The pig tribe's offense stopped like a lie.

More than 1,000 pig (org) soldiers who were threatening the village of Bagna began to withdraw in unison shortly after they found out that their army's "escort" had been taken, fleeing into the rear line of self-defense.

It also seemed as if the killing that had taken place between the people over the village of Bagna and the pig (Aug) had ended up as a victory for the people. The people soldiers who managed to survive the fierce offensive and understood that some of them had not lost their lives at the moment cheered like the howl of a beast, and many entered the scene. I butted around and threw out my weapon, no matter if it was wet with blood and grease.

It was the soldiers of the Eastern region who became slightly late and noisy. Since it was one of the Eastern Lords, the Iron Taurus (Tor), who determined the trend of the battle, the Eastern soldier floated alone.

Having defeated the brilliant Porcupine (Org) Warrior, Moroccan Horse Vezin, with his dazzling 'Divine Stone', climbed the fence as prompted by Bofoy Horse Quainaze, and named the winner for his enemies. I guess Vezin's torso sound reached the battlefield of a remote pig tribe firmly. As in response to it, the dissatisfied squeals of the pigs (orgs) and others are transmitted on the wind.

Hundreds of small groups begin to advance again to the village of Bagna as it creeps out of a population of its 3,000 pigs. It was a small group of pigs… those who made up a tribal group to be called the 'clan'.


The men came again to the village of Bagna, shaking off the voice of restraint from their fellow countrymen.


"I, Lano," God, "return se!

The alien subhumans shouted the humanities with a hard to hear, convulsive voice.

The control the pigs (orgs) had shown earlier was completely out of control, just to the village... approaching for the deprived 'God' on its fence wall.

Forward in the case of the deceased, who lost his soul, will not cease with rain and arrows pouring down. The pigs (orgs) who were mounted on the walls even as they received arrows and were about to crawl up… The soldiers in the central area, who were still in formation on the north side after receiving great pain, abandoned their place by forgetting my responsibility for pushing them through. Even if the lords raise their voices to stop the fleeing soldiers, the flow cannot be altered. While doing so, the pigs (orgs) begin to fill up before the north.


"Land god return se!

As was the case with the human race, so did the Submen, who were extremely afraid of losing their ancestral God.

It wasn't just the people's side that was losing control. The pigs (orgs) are just even looking at the "Divine Stone" of Moroccan Vegin and stopping by like ants gathered in molasses. The small number of arrows that can be shot and the thickness of their body skins to keep fatal injuries away form this' second wave '.

Whoever wins the battle between the 'protectors' can take his soul… 'Divine Stone' as his natural right. And to stop the 'second wave' that is happening now, it was certainly effective to say no promptly to their untrained.

"Eat, Lord Moroccan."

Encouraged by his father-in-law, Quainaze, Vezin also put his strength into his hand holding the 'Divine Stone'. Its' Divine Stone ', which is stiff with every bite, is not like being able to grip it with just a grip. Quickly, it was to slap him on the stone at his feet and crack him.

But I waited for the move, but it hung up.

"To be teh!

A blast of thunderstorms.

That loud voice, which was badly grumbled, but clearly heard, was not made by a person. Soon, a giant shadow shows up crawling up from the waterway's cove.

Is it the remnants of the clumpy fog that makes it look slightly oblivious?

The size alone is even greater than that of the giant pig (org) tribe. The giant lifted by its slender limbs is exactly Oyama, the hexagonal crust covering its overwhelming body surface of mass. From the crevices of the crust, which are joined together like roof tiles, the cluttered trees, which must have been floored and rooted, become like twigs, and are even swayed by their sneaky steps.

The resulting flat head had deep wrinkles hanging down as it engraved its age, and a slight white eye looked at the people as if their eyes were glistening.

A huge anomaly that suddenly appeared. Its leg approaches the barrier as it breaks its earthen hand.

(That big fat ass, where did he come from)

Kai, who held the iron spear on his shoulder, is also returning to the wall after one job. While being greeted by his squad mates, he is starting to move north so that his back is pushed by a hunch.

"To be teh, people"

I guess the anomaly is highly intelligent on the back of what it looks like. I can't feel the ambiguity that makes it harder to listen to the native language that emits. Perhaps those cloudy eyes no longer reflect anything in this world.

Thus the anomaly that led to Vezin's feet scratching the pigs (orgs) gathering in the flock came close to his face with his neck stretched over the bumps.

"God take away, Xu Sa."

It becomes apparent there that the abnormality is similar to the invading pig (Aug) tribe.

He begins to speak of the coming of God in good spirits, and that is the line of the Great Foss tribe of the Eastern Valve of the Pork (Aug) tribe. He speaks of God, and he exalts how it supports the hearts of the Foss tribe. It was also told that the dead warrior Egeri was the head of a powerful family.

And the anomaly says.

Give me back my god.

