Seeing Kai's overwhelming dominance, he begins to approach the 'evil god (Diabo)' so that the surrounding lords can solve it. Have you learned to greed me to put a single knife in the 'evil god' of the dead body? Thanks to this, even the squares, which are narrowed by the giant of the 'evil god (Diabo)', have greatly reduced the room for physical movement.

Even though 'The Evil God (Diavo)' has not yet lost his will to fight.

"... brother! That's amazing!

It seems that Yonna, who was in such a position, completely saw the masked face as' Kai in Rag Village '. Although I don't have to admit it honestly.

More than that...... you're in the way.

Aside from Yonna, a large crowd of lords are flocking around Kai. It was only one mysterious child who turned the war upside down where the Lords of the Horizon were forced to struggle even as they rolled out against a disastrous god that only sounded inherited. Even in the form of a human being, the contents of his head are mostly people made of muscle. I learned a slight shriveling in my feelings that I would be challenged by time and place.

I want to brag to everyone I know that they are my brothers. Yonna poked me around my stomach without meaning, so when I gently avoided them, my self-proclaimed brothers froze my grin. That's how I broke off my arm like a merciless paring that I was about to be turned around my neck without punishment.

"... brother"

"I don't."

Skewered by my body fluids and not left in motion, "The Evil Gods (Diavo)" flashed the spirits emanating from my whole body, even if not through the attacks of the swarmed lords. I know that's the trial and error of "The Evil God"... and Kai is a testament to his intellectual behavior, "Get out!" He shouted around.

The idiot who wouldn't listen to me beat him up, grabbed his shoulder and pushed him away. Of course, the care of Kai cannot keep up with him very much, and most of them are swept away by the tentacles that came after them, and an avalanche of meat-masters occurs. What did you really want to do? Fortunately, those who passed out were recovered by those in the immediate vicinity and transported to the back of the monogamous palace, so there were not many unnecessary obstacles left behind. What was helpful to watch was that there were many lords who were able to react to the tentacles of the 'evil god (Diavo)' in motion vision, while few had succeeded in intercepting alone by their own weapons. I'm guessing he's completely defeated by the "evil god (Diabo)" opponent when he's two or three years old. We just need to get rid of the tentacles, but we need the right amount of strength.

At that time, "The Evil Gods (Diavo)" boosted his spirituality.

Did you get a 'solution' to the situation of fluid crystallization that is causing me?

At the next moment, the sharp crystals that had been skewered softened like candy, and when even that could be solved, it finally returned to its original liquid. Even as he filled his body with holes, 'The Evil Gods (Diavo)' draped down to the ground beckoning him to restore his freedom.

"Diabo" seems to have understood "earthly magic".

"The Evil God (Diabo)" began to thrust with a chi glance as he splashed his liquefied body fluids around him with his giant.

I guess Kai is the only one in the eye no longer with much excitement. As Kai quickly avoids it, the amorphous giant sticks into the surrounding lords near the entrance to the monogamous palace. Stunned, they fled and scattered left and right to scatter the spider child, but some seemed to have been crushed by the 'evil god (Diabo)' giant as it was.

Finally, hitting the wall more and more, the collision power of the 'Evil God (Diabo)' giant rocked the state castle itself violently. Most of the facing windows crack and shatter to explode, causing the cosmetics to peel apart and fall off.

"The Evil God (Diavo)" once again progresses with Kai in mind. They're about to let my mass say things and swallow their hateful enemies with thick meat. At the time of the hill, the body of the software moves like a wavehead.

While Kai identifies the movement, he finds himself in a position to stab the stomach.

There are already assembled streets in my head that take steps to defeat 'The Evil God (Diabo)'. One of the "Divine Stones" in "The Evil God (Diabo)" is over there, in a cobble of meat hidden on the right.

It does not arrive with the blow of The Invisible Sword. I run out to narrow down the distance myself with that in mind. Tentacles strike like folds from left to right. I danced through the universe with one of them very often replacing the spring while taking quick steps. The voice of the Lords reaches my ears. Even though I've touched The Evil God (Diabo) many times earlier, I'm always surprised by Kai, who doesn't have bad stats. They really don't pass on 'osteosomal skin' to any lordship, which should also be called 'evil god resistance'. I should have known the logic because there was so much 'tightness', but I'm too unnaturally ignorant.

I can think of this knowledge, which is particularly effective not only for 'evil gods (Diavo)' but also for 'sheltered' lords, who are perhaps deliberately laid low by some superior nobles.

In this world, where sequences are formed by the strength of the protection of the Land God, defeating it 'backgammon' may indeed be a difficult knowledge to handle.

Kai reaches the desired location in a few steps from the landing, above the body of the 'evil god (Diabo)', where the blue flame continues to burn. It was' The Evil God (Diabo) 'who realized what Kai was after, but everything was slow.

(... you're starting to move. But now it's over)

Will the goodness of God's eye in the valley, or will it enter the natural enemy for 'The Evil God (Diabo)'? There was a feeling that my eyes were getting better so long as I was able to decipher the spirits.

I just thought about using the "Invisible Sword," an iron sword standing on the edge of my eye got into my eye. It would be easier to figure it out with this guy than with an invisible sword. I guess the fact that a sword stabbed at the edge of the body is traveling all the way around like this means that the body of 'Evil God (Diabo)' has neither heaven nor earth, nor front or back or right.

Pull out the sword and try to pierce it once and for all.

It was a loose sword, but Kai's rigidity pierced its cutting-edge through the stubborn cortical layer of The Evil God (Diabo). That's how I grabbed the 'Divine Stone' trying to get away with scratching my sword and pushed it deep once now. There was a stiff feeling earlier, and Kai was convinced that he held the life of the 'Evil God (Diabo)' in his hands precisely to me.

