The figure of a warrior in leather armor flying from a high fence was swallowed like a pebble between the waves of a pushing pig tribe.

Kai, even among the people, was small. When caught in a wave of giant pork meat that also surpassed Moroccan Vegin, it would have been the luxurious bone meat.

The eyes of the squad companions who lost their voices saw the turbidity of the pig tribe, who also forgot to shoot arrows, and captured the holes as some of them swirled.

It's Kai.

The weapon in hand is a traditional iron spear that can be conveyed to the Turkic Moloch family, and because it is too old, the blade mounted earlier is missing around the sight. The pattern of the spear, though rusty, is thick and heavy to the point of horror.

I looked around the arsenal and Kai chose that weapon. Asked why he chose it when the blade was missing, the answer he returned was "because it looks sturdy".

The forged pattern, which was as good as the child's arm, was rusty and yet fully equipped with its hardness as a weapon. Kai left it to his power to wield the iron spear. Pork (org) soldiers, who are likely to multiply more than tenfold in their eyes alone, are bi-fold by iron spears and blown out of the vortex. A spearheaded Kai figure appears in the center of a vacant space worn in a circle in one turn. The rain of blood and stomach fluids that came late dried up the dressed leather armor.

Kai was fixing his vision to worry about his dripping body fluids or his deviated helmet, but when a group of live pig (org) soldiers came by to fill the open empty space again, the iron spear swung over and over again to slap them down.

"He's amazing."

"Kai, it's a stick."

Right next to it, there is a group of baren cedar trunks cut out by wilderness in an attempt to break through the gates of the village of Bagna. That huge castle hammer was threatening the safety of the village, where the people were based.

Kai, who penetrated his body to scratch the pig soldiers scattering a thousand cuts away, poked a broken castle gavel from across the side that set a goal for the gate.

Sounds like knocking on a wooden duck, and about half the pig (org) soldiers in front of them collapse into the slopes of the wheat fields, disrupting their footprints. The weight of Oki seems excessive even with the pigs, and the rear of the inclined broken castle hammer has lifted several pig soldiers.

It was a strong blow to Kai, but if we can't stop it, the shields will run between us. These are the soldiers who were carrying large shields like roofs to protect the broken castle hammer from the arrows. It deprives them of room to wield iron spears sideways, as they have come to press once and for all by a large number. Kai poked and bounced one that was in the center once, but in the meantime he was beaten from left to right by an iron shield.

Being a guardian isn't invincible, of course. Only with greater physical ability than the enemy, if it is one-on-one, will it eat an attack that cannot be dealt with at all. However, there was an irrational reason why the hardness of the skin of the iron, the protector of God held by the "protectors", would still accept them.

He shouts "out of the way" and beats the shield soldiers who try to push Kai in and beat him down, grabbing the edge and pulling him down. God's irrationality, lurking in a small vessel of meat called Kai, was not easily overshadowed by the pigs (orgs) who had an overwhelming advantage in their physique.

Being put in a good face, Kai took a few steps. He finally licked his drooling nosebleed in his helmet, while he exhaled a laugh as he exhaled. A rough breath becomes a strange and convulsive laugh.

(I wonder how many I'll 'trade' for alone)

I remember when I fought the armored warrior to death.

At that time, I was already self-absorbed and all I could remember was that I just kept killing him.

After he defeated him, Kai brawled with the pig soldiers who had attacked him for not taking back the god of his family, and when he realized it, he stood on its countless bodies. The pigs (orgs) at that time forced more than a hundred sacrifices on their little people's child opponents, yet they could not win.

Kai saw the battlefield. The broken castle hammer, dropped in the indentation of the waterway, is abandoned, and its soldiers are showing their backs and escaping. The shields are pulling themselves together to defend those retreats in preparation for Kai's attack. About a dozen pig (org) soldiers already dead or unable to fight scattered at their feet?

The iron spear in my hand proves sturdiness as expected. This won't break you trying to beat your enemies. I'm sure as long as Kai's health continues, he will maintain a reliable offensive power.

Kai kicked the bloodbath and ran out. The grass that emerged from under the snow in the spring was yellow and rotten, and when I accidentally stepped on it, I took my feet off.

In that resolute assault, the pigs (orgs) broke down in a rush to retreat. With the iron spear slammed, even a few of the shields are pushed in. An iron strained shield deformed in one blow and deprived of its function as a protective device is thrown at Kai for all the last resistance. Finally, another working advance party that was trying to concentrate on the gates of the village of Bagna began to break down. Local defenses were overshadowed by the emergence of just one small, "sheltered" warrior.

Kai never pursued the soldiers who would break away. Ahead of their escape, it must have been a calculation to storm after breaking the gate, with a large unit standing low and waiting in battle.

