Vezin was aware that he was losing sight of Kai.

And a little later, when the sound of destruction, which had threatened the village gates, interrupted and the anger and cheer of the pigs (orgs) soldiers began to boil, something crept up on his spine, knowing that that 'guardian' would have done something.

God's protection, which is obviously not concomitant.

How many rigid men could have jumped into the army of pigs overwhelmed by their physical abilities, even if they were 'sheltered'? All the more so if you are the neighborhood lords who are stepping into a land dispute with powerful sub-races, you are well equipped to do so. What is a weak person compared to a sub... even if it is "sheltered", the more it is known for its advantage.

And now, even this guy is.

It's supposed to be the same land, God graced warriors to each other, but it's completely outdone on its own.

(And you're a real martial arts player)

Even with the strength and my martial arts that I was asking for, it doesn't work well. Pork (org) people have intelligence that can be compared to human beings because they are an ugly alien species. He said he has created excellent weapons and has also knitted a number of martial arts that were a system.

Meeting such a mechanical subhuman warrior on the battlefield was one of those calamities that was no more for the Lords of the Side Territories.

(Ancestral spirit! You've seen my battle!)

He played Vegin with two names: "Iron Taurus (Tor)," and made him decide he had to risk his life to win. It was an indisputable and powerful enemy.

The divine character is equivalent to 'Four Years of Age (Kwart)'.

And the difference in grace appears colorfully in the unplugged racial disparity between the human race and the pig (Aug) race. Even the rock, with the power of the crushing vegin, can't surpass the terrible power, twisted bitterly out of its fat, round-tailed arms.

At this moment, I am trying to destroy only the armor of my flesh that I have forged to work out with a mere grip.

A finger as hard and dark as the horse's hoof plunges into Vezin's throat with all his might, relentlessly blocking his airway.

The pain that I have not remembered for a long time since becoming a "protective person" rushes through the subcutaneous area. Perhaps it would have been painful. I shake off the cowardly thought that the eagle would chop the meat off my throat. Thoughts are burned by something incandescent.

Not yet, not yet.

My body, which has been exhausted without any need for training, can surely counter the fearsome power of this pig warrior (org). A dagger screwed into his belly at the cost of exposing his throat neck is cutting up the skin of a pig (org) warrior vertically with full force. The amount of blood that erupts every heartbeat is imminent as it becomes a hunch of victory.

But the swine (org) warrior came as he rose his ambition and squeezed more power. It added so much force that it seemed almost inexhaustible that the flesh on his throat was completely crushed. Every airway was destroyed and Vegin finally had no choice of means. I was even in awe of the power of the enemy lifting my giant from an impossible position.

Abandoned untrained, pulled out the dagger.

And with one hand he poked it from the bottom into the back of the enemy's hand. Without stabbing him deeply, he kept stabbing him like crazy over and over again. Finally, the dagger that passed between the phalanges was decided (choked) with all his might under the guidance of Tachiko. The finger slides the finger of the other hand into the gap away, grabbing the pinky and going straight to the fold. The fingers of the pig tribe, deformed like half a hoof, hung well outside.

I broke my finger relentlessly.

My body gained freedom and my floating legs regained the sensation of the ground.

Try to breathe reflexively, exhale. Vegin's throat was deformed into an eagle-grabbed shape with five fingers. If it was normal, it was completely fatal.

But Vegin can't break his heart. The physical regenerative power of "Protective Holding" is dull. Even as he fell short of acid, Vezin rolled to throw himself, distancing himself from the pig (org) warrior. Sucking and throwing up, he stared at them with his face depressed and spit a bright red spit at them to buy time.

Crushing something, the pig (org) warrior stuck out of his belly wound. He stuck his finger in like nothing, licking the blood on his fingertips.

And less bleeding while you look at it.

"Iron Bull! Do you want a scalpel?"

"If you don't mind, I'll push it around."

Bofoy Hou Quainaze pulled out the Great Sword and Tepey Hou paid for the fur room decorated spear. Vezin, unable to speak, distorted his mouth into the shape of a laugh, his teeth protruding.

Only the saliva conveyed the jaw.

It was a vegin that continued to withstand tremors that grew more and more hungry for oxygen, but its hand, which was accompanied by shelter, slowly slipped away from its throat. Vezin's throat appeared there, reverting to a much bloody state, and went up and down to try it.

The grace of 'Ragdalatuka' saved the possession bill all the way to suffocation death. Intake air sent in from the airway was spit out of the mouth with a large amount of blood. Coughing up a few times, Vezin finally returned his crouching voice.

