As he recovered and was able to get up, Horizontal uncle looked up at Kai, who would have healed me as slightly flabbergasted, and saw Nevin standing beside him.

You noticed late that Nevin was exposing the anomaly to the crowd, and I opened my eyes a little and looked around like I was in a panic.

"... I don't care anymore. We're done here."

"... ugh."

"... don't worry, I hatched all the eggs I had sealed. Thanks to" Yoro ", we've managed that. I mean, the results were scattered."

Seeing the remains in Nevin's hands, it was only for a few moments that Uncle Bitu meditated. I pushed my assistant hand back and stood up straight.

"... you're the only one left."

"... well. Right."

"I'll see you to the end, so fight for it."

"... when you couldn't,... then ask me to wipe your ass. Guardian Hall."

The two conversations had such an unconcerned atmosphere, like familiarity from a young age.

I had an imagination that Nevin might have been in a symbiotic relationship with the Balter clan all along, out of the interest of the Hiroshi beside. I don't know how that timid species of people who escaped the invasion of the people and lurked underground forged such a relationship.

It is easy to imagine that the native old species would have fled and hidden underground and that the Boreal House, which occupies the surface, would have persisted in 'pruning' it. If the symbiotic relationship he was born into afterwards was one in which people were united as superiors, Nevin somehow thought he might have offered himself to the Balter clan.

End of story.

It was painful to see Nevin's eyes looking at Uncle Bitu, looking somewhere at peace.

"Well, no more children."

Uncle Bitu snapped so that he pulled and lifted a sword like the mandible of an example giant beast.

And when his gaze was glimpsed upon Kai, he saw him as the same protector, and bewitched him only. For a child born in a cold village on the soil called Rug Village, he was almost on the clouds with the owner of the Bo family on the soil. The wonder of the world, where that is now in a position to be respected on the contrary. Feeling like he was told to "show it off" without words, Kai was dropping off Uncle Kaito's back.

With Kai conceding a place to fight the 'Evil Gods (Diavo)', the surrounding men must have also found this to be a battle to test the power of the people, after being wrapped in silence that didn't even happen to shudder, the rematch of Horizontal Tuba, which began with no hesitation whatsoever... happened so that different cheers could begin as its first shooting engraved 'Evil Gods (Diavo)'.

"... Uncle Nettle!

"No! Do it!"

"Glory to the people!

"Master Balter."

"Long live Uncle Hobuchi."

"Long live the people."

That was just 'sacrifice'.

And the lords of the soil cried out, and the men of the castle withered their voices, and the young men that seemed to be involved in the house of the uncle were stretched out their throats. Horizontal uncle slaps the great sword in response to that cheer.

No more cluttered big swings like that earlier. Place the blade in the body of the 'evil god (Diabo)' as if to cut the fruit apart, and sweep off the flesh pieces in large measure with a two-machete. The Lords of Cypress City on the side can beat off the bounced meat chunks to a distance with their gains. With that repetition, 'The Evil God (Diabo)' was sure to be shredded of its receiving flesh.

You know where the "Divine Stone" is. Guys, if you scrape your body, you'll see it all the time. Uncle Bentu's fearful flesh pushes and pushes as if he were unknown, such as tiredness. Soon the square became full of flesh pieces of 'The Evil God (Diabo)'.

The frustrating side of the people pushed it off lightly like this... it only seemed that way for the first short time, well in fact.

I guess Nevin hasn't taught you about 'bone tolerance' after all. Lateral uncle, who had to bathe in the body fluids of the 'evil god (Diabo)' scattered in the melee, just happened to blunt his movements.

Why didn't Nevin teach that knowledge, which must be mandatory in the battle against the 'Evil Gods (Diavo)'?

Resistance, etc., is in itself like the 'magic' that God constantly deploys to protect the possession bill, so activation just asks God to do so...... its activation key has become a very low-lying one. I put it on my head that I just need to tell you, and there's something right past my head.

(Is this revenge against Uncle Bedou's house?)

Only for a moment, I suspect Nevin, and no, I shake him off.

We know that Kai, who is on the side of the people, will soon be able to retaliate to such a lesser degree.

(I've been thinking briefly, no? "Resistance" is something that is activated just by asking God...)

In order not to purely strengthen the flesh, such properties are communicated to God after the person understands them, and 'bone resistance' is achieved for the first time with it.

The "Protective Holder" who brought God down to us receives the privilege of increasing spiritual power and physical alteration… of strengthening his defense, which God gives to protect his seat. And because of the initial simple rigidity of 'just stiff', by undergoing external stimuli, such as being subjected to magic attacks, God begins to grant special resistance, such as' fire resistance '.

