The central perimeter was half on the fence and the other half was lined up as replacement personnel underneath. The 'sheltered' and others leading them would have waited with similar appropriations.

Hou Rhoda, the general of the central region, was taking command on one side of the hope tower, which was in both corners of the north side, but he jumped out looking at the disadvantage of his allies. Reaching before the eyes of a pig (org) warrior just moments after with astonishing leg strength, Lord Rhoda rolled out the sword in his hand on a rampage. It must have been a poking move instead of swinging to make sure the opponent suffered a hand injury. When it comes to iron, it is easier to concentrate a little and pull out the defense by poking it rather than slashing it.

But pig (org) warriors are also skilled (who). In an instant response, he aligned the belly of the great axe with the tip of his sword so as to rub his wrist, playing sharp. He then advances the sword, which is held back and raised, so that it is pushed away with an axe pattern.

Lord Rhoda also twisted his body as he retreated in keeping with the enemy's move to disrupt the sword's retrieval. One spin and Lord Rhoda's sword strikes the right half of the Pork (Org) Warrior.

The thick iron blade tip, but cut the sky.

"They did it!

Someone screamed.

Though the walls of the village are robust, are there at most two yuls of thickness, etc.?

Pork (Aug) warriors were blind to the female male with Lord Rhoda, and they let themselves leap into the fence.

Ambitious, the pig (org) soldiers under his command also followed the move. They jump resolutely into the nest of the murderous, no longer looking at their own death.

Underneath the wall became a mayhem. All of a sudden, a giant pig tribe descended several times as many people from overhead. Next to an unlucky soldier caught in the crossfire, a pig (org) soldier crushing the bones of his legs with his weight unfolds a nasty sight underneath his successive comin 'companions. Safe pig soldiers crawling out of the meaty mountains begin to walk. Those who lost their legs also rose to death, and when they caught the murderous soldiers, they drew them down and slaughtered them.

There is a clear temper in their eyes that has turned them into dead soldiers. Their circumstances, which are not known to the people… The people of the Great Foss 6 clan, who have been deprived of their traditional lands, seek with blood eyes a new land for the 3,000 rays to live. They are not allowed to back off again, either, with one foot on the edge of hell.

"I don't like it! I don't want to die!

"Why the enemy!

The madness of the wasabi field, which had been monopolized by central power, finally flooded through the hedges.

Perhaps only about thirty people broke into the village. That number was negligible, but the lifeless Dead Soldier demanded the lives of those who were no more prepared than triple the 'exchange ratio' for that death.

The soldiers in the central realm, who have been the first victims, have fled the Quartet by being kicked and throwing away their weapons as well. In the eyes of the fleeing soldiers, the castle in the heart of the village of Bagna would have been reliably reflected. Many soldiers crowded in front of its gates, but the people of the village of Bagna, who stood and caged there, did not accept them hard. While the soldiers in front of the gate were slaughtered, an arrow was shot through a window called the window of the hall using them as a token, and a small number of pig (org) soldiers were taken over.

And on the other hand, at the main entrance of the village, where the first pig (org) warrior to jump in, there was already a formation of Moroccan Horse Vegin and his brother-like warrior of leather armor.

"Let me take you from here."

Swinging the big spear around like a training stick, Moroccan Horse Vegin stepped forward. Vezin has already made his wars glamorous and his neighborhood stand out. The Leather Armored Warrior simply waved, "Go ahead", unopposed to the appearance of blood loss after layering the annual wheel.

The swine (org) warrior, who had gone too fast and had completely lost his surroundings in front of the gate to be single, roared there.

It only conveyed its meaning to Kai, who could hear the Pork (Aug) language, but was named an Egeri warrior of the Neferi family.

Vegin flushes the big axe that can be slapped.

Both meetings were held with iron products that could break the "protective hold," but it was the pig (org) warrior Egeli who showed an advantage in strength.

It was a vegin so large that there was no one lined up in the village of Rag, but when compared to the pig (org) warrior Egeri, who met here, the enemy is more physically fit with one or more heads on his upper back and nearly double in width. This would have been an unplugged and productive difference as a species.

