"Let us not take away its life, which is equal to dust mustard."

guardian Urban said.

While "mediation," etc., the word was full of seclusion against people.

Conditions for mediation past unilaterally.

"... fool people"

Lord Rhoda threw up.

Its eyes remain dizzy and contrived, staring at the mediator, who does not seem very fair and just.

It is also difficult to confront on the ground, shelving one end of the way in getting the attitude in place...... the offer of a ceasefire was appreciated. But I cannot accept what is required of me as consideration.

Even if we do as guardian Urban says, the people lose this village of Bagna, as well as the 'divine stone' of the enemy warrior, who is an honor, and even the precious food of this year, when the omission is confirmed, in large quantities.

Even the miscellaneous soldiers, who were only farmers in one country, understood that the people were forced to make too much concessions in order to obtain the uncertain situation of a 'truce'. Lord Rhoda also tried to throw demands on the part of the people to start 'negotiations'.

I had a hunch about the killing of the people, the pigs and the mud of both races, who would not be allowed to back down, which would take place afterwards for everyone who was there. Guardian Urban moved as the warring tribes lost their words and stood up.

The example 'magic' was unleashed.


"Back off! The wall!

Shortly after his feet swayed about, it looked like Urban giants had plunged into the village walls. It was later found out that it was Urban's body.

There was no damage to the soldiers on the wall who were solidifying somewhat further away. The gentle "guardian" and others also retreated to fly and gained nothing.

It was the soldiers in the central area who watched Lord Rhoda negotiate on the back of the wall who ate the meat. In their perception, the stone walls, which had immovable reliability, suddenly collapsed inwards to blow away. Nearly a few dozen people soon fled became its underlings.

Lord Bofoy, who stomped behind him, scolded his opponent while the soldiers took him. Even the lord aristocrats when they do so, the land of the soil man emerges, almost unchanged from the vice of drunkenness.

On the opposite side of the Bofoy Marquis, which is scattered with shit and death... there was a figure of the Rhoda Marquis who fled and rebuilt his sword on the opposite bank of the collapsed wall, and his aristocratic appearance contrasted a lot as the same peripheral territory lord.

In both cases, the walls have turned into piles of rubble for about ten yuls.

It wasn't just a wall that would collapse with one push...... people had no choice but to sift their fears at the state of that amazing zoo.

(… the wall is broken)

Urban, who brought his neck from under the rubble he pushed down himself and retreated slowly to where he had taken it, rattled his throat low. Kai, who perceived it to be Urban's "laughter," put his strength into his hands holding the iron spear high.

The people were prepared to kill each other with the pigs (orgs) after this. Even in anticipation of the unthinkable death of human beings in that battle, the preconditions that the people were willing to resist… it was at that moment that the walls of the village of Bagna, which were also the basis for the defensive side's favour, were lost.

The deduction account no longer fits. Even if we weave into the devastation of human power, there is no prospect that we can finally push back the army of the pigs. Without the privilege of being in a base of defensive advantage, people would simply be cut off their lives according to the 'exchange ratio'.

It was a tragically murderous eastern force, but the loss is visible if the battle resumes like this. They are unmanned men from the eastern periphery… a rare defensive force, and if lost, almost defenseless villages would be exposed in front of a 3000 pig (org) tribal group. You can't lose them for no reason, soldiers, but the eastern lords who lead them are more blind to anger than anything else.

Believing in his great protection, the Lords are beginning to travel to take over guardian Urban. Next to Kai, he pulled out the sword that Orha had borne, and looked at the miscellaneous soldiers behind him.

The village of Bagna is no longer protected.

Can the 'protectors' of the people be enemies to Urban, the guardian who broke the rugged fence like a sand mountain? If that alien protector is a mighty warrior who has lived through eternal times like God's predecessors in the valley, he must be prepared that his divinity is high enough to look up.

Do we have to do this?

Intervene when there is a time.

If there are guardians who put their shoulders in the Pig (Aug) tribe, who can blame them for the emergence of guardians who put their shoulders in the people's tribe? Kai began to consider how to attack Urban, which seemed stiff to watch.

A rapidly rising slaughtering air twists and approaches the 'sheltered' and others of both races.

"... Hooray, don't hurry!

The voices of restraint were raised. It should be noted that some did not stop.

In order to stop those few who had climbed up to the edge of the wall, Lord Rhoda had to strike his sword at his feet and bring up the name of the Sovereign Tubor family.

That's how Marquis corrected his manners, and gave his answer as a human race to guardian Urban.

"I want to discuss it. I want time."

The side of the people is not, of course, a single rock.

Setting that policy required discussion by the Lords, and Lord Rhoda's demands were reasonable. That respite was accepted so much that this side would have secured the 'Divine Stone' of the warrior Egeri, which Moroccan Marquis had defeated.

