In the eyes of the gods.

A decaying people will wager their pride against the Evil Gods.

Best warrior on the soil, the contemporary Tubor. The man becomes just a sword and meets with a different god, and cuts each other's flesh.

"The Evil God (Diabo)" finally realizes that I'm being hunted down, and he launches all sorts of attacks in a way that no longer matters. He threw up a fearful fiery fire at times, and bathed my body fluids, which were curses themselves at times, like poison.

One more Cypriot lords, shielding themselves from those attacks, kept coming forward to prove the "king god".

"Two more yuls!

To the voice that guided him, just a side earthly uncle following the dark clouds barked violently from the bottom of his belly as he hearkened my courage. At the time of the wilderness, the muscles twisted, and a different sword slammed against the body of the Evil God (Diabo).

When the last Cypriot lord fell and lay down with all his might, a severed mass of meat was pushed down in the belly of the sword of Uncle Beyond.

"One more yul!

Everyone perceived that a moment had come when there was no longer a protector, when he had to expose himself, and the 'evil god (Diabo)' in a predicament who had allowed himself to be fleshy until the 'divine stone' of his weakness, his deciding victory and defeat.

One more yul. That was in time if it was already the great sword of Uncle Neru.

Whether the cheers of the excited tribes had reached the ears of the then neighborhood Tubu himself. To prevent the sword that was swept up from approaching me, The Evil God (Diabo) spewed out flames. While burned by the red flames, he did not let the fighting spirit stop moving, and the blow finally turned down the 'Evil God (Diabo)' himself.

"Divine Stone" in "The Evil God (Diabo)".

Destroy the 'Divine Stone', the source of its life, and this disastrous god will collapse.

Those who learned that logic in the earlier Battle of the 'Guardians' exploded their emotions at the moment of settlement. Everyone was screaming so much that he was cut off from his soul.

but after a few breaths or so, The Evil God (Diabo) will not disappear.

Horizontal Tubor, who remains struck with a great sword of alien form, also does not move like he was trapped in the narrow space of time again.

It was still Kai who first noticed something that would not engage.

"'Divine Stone' cannot be broken with that sword! It's an iron sword!

Uncle Kaito's sword was sharpened from the bone of the famous "guardian". Whatever the special effects on God's protection, the material is only bone. Just meat cannot be worn or even destroyed by homogeneous' divine stones'.

Kai, the guide, also bit his teeth in unexpected defects.

If he had "Bone Resistance," he would have easily chosen the "Divine Stone" itself of "The Evil God (Diabo)" by hand. but it is impossible to have such a power (purposefully from home) on the unprotected Uncle Horizontal. Therefore, what you seek is an iron sword.

When he dares to take his hands off the sword that remains sinking into the body of "The Evil God (Diabo)," Uncle Bitu picks up the fallen loyal minister's gains and tries to strike again. As frightened by the imminent "death," the evil god (Diabo) rolled out one remaining tentacle, none.

He quickly teased it and fell to relax when he tried to advance. Even as he rolls unnecessarily, he crawls through the ground with his hands like a beast. Limits were also imminent for the full-blown Tsubaki.

Horizontal uncle penetrates desperately to put his nails up on the cobblestone, poking a long iron sword in. The Great Sword, which remained buried earlier, stitches together the "Divine Stone" of "The Evil God (Diabo)" without missing it.

Finally, the last Iron Sword pierced and smashed the "Divine Stone" of "The Evil God (Diabo)".

"... because of what happened, it interferes with the circumstances of the people. Guardian of the Subhuman (Gardio)"


"... or if it was Kai from Rag Village, should I call you"

"... shut up"

"... the call for attention to the village of Rag was conveyed. who was Kai in the village of Rag. If it wasn't for one disturbance, I'd have noticed sooner."

Kwon Sang-du snapped, but Kai remained on his back.

At a moment when there was a rushing sound of clothes, Kai pounded.

It's no use.

"... ugh."

Kai sent only a glimpse across her shoulder with her eyes slightly narrowed to the sting pain she felt on her back.

There is the figure of the Kwon Monk Capital, which is solidified in a flash, and in its hands a familiar fixture is held. At the tip of that apple-like fixture, a sharpened white bone protruded, and it was found at one glance to be a 'tight' piece of example 'protective holding' killing.

Kai now maintains' bone tolerance '. Therefore, that' shelter-held 'killing is only bone.

"Your people have caught my eye in pain. I thought we'd do it."

"... wouldn't you go by with this degree of 'tightness'"

"Pain hurts. If you can't just pull in, I'm gonna punch you."