It was a less familiar sight, but Vegin's spear judgment, which served as a guardian, made the beholder feel the skill of martial arts. Instead of taking it properly, I'm recieving it so that every blow is haughty enough to float, but the axe rubbed on the iron spear and the spark splashed.

It was a vegin that swept through a thorough gap in defense, but the shape of his mouth is distorted by a grin, not withstanding the joy that springs up from the bottom of his body. It was like I was chuckling with my teeth out.

Your breath plays, your muscles move.

One-in-one, two-in-one, and mutually discerning attacks collide, and the death battles of the paranormal warriors are waged. No matter how hard the iron mass was, its mass would have been relentlessly shredded in its sneeze. Splashing sparks are an unmistakable fire of iron powder.

In physical ability, Egeri, a pig (org) warrior, clearly surpassed him.

But that amount of force is almost mutual. Vegin embodies in himself the martial arts to survive, which has been told by the mercenary king Zula to be a cotton league, without suffering, but without being subjected to fatal beatings. The walking method slowly draws a circle and tries to grasp the advantage of positioning while skilfully shifting corners.

However, the unique martial arts are also conveyed to the Pork (Org) tribe, which does not take the enemy by its intelligence. The warrior in leather armor, who became a spectacle, spoke out many times when he saw the pig (Aug) warrior show from time to time, foot payments and elbow punches that did not rely on weapons. Vezin was saved many times for that caution. Vezin's grin is finally deepened by the wickedness of the swine (org) warrior's handiwork footsteps.

Same school as him.

Leather armored warrior...... Kai was keeping an eye out in the limited sight of his cover.

The overwhelming power of "Protective Hand" makes it possible to use a single hand of a super heavy axe. In an instant the position of the grip shifts to the edge of the blade, and at that moment when the axe was used like a thick shield, it forcefully advances towards the feeling of the body, and the other hand that gained freedom brings the sickle from the gap as much as the serpent.

A fingertip folded like the mouth of a bird tore open the body skin of Moroccan Vegin's fortified steel.

(Hand Fist of the Pork Nation...!)

I don't know the name of that genre.

but it is engraved in memory that its rolling thrust chopped the stubborn body skin of the valley's guardian Takai like just meat. One six-headed general, one of the biggest warriors of that pig race, was the fist technique used by the armored warrior who decided to look like a female male deep in the forest.

The 'protective' skin has a strange nature and exhibits the same softness as that of an ordinary person when he is usually in unwanted contact with anything. but once in a life-threatening state of combat, it becomes a hardness of steel that even the sharp edge of iron will not readily accept.

Perhaps it is also like 'defensive magic', which is exchanged by divine will.

I was under the impression that the body skin of "protective holding" was given a phenomenal "toughness" by magic. The 'magic' of this world, in which thoughts embody, is something that easily overcomes the walls of reason, and the difficult logic of molecular structures is probably not there.

Therefore, while touching and picking the skin of the enemy with non-critical calmness, the "protective skin" may still remain soft.

The pig tribe's hand-to-hand fist technique is probably a martial arts technique that gets faster than God's protection in the moment of motion of picking it and then cutting it a thousand times.

At that time, behind Kai, on the east side of the barrier became oblivious. A number of familiar voices flew across.

"He's going in!

The cries that inform the crisis and the wind-cut sounds that are shooting arrows.

Manso scolds and many more of his people rush in.

"What's that roof-like shield! If there's an arrow, hey!

"Waterways! He's gone around!

Has a separate team of pigs arrived?

The main entrance of the village of Bagna is made of thick and terribly sturdy gates with precious coke wood stretched together in an iron frame. Afterwards it was even soiled inside out for fear of being broken through.

And the thick gate was shaken hard, and the iron shovel was smudged. From the wall, he said, "Come on, it's a poking stick!" It comes through. You must have sourced it in the woods, Barren. It's pretty dangerous if a giant broken castle hammer cut out of cedar is being wielded by the power of the pig tribes.

