Even that day, the outside world was shining and just snowing.

Faced out of the snow cave, Nevin flew to the outside world with his back blades moving as he paid for the little snow on his hair.

"They'll find us."

"The position of Yi (Mura) will fall apart!

Nevin, obsessed with enjoying his long-time freedom while being treated later by his facetious relatives, rose even higher in the sky as he gestured to tell how his white hair was not noticeable in the snow scenery, nothing to be afraid of.

In the dim scenery where heavy snow clouds could drip in, it was really not easy to find them putting together their protective colors, blindfolded by snow falling to cover their sights.

From the nest hole, which opens with a bump on the snowy surface, you can see many of the family members who are showing their faces to be caught by Yi Chang's ego. Who can imagine that there are hundreds of tribes living beneath this deep snow. There was no sign of Yi being found in the great tribe that was now targeting this land, in the great group of people coming from the South.

Especially now, it's winter. In a cold season when it's not easy to find this kind of bait, few people roam the ground until they risk it. As much as a clan of fat-stuffed Cobb deer came out to roam the bark of trees that could be managed even in winter, none of the flying couches, the natural enemies of the Eight Wings (Yaso) winged Phoenix (Lurso) clan, would appear.

The wilderness winter, when all the troublesome monsters traveling in the snowless season nested, was arguably the safest season for the Phoenix, if harsh.

If so far.

(Please, I have to do something by myself)

The power of protection does not bring winter cold to Nevin.

Even the Phosphorus Wings, who were vulnerable to low temperatures, were different from the warriors who were 'protected'.

Nevin was the head of the Phosphorus Wing clan and the head of the Great Warrior. Sometimes in a small part of the Phosphorus Wings, the eggs, a special child is born that receives life as a fetus in the belly of the queen. Its unusually well-developed solids often brought wisdom together in addition to its strong power, and the Phosphor Wings often allowed such individuals to inherit precious land gods. Nevin was also given protection by finding such rare qualities.

Nevin, who continued to protect his species from the harsh competition for survival in the wilderness, gradually gained wisdom and strength to the point of being seen from the other eight wings (Yathos). There was also pride in becoming a strong warrior.

It was only with that pride that I felt strongly that if I didn't do it, who would do it?

(We have to help those caught... I'm sure our Yi will fall apart)

The reward came in.

One Yi was crushed.

(Even in such a harsh winter, they come to crush when they find a nest)

Those who nested and slowed their movements were prey to outfits for the people.

As opposed to the cold-resistant 'sheltered', the people who peel the fur of the creature and put it on top march flat even in the deep snow.

The Phoenix were also attacked by young Yi, who had just broken up their nest, and several of their families were killed, and the beautiful things of the visible wings were chosen and taken. For the tribe had slaughtered yet another land and race, it was sometimes brought back a part of the body of the loser as a commemoration of victory. Did the Phosphorus Wings match their tastes in small ways, or were often taken alive and grabbed and loved. And when you get tired of making it comforting, you kill your wings with laughter.

I wanted to save you before it was terrible.

The people try to confess the place of their companions by placing their feathers on the begging Phosphorus. Many phosphorus wings can't stand the fear of losing their wings when they say that the consequences of being be irrelevant. Even in this sense, before the malevolent hands of the people reached out to other Yi, they had to be dealt with firmly.

Nevin searched for signs of the people in the dim, when the sun had also completely fallen. And they were going to engage in a crime scene where they were fighting exactly what they were.

It was surprisingly close to the village of the Phoenix. No, I was lucky enough to encounter another threat as I approached to attack Nevin's village, maybe that's what it was like.

(Hill God!)

The Yi of the Phoenix hide their nest holes as the trees thrive on the hem of a small hill rising in the wilderness. And on the top of that hill, a fearful desolate god of a pillar was nesting.

The giant snake that wrapped around the long torso had three heads with enough aftertaste to drink one cob deer, and two tails with a clatter and a sound.

The god of the hills was a natural enemy of the Phosphorus Wings, but at the same time a patron saint who protected them from external enemies. Very rarely in the hills, two land gods set up graveyards, a pattern in which the two races that became their possessions coexisted.