Whether convinced or not, Kwon Sang-du, who had behaved with the magic tools to his nostalgia, said, "Do you not even kill the fool monk, like I do?" "If I have to, I will," Kai returned, supposedly referring to the truth investigator that Arre (...) returned. It was like saying it was an easy thing to do if you cared about it.

Kwon Sangdu, who attracted his eyes as he put it, tried to prioritize the achievement of his purpose by eyeing the subordinate monks who were awaiting instructions. Kai's hand quickly grabs up the chest of Kwon Sang-du.

"... what are you going to make me do"

"A sick 'branch' is not necessary for the Great Tree God."

The great group of gods bound by the kings of the people, the Tree God (Manu), who worships the very company of the united kingdom of its name as a divine body… The high priest, coming from its main mountain, the Great Monastery (Mars), put his hand against Kai's wrist while revealing the neighborhood on its face.

"The union of the gods, the 'group of gods', is regarded as a single tree because its lineage is conjoined in a tree. And the great tree god of the people (the great Manu) was born as a nursery bed of the first royal generation of Saint Kushal, and he spread the branches of the ancient" king god "to this point as a fat trunk."


"Great Manu tells us that the beautiful great tree that mankind has created will become the 'divine fruit' of its power in the millennium, and that mankind will rise to further heights. … With that millennium nearing, there is no way that some sick branches can be accepted, such as weakening the precious divine trees of the people. Before that happens, you must immediately drop the rotten branches."

Until now, when he has defeated the Evil Gods, and only stood up to the best of himself, Toshio is pointing his defenseless back at us. Because of the cheer that just got intense, the movements of the square-scattered servants were not accompanied by sound as if it were a 'silent film'.

Just like Kwon Sang-du in his hand, the 'secret' of the 'shelter-held' killing is held.

"... Neh."

A mysterious mass suddenly entered Kai's mouth as he tried to scream, and he stopped breathing. With a moment of alarm, I saw Kwon Sangdu tied his hand stamp. It was Kai who perceived it to be another kind of magic passed on to the Monastery, but he was throwing out the Kwon Monk Capital, which was hoisted, without knowing what was holding my breath.

What the hell is this?

Was even a chunk of air screwed?

Even if they seal the word, they can't stop it to that emotion. Kai's exploding heart story passed to Nevin, who comforted Uncle Bitu.

(... Nevin!)

All the while, Nevin, who had looked up at this one, found Kai in pain with his throat crouched and changed his expression.

(of the valley!)

(... don't come! Protect him!)

(... what...!)

By Kai waving by hand, Nevin also seemed to notice the movements of his cousins, who were sneaking away with the signs erased.

The skilled foot kick sharply lifts Kai's jaw over the bitterness of his body. Obviously it was a blow to mow Kai's consciousness, but the poor giving up of mercenary martial arts (Zula stream), which is still obsessed with victory, even at the frontier of life and death, slightly distracted Kai's jaw, giving rise to a tackle responsible for Kwon Sang-du's kicking leg.

If it hangs on Kai's powers, it can be lifted lightly, such as the Middle-Back Kwon Monk Capital. Seeing as the axial legs floated, Kwon Sang-du, who had folded your legs without hesitation and rolled out a knee kick, was also a big deal, but Kai's moves of force were released before it reached.

He threw his lifted leg straight into heaven. Kwon Sangdu began to spin high and high in the air at that point, and was slapped to the ground by Kai, who grabbed his empty back.

Ha, and I heard Kwon Sang-du's exhaling breath.

Kai's relentless kick hung on that back, which bounced up after grounding in the upper half of his back, all in pursuit. Right to jump and roll. I don't even look at him after the monk capital anymore.

Probably because of the interruption of Kwon Sang-du's consciousness, something like a mass of air that was inhibiting his breathing was lost, and Kai desperately devoured the oxygen he was starving again.

What was that? Is it like a balloon put together by thought?

How to apply magic I never imagined. I guess the Great Monastery still accumulates a lot of ancestral wisdom about magic and martial arts. I really wanted to ask for a lesson once.


I heard a familiar voice, and when I looked over, I saw Princess White scratching the crowd over here. The behavior seemed difficult because the majority of the people making up the hedge were just meat masters several times the mass... but I wasn't just thankful to be called out loud for the name.

Fortunately, because of the noise of Uncle Nemitsu, who was attacked by his subordinate monks, it was fortunate that few people cared.

I waved my hand to show that I was safe, and the White Princess's movements subsided... but I happened to have eyes to eyes with the central nobleman princess who was on a straight line connecting the two, and for some reason she waved me back. For some reason, he was covered here, but he seemed to be out of identity.


I could see Yonna waving her hand as well, but there was no slight sentiment about this one, and Kai thought I'd talk a little bit about it.