Kai doesn't know the whole story of how many species are in this world and how much land is divided as its territory. For ignorant children growing up on the sidelines, there were always very limited things to know. With the fact that I happen to know the sub-racial world north of the Great Forest, I noticed an 'anomaly' in which people have vast tracts of land that are barely commensurate.

It was a matter of little or no consciousness, but perhaps the people were one of the mighty 'dominant species' that crowned this world.

Many generations ago, in the days of his fathers, the kingdom of the people, inflated by its glorious glory and victory, ushered in an era of long retirement (wandering) with the decline of its momentum, allowing the rise of other races to threaten their borders. The crossing monk of the soil said it was a very messy period of last resort for hemp.

People perish... I really don't know if that can happen, but in the old story, people also consumed many species and took a lot of land during that period of expansion, so it would have been too selfish of me not to accept the offense because it was reversed.

Therefore, there is no alternative to the victory or defeat of the species. I can't help it, but I also thought that the decision to win or lose should at least only be made in a direct confrontation.

(... is that different?)

Kai glanced at the gods watching in heaven.

The gaze of the gods, who innocuously looked down on the 'lower realm' everywhere for being transcendent, was as pure and arrogant as that of a child who did not know the irrationality of the world.

Nevin scolded those who were unconsciously trying to enter the path of doom.

The predecessor guardian, who exposed his aliens to the crowd, kicked his head at the bottom of his barefoot, inciting him not to grumble, not to say that he was just a wooden idol hunting, such as' The Evil God (Diabo) '.

"When I stood up to the king, the momentum I had built up had gone away! Stand up, Balter's guard!

Nevin's aliens are a subrace far removed from the human race with one eye. Since it was also a winged species with few examples, such as those seen, the first sighters were also oriented to lay down their weapons as one of the new 'evil gods (Diavo)'. If the Lords of the city of Sai had corrected their dwellings so as to respond to the reprimand, and if the Sovereign Uncle Hitoshi could have waved them, or some of them might have been challenged.

"... fight! In the end, the only way to prove the delicacy is to prove it!

At the same time, Nevin's heart story reaches Kai's brain.

Just shut up and watch there. I felt like I caught a glimpse of the depth of Nevin's despair in that voice like throwing up.

(... of the valley, the breeds of the wanderers fled from the battle with their tails wrapped around them... and it was probably devoured by the gods. That's not a good idea to keep losing the killing between races, but even the weak races live properly when they're small by clinging to narrow lands. Normally I kept losing, like the yummy ones...... I'm not stupid enough to even know what it means to hatch and go out into the outside world)


Immediately floating in Kai's brain were dwarfs and deer (Ouzel) tribes who turned to the valley to extend the life of their species, such as the Hole Bear tribe, which was in the subordination of the Grey Monkey tribe.

Indeed, they have not yet lost their steadfast wisdom, even though they would have taken many lands and gods.

(I think the guys probably committed something contraindicated (...). The degradation of our species is too severe. You haven't even lost to anyone in fact...... don't you think the 'punishment of the losers' given to the guys is too harsh)

Nevin tried to hold the remains of his compatriots in his hand, but he didn't even have eyes over here. Just a faint grin spilled that made me mock myself.

(Don't face reality - he will surely be disappointed by the gods (...))

Its side narrowed its eyes bitterly.

Inspired by something suggested, some unfamiliar words emerged behind Kai's brain, and disappeared.

There was just one word that caught me slightly.

"Observer Effect"

Understanding the implications along with the words, he tried to deny that it would not be to such an extent... Kai looked again at the gods in heaven as he was angry, and looked back at the enthusiastic eyes of the peripheral lords and castle workers who were creating the enclosure.

Try 'magic' a small flame, visible only in my hands, and squeeze it. Kai remembered exactly what specifications the world was created by.

(... 'magic', doesn't it just reflect the will of the person to do it)

The power that I call 'spiritual power' is converted into a phenomenon by the power of the will.

'Protected', of course, has spiritual power itself, albeit small, even for ordinary people who don't. The candle was set on fire even before it became "protective". It is permissible to alter events to that extent.

Then this world is.

My whole body hair turned upside down. Born in this world, Kai looked absolutely upon the likeness of this world without any doubt. Even though no one had shown the rationale, they believed it.