There was a glimpse between Kai and his army, and several 'guardians' came forward on the other side. To counter the irrationality of a god named Kai, it was necessary to do the same.

Feeling the need to intimidate him, Kai laid his hands on the helmet covering his face. To show the character of God and break the will of an unfamiliar opponent.

But Kai's hand stops there.

Will it be all right to do so? The God of the Guardian Valley is dispersed among the people against the subhuman... and I wonder if I can show him his appearance.

So Kai took his hand off his helmet.

Whatever you do is your freedom.

"... Hachi (Yaso) offered the Great Warrior as promised. I was the last warrior of my family."

Said Nevin, who named the 'Guardian' after the last survivor of the old race, the Scale Wings (Lurso).

In the heavy snow, Kai's fortitude took him to hold him, and the guardian opened his mouth firmly in the great forest to the east during the harsh winter... In the spring of the calf, the heat became hot, and he looked at the valley like a soft-boiled valley, and looked to his surprise. He spoke to the ignorant Kai, who succeeded his powerful God, of his counsel as the Patron of the Herald.

Due to the fervour of the valley, which did not attract heavy snow, even the villages of their families, which were being built on its edge, were enlivened by the abundant spring benefits. Soon it was spread up to the field to sew in the gap between the barren cedars, and crops of uncertain type were lush green. Kai was also surprised that not only dwarfs and deer people, but also new species he had never seen, were joining in their work outside.

(God, with his mighty power, is condemned. The earlier "Guardians of the Ding (...)" were all unplugged. Weakened, strongly awed)

"Guardian of Ding"

That was over a millennium ago.

Now, in another time when the ancient race competed for victory, in that ancient world of constant killing, there were rare times when the wise ancient kings succeeded in associating and joining hands.

I will not slay you, I will not seek land. I won't take it, I won't let you take it. In a formation of its glorious history in which the intellect of the species showed an increase… Each race that achieved symbiosis offered a chosen great warrior as a keeper as a great duty.

To survive this tough world.

The wisdom of holding hands and supporting each other was said, "Ding."

And whoever guarded the "Ding" was the beginning of the "Guardian," and the powerful lone god of the "millennial age" remained everywhere as the good of the ancient species who followed the path of doom for various reasons.

(... I'm sure you have gathered weak people in your honor, but you are a new generation of people. So I won't even be tied to my promise)

You can live as you please.

Nor is it wrong to live as a pillar of a powerful line God, a new addition to the people. That's what the first guardians say like other people.

And he said, Without hesitation, cut off the 'dings' with them.

(If you live as a people, the 'Ding' of those weak people will get in the way)

Nevin said.

Kai is still overwhelmed with the meaning of that word that the Prior Guardian said.

Kai, who has stopped taking the helmet, waits for the swine (org) warriors who are on the verge. They've made war clear. They're making the neighborhood desperate.

Driving away an advance party that is nothing more than a mixed army cannot break the hearts of the pig (org) tribes with just one "sheltered" warrior.

(... no, I can't abandon those guys in the valley)

Kai shuts his mouth hard as he cuts his breath.

They have an attachment that is no longer difficult to abandon, having surrendered to Kai, the god of the valley, and have become a family of their own. The country of the valley, which is being shaped, is already even my half body.

The people of the kingdom of the valley, attracted and marginalised by the legacies of the ancient times, were united beneath it because Kai was the 'Guardian'.

If I behave as a 'protector' of a human race, I suspect that the bond is of a foggy nature. I don't think I like that.

(Then how should I behave here?)

There was also a deep attachment to the village of Rag, where he was born. I want to help them as long as it takes. But if it's fully accounted for as the village's power, it could tie up the actions of everyone who wants to be based in the valley. Any one of them would be forced to make the difficult choice of which to choose.

Fortunately, Moroccan Hou Vegin was a thoughtful man. I am trying to use him to the fullest for the safety of my village, even as I treat him carefully, hosting a higher god than I do. And at the same time, I'm terribly alert. It could be inferred from the fact that Vezin's eye coming towards him was always as hard as he had strained somewhere.

Whatever Kai's personal thoughts, his anxiety that his rights as a lord would be embezzled was reasonable.

I guess it's important to be about everything.

Noticing the signs, Kai glanced into the sky.

You must have understood that the human race warrior (Kai) who jumped out of the village was the target of the threat. A large number of throwing spears poured down from the back of the enemy's battlefield. It can be thrown with a spear thrower (Atulcator), which is extraordinarily heavier and more capable of killing than a normal arrow.

When Kai picked up the iron shield of the pig tribe that had fallen on the spot and made some spears, he ran out at once, seeing that if he was' sheltered 'from the palm of his hand, he could hold it up.

Along with that, two pig (org) warriors pushed it out.

It was the 'three age' warrior who led the way. Kai put his strength into his hand holding the iron spear.