itself, how long did it sprang up there without anything.

Born as a strange black obsession, it rose as it stained from the shadows, and appeared all its appearance in the fierce and mad wind.

I had no hands or feet for that.

He had no eyes, no ears, and roughly no creature.

The vague and obscure appearance of it faintly only held the consciousness of the 'pieces' together. He was suddenly overwhelmed by the existence of a tiny one separated from the world, and he also seemed frightened.


In the earth, there was a terrible storm.

A strong wind containing fine debris swept wildly and madly as it cut through the atmosphere, trying to blow him in a direction he never thought possible. Without his hands or legs, he played with the wind to the right and to the left. He made it bitter, but he couldn't resist the power of a strong wind, even as he tried to snag into the fluttering cold ground.

Would it have been done that for a while but kept rolling?

His body, which was only to be played with, stopped like it had caught on to something somewhere and stopped moving from there.

Seen, from his strange body, a 'hand' as thin as a dead branch had been created. And the hook claw that grew in his hand held fast to the earth.

He was the one who stood for a while against the wind blowing with that hand that grew only one, but when he understood that nothing could change the status quo with this, he created one, another and a new hand.

With more than four hands, he had quickly reached the original use of the hand, not only to whom he could be taught. Thus he walked out in a dangerous foothold.

I didn't even question what I was. I blurted out "pieces" to the existence of a person who just started walking.

While hitting something or falling into a hole, 'eyes' were opening to take in the elephants of the world.

There was a dark sky and a white earth. Its world, soon to be rolled up with fierce winds and winding white sand debris, was terribly lonely and cold. The sand rubble that stings my skin was a small grain of ice.

In the midst of a heavy snowstorm, he proceeded to be led by something. After I realized it was easier to stay low and crawl on, I stayed put.

It's been a long time since I started walking like that.

For the first time, he captured anything but wind and snow in his sight. It tried not to run through the white if it did, but when his outstretched hand touched it, it fell as-is and stopped moving.

The feeling I touched for a moment brought him unprecedented excitement.

Fluffy and soft it had unleashed something around it that I had never felt before. It wasn't until he impulsively ate up the itself that he found out that it was called 'heat'.

If I noticed, I found myself filled with something warm in my body. At the same time, I found that the white world surrounding my body was something painfully harsh. He crawled further, driven by the fierce desire to 'survive'.

By then, I realize that there are a lot of people around him who continue to crawl the same way. I hate the place he is right now, and he was in the shape of standing at the head of the group as he speeded up his legs. As he continued to run kicking the white and cold earth, a black wall approached his yuku hand.

In a world where there was only a roar of wind, there was something that tempted the air. To feel that strange something, 'ears' had arisen.

"Come Tazo!


The strange sarcasm comes from the people. That was the sound of 'creatures' making.

The wall and the obstacle I felt was a large ice wall that pierced and consolidated the snow. Right in front of the wall, the snow on the ground was gone, making it a fallen hole. Rolling down, he first touched something called a black, hard ground at the bottom of it. The cold, turning black ground was very easy to run.

Across the wall, something huge appeared for the first time I saw it. The itself, so much bigger than the lumpy one if you look before, was still felt releasing something from its entire body in the same way.

Understanding that it was the 'fever' he felt then, he was climbing up walls that looked up as impulses went, striking the great shadows.

"Less Sidekai, Blend Monkey!

"Hoka eatterzo"

Something hard approached him and he first learned something called 'pain' when he took it directly from the front. And he got caught up in intense emotions as he was beaten to the hard ground. I can't get what I want. I don't like what caused the pain.

When he tried to climb the wall again, his crowds swept against the wall. But even though they are smaller than him, they can hardly climb the wall and are slapped and rolled down by something long from the top.

"'Primary Species' Nouchini Kill SE!

"One Mo Remains Sna!

A lot of something was put up in it and paid for the darkness of the world.

It was also the first time I had seen a fire burning red. I found that everything blind enough to burn those eyes was a mass of 'heat'. I wanted to touch it.

Crawling distracted amongst us, though, he set his aim on one individual desperate to wield the long one. And a dark shadow, created by a raised eyelid something, covered his movements with proportions.

He was devoured by itself.


"Eat Wasnah!

The individual, who was riding out of the wall, fell as-is with his whole body peeled off. He pulled it off, of course. Even though they were around, they flocked.

The 'heat' that is taken in by the body makes him indulgent. It was the first time in my life that I had gained so much fullness. As his instincts went, he swallowed up the hot air and stuck his head in a crevice.

They clearly grew bigger even though they got what they came for. Soon it became like a takeover, but he was no match for him with a large body.

While eating, he grew even bigger, too. And just a little wisdom started to work.

But if we feed them more, we can grow up and break down that intrusive wall. Separately he gave way to the 'meal'. As we aimed, even though they grew a little bigger, they seemed to increase the threat to those on the wall.


"General Hoob!

A large number of people were killed.

Though the ones that could have grown just a little bit will eat down, they are still hard to come by the huge ones on the wall. Even though they were killed, the carcasses were soon devoured by their companions.

It doesn't open.

I can't cross that wall.

We have to cross that wall. Vague thoughts become unrelenting in battle.

He quickly crawled up the wall with his grown body. I was beaten with something hard many times, but I moved on without being frightened.

Huge things scream and fall back. You're very strong, but they were very weak. Just one bite and they stopped moving quickly.

One after the other he went on to a new 'meal'. And after he had swept away the organ, he threw it down toward the people beneath the wall, trying to snort it up.

"General!" I heard a scream. There was something that broke the giant ones and showed up.

"Evil Shikimonome!

Something glistening blurred my eyes.

It immediately struck him and the intense pain exploded in him.

He was a very powerful individual, extraordinarily different from the others. It felt like my body had been torn in two lengthwise.

Ouch! Ouch!

I lagged back as I waved my safe hand trying to get away from it. Much older, he was also unable to easily change his body's orientation on the wall.

One after the other came new pain. The pain made him learn to be scared.

Scared, fleeing, he turned his eyes, then for the first time seeing heaven and earth stretching across the wall.

It interrupts the border where there is cloudy weather that has always covered the overhead, from which the blinding light falls. There is less white snow that I took for granted to the glittering earth. Glowing was a stream flowing with snowmelting water.

He twisted, hating to be hurt, and fell off the wall.

The fallen end was not the side of the group.

"Kill Se!

"Leak Lasita!

Soon a great many giant things came upon us again. He even escaped. A light shooting world was calling him.

He kept running, even as he was given pain in the back. Even though some of his hands lifted and he was unable to move quickly, he crawled for the view.

One more thing, and the burning fever pierced him the moment he thought so. The snow was already thin on the ground, and I smelled unfamiliar 'dirt' from the soaked earth.

Last but not least the intense thought that that was where they should live, the consciousness that was him was fogged.