Something strained spread rhymes during the frozen winter shivers.

The sound of a trembling sound, like clawing a bow string, spreads like a ripple. Kai's entire body muscles builded strength in fear of something unknown by instinct.

Slightly late, the land on the periphery rocked to the side.

Were the screams of the people that occurred at that time directed toward the death of Uncle Horizontal, or were they again astonished by the earth shake?

The cause and effect were obvious. And the rulers of the land, whether kings or not, were cast aside. At that moment, the vast marginal soil was equal to losing its ruler and being crushed by a piece called a few hundred individual land gods.

The people who lost a string of 'gods' have greatly retreated their dominance over the land.


God in the valley shouted.

I knew immediately what I said to resist.

Because of the sudden swelling intangible pressure from the sky, compressed as if they were going to hold their heads in. Though the sensation could have been quickly lost, it would not have been my fault that I felt the appearance of the gods at far altitude approached me in obscurity.

I have also perceived that I do not want to admit that the gods did not come near, but that the boundaries of the world narrowed (...).

Is this world a bubble?

I remembered something thin and shook my thoughts off no.

It was not the bubbles, but the 'boundaries' that defined this world narrowed... that the thoughts of God in the Valley were shared, which led Kai to the recognition of nature and the right status quo.

I shuddered and saw where Uncle Kaito had been killed. Kai knew that Uncle Bedou's death was no longer confirmed, but he could nevertheless sympathize with the sad thoughts of those who guided his cheapness. And there were those that cried out his name again and again, and grabbed up a white, shining mass, and the fool that kept hustling about all my victories provoked Kai.

First Prince Adore.

The cheer of the central aristocrats, who praised their victory slightly late, and the anger of the peripheral territorial lords who anointed them, shouted the name of the Lord with their arms as a few brothers following his voice.

"Man's million-dollar 'King God' is just one pillar!

In order to stop those who had supported the "predecessors" Tubu, Kwon sangdu proclaimed so in a well-trained voice, and the subordinate monks continued.

"The company of the people is the only one"

"Only the vessel of Saint Kushal is the wearing king of the Tree of God"

"Bad branches paid for"

"The great Manu has lived a good young branch and stretched it out already!

As the distracted lords settle in confusion, the bright central nobles echo the monks' currents.

"Unite God!

"I will decide to succeed the Uncle Bedou family, but first!

A powerful group of deities was lost that made the soil a part of the people.

The Lords of the Neighbourhood immediately understood how the lost land of its definitive Lord was in a dangerous situation because it was a party.

"Successors will get the 'Spirit' and this Adore will inherit!

Even though Adore said he worked the abominable evil business of killing his father, he continues to insist on my legitimacy without even paying close attention to it. One after another will appear those who disagree with it.

Other princesses' wives and their brothers' parties on official journeys in the Wang capital push for their respective 'legitimacy': the absence of the Lord. He exclaimed his martial arts, his power, and, more importantly, the centrality of his engagement with the cemented valves.

The younger the younger the prince, the poorer the Brotherhood, but the mother of the fourth prince on the road gathered with the staying parents to assert her son's excellence without shame.

And Arshena, the sixth son, who was to be engaged at this time's "feast" and honored as a symbol of his bond with the Lords of the Side Territories, broke the hedge and appeared screaming for the father-killer of his eldest son Adore to be an inhuman, and smugly gave him the means to stab his great father from behind in cowardice.

Although the ugly domestic strife that was hidden within him was the form it took once and for all to manifest itself, over the inheritance of the largest pillar of that house that the Lord had, it was something that could happen to any house for flesh parents to contend with, so the peripheral Lords look bitter and watch what happens.

Besides, it was not Kai's knowledge of the issue of the succession of the Hiroshi Kaito family. Unfortunately, there was no prospect for me, but I approached the crowd that had been abandoned by Uncle Bedou and scratched people forcefully.

And finally, when I saw the remains of Horizontal uncle in its eyes, you shrunk a lot, Grandpa, and I snapped. That bumpy body when I named "King God" was squishing like someone else.

I guess the hole that pulled through 'Divine Stone' is on the back side. The carcass was not as unbroken as I thought it would be.

To the mysterious "guardian" who suddenly appeared, the brothers and sisters of the house who were surrounding him distanced themselves from seeing the creepy things, and some vomited and abandoned them "without a knob, desolate god," or begged them as they mistakenly mistake "forgive the Lord". Maybe he thought the body was something to be done with.


Kai said.

The opponent, who must have guessed that he had been heard, looked into Kai's eyes, which were somewhat lower, and raised and lowered his throat buddha to swallow his claw.

I don't suppose you realize who Kai is to be masked, but you know he's instinctively the one to be in pain for once. I sweat cold and fall back a little bit.

