Discipline yourself.

Among those whispering as if they had pushed him to death, the fanaticism of a warrior who had fought before him was like a boiled cauldron. The blood boils, the flesh flesh flexes. For the protector of the land, the root excitement is close to that of the physiological phenomenon, and it is not easy for an old goner to carve an annual wheel.

Vegin keeps his prayers in his heart to God.

The more the prayer fills, the more the ordinary mind that was about to be lost comes back to the five bodies. I pull my hands out of my pinky fingers in order to loosen up the big spear that my lord used for generations in the Moloch family. The whispering rituals imposed on me before I fought promptly stabilized the spirit of Vezin.

"Breathe, Orha"

He scolds his son, who is still disturbing his breath while he is doing nothing, and puts up a great shield to scold the soldiers who are excessively nervous. It was not long before an army of pigs (orgs) lurked on the edge of the forest spread out into the meadows of the peripheral soil to stain it.

From the village of Bagna to the edge of the forest, there are still a few yurds away. Before the immovable stronghold of the village of Bagna, where there is no escape, the pigs (orgs) also move slowly without breaking formation. There was still some time left until its arrival.

In the eyes of my Son, who has looked back at this one, I could see the unhidden excitement and the excessive self-esteem shown by those who, with God's grace, have not yet... the blue enthusiasm that blindly believes that victory is brought where all is God. From "Three Years" to "Two Years", the protection of "Eugsina", which had been more harsh since the curse was struck into the graveyard, was increasing its brightness in time.

Even a few things, it was good that his son Orha's neighborhood regained power.

And my God "Ragdalatuka" is also more powerful than ever. Though my neighborhood in the water of the basin was still of the Four Years Old (Qwart), the inner God whispers that the sublimation to the Five Years Old (Sinquester) is also close.

(... though the land lost weight after being turned down)

Daiki (Manu) religious crossing monks preach.

The great thing about the great Manu that connects men is the power of the earth.

It has been taught since childhood that the land of the people united under the king God will be robust and dense... and that the great king God, the wretched earth, will be a rich soil that can well contain the divinity of the gods.

And the land of the Unsullied Lonely God is desolate because it falls into a neglected land that leaks its grace as much as the sand, they said.

Vezin doesn't even know what's going on, in fact. It will be exactly the year ahead for people to know if the teaching of the Great Manu is truly the right one.

The subjugation was refused, but instead he was no longer deprived of his grace.

I guess I can say that the enrichment of the power that I am feeling now is that the original local power that 'Ragdalatuka' possesses has come to light.

The grace, which was supposed to be sucked up by the flow of submission, simply remains at hand. The neighborhood lords have to think about what this means.

Because this is the case with the Moroccan family in the eastern boundary, the more those who were likewise connected to the end of submission, the more they should remember their strength. The other Lords, who now shoulder to shoulder as the eastern realm, are turning to the pigs (orgs), who are looming for a gleaming eye on the village walls.

The inundation of the Lord's divinity, led by him, also makes it appear that the territorial militias who share the grace of the land are also only marginally more vigorous.

At the foot of the Moroccan family, the soldiers of the village of Rag are also beginning to show signs there that do not seem to be their fault. Now in front of me, two soldiers can easily do the stringing of a large bow that usually even seats three. I guess they probably don't have a sense of change.

On the other hand, the example of our hidden sphere, "about to become" … seems to have nothing to do with that slight change. No, I guess we should no longer recognize him as' on the verge of becoming 'or something.

I guess we are at a point of no connection to the return of the people. Lord 'Guardian' seems to be doing as usual without any movement, even just before this growing amount of nervousness.

Wherever he has picked up 'God', at some point a child who was dressed in the grace of the Great God, who also surpassed the main god of the Moloch family, is fluently pissing from the top of his chest wall, away from his shield and fellow squad who erects the great bow. Companions of the squad are pointing fingers at each other and laughing at the troops of the pigs (orgs) as if they were not even visible. The thickness of the nerves not found in my son Orha seemed to be draining unwanted strength from the soldiers around me.

Vegin looses his mouth when he sees how it goes.

(I guess that means that when you're a pig (org), it's not enough.... Now, what is the "Guardian" who gained a non-eyelasher god from the people with such strength... I'll have to make sure if I get a chance)

Even though the village's harvest is likely to be terrible this year, Vezin was also carelessly delighted that the grace of 'Ragdalatuka' was also intensifying. Now that I was single and slaughtered that 'evil god', I imagined how far my god could eat down on the 'Guardian', if I had martial arts that didn't fail to drill, or if it was possible to vet it, and Vezin shook up much more.

Would you like to take a look at the arrangement first?

Soldiers from the central area, based in the same village of Bagna, occupy the northern side of the expected wall of intense fighting, which is dependable. It was clear that they were the first to bump into each other with the enemy.

"Stand up!"

