The vast land of the three thousand idyllic soils (yurds) on the north side was disturbed like hemp by the loss of the union of the gods.

It is indisputable that the transgression of Buddha Balter Abbas of Buddha Buddha Buddha, who planned the independence of the Great Buddha and proclaimed himself the King God... was the beginning of it all.

That winter, the soil was in turbulence.

Winter storms continued to blow.

A number of lake swamps froze. The trees were torn apart by the cold, and many livestock were frozen to death in livestock that was not handy enough.

And even as the river of snowmelt water began to appear everywhere on the edge of the earth, there were surprisingly few sprouts of wild grass. In contrast to the children who ran innocently around the soiled earth that dawned, the adults whispered in a whisper to the ominous shadow that was about to fall. Something is different this year. Something bad must happen.

The Lords, who lead the villages, have come and gone to their neighborhoods more often than not to take their seats for discussion. Before waking up arable land, the village soldiers began to practice, damp leather protective equipment was dried up in the sun, and arrows were made more.

The blurred anxiety of the people living on the edge of the earth will become reality when the remnants of the snow disappear from the earth.

It was as if waiting for the snowmelt that a massive invasion of the subrace began.

"There's a touch of the Bofoys! The fire reward!

"Let go! Clear the way!

A man of the apostle, diving through the village gate while riding, rolls off the saddle and runs off. The soil at its feet sucked a lot of snowmelt water and jumped the mud every time it proceeded to walk.

Rag village lord Molok Vezin moved as soon as he looked at the resulting letter.

The Great Invasion of the Pork (Aug) Clan.

An army of pigs (orgs) emerged near 10 yurds west of the village of Bagna. That number is roughly 3,000. The stability of the eastern realm of the limestone could be broken, it was just as important.

The Rug villagers, led by our lord Vezin, advanced to the place of the Lords' Union.

That number is more than eighty. Soon after the pain of the attack with the Grey Monkey Man (Makak) healed, that's all I could muster even scratching up recruits like children.

Only the arm-wrapped women and a handful of old soldiers guard the men's absence. Even though Jose, once a "sheltered man," remains, as usual, it would be quite dangerous if he were attacked by the Grey Monkey (Makaku) tribe. So much so that the Moroccans were forced to spit out their power by pushing that danger that the great army of the Pork (Org) 3000 was seen as a threat to all of the East.

I guess it's precisely because it was an emergency. When I returned alive, a large number of women responded to the offer of marriage that I could accompany them. The survival instinct of a group called the village may have tried to give birth to new children and increase them in order to survive. The Women's Association, which manages the marriages of villagers, behaved broadly with permission to many of the deliveries that were pending. Because of this, it seems that in the departure of the soldiers, a place of mourning for men and women was created there.

In Kai's squad, Manso seemed to be on it, scratching the 'marks (and more)' left on his neck muscle like itching. Of course, I kept getting poked persistently by the men who had no connection with such things, and walked toward the day after tomorrow on the top of the pioneering Buddha.

"... Damn it, even me"

"Damn, these guys are stupid"

Of course it's not just Manso who's being hit.

Kai, the squad leader who returned from the far state capital to the village, also had a dramatic change in treatment in the village.

Kai, dressed in inconsistent leather armor, is turning his arms as he walks to see how other protective gear is on his hands and feet.

Its obviously not for miscellaneous soldiers, superior warrior outpost had an inexcusable gaze from other squad members.

"... there are rumors about Kai being in a lord's house. Look at that leather armor."

"You're the one who got it out of the castle. Even that one."

"Kai is your nobleman."

Its leather armor and so forth was given to it by the Moloch family and was one of the great changes that took place around Kai. Traditional Lordship weapons, which had been kept dead without being used, were now given to this "Almost Becoming" at all costs. I would have said that the special treatment was also superb.

After receiving a call from the leading lord, the person rushes out. The protective gear with the season makes a squeaky noise every time you run. It probably weighs a lot as well, but it doesn't even seem to be a lot of inconvenience to Kai in "About to Be".

"I'll take care of the rest, Manso."

"Oops, I'm in charge"

The "winners" interacted with each other, and the rest of the squad bumped into each other and maliciously.

The fact that objects are now given is proof that they have become 'inward handling', and your attitude towards Kai is also very close. It was also rumored that he might accompany someone from the princess.

Olha, the eldest son, is at the head of the group. There was also the implication that a good 'guardian' would sentry at the head of the group, but in this case it would be better to see it as Olha's silent claim that 'succession is mine'. He is also terribly aware of the existence of the "Almost Become", which is closer to our Lord Vegin.

"Isn't that quite a samurai gesture? Kai."

"It's hard to move."

"Well, half dressed. It's my job to protect everyone by standing out."

The path at your feet is badly wet.

The grass, which survives for a long time while it is buried in snow, was appearing yellow this year, mostly as if it had rotted its roots. It has become a snowmelting muddy soil by making sure they mix in half.

