The truce is only for one day.

Following the outcome of the meeting, the people's lords had begun to retreat in the shadows of the night.

Matsuaki is not listed. If the light makes people's trends clear, the pigs may break the agreement and attack them. Lord Rhoda's "Answer" was supposed to take place one day at noon in order to ensure a safe distance for the Lords.

Exhausted people line up and move on. The soldiers of the village of Rag, led by the Moroccan family, are also packing their cars with grain that is not exposed, such as they intend to hand it over, and are proceeding secretly so that they can be left in the shadows of the night.

He was Kai, who walked his tail shin for a while, but softly lined up in Vegin as he saw Olha's back, which began to precede him as he went, and began a conversation with Hidden.

"What are we gonna do after this?

I can't see Kai's expression with his helmet on from the outside.

The inexplicable conversation, which does not seem to be between the Lords and the Lords, is, of course, conducted on the assumption that they are not heard around. Vezin opens his mouth instead of looking at you again.

"... I guess I'm going to retreat once and look for a path I can take again. The pigs' 3000 are heavy. First of all, gather the numbers and we won't even talk. There is also an invitation from Marquis Bofoy. We will discuss the collaboration of the Eastern Lords."

"... do you abandon the village of Bagna"

"If we stick to one village and bleed in vain, the east will collapse into total collapse. One pillar of the precious land God, the Spirit of the Pinjeroy family is not that high. Even if it is temporarily lost, the impact is so... What's wrong, Lord 'Guardian'?"

"... I heard that the pig tribe has many children. More as soon as we have enough food."


To Kai's point, Vegin makes a tannic surface.

In the light of the Exchange Ratio, the people must immediately gather 9,000 soldiers. It's not at all enough only in the east, which has already been painfully affected, and that figure would probably not be feasible without involving as much as half of the soil on the edge.

And even that alien 'guardian'.

Having lightly broken down the barrier in the village of Bagna to show it, it is very possible to lend a hand in some way to the southern advance of the pigs, even if not directly.

"... which 'guardian' could beat that Urban thing"

Wezin's questioning would have been perfectly natural.

Kai just said "I don't know" without putting up a void. Vezin picked the jaw meat, as he thought, into the words. What do you think after seeing more than eighty weary hindsight of the weak soldiers in the village of Rag?

"... I'll split up here. Just tell them to go back to the village."

"What are you gonna do?"

"I'm going to see that 'guardian'"

Whatever happens next, it is far from futile to keep an eye on who and what power that mysterious' guardian 'holds. Kai herself, I still don't really know what the' guardian 'thing is.

Of course I don't go alone with an old god opponent. Luckily for us if we return to the valley, the 'Guardian' forerunners are staying.

Vezin, as Kai's camouflage for another action, gave Kai an order to go back and show him that he had forgotten something for the village. Vezin, looking back at Kai, who had stopped his leg and tried to drop him off just a little, threw a bomb-like word there.

"... when I get back, accompany Jose"

"... Huh?

"I made up my mind. After all, you have to stay tangled up in my house."



Vezin waved to Kai, who shrugged his shoulders and ran out backwards.

I guess your lord's voice was loud behind it, most of the soldiers looked back at this one as surprised.

No one could see the look on Kai's face with his helmet on, but he would have been eloquent to everyone as he wandered off.

Why now!?

Kai, a party, was in his helmet, blurring with breath.

The distance from the village of Bagna to the valley is short.

It would take less than four and a half minutes if it were Ky, even if it bypassed the land occupied by the pigs. Diving through the gateposts dedicated to God in the valley, Kai, who descended into the valley edge square, noticed first the soldiers of the Deer tribe, who were on the night shift, and soon some gathered together. Apparently, the battle that had taken place between the people and the pigs was making them nervous.

In a call by Kai's thought, Nevin immediately appeared. Just Polek came with me. They were sitting in the sheikh's mansion.

"Finally here, Kai"

Nevin's words as if he had expected Kai to come.

The same guardian has recently appeared, and there must have been something to feel as your companion.