The face of the lord who shouted so looked familiar. He was a village lord close to the state capital, holding twice as many inhabitants as a rug. I guess it wasn't much of a habit to train soldiers to be a land that wouldn't be exposed to subhuman harm either. Thirty or so soldiers, too few for the number of the inhabitants, squeezed the bow strings in conjunction with the hanging.

It was a small bow that seemed convenient to carry, but its arrows glistening in the light of day would be iron. The abundance of wealth that was accumulating did not seem to be a ratio of the Moloch family.

The first shot was fired along with the hanging voice when the sighting led to about 300 yul of the pig tribe ahead. Using that as a signal, the pigs broke down a line that was well behaved and sidelined, and began throwing. There was no such thing as a Pork (Aug) clan that was productive enough to get an iron axe across to all soldiers, just challenging a flesh-bomb battle for a difficult siege. There were also a number of weapons of ranged attack on them, and what appeared here were spearcasters (atulcators) that were not often used among people. Only with the giant and broken power of the pig tribe was it possible to achieve a range comparable to that of the great bow of the human race.

Each other's arrows and spears stagger in the air to reach each other's formation.

The arrows of the people are still too small for the size of the pigs, albeit with iron. Much of it detached, and the nearest ones were also struck down unconstitutionally with shields. On the northern side of the village of Bagna, on the other hand, many soldiers who were blown away by every shield erected fell inside the wall. In an instant the madness of the people boiled.

The soldiers of the rug also tried to move in colour to the northern surface where the offensive had begun, but at certain points on the wall, the reverse thorned wooden fence, as if against the enemy, blocked the path.

"From here on out, we're in charge!

One of the lords of the central area turned around because he was across the fence. They say they're the same people, but they're not willing to fight together at all.

The lords of the eastern realm in response to that provocative attitude stop the colored soldiers from pushing them back to their positions. In the form of being pushed by the traffic, the soldiers of the rug also returned.

(He wants to, just make him do it)

No Eastern lord wants to shrink a reduced number of men in this battle.

When the soldiers left it to the excitement to begin their journey, the vegin of the day was also raising its voice of restraint. This is not the village of Rag, so there is no need to put your life at risk.

Orha is single and headed north so as to scratch the soldiers turning back. Vegin stopped but didn't even seem to get in his ear. I'm overconfident in my power. I want to get too close to the vortex of havoc. Even in the battle in the village of Bagna, where the earlier Lord Kaito was, he said that the soldiers of the village were standing on the curtain of Kaito. There are times when I can't help but want to be recognized for my power, but the orientation was very strong for Orha.

Confusion had already begun on the north side. Though a lightweight bow and arrow is a good shot, it can't seem to be enough pressure to push the enemy forward. As two, three shots and a shield lined up with enemy spears flew in like a toothpick, soldiers from the central area unfamiliar with the battle emerged from the beginning.

It must be the lords of the central realm who came forward to shelter them. When they reveal the neighborhood, they pay the flying spear with their bare hands, and lift the grumbling wounded with one hand to the safety zone behind them. Unlike the earlier Rug Village defense battle, it is not the fake make-up on the face that is protecting the walls of Bagna Village right now, but the authentic 'sheltered' ones. The central realm lords, who have more than a dozen just looking over, must be diminishing the warfare of the pigs just standing on the wall that way.

The soldiers abandoned their bows and set up the spears they had rolled. Earlier in the day, the pigs had reached the foot of the village. There were a number of hurry ladders, and the pigs (orgs) began to dance up. The Lords of the Central Region wield their weapons, stopping the overwhelming giant Pig (Org) soldiers all the way. A bright deep red flower suddenly begins to blossom in the still pigment-poor one-country view of Spring Tip.

A warrior who reveals himself in the neighborhood leaps into the vanguard of a pig (org) soldier who seemed to come just to be killed. Lords of the central region were pushed in by a simple difference in the physical abilities of the species. Seen in the face of the pig (Aug) warrior, the neighborhood of "Four Years Old" was seen.

On the spine of Vezin, every step crawled up. Ours is the mark of equivalence with God.

Then the succeeding pigs (orgs) come up in large numbers in the empty space behind them. Those well-crafted soldiers repaint their territories with the walls that they took with their iron plated shields. Though the Lords of the Central Region rushed to confront its erosion, there were not one or two 'sheltered' warriors sent in by the Pork (Org) tribe as vanguards. The unusual readiness to become a dead soldier himself was poking and moving them.

"The gate!

Vezin raised his voice.

If the sub-people who survived the barrier in a madness of death were opened from the inside the only gate of the village where it was clear what they were going to do next, the enemies outside would slip in easily. If the 3,000 pigs (orgs) filled the village, that would probably be the end of the village of Bagna.

Tong, I heard footsteps.

It was the footsteps of a lightly jumped 'Guardian' landing by my side, which was down the stone stairs. Well, the nose that sniffs apart the battle steeple seems sharper than I thought.

The faction match in front of the gate was likely to be the first of its kind by the Moroccans.