Another great cheer happened.

Those who were slamming their weapons shook up, and those who were running around stopped their feet.

What I saw uniformly was around the neighborhood where Hiroshi and the others were forming.


Wild voices trying to raise their minds simultaneously.

I guess I boiled my business down to the 'Evil Gods (Diavo)', where the Cypriot Lords, who had solidified their surroundings, moved forward and actively slapped their tentacles off themselves.

Behind it, a leftover Horizontal Toshio twists his body wide into the lumbar reservoir, behind his sword, which is my weapon. It was a familiar structure to show when wielding a heavy weapon with full force, and I could see the enclosed lords, who had guessed, swallowed solitude at the blow that would occur at the next moment.

Kai, who was about to try again, could not take a step forward in a way that would control his flight. I'll show you the blow.

I was just impressed with the seriousness of the sharpness of the sword. No matter how much extraordinary power you wielded, if your score was just iron, you wouldn't have easily chopped up the body of the Evil God (Diabo). Kai, who saw the "Great Sword" in the hands of Uncle Kaito, noticed it as if it were a sword that should also be called its alienation, then later.

(... what, swords like that jaw bone (...))

Numerous fangs, like random pile teeth, were embedded on the blade surface in Uncle Kaito's sword. It soon became clear that the white fangs were 'tight fittings'. The hidden weapon of the Truth Explorer, who easily pierced the tough body skin of the "Protective Hand", was also heterogeneous. Bony whiteness and shaped snoring. Is it heartbreaking that you feel somewhat repellent for that rough shape that has natural ingredients but is still tailored?

As well as being cursed, Kai came to think of it from the rule of thumb in the formation of "Tight Fixtures".

(The ingredient is the bone of the "Protective Holder"... or the bone shell of the "Divine Stone")

Kai himself is now giving his body the same protection as his own. The characteristic of "Divine Stone" that does not donate the Badste-tus of "Evil God (Diabo)" is not to accept the divine power of the gods. Therefore, if you sharpen it and weaponize it, it can also be a "tight fixture" that invalidates protective protection.

Exactly. "Diavo" is an ideal weapon that would have a special effect on the exorcism. It wasn't just an iron weapon that had achieved an earlier unilateral attack.

And I think.

The great nobility of all the neighbors of the Lords of the Neighbourhood, and the Uncle Neighbourhood of the Neighbourhood, is the clan that has dealt with the various' catastrophes' that would have happened to the land over their interest. Even if the house had a special weapon for the 'Diabo' exorcism, it would not be strange at all.

And at the same time, I am convinced that that weapon would have been wielded by the lords of the same people who defy the Uncle House. I'm sure that's enough trump cards for the Protectorate rebellion.

The blow from all over Hiroshi Kaito, unleashed as he put the sword to sleep, split 'The Evil God (Diabo)', which is flat shaped throughout, into two pieces up and down, and danced up to let the top half explode. He also glanced at just Kai as he showered the rain of the black body fluids that had poured. Though it is a secret weapon, only one blow must have turned up about four quarters of the giants of 'The Evil God (Diabo)'.

("Divine Stone" is probably the deepest part of the body. If you do cut it in the top and bottom half, you're likely to hit it somewhere)

If it was about the size of 'Pepperfish (Diavo)' confronted by the main Yi of the Grey Monkey Man, or maybe this blow could have made him cry up and down goodbye. but the 'evil god (diabo)' in front of me was too much in mass, whether it was purely divine or because multiple gods shared seats.

The top half of the evil god (Diavo), which was now rising, falls like a cloak spread over the top of the peripheral earthly uncle, who curdles because of all his strength.

Horizontal uncle looking up in dismay. And the Cypriot Lords who put up their weapons to cover it. Though the upper half was prevented from falling directly in a way supported by iron gains, the limestone earthly uncle, crawling out from under it, escaped straight to the corner of the square and circled without being able to stand. Probably touched the body fluids of The Evil God (Diabo) and did this to Bad Status. And he held his chest down and suffered.