Kai raised his face to the lord who lurked his voice a little from there.

I cleared my ears so they wouldn't be scratched off by the footsteps.

"... Are you sure the village doesn't matter?

Kai also responded with a flat voice to the enquiry that was made.

"Believe it or not, you're free. That's what I judge."


From there, there are no salutations, etc. Inside, Kai has already ceased to be a position of being a resident of the village of Rag.

"I appreciate you making the same decision to accept me. And I haven't forgotten how much I've been raised so far. … so protect everyone wherever possible. I just want you to believe that I'm not being mean to the village."

"Let's Believe"

Behind the fact that our Lord Vegin was able to leave the village, there was information about the subhuman world brought by Kai. Vezin believed in Kai's view that there would be no Grey Monkey invasion.

In fact, the Grey Monkey Nation has broken into two North and South contenders in their dominance struggle over the new king, and now they are no longer loose enough to give a little bit to the people. Kai had more information on that side than he could imagine, as the Southern Clan Union "Great Leadership" was trying to send successive envoys to the valley country behind him to keep cooperation close.

Of course, I'm not going to disclose more information about the subhumans than I need to and do anything to their detriment. Kai explained only partially, and your lord did not force you to ask for it. I didn't know exactly what it meant to be a guardian, neither Vezin, nor perhaps even Kai of our own. Therefore, it may have been fortunate in a sense to have created a moderate sense of distance between the two.

The Moroccans decided to treat Kai, the guardian, as one of the new queens who appeared in the eastern realm of the limestone. The owner and his children both approve of it.

"Then I'll let you take your weapon."


"And wear your helmet properly. Other lords will find out."

My lord laughed a lot smaller when he saw Kai's face down there.

The association of the eastern realm lords took place in the hills of 5 yurds southeast of the village of Bagna.

The armies of the people born of the gathering of twelve small lords are more than 1,800. Most villages have been uprooted, so that's all they got. Of which 'sheltered' warriors have 21 pillars.

It appears that the pig (Aug) tribes who have invaded the peripheral soil are waiting for a subsequent assembly that has not yet caught up, confirming the establishment of a temporary base around the time of the Great Forest, which serves as a clear border for the ethnic territory. Many trees have been felled, and boiled smoke is booming, he said.

In fact, there were also reports of small lords in the central part of the country, even in the west, using the village of Bagna as a border, forming about 1,000 troops. but I haven't been in touch with you at all. Because, of course, the union of the return of the people that had been put together by the Bertuo family had been cut off, and each creep in each region had put together a small group. Thank you. It seems that your group has influence over the Kaitouba family and is quite isolated from the Eastern Allied forces, which have become completely independent.

Its central coalition moved ahead to take the lead. If it's against the powerful Pork (Aug) tribe, it's obvious that we should at least rendezvous with this one before hitting it, but it seemed like there was another idea there.

"As long as we hit each other separately, we can continue quickly and take the form of a joint armies in disintegration."

In fact, there was one rub in the association of the eastern realm lords with who would take the head, and Marquis Bofoy, the leader of Hectar village, who had led the soldiers the most, and the leading family connecting blood with four villages, including the village of Rag, began to contend for the right of initiative. The village of Hektar, which was more inland and not in sub-ethnic raids, combined with the sub-villages, had the largest number of inhabitants in the eastern region, and the Byzan Marquis led as many as 400 soldiers with good flesh, but the Bofoy Marquis took the lead forcefully, shielded by the large number of soldiers accustomed to battle and the blood ties with as many as eight pillars of 'protective possession', including the Moroccan Marquis Vezine.

It was too ridiculous for a small number of troops to hit each of the 3000 sub-groups, so the Eastern Region Coalition also set off from the meeting place at short notice.

"Looks like the guys in the middle brought in quite a bit of 'protection.' I hear some Cypriot lord has taken the branch and rendezvous with him."

"... Does this mean 'Five Years Old (Sinquester)' has an ass? Then we may be able to accommodate some of them."

"Don't be stupid! How many soldiers did we kill last year against only 200 pigs! More than three times as many soldiers and as many as our predecessor, Uncle Nejitu, were there!

"The East Side dominates the entry of the Pork (Aug) tribe. It's hard to believe they don't know how horrible the pigs are."

"It's possible."

"Run this messenger."

The eastern realm lords, accustomed to the battle against the Pigs (Aug), feared it would be a field battle with nothing to shield them from.

I guess most lords had come to the same conclusion during the time leading up to coming here. Ordered again from the mouth of Marquis Bofoy, he had no objection as one.

"It's that village that will be targeted first anyway. While we draw in the central ones, we'd better build on that village and exchange weapons with them with robust walls. You managed to repel it last year."

The village on the edge of the earth is firmly protected by a fence.

The Eastern Allied forces headed all the way to the village of Bagna.