People may lose their soil.

Picturesque imagination was felt somewhat familiar. I was fascinated by the beauty of the phosphorescent rising into the sky, and when I thought they were a splash of grace equal to the life of the land, I also fell into the feeling that the land was raising a bloodbath.

I really thought it was plain scarce, poor land, but there was so much to lose (...).

No, it's not.

(Because millions of large people united the land gods, the soil was rich enough to manage to get people's lives to where they stood)

The truth is, I was poorer.

Instead, its original appearance may have been nothing but a deserted wilderness, without allowing the creature to survive, without any tenderness. It was because of the dominance of a people who united their mighty power that they had acquired so much plain that the grain would bear fruit… I thought it would be more right as a recognition to take it so.

Wasn't it because the declining Nevin clan had lightly abandoned their land because they hadn't found so much value there? Isn't that why you camped underground?

Kai doesn't know what the alien Aboriginal people must have been like before the tribe, when they must have trekked to the soil of the abyss. But it was rooted in a land where nothing seemed so fruitful, so I presume it was the same beasts who didn't even know how to farm.

Isn't the view of the peripheral soil we're seeing here a miracle in a way?

If this boring, whispering richness was so precious by then, I can also be more than certain that those who try to protect it (...) have become desperate.

I felt understandable if the main owner of the Bertu family, who is said to have ruled the soil, planned independence without protecting a certain richness now, and if the advance guardian, who told me not to overwhelmingly shoulder the species, was somehow deeply involved in the festival of people who would be the most of the species, was also based on his obsession with the miracle of the abundance of the land.

If the land becomes richer, the land god becomes stronger too. Compared to the strength of the protection of the peripheral lords, it is obvious that the richer villages, the more powerful the lords with the main streets, seem to manifest the high divine mark. One example of this is the powerful power of the Hiroshi family, which has the most developed state capital, and it can be seen from that that that the land shows richness is a "good thing" in this world.

(... If the peripheral soil is rough, other races will probably move. You have to consolidate the valley guard in order to become one)

If the hoops of the people's kingdom were loose, the pigs (orgs) would surely come in across the woods to plunder and steal the land. It was well conceivable to touch the 'Valley Country' sphere of power, where that massive invasion was forming in the woods.

Only the families who are gathering around the valley are still fragile. The country in the valley, which had just raised its voice as a country, needed sufficient time to prepare for the crisis.

(… then I want to put aside the ethnic territory of the limestone as far as possible in a direction that is not rough. What am I supposed to do here... think)

Nevin says don't get your hands on it.

I know it's an unsolicited saying, even though I had my own scattered hands on it, but perhaps the "good things" of trying to maintain the richness of the land and the "good things" of being a guardian's way of not engaging in civil strife between fellow countrymen are not contradictory or anything in Nevin.

What about yourself?

The people are of the clean Kai clan. Among those in civil strife I was included, and intervening in it was natural for my fellow countrymen, a matter that deserved priority over being asked to distinguish myself as a guardian. Maybe Nevin confused Kai with the previous possessions of God in the Valley and didn't include him among the people.

Kai shook off his patrol and made a move.

Stand in the confusion of this people, expose the "Valley Country", which is the root of every guardian, as appropriate, and establish relationships with people in the most beneficial way possible. There is an unwiped groove of hatred between the dwarf and deer (Ouzel) tribes and the mighty pig (Aug) species. If we can't hold hands together, there's nothing more hostile, but if we could use the power of the people as a backdrop here, it must have worked in our favor for the valley country.

(The king of the people is too far from here.... If you're going to take my hand, I'd rather have a nearby neighborhood uncle)

So let's sell this place a favor.

If we save Buddha Buddha here, the realm of Kai will be at least stable, and the kingdom of Kai Valley will also strengthen its relationship as the benefactor of the life of the "Buddha King", and gain friendship and stability. I also didn't realise the hesitation to self-justify that action was a right to life for the survival of the species because it was Kai, a people and at the same time king of the kingdom of the valley.

There was a hand that captured Kai's shoulder trying to rush out of it. If you look, my lord... Molok Vegin and his sons have just arrived near Kai. In an attempt to mask it as a guardian, it still didn't seem to work such a disguise or anything close to what I've shared for a long time.

"What is a 'guardian'?... I guess there's an explanation"

The questioning voice was harsh, but I didn't see any color in its expression that would blame it for hiding valuable protection.

I just figured out that my sense of responsibility as a lord made me say what I had to know so that I wouldn't get lost in judgment.

And the Lord placed his hand in affection on the shoulders of the mysterious "Guardian," raising a few surprises from the surrounding lords.

Are you acquainted with Lord Moloch?

If so, is he a god of subhumans rooting on the eastern side of the soil...

