(... Nevin, I'll take care of you)


To this extent in Kwon Sang-du, Kai had already been half-conscious about the post-feast processing, who had taunted that the first guardian could not possibly take a delay to that degree of obedience.

I realized that I couldn't respond and looked at you because of a bad feeling.

(Nevin...... hey)

After all, there is no response.

I was in a hurry and raised my actual voice, not my heart talk.

"What's up... Nevin!

Kai's sudden shout raised his face as if his surroundings were surprised.

There was a small figure of Nevin just standing up in Kai's eyes that was opened.

At the end of that gaze was the figure of Uncle Kaito, who barely stood with his iron sword like a cane, where several of his servants were about to be killed.

Side view.

Guardians just to watch for that danger.

"Help him!

Speak up, don't let that stand slightly.

Only its dry eyes look at the full-blown Buddhist uncle.

And the earthly uncle, after a little meditation, withdrew strength from his whole body.

This is an intra-communal dispute.

Nevin's, not so much a response. As I stick with trying to understand that that is the reason for this bystander.

The dwarf chief Polek called the valley god 'God of mediation'. I was blurry to suspect that mediation would refer to the coordination of interests between races. From the mouth of Polek, he felt that he was helping the weak and helping them to survive.

(… 'Guardians' do not lend a hand to the likes within their own clan. Because the time limit for intervention is gone (...)


The eyes of Nevin and Uncle Horizontal intersect.

There was nothing there like blame for being abandoned, only the serenity of a meadow swaying in the breeze felt only by those who gave up.

"If you want to survive, scratch your feet with the intention of dying"

"Not at all. That's your deal."

There is no more of that alien sword in the hands of Uncle Kaito. Only an iron sword that looks just sturdy is grasped.

The imminent cousin quickly flew behind him to make a sweeping sweep from the relaxed state of his muscles. Its well-crafted body technique would have been unique to the Monastery. While tongue-in-cheek briefly, the response is still dull, although Uncle Kaito responds to the corrugated attacks of his consecrated monks, who are attacked one after the other.

If you look at it, there were a few of the subordinate monks who clearly revealed the neighborhood. However, the situation was still painful if Uncle Bitu was in a state of well-being.

Uncle Kaito is killed.

Kai looks at Kwon Sang-du, who threw him away in awe of that exact development, and realizes that he is still rushing out for the square so that his appearance can be crowded. Even though the monks have made clear their intention to kill Uncle Bentu, I can't see the lords moving to stop it.

No, they may have been taken by surprise again.

(... of the valley, don't touch me)


He gets stabbed in the nail, and Kai accidentally becomes a stick.

I cared about what Nevin said, as if there was some sort of dictate to be bound by being a 'guardian'.

(... that's why I said stop)

The faint, spit-and-drop murmur of that heart followed, rippled and swayed into Kai's brain.

At that moment, the little child who cried became a faded mind and tied the statue, without context, and found out that it was the appearance of Toshio Yoshiba on a young day.

Thoughts about his neighbor who had spent a long time with him...... Ky bit his teeth knowing that the kind of affection he directed at his family, who also crossed the hedge of the race, was now causing him a severe hardship in Nevin's midst.

"How about it! Protect your uncle!

Some spiritual lords finally noticed the anomaly and stood back from self-loss to show each one their movements. More than two hundred pillars of limestone soil, the "protectors", are bound together by the Sovereign named Abbot, and are now barely bouncing off the invasion of the surrounding sub-races. Losing its Sovereign temporarily was largely synonymous with the periphery itself being in crisis.

"Zepeidora," Marquis Entes chased to one of his servant monks, grabbing his back unarmed and pulling him down.

"Neck hunting," Marquis Bahar said in his salty torso voice, "Long live the soil!" I ran through the square barking. And when I knew that I was not going to make it, I scolded the lords nearby as if they were in a hurry.

Several lords who lay low at every corner of the square crawled out to the square and rushed over to the edge of the earth.

As such, the neighboring earth lords, flooded with weirs that were gradually cut out, also noticed the obedient monks as they became turbid and approached from their backs. Kwon Sang-du said, "Martyr!," he exclaimed, taking something out of his sleeve cover-up and including it in his mouth, chewing it up. The priests also swallowed the likeness of pills, and raised their temper for what they believed.

