Kai doesn't know anything.

I was so... strongly aware that I was oblivious to my public knowledge as a 'protector' who dwelled in the land god in particular.

How many misjudgments have been made just because I don't know anything, and I've been caught up in a good problem by the way. Knowing things alone will protect you from many mistakes. Especially since he became involved in other kinds of disputes as a 'guardian', all the more so.

(To 200 pig (org) opponents, last time it was that bad)

Only a few pieces of knowledge accumulated in the past whisper to Kai.

This invasion of the pig race is more than ten times its size. Since the number of soldiers prepared by the people at that time was 700, it would simply mean that we should gather more than 7,000 soldiers, but no cohesion was required to just scratch that many soldiers into a confusing current people's tribe.

That was the last time I hit it at 3.5x against 200.

And this time, less than 3000 against 3000. While not even the same number, the allies are at the beginning and end of what is happening internally to lead the fight.

If we cut the front and bump into each other, we can't win first. If it's a simple kill that cuts each other's blood and flesh, this time the people have little to no minutes. Based on the robust 'wall' of the village of Bagna, the people finally gained the possibility to resist their enemies, a chilly situation to that extent.

"Exchange Ratio"

One word is in Kai's chest.

It is, of course, a word that has been drawn from the memory of someone in me.

disparities in the amount of violence caused by differences in physical abilities between races. Knowing this irresistible reality, Kai was accepted with little confusion for the knowledge tied to the word.

In the last battle, he grabbed the victory at the edge of the line with 3.5x more power. It can therefore be assumed that the 'exchange ratio' between a person and a pig, even though there was an element of numerical advantage, is simply more than threefold. That people must sacrifice more than three to kill one pig (org). Considering the contrast difference between people and pigs, the difference seems quite plausible.

(That's all the powerful subracial opponents can people continue to preserve this neighborhood...)

Kai thinks.

If it was the full season of the people, it might have been possible to carry out a soldier in Yunxia with one royal decree, and with ten thousand armies, to counter this invasion of the pigs (orgs). A powerful subrace has long been afraid of people because this' hostage 'has wielded fierceness everywhere. Although it is now a similar story to the old stories.

Even in the light of the 'exchange ratio', it makes sense to gather more than three times as many soldiers to start the fight.

I think that when the great army of the Tiger Son can no longer be gathered, the people-to-people rule of the soil may at last come to an end. Though I have a cold overview of the harsh reality of the decline of the human race, I become aware that I am not already a being who shares values with the human race.

At this time, all Kai thinks about is protecting his thoughtful colleagues in the village of Rag. It is not rooted in the instincts of species survival, blood preservation, etc., but in the sentiments of good and evil… it just follows a very personal feeling.

In front of Kai, the offensive over the village of Bagna finally cut the fire lid, and before long, we were to see a pig (org) soldier crawling up on the village walls.

Pig (org) soldiers show an overwhelming advantage over human miscellaneous opponents, which is exactly three times more penetrating. They began to push, and the Natsuma clan began to roll out the "sheltered" lords, who were the greatest fighters.

Ordinary pig (org) soldiers and people "hold protection" … There is probably a strict "exchange ratio" here too, but it is hard to fatally injure "hold protection" with hard body skin like iron where it took a few miscellaneous soldiers. Perhaps that figure would demand an uninterrupted load on one side. If you are a low-age 'sheltered', or surrounded by 20 or 30 numbers and uninterrupted attacks on the surroundings... assuming, of course, that you have the physical abilities of a vegan pig race... you may be able to defeat it. Imagine that.

(If there is a future for people to win, it is a ghost bill… it means that we hold more bills called 'Protected')

In the light of the 'exchange ratio', if the two races become melee fights that have to be relative with spears, the human race is forced to load heavily in that locality. but the presence that can easily overshadow that predicament is more than two hundred pillars, even on the marginal soil alone... there must probably be about four or five hundred if you add up to the grass god whose name is unknown in each house. Even thinking about it in the smallest 'exchange ratio' would make it a huge force comparable to 10,000 troops.

I don't even think we should just kill each other with 'protective arms', without guessing that they're just miscellaneous soldiers who get murdered by grumbling. There won't be any inconvenience because all I like about trying my strength is my brain muscles over three degrees of rice.

