Without worrying about the voice chasing after him, Kai spoke his mind.

I shouted Nevin's name many times. But there's nothing to return. The snow, which was just gaining more momentum than earlier, fell firmly on my cheek and just turned into droplets.

I didn't know why I cared so much about the person I played until the beating. I didn't even think hairy enough that the fraternity I remembered just because I was the same 'guardian' was making me do that.

For some reason, unexpectedly, I've had an idea.

(… is this what God in the Valley thinks)

Only for a moment earlier, I had just learned the illusion that my mind overlapped. I wondered if the tone of that mind was still working again.

Empathy that hurts your chest.

I am convinced that it is a feeling only known to those who have experienced the same pain, and that I have never experienced it before. Speaking of which, "the predecessors" left the world for a long time as the survivors of a long time, and were unaware of (presumably) their fears engraved on the surrounding nations. The situation was very similar to that of Nevin.

Don't die, I hoped.

It hurt so much that my chest seemed to rip open.

"Protectors", now known as "guardians," seem to last quite a long time, and their lives must often continue even when the species to which they belong perish.

Thus, behind Kai's brain, the moment when 'the predecessors' were to be killed, was raised as a fragment of his memory. I knew right away that it must be God's memory in the valley.

I don't see God's face in the valley. Because the memory was through its eyes, it had no choice.

I was just laughing.

He was waving his weapon against a horrible alien species like Oyama, crying and laughing.

The quadrupedal beast of Kai's body, which gave birth to a magnificent horn that he had never seen before, roared again and again as irritated. "The predecessors," like a solidified child, were challenged to sneeze even when they were scratched.

The cause of death for those who have lived too long. That's not all about Tensei as an individual, it's just that he can't stand to keep living. I couldn't help but agree that it was about losing sight of the reason to stay alive.

I want to die a warrior in the end. That's what the 'predecessors' must have hoped for then. And the dream of the 'predecessors' broke off there.

I guess that was his last land.

What will Nevin wish for now? Nevin lived with the reign of the Uncle Bo family for a long time before he was chased from his homeland. By the hand of the mighty people, he must have watched the soil become sown and enriched. If the gods of the land were finding joy even though they were fleeing to gain more and more strength and watch the world fill with brilliance, where do they wish to mark the end of that world and all of them?


Though I had thought that the sacred remains of 'Baal Retriga', which Nevin's family had been coercing, might be at the bottom of a sleeping crypt, I came to the fact that it was only a place to flee after the disaster, and Kai calmed his spirit as he calmed down.

"Protected" has the power to feel the absence of my God's graveyard. It's a feeling that goes through the curse of being bound to the land, but likewise I thought if I sharpened my nerves, I'd know there might be other god's graveyards.

And the first thing I felt was still the 'Baal Retriga' graveyard with mighty power, and Kai concentrated his nerves even more.

To keep in mind, the feeling of spiritual power gathering in the body on the back of the forehead intensifies. At the same time, the "figurative print" of the forehead, which appeared in the neighborhood, became hot as if it had been ablaze by fire.

And some sight, not here, unfolded in my brain.

The information obtained from the spiritual eye did not remain in the realm of things through my naked eye. It was immediately understandable that this' visual information 'deviated from that way and was a separate kind of ability.

(... the 'special effects' of God in the Valley)

Ever since "Griffs" took the form of an "eye," I wondered if there was anything thin about it. Believing it was not a temporary dream, illusion, etc., Kai began to rush down a hill with a state castle towards the Sannomiya Palace in the direction of telling the senses......

"Follow me if you can," Kai mocks as she senses signs of the monks following me persistently from behind. Even if they bottom-up their divinity with medicine, they are not very much in the divinity of God in the valley in the first place. The god of the valley is becoming Kai's substitute to gather subspecies of subraces for more strength.

The foundation of physical ability is different in the first place. He passed the Second Palace to the Sannomiya Palace, and ran up its staring, soaring stone walls with only a few steps.

Up to its large roof, it was clear where the main pillars on the structure were invisible from the bottom.