The "sheltered" of those who rushed late into the attack in front of the gate were several lords of the eastern realm. With two eastern names named to the biggest threat, the Pork (Org) Warrior, and "Iron Taurus (Tor)" challenged the battle, "I'll take care of him," the Lords of the Central Region conveniently divided it. It would have been more accurate to say that I couldn't even afford to crack people up than that. They were turning their face to saving the territorial militias that were being killed one after the other.

"Iron Bull! Do you have a boost?

"No use! No use!

It was the Bofoy Marquis Quainaze, who was on edge with the Moroccan family, and the Tepe Marquis in the neighbouring village, who rushed.

The gate behind you is already threatened. Fighting the pig warrior Egeri had to be settled quickly.

Already bleeding from everywhere in his body, Moroccan Hou Vezin released a sharp poke while refusing to join him. He was a pig warrior who played it with a big axe, but Vezin controlled his nose moving to a good pig fisting technique. He hit himself with a big axe instead of a shield, forcing him to push it with his axe pinched. And the big spear I put back on hand was quickly plugged between the legs of the pig warrior, and I went to prune one leg so that I could push Koko.

Pork (Aug) Warrior disfigured or Vegin let go of his big spear and took a dagger hanging from his waist.

The Great Axe is held in by Vegin at that weight. A pig warrior let go of his weapon and tried to rip Vezin's jaw off with both hands, but the fat, forged Vezin's neck resisted the swine's suspicion.

And a flashing dagger swept through the belly of a pig warrior from below. Of course, a sword doesn't pierce the skin easily. He puts all his might into where all the cuttings are buried, and there he kicks more knees and embeds his sword.

Short screams like breath leaked from the pork surface.

At the same time, the sound of a thousand cuts of mince and meat muscles continues from the neck muscles of Vezin.

After implanting all of the dagger, the blade tip is heavily twisted and the wound widened. The blood that began to overflow poured into the dry ground of the village of Bagna with a sneeze.

That's when Vegin seemed to push through the fight as it was.

A scream was uttered that ripped from the beast face of the enemy. A massive exhalation of exhaled breath sprays into Vegin's face. The muscles that were hidden in the limbs that were unleashed by that thick fat thrive and are restored with an unlikely fortitude that is about to collapse in horrible ways.

Even the Vegin giant, who was trying to cover it, is lifted. The bottomless physical abilities of the pig tribe were loved by God more than men in their pure combat abilities.

The hand that was capturing Vezin's jaw strangled him as it was.

No matter how tough your body gets with protection, suffocate if you are deprived of your breath by 'holding protection'. Or maybe not enough to wait for suffocation, and Pork's power breaks Vezin's cervical spine.

Vegin hasn't given up again either. A dagger stabbed in his belly is screwed with his heart, which is a steep point.


Behind Kai, you felt the warrior's crisis or the gate was finally slammed hard. The hardware that supported the candlestick breaks and an external killing gust pours in from the empty gap.

Even in an attempt to defeat the pig warrior Egeli here, if the gate is broken, the battle itself will probably be the defeat of the people. I could see my companions releasing arrows desperately from the wall, but the resistance was too weak for a pig opponent who would not be fatally wounded with one or two bottles. The 'exchange ratio' must also be widening the gap more and more as the battle becomes less advantageous. It may not be possible to exert as much power as that number, such as a swarm of people who are uncoordinated. The gate was only kept by the weight of the soil already.

(Believe in the Lord)

Kai felt his helmet in the way, climbing a stone staircase near the gate and wandering into the rug village. Looks like Manso, who found Kai, screamed something, but he wasn't as loose as he was confirming.

Kai leaped himself out of the wall in the rain of arrows unleashed by his companions. The simultaneous shooting stopped when it hit the allies' "Nearly Made".

"It's impotent!

Even if he yelled at me, it wasn't if he was listening to it.

Kai is Kai and has to do what he has to do.

Before he was the guardian of the valley, he was Kai of the village of Rag.