"Bone Resistance" would also be lightly activated if God realized that was what it would take to protect the possession bill. "Diavo" is such a useful resistance to the target that God only realizes the properties of the "Shell of Divine Stones".

Just talking to God and telling him...

(Conversation… is that what you mean)

So finally Kai also understands.

Even Kai, the protector, has difficulty in conversing with one of my gods, the god of the valley. Perhaps it means that Uncle Bejitu has not yet achieved dialogue with God either?

I can't even pass on this request if I can't have a conversation. It's a simple story.

"Balter, your cowardly heart will kill you!

"... ugh."

Nevin ruthlessly scolded the blunt-moving neighborhood uncle.

I know that fear of death will accumulate in the hearts of Uncle Kaito, who will be suffering so much more than bathing in the body fluids of "The Evil God (Diabo)". But if you rest your hands and hit the run, 'Evil Gods (Diavo)' will recover the severed pieces of flesh and revive them for that matter. And the opposing Tsubaki is increasingly weakened by the poison of inner divinity. Things had to get worse.

As he responded to Nevin's scolding, Uncle Bedou intensified his offense again. Tons of sweat and its rough back that abhors breath moves.

Kai promised not to get his hands on it.

but I didn't say I wouldn't talk.

"Uncle!" Kamikaze. "Yes, a little to the left!

I thought it would be tough just to wave weapons at the dark clouds, thus directing them to places with 'divine stones'.

Nevin didn't say anything anymore. He just snapped, "You have good eyes."

Even without looking at this one, Uncle Kaito responded to Kai's voice. The Lords of the city of Sai raised their momentum and struck down the rising tentacles of 'The Evil God (Diabo)'. I don't have a few more tentacles out there.

"I ran away! More left!"

The body of the Evil God is filled only with black flesh and body fluids. Therefore, I can freely position the 'Divine Stone' with that will. If I knew that was my ultimate weakness, naturally I would deflect it in front of my mighty enemies.

It was a comparison of the impatience of the cornered Horizontal Uncle and the 'evil god (Diabo)'.


"Dear Uncle Kaito!

From the surroundings boiling in the atmosphere of engagement, Kai looks to you, feeling the heterogeneous signs quietly break out.

When I saw it, there was a bunch of Kwon Monks and a bunch of subordinate monks just showing up with their canes in their hands.

Though I can't hear that voice due to the noise around me, I only knew that I was going to give something away when I saw my followers scattered around the square with the gestures of Kwon Sang-du.

Kai moved, suppressing Nevin with words "wait" for him to wander around.

He crossed the square in a light foothold, and all stood before the Kwon Monk capital, who was about to step forward again. It seemed so sudden that not only Kwon Monks but also nearby Lords withdrew as surprised.

"In the middle of 'sacrifice'. Keep it down."

I suppose he who stood in front of him assumes that he was a boy from the village of Rag who jumped into the basement. Kwon Sangdu's eyes narrowed slightly as he corrected his residence, almost identifying Kai, who was hiding his face from him.

"... This is an evil law that goes against the teachings of the Great Manu. The people gained great power and prospered by joining the king's band of glorious gods. Whoever destroys the company must be punished as a traitor."

"I don't know. So what?"

"… the greatest wisdom gained by the people was in the wisdom of its rule, which set up the Great King and suppressed the group of the Little Kings. There must be only one company in the united kingdom. It is in a huge group of gods bound together that the Great Manu... inhabits the great Great Tree God."

It was to work well and often serve the Lords that the crossing monks of the soil taught and preached to their idiotic folk counterparts. I remember lining up the 'virtues' of life that had to be done for it.

I guess that, by contrast, meant that the reign of the group of gods bound by the king of the centre today was' teaching 'not to loose.

How ironic that in this world, where gods exist in reality, we found an indelible God only in the concept of a group of gods. People who were too commonplace in God and sought a venerable subject would have found a higher order divinity only in the invisible.

It was a right monk capital trying to counter Kai's intangible pressure, but it stopped carrying on two sentences to Kai's continued words.

"I command you as guardian. Shut up."

"... ugh."

Behind the monks of Kwon were those who came out of the Onomiya late, facing each other. The face of the Moloch family to the upper nobles of the centre. The lord, Vezin, and his son, Orha, peeled at Kai's appearance against the Kwon Monk capital, and Princess White loosened her eyes as she was relieved for some reason.

The central princess in line also stares at Kai as she eats in.

"Shut up and watch."

While accepting them, Kai turned to "sacrifice" again as one of the watchers himself.