The trees that cover the villages of the Phoenix were natural barriers that they themselves planted and raised so that the gods of the hills would not strike Yi. So are the thorns, but the trees emit odors that the gods of the hills hate.

Shit, Nevin thought.

The Hill God is very temperamental and will never forgive those who ravage the nest. Above all, a torso as thick as its great tree has the terrible power to crack and crush even the great rock once it is wrapped around a tough top.

To the God of that hill, the armies of the people were challenged. It was such a big army that it creeped me out as to why I could roll out so many numbers in the middle of the winter wilderness. Many of the weapons of the people who excelled in metallurgy were made of iron, and the individual soldiers were weak, but not the ones that could be ignored after the claws left by the unlimited number of their attacks.

The god of the hill, whose whole body quickly became bloody, boiled his fortune and stormed around even worse. A hundred or 200 people must have been killed while Nevin was watching.

That's how it was when I started to see God's dominance in the hills. From among the armies of the people, several distinct individuals entered, striking the gods of the hills at the same time.

Among the people, they were the same 'protectors' as Nevin. And the situation quickly turned upside down. The people were putting a foolish force on this winter's offense. There were about a hundred people's 'sheltered'. I'm sure that if you scratch as many as a hundred pillars of 'protective possession', even if you're as large as a human race, you're sure to be completely vacant in that area. It was an almost abandoning force, which would normally be very difficult to do.

The god of the hills rang.

That was a scream he'd never heard before. A small family crawled out of its nest hole between the rocks and began to increase, but they were also slaughtered one after the other.

Nevin immediately understood what would happen if the battle were directed at us. Fears that I had never felt before turned me away.

Anyway, I have to help my people.

Sneaking into a position left behind by the people, he finally discovered his companions caged in a right and left quote.

Fellows of the Scalewings, bound to their hands and feet and chained to their necks, were treated roughly or bruised with their hands and feet.

Nevin slapped the cage and broke the chain.

When he scolded his companions, who only cried once, and tried to fly away... he was very tall, and the voice of the god of the hills roared. Wipe the snow on your lashes and hurry out.

The people's kai sang all over the hill. I saw the people delighted that the land had spread again dancing wildly in the snow. Those who run around with the sons of the gods of the hills up like toys, those who are busy scaling the gods of the hills to commemorate the battle. They were not restrained as if to the death of their companions, etc. He seemed only interested in winning and proving the strength of his species.

If you get caught, you'll be made a comforter again. While missing the family, Nevin was driven by the need to direct the interest of that man to a different place than the nest. Now that the god of the hills had been done, it seemed that the Scalewings, who nest at its foot, no longer had a choice but to escape from it.

At least give me time to escape.

Nevin flew.

He flew, trying to blur the armies of the multitude of men at the top of the hill. The only way for people who had to crawl down the ground to catch the Scalewings was to aim where they were stuck in the nest.

The flying Scalewings surely caught the eye of the people. The people who were entertaining the wreckage of the Hill God started pointing at us and shouting.

Come on, over here, people.

Nevin had beautiful wings among the Scale Wings. Hence, flying was also the fastest. It follows as some of the people were excited.

He said, "Oh, my God!

Nevin's aim. But it crushed early.

On the other side, they found the families they missed.

The army of the people who were burying the hill breaks down to the other side. Nevin turned back in a hurry knowing the nest was going to be attacked. The wind changes direction and the snow pops into my eyes one after the other. Nevin was screaming voiceless every time he crawled up his back. The tortoise grass that surrounded the nest hole is cut off, and people jump into the nest hole.

The flying Octopus (Yaso) was almost powerless in the nest. It would have been the last time if it had been attached to the nest.

The Scalewings perish.

Nevin, the head of Yi, understood that. He then approached one of the nest holes and tried to stop as many people as possible coming by the group knowingly that it was no longer in vain. I kept killing him.

"It's the bugs' 'sheltered'!

The people said it.

I guess I simply thought it strange that the Scalewings, who should be exceptionally inferior in physical ability, were so much better than the people. Then some people's 'sheltered' appeared. Nevin fought with madness in his death and retreated many times with a fighting technique transmitted to Yaso.

And the next 'guardian' who showed up there was the best warrior of the people here.

"Do you want me to come?"

The first balter laughed dressed all over God's blood on the hill.