He wasn't even in the Lords' Army there without the idea of challenging thousands of Pork (Aug) army opponents into battle.

When the Eastern Region Coalition arrived at the village, the people from the first Central Region had already begun negotiations to enter the village.

The eastern power put together a formation at a certain distance from the central power, and the Hou Tepei, the blood of the Bofoy family, became a messenger to the village of Bagna. He was also accompanied by the head of a branch village called Actepe, which became a branch.

Kai was watching the negotiations go forward as he picked up the handouts of the squad members who entered the small pause. The 1800 in the eastern region is quite a lot of troops, but only a few times more powerful pig (org) soldiers can run into each other head-on. Whether or not it is therefore acceptable to the village of Bagna, its operational behaviour has to change dramatically. If they reject you at worst, you'll have to travel to another village to avoid a field battle. Even though it is clear that the village of Bagna, which is approaching the invading Pork (Aug) forces, will be at the forefront, dozens of yurds will have to retreat themselves. I definitely wanted the negotiations to be a success.

(Sounds like the seeds are being tested)

Even though he knows it's not, Kai suspects the gods' work.

This first battle occupies on how people who have lost their cohesion will deal with subraciality in the future. Whatever thoughts may work, if they cannot seem to hold hands here, sooner or later the people will be torn apart, and the vast land they embrace will be razed by other races so that they will be devoured and torn apart.

It was a negotiation that was taking place at the gates of that village of Bagna...

(… no)

A moan leaked out of the mouths of the squad members watching as well as Kai did.

The envoys of both coalitions rushed out, showing a tough attitude on the part of the village of Bagna, which should surprisingly be in crisis.

There were several people standing in negotiations on the side of the village of Bagna, at the centre of which was a woman who could clearly be seen as young.

"You're the daughter of a previous generation."

Not only Kai, but the squadrons are diving through the bloody battle with the pig tribe ahead. I also know that the predecessors of the village of Bagna were blamed for the betrayal of the villagers and were killed at the Lords' trial. If the earlier generations have fallen, it is their children who will succeed them. There was only one princess in that predecessor, Pinjeroy.

"That's a lot of hard work. Right. No men, no escorts, no women."

"The fields were destroyed before they were pruned, and the winter must have been pretty tight."

And the soldiers with bows above the gate, many of them were like women. Their frost-roasted (servants') shallow black faces completely shredded off the meat and easily reminded them of how tough it was to run the village until this winter.

The people of the village of Rag, distant from the village of Bagna and with little movement of people, did not know the circumstances, but after that terrible amount of trouble, the needy village of Bagna begged for repeated assistance to rub its head on the ground to the villages with which it had a nearby relationship, but there was a circumstance behind it that it hated betrayal and could not reach out to salvation at all. (* Note)

The lords of the neighborhood would only have been like half a vendetta, from that trail princess who lay low and went around, abandoning her noble possessions. Some of the lords pressing this time must have probably taken that chilling response. It was not because the village side of Bagna was reluctant to accept it.

"Oh, here we go."

Of course, the messengers, who have extended their negotiations, are also desperate.

The anger flew out or the side of the village of Bagna, which had only slightly opened the gate, gently pulled into the back and tried to close the gate. The resistance of abandonment began when the lords rushed over and the odd lords pinched us in the gap.

I don't know how much I hated it, when the villagers stood up from the inside out, the Rag villagers also made a fuss that the pinched lords would be peppered. When this happens, honestly, it becomes very difficult to know who is whose enemy.

In the end, the central power, which then pushed forcefully, occupied the gate, and the eastern power also slipped into the village in the form of a half ride to the disturbance. It was exactly like a forceful break-in robbery.

Of course, this is a flagrant violation of the village of Bagna, the Pinheiroy family's rights as feudal lords. The protest of the princess of the angry Pinjeroy family took place as a matter of course as a result of the fiery fire, but Rhoda Morg, lord of Rodania, the city of Cypriot, who was in the highest position among the broken lords, lightly kicked this in the name of righteousness. Not only is the invasion of the pigs a crisis here in the village of Bagna, but it is an important matter that endangers the safety of the great soil itself in the vortex of confusion, so he said it was not something he had learned at this time, such as the convenience of a single village.

Salieh, the contemporary lord, who was turned away from his natural claim as a lord and turned back to my castle in repentance, wept that his eyes were blurred in the morning. All the shapes were spoken of by some lords trying to take them in, but the princess must have stopped him from stretching out his hand. That's how most of them cleared the way silently.