Only a small number of monks were seconded by the Grand Monastery, including the Kwon Monks. Everyone must have thought that it was no longer more obvious than to see the day, such as the results, that more than a hundred peripheral land lords would arrive there.

but the land was too vast on the same side soil, and as varied as the Lords were. There were some lords who interacted closely with the centre, and there were a certain number of those bound together by blood. From the area they gave to the monk side along with the central nobles who were coming as guests, the square instantly became a look of turmoil.

"I won't admit it! It's Uncle Nettori!

The voice echoed in his ear only to the voice that had happened near Kai.

Until just a moment ago, he was the central nobleman, Burma Corsarouge, who had revealed his joy in the celebration of his beloved daughter.

Those eyes are no longer stained with deep anger.

"I can't believe I'm honoring the heavens! What an arrogant shore!

Beat and push the wood-end lord who tried to poke me over.

Though a central aristocrat weighing in on the elegance, the power of the high ranking 'protectorate', the Bo Hou, was so high that it could not be countered by a raw and half peripheral land lord.

As a father who was about to consider the daughter he offered as a offering to the 'evil god (Diabo)', there would have been not much mad. Other central aristocrats gathering around it are also gaining momentum by exposing their ancestral neighborhoods.

"I won't admit it, Uncle Tomato!

"I will not say that I have forgotten the grace of Saint Xhal to the blue blood that gave our fathers the pillars!

"My house cuts off from the Balter family!

"You traitors bowing to the united kingdom!

The soil swayed.

The inner circle of men crushed the union of the gods of the land.

There was no sound, no visible, just like the air there, a ring that, as a matter of course, had connected the people of the periphery, and it was cut off here.

Every time one ran out, I felt like the atmosphere was trembling. Kai let her hair down. Turns out this is a dangerous sign that should never have happened.


As a result, Kai felt signs and looked over my head.

Its snowy winter skies were high and had begun to include strong sunlight with each passing hour.

Between those gray clouds, the still alien gods… Kai saw the madness it showed. As excited as the confusion of the people was, the alien gods were dressed up and voiceless.

It was like watching your master's special training and making a scene, watching the stupid miscellaneous soldiers. The impatience that all those gods had seen the shame of the race turned cold sweat and conveyed his forehead.

"... the snow is rising (...)"

That's how Kai realized that an inexplicable event was happening.

As if the world had turned upside down without realizing it, countless shimmering white shimmers had quietly begun to rise to heaven from the surface of the limestone soil, which sees from the heights of the state castle hills. I misconstrued the light as snow, but for that, I grumbled a dumb thing.

The only reason I found out that its floating light was not snow, it was like some kind of phosphorescent light, was because I saw that the real little snow was still going down from top to bottom following the logic of nature.

So much so that people's strife polarizes confusion, its phosphorescence mimics numbers and momentum. No one realizes that inexplicable sight. No, some of the monks, including Kwon Sang-du, seemed to notice.

Something spiritual.

Kwon Sangdu, who was intelligent, was the face of the devil, as if it were a curse: "You traitors! shouted."

The intention to kill the monks who ran their eyes blood swelled clearly.

Kai intuitively thought that its sucking up phosphorescent light was the grace of the land gods... the divinity of the land gods here that were contained within the earth. Has the divinity of the land begun to volatilize because of the collapse of the union of the peripheral lands lords and the loss of their grace as a group of gods, but no longer retainable? I thought so.

And at the same time, I had the certainty that the idea would not go a long way wrong.

(Soil breaking)

Behind his chest, he felt like the valley god blew away.

We must not believe that the world will remain as it is forever. "The evil god (Diabo)" graced him, and reminded him that the ends of the kingdom of the rotten grey monkeys varied.

The world in this eye is actually a very delicate world, not as brittle as glass finishing, where a number of factors consist only of a delicate balance.

We must protect that beautiful world.

That's what "guardian" means.

As Kai returned to me, he began to think about what had to happen to the world, even forgetting to breathe.