them. Rot the land and shred the soul of what lives.

Were there no ancestral 'warfare lessons' left for the Lords of the Sideline? You won't be blamed for the devastating damage you've done too quickly, because the Lords, who don't even have a lot of protection, have soaked your legs.

As the front-row lords stomped on their feet, reluctant to be pushed back, Kai pushed it forcefully and jumped to the square, grabbing and throwing at the two or three lords who were lying at his feet, saying, "He's not dead yet! Take him out!" he scolded. Kai glances at them and explains how to resurrect those who have been mowed by the 'Evil God (Diabo)' … 'Care'. To them who don't get the guidelines, they say, "If you don't understand, call your technician!," he said absurdly.

Without even seeing if it had been conveyed in that way, Kai proceeded to walk to the 'battlefield', quenching all his high emotions with his breath.

(... Terrible, but are there a few that can fight?)

While there are so many foolish arm boasts who wield their prized gains and are already challenged by the 'Evil Gods (Diavo)', some are forming a team of natural and spirited lords to compete in a mobile battle with each other. Some of them seem to have earned the Bad Status of "The Evil God (Diabo)," and others led the team carefully while encouraging caution.

Still showing the lion's swift action, the conquered bald-headed lord has revealed a divine crest about the age of 'four' on its face, plunging his teeth out and immersing himself in the battle.

Its main lord, who Kai watches without knowing his name, was the martial named 'Four Years Old (Qwart)' lord, 'Tsim Ishito (Zepeidra)' Entes Marquis, to the western side of the soil where Vegin was nominated in a service match. The score was a massive battle hammer pointing at the tip of the iron mass, and the blow went deep without the strong body skin of "The Evil God (Diabo)".

Others have made remarkable moves, including a bearded lord who beats an axe like a giant flesh-cutting knife to 'evil god (Diabo)', and a skinny masked lord who manipulates the armor of steel to scratch and keeps rumbling with fists. They are also called by two names, 'decapitation' and 'bee sting', but that is not what Kai knows either.

I just said that there were some fierce men who could meet with the 'Evil Gods (Diavo)' without knowing their names, and Kai shuddered all the way at their strength and reliability.

The Lords, who stayed unable to take part in the battle at that time, cheered wow. Kai was a little surprised at what he had found, and looked back at him as he paid his flying tentacles with his bare hands (...).

"Dear Uncle Kaito!


"That is the proof of the Lord of the King's Crest!

At a moment when "The Evil God (Diabo)" seemed to have bounced heavily, a few thousand sliced flying tentacles danced through the universe. There lay a sword on the edge of a rough body that was unchanged from before, and further cheers spread to the exploding ambition of its excitement. Looking at Uncle Bedou's remarkably complicated neighborhood, Kai immediately perceived that it was the benefit of Nevin's "sacrifice". By gaining the power to plunder and steal from the outer gods, the Lord of this state castle, Boho Balter, forcibly climbed a few steps up the stairs as a 'sheltered man'.

Uncle Kaito tried to soak up his face even though he didn't look like he had been scratched, and he paid quickly.

Even in a small amount, Kai saw it and found out that it had plucked his nosebleed.

"The evil god (Diabo)", who sees Uncle Bitu as his biggest threat, tried to crush most of his tentacles at once by turning to you, but all of that begins and creates another deadly gap. Around Uncle Horizontal, these "protectors" were forming a formation that seemed to be at high altitude again, and those scores served as shields and never missed a single tentacle.

And they were the princes of the instep of the House of Hibiscus beside them, called the 'Holy Crown of the North'. "Blue Ball (Safar)," "Cuiyu (Elarda)," "Red Ball (Fire)," "Purple Ball (Namris)," "White Ball (Common)" … The Lords of the City of Sai, called in the name of the Five Shining Stones, had such elaborate neighborhoods as to draw a line with the other peripheral Lords.

That's how it started again. A storm of indiscriminate beatings left to the power of Uncle Horizontal.

How stubborn the body skin of the 'evil god (Diabo)' seemed to be the only helpless livestock waiting to be dismantled before its overwhelming violence. The black flesh of "The Evil God (Diabo)" was chopped up and splashed with inky body fluids, causing him to think that Kai was rolling.

Exactly the kind of force push I painted. If I could have sharpened it, I might even have convinced myself that it was one 'evil god' tactic.

Most of all, when it comes to 'The Evil Gods (Diavo)' losing their power... that was rarely the case. From the cut end, the flesh pieces crawl down the ground in search of the main body. I am glad to say that there is little mass loss to the 'Evil Gods (Diavo)' who continue to reunite.

("Diabo" can't be defeated without cracking "Divine Stone")

You don't understand such simple reason?

That's when the scolding sounded out of nowhere. As the attack from "The Evil God (Diavo)" broke off, Kai, who was left empty-handed, loosened up to find out where his voice came from.

(... what is he fumbling about)

In the sky, the sparkling of white feathers dancing small shines in the morning sun. I guess he was watching his fellow countrymen dance with joy, and Nevin, without showing any interest in the battle of the lower realm, is just cheering up to lead his nested brethren.

And I happen to see it, limits as a species.

Long bugs in the earth fly and mate in the sky for sowing. Nevin may have hoped that his compatriots would travel to some new land and have children there and spread them out.

but that hope never came true.

The featherworms that reached a certain high altitude stopped winging as if they were satisfied with what had been there.

Nevin flies around trying to save his compatriots, who slowly start to fall. but nevin's arm wasn't big enough or long enough to hold all of that. Zero fallen white feathers descend to the state castle flickering as if it were a large piece of snow.

Nevin, who was just stunned by an unacceptable reality with a few compatriots, let him sneeze and cry at the next moment. To that childlike cry, Kai could only turn a blind eye.

Nevin's seeds will perish.

Only that inevitable harsh fact fell on Kai's chest.

(One mistake, that's the future of the people)

Specifications (rules) set out in this world.

That's only kind to the current dominant species and tough on the losers.

(People should not be seen by God as weak (...))

Wow, my voice went up.

I wondered if Uncle Bedouin had done something flashy again.

Kai had fallen to his feet, probably belonged to a fallen lord. He took a plethora of hats sewn with fur. That's how I covered my mouth with a piece of cloth that I picked up.

I don't think this is enough to deceive you. but I thought I should be able to hide it if it was about the extent of the divine mark.

Let's look overwhelmed with enemies like this. Kai put his hand on the spear that was still standing against the body of "The Evil God (Diabo)" and pulled it out silently.