"... you don't like it"

"... ugh."

Sometimes what "guardians" are starting to see as a kind of "authority" by the large number of "protectors" who are on this scene say they "don't like" me.

I came up with a negative reaction that the words out of that mouth would have, or Adore argued as if he had panicked. You thought the cause of the alleged dislike was in an earlier unexpected act, and the clarification began in the later direction.

"... it just so happens to be behind my back, that I will righteously do my father's deeds..."


"I couldn't admit it, such as making the soil independent.... I'm sure there's a different way of looking at the Guardian..."

"... about what? Well, I don't know, but if you want to 'inherit', you can do whatever you want."

"... is, eh?

"After the inheritance, it's probably gonna be a big deal."

Kai somehow guessed what the 'Inheritance of the Home Governor' was supposed to look like, and said so mindfully that would not be a big mistake.

The burden on the world is too great for the life and death of such important figures as those at the mercy of a group of gods like Uncle Bitu. Therefore, we should have followed the procedure more carefully.

For example, I wonder if it would be moderate to put up a trusted "guardian" as a surrogate during his lifetime and replace him with you as soon as possible for the required number of days instead. I imagine it would be easier if you ordered the "shelter holders" just below to do so. After succeeding the housekeeper, make him return the subordination. I don't think I'm going to follow that procedure.

Well, aside from that, such as killing the person without prior preparation, as this one did, is clearly contrary to the way of the people who make the union of the land gods a strength, and there will be considerable difficulties awaiting the Uncle Bejitu family.

If you want to inherit the trail, you can do so.

However, it is merely said that the return of the Lords must be collected from the beginning.

I was just curious to see how much support I could muster to succeed my father in killing him. I can predict that it will probably be quite difficult to navigate.

I've looked up to Kai and said, "Aren't you going to eat it fast?" Encouraged, Adore remembered why I was still prevailing in succession fights, seeing my father's 'Divine Stone' in his hand and only looking a little bitter.

Well, it couldn't have been eaten right away. You can't do that if you take care of your addiction to the same kind of food.

"The people have been further weakened (...) by your hand in the killing of my father. In the spring, the 'sub-races' will push us to the land. If you're going to carry on the trail, you have to be prepared for it."

The people who live in this tough world cannot help but wish for nature and the strong. If you are "protective," you will incite, and if there is a vacancy in a more powerful God, you will lust for that grace.

Although it is said that double shielding is not possible, if we look at the current situation in which shielding is scattered on the children of the Lords' clan, we can presumably assume that it is possible to replace (...) even if double shielding is not possible. Adore also will surely take the 'Baal Retrigger', which my father used to be the root force in wielding immense power.

Even if I was hinted at the invasion of the subraces, I didn't rush into an addle that I just tried to think slightly about. I suppose it means he didn't remember the imminent crisis, and he believes in the limbo rule of a people who has remained a rock for hundreds of years. I think I saw a person there named Adore, and Kai has lost all interest in just staying on the spot anymore.

"... to instigate that 'invasion', O God of the Subhumans"

The stretched tin length rang. It was still Kwon Sangdu who stood up.

The right to take Kai's glance looking up The open eyes of Monk Du's pupils were pregnant with a full madness. Surprisingly, the neighborhood that floated on that surface had also reached the Four Years of Age (Qwart) without God's grace, and it seemed to be the effect of the secret medicine that had been spoken of in the last battle.

Kwon Sangdu referred to Kai as the 'god of the subhuman'.

That's how I bothered to say it to you, knowing you were nothing more than a resident of the village of Rag. Kai thought it was "The Spirit."

(... have you come to exclude (...))

Did the god of the valley say that, or did I think so?

One of us now lurking in me anticipated the aim of Kwon Sang-du that he would want a common external enemy (...).

Quickly putting together the splinters is quick if they have a hateful 'outer enemy' in common. The word 'match pump' came to mind and disappeared as it was.

"I won't let you! I won't let you go in my place!

"... ugh."

Kwon Sangdu moved to block Kai's whereabouts and stood with his hands wide open as if he were hostile. In that position, which was too defenseless if he was going to kill me, I found out that this man was trying to tailor me and Kai to the enemy of the people.

Is that what you get on your hands? It was only for a few moments that I turned my mind around.

("Wind Magic")

There was an invisible wind, and Kwon Sang-du cursed.

Even that slight gap was enough. Kai left the scene quickly and with dignity.

(... nevin)

Kai's eyes were looking for a vanishing predecessor guardian.

The little figure, white as that snow, was nowhere to be found in the square.

I had a bad feeling. Uncle Horizontal, who was concerned, is no longer in this world. What does Nevin think and how does he end up when he sees the end of it? The kind of glance that gave up all that left Kai with a stabbing pain in his chest.

I don't want you to die, I thought.