"My lord!"

Touching "The Evil God (Diabo)" has a sense of loss that is like depriving you of your previous' XP '. He was a sidekick who thought he was passing on defensive measures as well as weapons, but, of course, began to exasperate blood as adversely affected. The rushing Lords of Cypress drag their bodies into the shadows. Perhaps the immense power of God that was plundering and stealing began to storm with the weakening of the controlling' Baal Retrigger '?

It was the group of idols in the square that took the form of protecting Hiroshi and the others. Several other lords have taken refuge in the gap created by the dense standing of statues of more than two hundred columns of limbic earth. It seems to have been a safe haven until now, but it was unlikely that the targeted neighbors would have escaped.

Can Uncle Bedou still fight?

Kai was on the battlefield where the other Lords stood at his own risk, exposing himself too defenseless to see what was going on with Kaito and the others, but he said, "Abou!" I avoided just signs without even looking at the flying tentacles to a voice that could reward the danger. There can be no alarm at Kai, who is already fighting the 'Evil Gods (Diavo)' from the underground world, enough to fix his hat by hand that he was about to slip away from by avoiding it.

That's how Bad God (Diabo) tried to get to me, too, he finally seemed to realize Kai existed, and after a few tentacles hit him like he was going to try...... he seemed to have opened up a relative distance though only a few.

"Come on, let's do what we just did."

Kai doesn't mind stepping forward.

"The Evil God (Diabo)" lifted his indeterminate body to pull back even further. "The Evil God (Diabo)," who didn't seem to have much intelligence with him, also understands that Kai, who just joined hands directly, can be a formidable enemy.

Kai switches consciousness and observes the spiritual state that is covering the whole of The Evil God (Diabo). Because I wanted to get an idea of the approximation of "Divine Stone", even if I couldn't be sure of it entirely there.

So Kai snapped his neck. I saw that the spirit of "Diabo" kept changing its shape, color, and appearance in a dizzying way. That was the nerve paralysis caused by the high voltage Kai showed earlier... how we should counter that attack, which is virtually unprotected if pierced by an iron weapon, as a sign that 'evil god (Diabo)' is showing confusion, but Kai saw it as a precursor to the takeover of 'evil god (Diabo)' (...) being rolled out. The mistake was to stretch the offense between the two for a while, but it did not amount to overshadowing Kai's advantage.

By aligning his spears with the tentacle attack, Kai will shake off his strays in other disciplines. The evil god (Diabo) tries to capture Kai, who advances without fear, with his tentacles, but peristallizes his body to tremble at an incredible enemy who does not even show signs of weakness when touched.

Dizzily, the spirit of "The Evil God (Diabo)" repeats itself. And right in front of Kai, who was about to take his first blow, a black void appeared as far as the dragon's aftermath, and its spirits were suddenly elevated.

("Dragon Breath"!)

I guess what made the word abrupt was a sign that a creature, such as a flaming dragon, had never existed in the world to which Kai belonged. Kai, who escaped the fierce fire pillar, had to hold back from the burn that his body skin grace was about to switch to 'fire resistance'. God's reflexive reaction to defend the possession can be life-taking here.

than that.

(No way... "Fire Magic")

Slightly flattered, Kai saw The Evil God (Diabo).

"The Evil God" uses magic as in "The Art of God"... no one must have imagined that. Neighbouring Tubors fleeing into the statue, as well as leading lords who had stopped fighting, had opened their eyes so wide that there was no more.

That surprise of the people, including Kai, could have been a horrible and disgraceful emotion towards the gods. Because it is also inferior to dust and mustard compared to the gods, who are high-order beings, such as people who can only go around the earth with wisdom in the first place.

I should have been able to argue that God also had wisdom enough to grant the resistance of protection to my possession. And Kai remembered.

Did I just do it too?

During the first war, Kai also burned his tentacles with "fire magic". I guess it was because I remembered that that I sensed that the magical conversion technique of spiritual power was useful in this world.