Return to where you left off.

The length of the sword is only slightly insufficient. but that's no longer trivial.

of the sword on the extension of Kai's hand, and put more spiritual power into the extension line. The 'Divine Stone' was doubled so that the sword tip of the concept pierced it as if it were a bubble.

With the destruction of the reason (proverb) that had made the evil god manifest in the world, its existence flew away at once. Towards that point where there was the "Divine Stone", the black matter that constituted the "Evil God (Diabo)" was sucked in with a fearful momentum, and half a moment later it became a flesh piece of what was a dreadful piece of the world and scattered. White meat and translucent bodily fluids poured down, because it was the end of the family of Nevin?

Oops, cheered.

The lords of the enclosure.

The graduates who brought them here.

The ladies at the castle who were looking down through the broken window.

I was delighted that a terrible giant chemistry had been struck down. Like that unusual joy, Kai also just looked around.

He said earlier that he had done it, but to the fools who were trying to rush out without punishment, Kai said, "Stop, Je!" and turned up as loud a voice as I could get out. Even though "The Evil God (Diabo)" is still there (...).

Kai turns to his body, paying for his sticky arms with all sorts of things on his body. There was still an integral 'evil god (Diabo)' there.

The outside god who was called in is three pillars. Therefore, there are also three "Divine Stones".

The body's sense of mass was less than half. I guess I'm inferior to God who just exorcised me by staying. The closer Kai approaches, the more his body drifts down as he feared. Kai picked up the sword that was falling at his feet again. Though I tried to hold it in my hand, I immediately threw it away, saying that it was not a very well made one, and that it was not enough to crush the "Divine Stone" because the blade crossing was short.

If you look around, you don't have the right weapon.

Then there was a voice from the edge of the square.

"How about this guy?"

He was a bald-headed lord who had fought without cowardice until just now.

"Four Years Old" lord, "Zepeidora" Entes Marquis dropped his weapon, the giant Hammer of War.

Marquis Entes grinned, showing her teeth when she picked it up as she broke the cobblestone with each other. Perhaps a normal human would have been a big man who could have lifted it alone, but it was about a cutting knife if it was on Kai's rigidity.

The other lords who were watching, and if they could use mine, threw weapons at me one after the other. I was thrown dozens of weapons at once, and I really thought these guys were stupid. However, they were pleasant idiots.

Kai went crazy and laughed as he took on a giant hammer of war on his shoulder. Even those who were there laughed, so that they could follow.

Well, after this, I don't know what kind of weapon it is, but I can't shake the win. Kai gave him about two swords he had picked up and walked out toward 'Diavo' because he felt it.

The distance between the two is no longer a big deal. Because the square in front of the monogamous palace is not so much in itself. Kai's carved step meant a reduction in time allowed to be in the world of The Evil God (Diabo). Everyone waited for the moment and swallowed solitude.

but then.

Wait! Don't do it!

Suddenly my voice rang like a slap on my brain.

Having understood whose it belonged, Kai turned its eyes upwards to protest...... and often lost words.

The white figure he found exposed himself to the public by trying to step on the head of the surviving 'evil god (Diabo)'. This protector also seemed to develop resistance to the 'Evil Gods (Diavo)', as did Kai.

He looked at Kai with his sobbing eyes as he hung the remains of his countrymen in his hands like broken toys, and looked over at the large crowd gathering in the square.

"This is his' sacrifice '. Let him take you down."

"What is he..."

It was obvious who Nevin was referring to as' the guy '.

The people who were there would also have understood that Kai saw Kaito's ministers embracing him in the back of the group of idols. But Uncle Bitu suffers by touching 'The Evil God (Diabo)'. I still wondered if it would force an old man who couldn't stand properly to exorcise the 'evil god (Diabo)'.


To Kai's protest, Nevin shook his head small and sideways.

And he was urged to look up silently.

A much overhead snowcloud was shown... and Kai opened his eyes slightly to that slightly awkward (...).

At first, I thought it was the light of the morning burn that I saw from the clouds. but as the fast moving clouds went too far, I realized it wasn't.


I got goosebumps all over my body.

Instinctive fear (presumably) froze Kai.

What was there is just an eye, an eye, an eye looking at this one. There was an enormous' eye 'there that could not be compared to a dwarf surface creature or the like.

You assumed that you should not speak to ignorant people, from which it became the voice of your heart.

(The men invited God in from the outside. For the gods on the outside, this world is a very special place. So oh well, I'm so envious of the gods who got lucky to get in and keep an eye on what's going on)

(… Ah, ah)

(of the valley. Are you a representative of the people?)

When asked that, Kai lost his word.

A child of a man named Kai belongs to the Molok family village of Rag. Although he was a villager by birth and by no means by any means grew up, Kai was sufficiently obsessed that from the moment he received God's protection in the valley, I had become a completely different species. The valley does not belong to a huge group of gods of the people. It even embraces other sub-races without any resistance and continues to this day as its people.

Am I here as a human being... when asked, I can only say no.

If you're not, let him handle it.

(... but!)

(He chose (...). He has to prove himself worthy of the king of the land. He said he was going to be the parent pillar of the world of the crumbling people, and I need to show him a man here. You just can't grab him.)

(If you can't win...)

(In time, you will all fall together (...). All his bundles of gods should be limited to the world and fall)

Are the other gods weak enough to obey?

(It's obvious. That's what it's like to be in a group of gods. They can pull it up, and sometimes they can drag it in)

Nevin's eyes were as clear as glass balls.

It lacked vitality, so much so that it would come firmer like a lifeless doll. With a frighteningly clear eye, Nevin is watching the fate that people are about to choose from.

"Descendants of Baltar. Fight."

That's what Nevin told me to do.