Rumoring whispers propagate around like fine waves. Finding a strong stopover to rely on is beginning to be an urgent necessity for the now-bound Soil Lords whose links are shattering. If you can pass it on to the powerful 'guardian', 'guardian', who lightly slaughtered 'Diabo', you will gladly pack that distance. Since it was such an occasion, it was also natural that the shade of gaze on the surrounding Moloch family had changed.

It was only a few things that Kai patrolled.

It is a situation in which nothing has yet been decided what relationship the kingdom of my valley will have with the people. I wanted to avoid spreading the fact that 'the former villagers of the Moroccan family' here.

Shut up and grabbed the hand placed on your lord's shoulder, pushing him gently.

Just for the sake of the eyes, I would like to reopen the application.

"I am the Guardian of the Valley. That's all I need to remember."

That's how Kai leapt away from the lords who were gathering and jumped into the squares turmoil. I also noticed that Princess White's eyes had followed me, but I didn't feel comfortable now.

Anyway, save the neighborhood uncle.

Build a useful cooperative relationship with The Valley Country.

It wasn't from the likeness of a proselytizing mind to save the lives of people dying irrespective of damage, it was just a deliberate decision to remove the confusion factors surrounding the valley country.

The dwarves also slipped through the people without the quick identity of Kakaya, and when blocked, they pushed forcefully with force. When he saw a side Tubu cutting with Kwon Sangdu beyond the white smoke of his breath that bounced in that way, he appeared to hold back his advance, as he had expected.

Fluffy down, the small 'guardian' has stared at Kai for his ascendancy.

"... pull in. of the valley."

"Out of the way. I decided to intervene."

"'Guardians' are from one another..."

"If you want to stop it, stop it."

Buh, and the air shook.

Nevin's figure scratches out of sight and rolls out of the side where his fist is a blind spot. Kai strikes it down instantly with a reflexively wielded elbow punch. Kicking legs that raised the gold that came in a row also underdeveloped by poking the barely captured upper body of Nevin.

(... We can go after him, already)

In the first confrontation, with the same sense of human hands, I followed the movement of the center of gravity and hands and feet, but couldn't cope because of it.

Nevin uses his back blades to lightly ignore the prep moves that people need to attack. If you're up to it with that intent, you're going to be flirting with an unexpected storm.

It was Kai who already knew about the area in the earlier arrangement, but of course he couldn't possibly just expose all of Nevin's attacks as the wind strikes him with his reflex nerves, and he gets some.

I broke it off as a consideration to see through.

(... Okay, I got it)

Kai's eyes captured the 'wind magic' that was the driving force behind that struggle over Nevin's shoulder.

If I run a little spiritual power, I can tell you what's wrong. I can't escape God's 'eyes' in the valley.

(Bombed in 'Magic' moves opposite)

Nevin offered his palm forward to laugh bitterly as Kai, who could have done well if half of the time, gradually got used to the attack and barely leaned on it.

The "Wind Magic" that exploded at that moment blew Kai out of time. It was a gap created by shallow carelessness that assumed Nevin's fighting methods as a hand-to-hand fighting base.

He was kicked into pursuit by that defenseless back as he rolled unnecessarily. Kai saw the heavens and earth flip over and over, distorting his face to the scorching heat.

I knew it was awesome.

Nevin, who managed to look down at Kai coolly as he tried to get up, strikes down the soles of his feet. Eating that relentless attack on his face, sparks scattered from his eyes.

He manages to capture the kick that went on with his nosebleeds scattered, twisting himself around his ankle and pulling Nevin down to the ground. How the other person was a guardian never meant that Kai's physical ability to beat his physique would fall into it.

It was for a moment that I showed my face that Nevin had been laid together. Keeping hold of the rampage, Kai clenched his fist and slapped it on its face many times. I didn't condone looking like a luxurious kid.


I heard a scream.

It was issued by Uncle Kaito, who was being hunted down by Kwon Sang-du and others.

Kai, who somehow stopped the attack, was slightly stunned when he realized that his fists were covered in red blood, poking the gap at his opponent, who was the owner of the blood.

As "Wind Magic" played beneath his chin and glanced at him, a kick scratching the sand with Nevin's hind leg escaped from the bite choosed the dovetail.

Signs of crawling out from under Kai go as far away as they go with the feathers.

(... sucks)

Uncle Kaito's voice was quite pressing.

At Setouchi, whether or not he would lose his life, it was still a big deal just because of the temper he was worried about Nevin's predicament. Against the multiple monks who were attacked, several lords of help were also seen around Uncle Bitu.

"Father, help me now!

A bunch of allies trying to rush there.

Among them I found a face I had seen before and Kai was slight but distracted.

Because I found out that the First Prince Adore, who revealed the neighborhood, was trying to bring in and join my Brotherhood.

From there, it seemed that the battle centered on Uncle Horizontal would increase the number of participants at once, to the detriment of the monks... but Kai became as sticky as Sudoyamako (Kakiko) in the abrupt curtain that followed.

After the dagger in the hands of Prince Adore was freshly poked at his father's back, the monks' score pierced his body from all sides.