The people promised not to fix the broken village walls.

The Pork (Aug) clan retreated to the edge of the forest.

The time limit is until tomorrow morning.

In the presence of the guardian Urban, the two main tribes followed their instructions.

It was once a truce.

Seeing that the pigs (orgs) retreated as promised, the people hurried to meet.

Without the need for the Lord Rhoda to speak, the Lords gathered not only in the central east, but even the Lord of the village of Bagna, the Lord of the village of Piñeroi, Salier, who was stuck in the village castle, brought some of the offerings. Upon the request of the Pork (Aug) tribe, the rights of the Pinjeroy family as feudal lords given to them by the King will be lost. I guess I couldn't have seen it as a party.

The argument was disputed. Many Eastern Lords, who cannot be exhausted by letting people die any more, showed a positive attitude towards acceptance. Conversely, it was the Lords of the Central Regions who showed their enthusiasm for the total force battle. It is only part of the soldiers in hand that they have led to the land, and the inhabitants are still holding large quantities, unlike the east, which is in pain. They with the margin seemed to think that priority should be given to allowing the intruders to shed more blood and weaken their forces, even if they were to brush up their gestures here.

And naturally, Salier, lord of the village of Bagna, desperately continued to cry out to protect the village of Bagna to the end as best he could to preserve the entire ethnic territory…

Of course, there's no way we can put together a discussion or anything.

"... there was a moment."

The Lords of the Eastern Region decided early on to dismantle the army, saying that it was also tough to cover the cost of how much. Leave all the grain in form and start withdrawing to self-government.

Though the Lords of the Central Region insisted on a succession, their gestures have already been halved, and if their heads cannot match their footprints, they have also begun to retreat. He abandoned the majority of the grain he brought in because his head count was also decreasing.

Marquis Rhoda and several lords were arranged to go to the enemy as the last negotiators, and the meeting was dissolved.

"Wait! I'm going to abandon you!

It was Salier, lord of the village of Bagna, who did not fit in.

When you catch each of the lords who are beginning to make their way home with a depressing face, you desperately appeal to the feelings of acceptance. Still, if not, I changed my complexion and blamed the cowardice. Nor did blood ties to the neighborhood to which the Pinjeroy family had been connected make sense here.

She was left alone at the end of the meeting without any support from anyone.

The village of Bagna was abandoned by the people.

Salier's cry, heard from indoors, merely stirred up the backs of those who left. There was no longer an opponent for Piñeroi Marquis Salier, whose difficulties persisted from the death of his father. Even the inhabitants together in the ordeal had a chilling eye on its overly unreliable appearance.

The land of the powerless lord decays.

The signs appeared everywhere in the village. The blackness was lost from the whispering agricultural land that had been plowed, and the soil gave to me solidified and became like stone. A bud that had begun to grow out of the grass of yellow bits was nowhere to be found.

The well lowers the water level and winter cold air returns to the blowing wind.

The land withered.

I knew I couldn't do it.

I had to inherit from my father's sudden death. A land that was even skinny.

The management was a tremendous weight for Salier, who is still a young daughter. The twitching I had endured continued to overflow in tears.

Neglecting the coat he had hastily worn in an attempt to match the format of the Lords' Union, Salier took it off. The button I was stopping because I handled it rampantly broke a thousand times and rolled at my feet. When my father was still alive, it was a purchase I didn't like.

It was a cute donkey shaped button carved out of coke wood that could only be picked in the back of the woods, and the cat merchant who was visiting the village at that time told me that it was "one of the dwarf (colol) tribes".

In the village of Bagna, on the boundaries of the Great Forest, there were occasional visits by subpeople of cats to small deals. The people feared and hated the basic subrace, but only the nostalgic cat narrowed its distance from the people to the tatters, and there were those who went into and out of business. It was also not so rare in boundaries close to the subhuman world.

Sallier picked up the button thinking of her late father.

Since my father died and the village of Bagna became hated by its neighbors, only the subracial cats had strangely visited the village. The past few months or so had somehow become more frequent, and the villages, which were severely affected by the food situation, had even begun to buy food for sub-races.

The cat merchant named its flue, who had even come to hold strange familiarity, was also proficient in human language, and every time he visited, Salier deliberately invited him to the castle and often did not talk about rare journeys to comfort boredom, etc.

"Awkwardness goes to the Valley to buy the crafts of the dwarf tribe."

In the nearby woods, he said, a new path had been created.

In the old valley in the woods, a new god stood more recently. The cat merchant narrowed his eyes pleasantly, admiring the glory of the royal family, a flock of weak and landless species gathered there, and the 'country' was becoming more interested.

"With a gentle God who does not reject what comes"

Sarrier's mind was enlarged.