(suppose this world is like a 'dream' where gods take (...) and just imagine)

If this world itself was captured under the influence of the transcendents who wished it to be so…

What if the current tide of people's power is becoming more pronounced yesterday, for example, assuming that it has just been influenced by a diminished attachment to people, the appearance of corruption in the center (...).

If that was possible, it was possible that the assumptions (...) of the people themselves who would surely be here, not just the gods on the outside, could also be 'magic' that could change the world. I noticed the color of pity in Nevin's eyes as he looked at the unreliable Unabe and his chest squirted.

This "sacrifice" was carried out by Toshio Yoshinabe, who will be the representative of the people here. I increased my power until I plundered and stole the power of the gods, and the ritual of the 'evil god (Diabo)' crusade had to be overcome to show it. It would surely involve (...) people's sales vouchers.

As Kai sees it, the Bad Status of Bad God makes it seem that he is losing control of the excessive spiritual power of the gods that were not taken in. As if it had taken in even the poison, Kai was somewhat reminiscent of Elsa's appearance of medullary poisoning.

The contents of the 'Divine Stone' where God sits, that jelly-shaped medulla, only belongs to his own family. For some reason, it becomes ferocious. It's called the Bad Status of the Evil Gods (Diavo) brought about by just touching them, and I actually thought that that medullary matter, which is the contents of the "Divine Stone," might be like condensing some sort of toxicity in the "Divinity".

Excessive divinity is becoming a toxin and eroding the flesh of the Lateral Tubor. Kai, who saw it so, approached you with a borrowed hammer on his shoulder.

You don't have to do this.

(I will stop fighting.... but let me help you out a little bit)

Kai urged the Cypriot lords to "get out of the way" just with their eyes trying to hold back. Some retreat quietly, others try to stand back. These are the guardians of the line gods of the Pedra family tree, who must have quite a few powerful men among the Pedra Lords, who have been praised as the 'Holy Crown of the North' since ancient times.

The neighborhood that appears on that surface is "five years old" or "six years old" … In line, it is only to the extent of comparing the divine crest, but there is supposed to be a rather isolated difference in strength between "five years old" and "six years old" in aristocratic society. Of course Kai knows. The kingdom specifies the nomenclature "Six Rides of Heaven (Seiscabaret)" and a slightly formatted nomenclature for "Six Years of Age", which covers the streets inhabited by thousands of people.

The two Cypress City Lords, who crossed arms like gatekeepers in front of them, show the neighborhood that would belong to their Six Rides of Heaven (Seiscobales). "Don't go any further," Kai tried to push it straight through when he saw he didn't have much time.

Put your hands on both spears and push them unconstitutionally. If Kai was hiding the neighborhood, the mountain of Sekiyama would be enough to push each other with one of the "five years old". but Kai wasn't going to hide his powers at this time. I only see the neighborhood around my eyes because I hide my face with my hat. I guess he was teasing the neighborhood earthlings that there was no such thing as a height up to the age of "six," and they were pushed in and peeled off their eyes.

Ignoring both of them, Kai poked his knee beside Uncle Kaito, who was trying to get up. Overlooked by an unidentified strongman, he unhindered the hand of Uncle Nemitsu, who had grabbed the chest barn to resist. The spirit of reverence was not stimulated at all when I saw the appearance of muscle bulging by the unusual.

(The spirits around the chest are almost faint. That was a lot of him (...))

Raising his hand on the bloody chest, Kai sent his spiritual power to the 'Divine Stone', which was in a state of paralysis. As he was summoned into his power, he began to be filled with heat in the "Divine Stone" of Kaito, and he exhaled blood in abundance before his breathing normalized all at once.

When I heard the footsteps up close and looked at you, there was Nevin's thin barefoot about when he went down to the ground.

"I can't help you any more. of the valley."

"Oh, I won't help you anymore"

"Come on, now is the real deal for 'Sacrifice'! In keeping with the covenant with the first balter, the prayer leads you to the end. Stand up, Contemporary Balter."

Beside Nevin, who said so, the figure of Kai standing in a quiet line must have been seen as a different kind of creature for the people.

"You swore you were ready. So fight!"

An intangible authority emanates from its appearance, which can even be considered adorable.

"If you're going to lose, fight and die"