Some of the thick lords even appeared to say that they would take it up to the castle of the Pinjeroy family, but to this was reached by the silent Moroccan Hou Vezin and several others expressing their dissatisfaction with "invading even the tomb of the Honor". The Lordship Hall, which must be in the heart of the villages, is also true of the village of Rag, but usually the cemetery of the Land God there is hidden. It is all the same that dwelling in the Land God makes up the authority of the lords. Whoever carelessly encroaches on another's divine domain will no longer be defended by anyone, even if I am in the same eyes. Everyone is terrified of breaking that insanity in a tough land to hold.

Central Allied General Rhoda Morg was a man with a magnificent nose at the time of the mountain ridge. There was also wisdom to stand around as Lords of the city of Sai, close to the Bertu family, and there was so much separation between the Eastern Region coalition forces that they simultaneously entered the village of Bagna that they did not even make a scene to force them out. Having just had negotiations with the general of the eastern region, Marquis Bofoy Quainaze, and after a rather intense controversy, a less familiar principle of conciliatory non-interference was arranged, and it was promised that the formation of the two armies would also draw on the north-south half.

The central area used the main building on the north side, and the eastern area used the powdered hut on the south side as the main unit.

(Same people, why can't we hold hands together?)

Mixed with the squad members who start unloading silently, Kai also takes off his bulky leather armor and dries it into the shade.

Rug Village Squad formed around the stables that were near the powder ground hut. You don't know if he died in the winter or crushed it as food. Guys, he didn't look like a livestock. The tired old leaves were left alone, what a frightening view.

Kai looked at the people in the central area who were preparing to sit in the same way in the distance as he set his place and swept it up.

I was ordered not to exchange words of my own accord with the people of the central region. I'm sure even if there's a fight going on, it doesn't mean we're going to fight together over there.

What the hell do those who stand above think?

There will be a people in each of them, a land, and of course thoughts. Both the Central Admiral and the Bofoy Marquis over here forbid us to interact by the nerves of the Lords they lead, and are somehow obsessed with being a small group.

I don't know what people are doing with this when they say it's only when they've come together big enough to show more power than the others. Reasoning dictates that it is better to reconnect the return immediately and restore the great connection that necessitated the Hiroshi Bejitu family.

I know that, and why we tow each other.

(... Is this already the instinct of 'having protection')

Kai also perceives the cause of this angular confrontation where it is not rational.

(Same as a service match. Compare forces, and if you're not convinced, 'hold protection' won't come under people. Everyone is just a muscle idiot up to their brains...... I wonder if that's okay)

The union of gods called 'submission' is a 'slave' relationship, in which the weak follow the strong, if only the very small units are taken out. And the god who stands above him is the only divine thing from the lower god... he will gain like a grace payment. Kai can turn it down because of the experience that I gained power after receiving "surrender" as the God of the Valley.

The subordination of the gods will suck up immense grace to the king of the race, the king god, at the end when it became a union of dominion by the pedigree tree. Therefore the king God can wield enough power to go to all the prints of the species.

In that sense, a relationship of enjoyment of benefits, such as vested rights, had been established and existed since the days of northern logging a long time ago.

Kai, who doesn't even know the detailed rationale, just thinly guessed after his journey to the state capital. Even the unschooled Sovereign Lords have noticed the form of 'benefit' that something called 'surrender' brings.

(… the 'regression' of the peripheral Lords thickens the further towards the center. It was the limbic soil that the tribe of the great old extended while taking the land god in the north logging, so there was no other way for the limbic soil end to be the end of the 'regression')

The soil on the marginal soil becomes so fat that it goes to the centre. The divine character of the Land God also tends to be high enough to go to the center somehow.

The Lords of the centre acquired fattened land and God without any particular difficulty, and holding many of the inhabitants also increased the character of nature and the Land God.

The same goes for Vezin, but the lords of the small village, located at its end, do not speak in awe of putting it into words and putting it out.

Nor is it clear that Marquis Bofoy, who fitted into the General of the Eastern Region.

But the loss of this peripheral earth-shaking coalition simultaneously gave the peripheral lords the opportunity to tell the story. Even more so if you are a borderline lord who has cling to lean land, and if you do, every one of you wants to lead a 'benefit' to the land. I want to pull in more grace and fatten the land.

And most importantly, I want you to give me a legitimate assessment. I don't want to be disparaged as a matter of course because it's at the edge of the soil.

In reality, it is the small lords at their ends who continue to protect the country from the subraces of the outside world, whose lords who continue to fight are shredded and sharpened, enhancing the divine character of the consecration by individual efforts.

(Confused and natural...)

When Kai turned his gaze, who took off all his leather armor, he noticed the gaze looking at this one from afar.

The Guardians have good eyes. A lord-like man from the central realm, who was moving soldiers on the wall even though he said he was quite far away, looked surprised when he saw Kai.

Oh, you mean that.

Kai untied the handkerchief he had wrapped around his head under his helmet and turned it around his neck like a muffler hiding half his face. Kai blushed a little when the crew teased him.