Understanding that he had inflicted painful hands on Kai, 'Evil Gods (Diavo)' altered the tentacle attack that was a Bad Status Request. The tentacles stretched together a burning flame, and even if it was sent closer to the body, the braces would now strike when the flame emitted.

If you touch the body of 'Diavo', you will have 'XP'. The Bad Status remains intact, in the form of the addition of a second attribute attack called 'Fire Magic'. That was Kai's knitted 'Divine Stone Defense'... which was meant to smash unintentionally with a guard that would only work on a single attribute.

Of course, just because you've been hit, you'll be like all the other Lords if you abandon that resistance that becomes imperative in the battle against the 'Evil God (Diabo)'. This meant that we had to challenge the magic of "The Evil God (Diabo)" without God's tolerance.

I wanted to pluck my tentacles, which I felt burning just by getting close, with just an iron spear. If an impending glue starts, iron and the like must quickly become red hot and soft as candy.

Kai gradually stopped laughing at my optimism that he could feel death nearby but still continue to move in faith in victory. My overconfidence, not willing to give in or lose at all, made me look stupid and weird.

(Kill 'Diabo'!)

The gods of the valley so desire.

Other lords must have stabbed the Evil God. The iron weapon remains stabbed slightly. At a time when we are keeping the iron intact, which has passed to the inside of a body that cannot be tolerated, the 'evil god (Diabo)' is tantamount to continuing to expose us to deadly weaknesses.

And even if you don't rely on 'Electric Magic', you're not Kai who loses to 'Evil Gods (Diavo)' for 'Magic' tricks. The defense against "fire magic" has been knitted as my "magic" to easily respond in a few moments. It was slightly between trial and error that it was easier to insulate by creating a membrane of air than by forming a low temperature.

Gradually, Kai stopped sending attacks of "Bad God (Diabo)" and started walking over to "Bad God (Diabo)" with no fear at all. From Kai, 'The Evil God (Diabo)' tries to escape.

A mighty enemy who was overwhelmed even when the peripheral Lords were bundled backwards as frightened by just one little boy opponent. What a strange sight, people pushed silently as fascinated.

What shall we do now?

How shall I mould it?

The tentacles that had been stretched were scratched. And pull it like a reins, and you can't escape the 'evil god (Diavo)'. My palms got hot, so I cooled them down with "cryogenic magic."

He slammed the spear unconstitutionally on 'The Evil Gods (Diavo)', who spit on the flames like crazy. That blow made the spear useless and Kai threw it out lightly.

Well enough without a weapon or anything. Pierce with a hand knife such as the body skin of "Diavo". I almost use 'Thundermagic' unconsciously and weigh myself down. That would be boring.

Grab an eagle with the meat of "The Evil God (Diavo)" at his crooked fingertips. I tried to twist that meat chunk while holding it down with one leg and pulled it off. For some reason, I couldn't wait to twist myself around, even though it seemed painless to "The Evil God". His whole body hair turned upside down at the roar.

Behind the muggled meat hole, the black body fluids erupt from the contents of the Unshielded Evil God (Diavo). Kai came up with that as he watched.

("Earthmagic" made it work on inorganic qualities other than my own.... then what about this guy's 'blood')

Pushing his hand into the defenselessly exposed body of "The Evil God (Diabo)," he spreads his consciousness into the inner rear. With the knowledge gained during "earthly magic," it was done in an image that widened the area of my dominion.

I did not find the 'Divine Stone' of 'Evil God (Diabo)' within the realm of consciousness. Or maybe he moved your nucleus the furthest from there before the threat of Kai.

Fine. For now, I've degenerated the body matter of the 'evil god (Diabo)' I ruled under the 'earthly magic' procedure. Crystallization was attempted with the intention of inhibiting reflux in the body.

Even the person who did it to the result was surprised.

The evil god (Diabo), skewered by countless black crystals stretched out of his body, was raised from the earth to jump. The crystals that popped up on the underside lifted the giant.

"... Wow, that looks painful"

That's how Kai snapped as he shook his body fluids out of every hand he lost momentum.