But both men and pigs (orgs), "protectors" reign over ordinary men as ruling classes, bringing in weak inhabitants as a matter of course if it is also a battle. Since the final settlement on the battlefield is ultimately determined by the defeat of one 'protectors', it seems to me that it would be less wasteful if only the lords themselves went out and killed them, but none of the lords would think that way. Well, it's true that the reach of one 'sheltered' is limited, so I didn't know the rationale for needing a miscellaneous soldier as a manpower when it came to a riot.

But still.

(The only person obliged to protect the land is the "Protector", who has been graced by the Land God. This power is a force as a 'guardian' of the land)

Kai thinks it's right that the battle in this world is supposed to be fought exclusively by the 'sheltered'.

The situation is getting worse on the north side. Nor can everyone in the village of Rag rush to help because of their friendship, although they soften to a less welcoming atmosphere.

Someone said, "Hey, okay?" Of course nobody thinks it's good to stay like this, etc. Kai finally realized at this time that his calculations were wrong.

Only a thousand in the center are fighting the enemy right now.

The enemy is 3000.

If you say "exchange ratio," it will be 9 to 1. This was an overly dangerous difference in force even based on the village fence.

On the north side, like scabs trying to block the wound, the "sheltered" and others who were playing in various places were beginning to gather in one place.

Even though people are already dying, the faces of the brain muscles that beat down their weapons and wiped out their enemies are filled with excitement and joy. Being aware that I am 'special' in this world, it is easy for them to find immense joy in the struggle against their enemies who can crush and experience that 'special'. A giant pig (org) soldier with a shield collapses and is pushed back as he sees it in the attacks of the "guardian" and others. A pig (org) soldier who is likely to have a few eyes of his own, whenever he takes a strong blow from the Lords, leans back, twitching and retreating. The same is true of the disparities between the races, but the "Divine Divinity", which arises without this protection, was often irrational.

Pig (Aug) soldiers also had reinforcements climbing up the ladder behind them, resisting only the pressure of full meat, but when the shield was lifted and a few pieces turned into meat chunks, their robust army finally collapsed. One lord jumped in and tried to eat through the broom without a scratch, but before any of it broke out again. It was their god warrior who was in better shape around him than any other pig (org) soldier who showed up following that lord who rolled out of his back...... 'sheltered'.

The central lords challenged their pig (org) warriors, who swung the great axe easily. Thinking about when we played at the Winter Solstice Feast, the Lords of the limbo would be more or less' three 'to' four '.' 5 'at last in the lord of the big city saying the city of Sai... that was a reasonable read.

The age of a pig (org) warrior is probably "4." A hundred yuls is far from the north, and you can't clearly see the neighborhood of the heavily moving "sheltered." It is a Kai Kuisa account.

There are four lords who will face it in tandem. Kai stepped on that the lord's side is sure to prevail, but he continues to be pushed for some reason. It was understandable that differences in physical performance would make a difference in the ability to 'hold protection' between races, but I didn't think it would be as unilateral as the 'exchange ratio'. Besides, there are four people at the same time, and I didn't even think of losing.

"... ah"

Kai uttered a loose voice in between.

That was because it was such a small voice that no one noticed.

In a swing of pig (org) warriors, two lords were blown away. Leaping warriors stepped on one of the fallen, and the soldiers who stood there shook down their axes one after the other.

Weak. Turns out it's a complete downfall.

No matter how hard your body skin greets you, a blow of iron with your hips, such as the grace of a guardian about the age of three (tresses) … If that is also an axe blow in an outfit pressed back against the floor, a random blow will one day be enough to fall out.

Are those all 'three years old'?

Kai blinked as surprised and looked at the changed north side of the war.

There are ten 'sheltered' people on the ethnic side who are still fighting on the fence. That defensive system, which had been trampled on that it could resist enough, collapsed at that moment.

In the battlefield, the life and death of 'sheltered' largely dictates the trend. One of those corners, where the 'protectors' of the allies were killed, was a complete loss of war on the part of the people, and everything, including the 'protectors', came to life.

Were all the lords who happened to be fighting there underground 'three years old'? You had a privileged land close to the center, and I want to throw up inside you to see why you're so weak. A pig (org) warrior shouted inside the village of Bagna from the walls occupied, screaming something.

Kai was the only pig (org) speaker on this scene.

"The gate is broken!

Kai was running out.