"Hands out, no use"

In a way that was too easy to understand, Quainaze smiled and dropped the sword in his hand at Vegin.

The pig (org) warrior no longer remembered the threat to Vezin, but turned his gaze to look at the village gate, which had become quiet, and to explore the movements of the people surrounding him. I guess most of his men who jumped into the village were tailored, the confusion kept them away and the movement of the people was returning to calm.

On the north side, which is being heavily attacked, pig rookies were now regaining momentum on the fence, but the people soldiers, who had become roaming soldiers without cooperation, have continued to assemble. Did you read the situation of those who became isolated and helpless, pig (org) warriors turned to escape, not struggle? And I rated the opponent by force comparison... I chose the side of Vegin as my first escape route.

The deep wound that had reached the peritoneal cavity has already stopped bleeding. Boasting extraneous regeneration is no different than Vegin. An unarmed swine (org) warrior and a Vegin with a great sword. In the battle between 'sheltered', the side of Vezin with an iron weapon has an advantage, but perhaps only for this moment did they both believe in its principle.

It was the swine (org) warrior who showed and advanced in quick foot judgment. It was oddly the stone staircase that Kai climbed onto the wall, which was to the right rear of Vegin.

Vegin's forged arms became and rolled out to involve a heavy sword that would have one child's share. Too much clutter, and sharply cracked air slightly delayed into the wind. Pork (org) warriors wrapped their left arms around each other to slap their front-loaded heads diagonally from the top.

Great sword and biological arm.

If normal, no questions asked, my biological arm would have been pushed down and I would have suffered major injuries. But its body skin, reinforced by the grace of the 'guardian', took the sword and let it slide like excellent leather armor. And even the orbit of the Great Sword started to go outside.

Rather, when Vegin's body itself was about to swim to that side by the Great Sword. Already Vegin had abandoned his sword and returned untouched.

The left arm of the swine (org) warrior emptied his guard. Vezin, who had not relied on an attack with his sword since the beginning, had laid low to his enemy's nose when he let go of his sword. Vegin, a giant man with few things lined up in the people, is forced to fight as if he were a small soldier. Its large body folds up to its limits and stretches out from the bottom through the guards of its arms. A tackle.

The pig (org) warrior, who entered the nostalgia, pulled one leg and half-body as he disliked it, dropping a strong elbow punch on Vezin's back with his left arm.

but the hard blow to its back is taken more and more by the giant monk hat (yeb) muscles that flourished like Vezin's deflection. Bumped to press his head and left shoulder, Vezin was scratching the force squeezed out of his whole body to a point at the starting point with his stepped left foot.

There is only one aim.

A scar on the belly that is starting to clog.

A piercing hand with his fingers straightened into a wound worn on the robust body skin of a pig (org) warrior. Only raw, soft meat and guts are beneath the hard body skin when it comes to 'holding protection'.

To the swine (org) warrior who twists himself, Vezin sticks with one left arm. The right arm is screwed to the shoulder into the abdominal cavity. Too huge a belly can't easily reach the heart with Vegin's long monkey arm.

Vezin hung the legs of a completely wandered pig (org) warrior and pulled him down on his back. The momentum made my arm fall out of my stomach once.

"That's the heart of the mercenary flow."

Quainaze laughed.

Martial arts to keep you from dying on the battlefield.

moves to scratch alive and dirty everywhere.

In Vezin's pulled out arm, a pig (org) warrior was exposed but remained gripped. The gut, dragged out by the sloppy, was wrapped around his wrist to keep the bloody vegin from letting go and pulled further.

"Any strong creature weakens when it is drawn out"


"Visceral theft," he said.

It is a mercenary (Zula) flow move knitted to control a powerful subrace, and if you pull to the right, your left half will weaken strongly, if you pull to the left.

Thus put under control that which was stronger than all, and surely put it to rest.

He was a pig (org) warrior who kept screaming as if to petition for something, but communication of will between subraces is not common to people.

Vegin had no intention of prolonging the pain either.

Finally, his right arm was plugged deep, and after a little, he grabbed out a tremendous "divine stone" that was as good as the child's head. The arm of a pig (org) warrior stretched to retrieve the stone, but his fingers only scratched the universe with nothing. The pig (Aug) who was deprived of the "Divine Stone" no longer had God's protection, but became a needle rat lightly with an arrow from the wall released by Quainaze's hand gesture.

The death of 'sheltered' often determines the trend of how much.

Pork (org) soldiers, who were contending for the occupation of the north side, noticed the rising cheers of the people, howling their thick throats so that they could reward the death of one great warrior after another. It was a sign of withdrawal.

It was the moment when the trend in the defence of the village of Bagna was decided.