Vezin and Quainaze, who were astonishingly listening, returned to me to be vigilant. A completely marginal and itchy alien waited for the winner's natural right, the ownership of the "Divine Stone".

Naturally it was unjust and stirred the anger on the part of the people.

"... don't worry, eat it"

Whatever they say, the key 'Divine Stone' is in the hands of the people. Try to step forward and defend Vezin from exercising the rights of the winner by putting up a great sword that Quainaze is good at. Vezin also quickly slammed him to his feet to show him the stoning stand.

but it was then.

"... ugh!

"Iron Bull!

Vegin suddenly got bored.

I was about to slap the "Divine Stone," and I was tied to the motion, just as I was grabbed by the invisible obscure.

Still a God gracious warrior, Vezin resisted his irrationality and rose to pierce his will to the best of his power. Your whole body's muscles are dizzy and swollen and your flesh dyed red. Though his powers as a 'protective person' beat the curse and his arms moved slowly at last, it hardly creates enough shock for him to crack a hard 'divine stone'. With the 'Divine Stone' pressed against the stone at his feet, Vezin was unable to move as he succumbed.

The cloudy eyes of the abnormal appeared red. Even if it is not useful as a visual organ, the colour of the blood flow will appear.

"Give the stray pigs (orgs) and others the southern lands."

I found that the spirit that erupted from the alien giant turned into some 'magic'.

Vegin is depressed with an intangible force, yet the mouth continues due to the anomaly.

And the anomaly raised its name.

"Guardian Urban"

It was a pillar of an old god living in the land of the north.

'The Guardian' declared that mediation would take place.

Arbitrate the unfortunate dispute that took place between this man and the pig tribe, and be a witness yourself so that the two can draw their swords without wasting blood... yes Urban said.

And the word flew among the lords, even in the midst of the evil god noise of the feast of the Winter Solstice. No longer in limbo, no one laughed that it was just an old story that scared kids.

The pig force that broke into the realm was a clear threat, and if the spear of that battle were to be unloaded in discussion, it was not a rash to get arbitration for what would be a guardian. The eastern lords, who were prepared to be as fierce a battle as they had wagered the survival of the seal, were not less shaken by their hearts.

Bofoy Hou Quainaze, who recognises himself as the leader of the Eastern Lords, went out in front of Urban, but one person entered there now and, oddly enough, revealed to himself that the people here were not one rock.

He was Lord Rhoda, a leading lord who was putting together central power.

Kwainaze pulled his big mouth together and twisted you, and the Rhoda Marquis also turned away his majestic hook nose and looked back at him. Kai felt as if he had heard guardian Urban's hissing laughter as he slipped himself through the gap in the hedge he had made around the field.

"Which is my opponent?"

Shaking in the form of an inquiry.

Kai finally came out in front of the mansion, but there was a thin man-wall there as well. It is the 'sheltered' and others on the part of the people that the soldiers perceive as' walls' to rely on. Kai, who was also allowed to leave any further, stood to find Orha's back and refrain from going around that diagonal back. He remains wearing a helmet.

Though there was a silent outline between Marquis Bofoy and Marquis Rhoda, it was in the end Marquis Bofoy who pulled back. Even though the confederation of devotion has been shattered, the Sovereign Lords still remember the old relationship centered around the Sovereign House of Tuberculosis. Even though the Sovereign Tabi Tabi Tabi House was in a succession struggle, the forces destined for subhuman calm in the east were due to the will of the Bibi Tabi House, a sign that the influence of being able to obey the Lords, even though only near the state capital, continued.

Lord Rhoda is an agent of the Tubor family. It seems that various intentions have led to the departure of Lord Bofoy. Tongue pounding was heard from the Eastern Lords.

"Not enough piercing"

Orha's grunt reached my ear.

In an attempt to possess that much power in the eastern realm, the prince is only one of a few. It was also the moment when a question mark was placed on Lord Bofoy as Lord of the Eastern Regions.

Marquis Rhoda, who became the lord of the tribal power in this village, took a step further forward, opposite guardian Urban directly from the front.

"My name is Rhoda Morg." Guardian Urban, let's find out what mediation is all about. "

"If you..."

Kai feels it.

Guardian Urban's glazed eyes are terribly cold against people. I don't even feel the temperature enough to teach a strange child.

That is how the conditions for mediation by guardian Urban began to be enumerated.

Let's divide the land for 3,000 pigs to live in.

The land is this village of Bagna and the open land it owns. If we turn them over, in the name of the Guardian, I'm sure we won't let them invade new lands.

The next warrior Egeri's "Divine Stone" was taken over by the people. Return of it.

The last thing I was told was the handover of the food being brought here.

The invading pigs (orgs) are now suffering from chronic food shortages. Give them a share of the shavings until the food is self-sufficient.

Until now, only unilateral demands. Of course, there was no sarcasm for the people to listen to you.

"What's the price?"

Lord Rhoda inquired, and the answer returned to it was:

"Let us not take away its life, which is equal to dust mustard."

Urban told me.