Is it after my nails yesterday when I had sex with the Adolescents that some of the parts I looked over are unbroken? It was peeling off to one side of the tile, and I thought it was more softening than I thought. Like other personnel.

(... his graveyard is here)

Nevin called "Baal Litriga," the real lord of the Hill God.

The cemetery was exactly at the top of this hill, and Ichinomiya was said to be exactly the Great Spirit Temple that housed the cemetery.

And here at Sannomiya... I am convinced that it was built as a spiritual temple to seal the cemetery that the first Bulters controlled and took from a feathered species. It was quite a strange proposition that two tombs of a powerful God were lined up in one hill.

There was a main pillar that soars in a spire-like setting, just like Ichinomiya, on which there was someone to look for. The gaze that Kai felt during the grass match might have been sent from here.

"... don't, Bubba"

The injury seems to have already healed, but you are no longer interested in repairing yourself, and Nevin, with his bloody face, left his body in the chair as if he had seen Kai flush and weakened.

The rainy roof at the tip of the spire was just like a small east house (Azumaya), which Nevin would have used as a safe house for a long time. A chair with a relaxed back and furniture that looked like a trinket were placed, and a vial made of coloured glass sagged from the roof pillars wore some small flowers with the warmth preserved by the heat drainage of the Sannomiya.

If it had been "sheltered", it would have been a comfortable enough space because it would not be cold or anything else. Nevin gave himself up to that chair sloppily and looked up at the snowy sky.

"... you know, I followed you."


Crawling up to the main pillar, Nevin glanced at Kai, who had looked down at me in silence, and sighed long and faint as if he had no choice.

It's only minimal when it comes to having a roof. The snow falling in comes in from the side even with a slight breeze. Even though I don't care about the cold, there will be limits.

"... hey, of the valley"


"These winters used to be deeper. So much so that all the Yi (Mura) were buried, they made snow caves and came and went in winter."

Kai didn't want to interrupt Nevin's whining.

I just stood beside him, looking up at the same winter sky, trying to keep my feelings in line.

"Until recently, I forgot it was snow like that. Winter was short, and spring was warm, so I couldn't remember the old days when I couldn't move half the year."

In Nevin's eyes, the winter sky was white.

"The snow is getting deeper these days - I thought maybe this year would be worse... I'm sure that's not where - it would be rough. Look, it's brighter up there, and it's getting worse and worse."

"... Nevi"

"... Perhaps the soil will come back to the old days. I want to go back to those days when I'm so stupid to kill."


"... have you seen it? That's the place."

Nevin had his eyes closed, as if he were going to take a nap.

I'm so caught up in the illusion that its presence is going to fade away as it is.

"... Kai"

"... what"

"If there's something I don't know or want to talk to you about, look for" Though ". Everybody's probably free, and they're gonna bake me some unwanted favors or something."

By "though," are you referring to other guardians?

But now, it's better than that.

"Why, say it that way. You can talk to him."

"... no yummy. I'm tired and tired."

"Just get in (...)"

Hiraki, his eyes opened.

And he threw up, "No," as he seemed heartbroken.

"... do a matching 'earthwhistle'. Try ringing it with all your strength. The one nearby will come for you."

"So don't be gone."

"... Never lose it."


"... oh, because I already know"

"It's appropriate."


It's like a verbal fight between deaf children.

And after a slight silence, Nevin seemed sorry, upbeat Kai.

"Get me a nice 'stone'"


"Hey, come on."

"Oh, my God."

"I'm sure it's from Uume"

"Shut up, I'll throw you away!

"... then do it -"

Kai was already self-absorbed.

He caught Nevin trying to turn my hand against his chest and hugged him full of strength. Embracing me, I was crying out. There was really nothing more I could do, and I couldn't help but be sad and sad.

The smell of Nevin came through the temperature.

Nevin, who seemed bewildered, turned that hand on Kai's back, which seemed lost, as he was embraced, showing his dear love.

"There it is, you"

Nevin was so crushed.