The valley of the night is enveloped by the fragrance of greenery. The intensity of the valley's divinity manifests itself strongly in thriving plants. I feel naturally relieved because I have just seen the land of a people with a thin sprout of life. Stone-laid and well maintained, this square is also being swallowed by weeds of little or no kind at the end.

Nevin grabs the fruit of a mountain apple. I'm letting you go free in the valley as a friend, and I think you just found that mountain apple tree that deflects fruit.

"Do you know a guardian named Urban?"

"There are people of the Kola clan with the same name."

He still seems to know, "So?" Nevin returned it.

Kai took advantage of what had happened in the village of Bagna and asked him whether it was normal for a mediator 'guardian' to put his shoulders in a particular race and how the basic 'guardian' was.

The "guardian" I was hearing from Nevin was like a watchman watching against useless strife between races, and survivors of the millennium continue to operate in their respective lands to protect the old wisdom known as "Ding" … such recognition was. Kai also understands that accommodating such barren strife increases the productivity of society as knowledge in previous life.

Throw the remaining apple core into your mouth without hesitation and lick your fingers after swallowing. Nevin said it wasn't a big deal.

"Because he's a hobby."

Encouraging Kai, who is rounding his eyes, he turns to the gate pillar, the exit of the valley, and laughs, "You're going to see it," he said.

Kai also walks out again, assuming that he is unwilling to talk about the 'guardian' in a place where there are others. I guess it's meant to be an escort, Polec followed as well.

"It was almost a thousand years ago that people were interested. One of the newborn children from the Great Agitation of the Millennium will be your" people "out. A thousand years ago, this world was destroyed once and for all. It was the old world to which the" Guardians "belonged that perished"

Big stir.

Rebuilding the world by the gods. Like mixing soup to boil in a pan, the gods mix the world together and restore it to its original chaos. The great doom begins with the loss of the glow of life and the inability of the children to attract the interest of the gods.

The people called it ancient a thousand years before that, and its survival was called the ancient people. The predecessors of the valley are among them. Furthermore, there may have been a similar iteration of times before that, but Kai, who is only a child of an ignorant people, does not know that.

The Millennium only meant a milestone at which one's own times began for the people.

"The men worked hard to die believing that the wisdom of" Ding "was what kept the species alive. I believed that if we all helped each other, we must be able to get past the 'big stir'. The kings also prayed with blood that the lifeblood of the seed would be preserved."

Even as we run through the dark night, we don't listen because it's a story. I guess Nevin isn't even going to ask Polek.

"There was another excellent species that competed for the championship. Those races fell to the unwise and weak who threatened the land. The men were driven away and destroyed by the new breeds that appeared. Yaso, the ruler of the sky, was driven away by the people."

"... Nevin"

"Many of the Guardians who couldn't protect their species were desperate."

Seeing the signs, Nevin stopped hanging his legs on one of Barren Cedar branches. Kai also stopped at another branch, and Polek accompanied him beside it. He peels his eyes at a large group of pigs who appear under his eyes and his throat goes up and down to swallow his spit.

You are sure that the fighting power of the species is completely superior in this land, they were joyfully welcoming the burning fire with splendor and sharing the meagre food. I guess he's releasing a boring but stockpile and celebrating the triumph of the race to be the promise that a lot of food will be handed over by the people tomorrow.

And in the grass behind it sits the anomalies of the hills.

If it was Kai's memory, guardian Urban's sleeping land should have already completely encroached on the Lizard (Lagart) lands. The large group of pigs and, more importantly, their signs felt from the wetlands seem to distract this one from the fear of guardian Urban's militancy.

"The bigotry of the Kohlo (Gora) tribe doesn't have to believe in" Ding "anymore - Shit. They raise the pigs of the North. I have a tough body and endurance that is half way beyond the Millennium. It must have been that shitty thing that led the pigs to grow up like that."

The identity of the shoulder.

You must have noticed the two guardians approaching, bringing the neck Urban was letting him sleep on the grass.

The giant made him lose about half his sign in a flash. A snug mist drifting toward me is about to melt Urban's figure into the darkness.

"You're blunt. That's the way it always is."

Barren Cedar, where the three of us hide from the side to say, swayed.

From a tree that was no longer immediately bearable, the three stood in front of a large group of pigs so that they could be shaken down.