3000 faces were raised.

And 6,000 eyes were thrown at three sudden visitors.

The cheering voice, which seemed to bother, was interrupted.

"... these few opponents are just as tough"

"If you're dealing with someone decent."

"Protected" doesn't mean he has infinite health or is immortal. Individuals can be unrivaled if they are under a few restrictions they may face, but if they are struck simultaneously from ten directions, more than half of them will be subjected to the body, and if they continue to be scratched more often than resiliently, they will soon fall into non-combat and die.

The "exchange ratio" between a regular person and a "protected person" is just too biased on the one hand, and it's not like it's not made up.

Not to mention the disparities in physical abilities between races. of the pigs. That was undoubtedly one of the best candidate heads in the world to be named.

The great tree of Barren Cedar, rocked by "Mindfulness Magic," makes you fall thin leaves like needles. Unlike the land of the people, these trees, which gain stability as belong to the Lizard (Lagart) people, contain water and gas as evergreen trees. When it hits my skin, it stings and I try to pay it again and again.

That was the gap.

The guardian Urban giant, who had disappeared from sight, suddenly appeared close.

A moment later, when I saw a mist gushing into the darkness of nothing, my giant leg roared up like a heavenly lid and approached me.

Kai, Nevin and Polek all tried to jump out quickly, and there again that 'mindfulness magic' came tightening their bodies.

Instead of being blunt, the attack's blow is more powerful than ever because of the giant. Urban, a skilled warrior, knew how to fight every man. If your movements are dull and you can't guess, you just have to make sure you don't run away from your prey.

Nevin escaped the bitterness of "Mindfulness Magic" and gently retreated from the stamp of death. Kai also perceived the invisible hand, which tightens me, as magical, and fogged it with an image that disturbed the stream of spiritual power stretching out of Urban. The two guardians dealt with it without difficulty, but the flow of spiritual power that is making up Urban magic is thin, but there is pressure to erupt. Perhaps even Polek, with his spiritual eye, could see that, but dwarf (Colol) warriors who could not reach the 'three ages' were not equipped with the self-help to fight them.


Kai noticed Porek's anomaly as he looked up motionlessly.

Kai's spirits explode.

"Shh, Lord!

"... Yes, run, run"

If it is powerful, it is also equipped for Kai.

Kai, who grabbed her thicker Urban leg than the barrel, slowly squeezed the gold rigidity out of her leg, which plunged her halfway into the ground. It is a Urban giant who has no idea how much weight it weighs. Even if they were dispersed on the limbs, the pressure on Kai's body right now would not subside in thousands of pints.

Success and increase physical abilities.

Kai's body, which was only resisting pressure, swelled up his muscles and slowly stretched out. In anticipation of Polek's evacuation, Kai threw Urban's one leg aside.

A slightly lowered Urban giant arrives on his limbs without swinging back. Staring at that staring giant, Kai exhaled the air that was hoarding in his lungs all at once.

"... no questions asked, you fucking twitch"

It was Nevin who raised his dissatisfaction. He complained that there was no friendship of the same guardian, winging at the tip of his nose.

The failure to hear Urban was apparently speaking the words of the Eight Wings (Yaso) to his Nevin opponent. Nevin turns his mind and aligns his language with that of the people.

"Disappear, you featherworms"


"I'm busy. Go, go, go."

"That's not how it works."

Even as Nevin punched him in the nostrils in the stomach, he let his cloudy eyes stray to see if he didn't even feel the itch and slowly waited on the ground.

"Holy precious colour… are you with me"

"It's the next generation of 'God of the Valley'. I hear my predecessors screwed up."

Urban's face approached and the smell of rotten water drifted.

My eyes had already lost their light, I hadn't seen this one.

"... smells like people,"

"That's what (...)"

God's successor in the valley is the child of the people.

If we understood that, we would have easily guessed why Kai had come aboard here. Behind Urban, the pigs (orgs) who have gathered with their weapons are watching the exchange. Because there were only three opponents, I guess I didn't see that as hostile. And even a guardian, Urban, is dealing with him.

Nevin, who is clearly known to be an old people, and the dwarf old man, and Kai, who remains a full-body leather armor. The fact that it was a strange combination also diminished the sense of crisis.

"I will not retreat. Cut off the land of the people and spread the land of the pigs here. We cannot narrow down the good lineage of Foss Adura."

"If you want to invade the land, I will fight."

Kai decidedly declares so.

You must have been dissatisfied, Urban's leaking nose made Kai's face.

"There is no longer any value in protecting people. And the guardians, who watched over him, beheld the fools. If so, * * *, * * * *!"

With the old words mixed up again at the end of the story, Kai finally looked at Nevin. The guardian of the eight wings (Yaso), who laughed small in the eyes, snapped, "No, no, no."

What the hell was Nevin 'protecting' the eggs of the remaining species in the afterlife beneath the castles of the state capital, where there was strong human control? They said that all the land around them had been taken away, and that there was no longer but a people.

"Once the Wise Kings dreamed of the wisdom of reconciliation called 'Ding'. The miserable people, who were only weak creatures, hunted down the god of the land with the little wisdom of 'The Divine Oneness', and ran up to the Hajj."

Urban's voice increased in intensity so as to retain a boiling heat in his body.

The pigs (orgs) lag slightly behind, as they cower at the frustration of a guardian who is also equal to God.

"I wonder what the guardians (idiots) who sidelined the crowd of people who craved the land god and became turbulent with a new trial"

"Some of the kings of the people went higher than ever before."

"In the end, no one gets to me."


Urban saw the darkness of the forest trees cutting through the starry sky, as he realized something. That's how I slowly turn around my neck.

"… | I heard you, but did you still have the ear burn?"

"I'll blow it once in a while."

What Nevin showed to his hand was an example whistle that Kai left in the shed after he received it. The strange whistle of calling and gathering the guardians.

Kai also noticed and looked around at that time. There are some unusual signs of unexpected pore opening in the darkness that fills my vision.

Hiccup, hiccup.

One of them crawled over the ground.

"The wisdom of 'Ding' is enough. We have to find a new 'stop by'."

itself was no less enormous than Urban.

A giant jaw that is likely to reach half the body of something close to the Lizard (Lagart) tribe is protruding remarkably developed fangs upwards. Half the body is like a head, a distorted reptile. My eyes are glowing bluntly, four lengths at a time like a pattern.

It has brought a sleigh and a giant head from the wetlands where the lizards are lurking their breath. They look alike, I guess there's something close to ecology. The lizards are also beginning to follow quietly from behind, and gradually that painting is buried in their breath.


"Still no good, Eight Wings."

"You guys are too big."

The jaw monster was the guardian dope of the Hundred Tooth (Mogali) tribe.

A monstrosity in the realm of the Lizards that inhabited the depths of a canyon where others could barely set foot. Kai, who was in a way a neighbor but had not noticed its existence, saw Polek's reaction, shaking his neck sideways, somewhat but only slightly lowered his chest. Not that Kai was dull, but that this alien protector was ingenious.

"And we lost our brethren to guard, and fell into being but one creature. It's the result of asking each of us to use what we have left behind."

"Keep sleeping with the lazy lizards."

"Who woke up? Make a scene."

Besides the guardian dope, there are still some signs lurking in the darkness of the forest.

Are they also guardians who were lurking in the subhuman world again? A big white hairy dog, prominent even in the darkness, looked at this one with golden eyes.

"... pretty much got together. If your opinion is broken, do you want to talk?"

Guardian Dope proclaimed so in a low throat-soaking voice when he calmed himself down to the grass that Urban had occupied earlier.