Round table (Lindane).

It was a forum for discussion among the 'Guardians'.

Nevin to Kai, followed by Urban followed by Dope walked over. And the other 'guardians' emerged from the darkness of the woods.

A big white dog advancing loosely shook his hair as he blew out of the grass bush. Are giants like looking up still also old race tendencies? Unlike a dog whose face is subtly familiar with it, a well-developed jaw and hyena-like body hair stand upside down along the neck muscle.

And the green solidification of the body surface covered with grass trees… When the anomaly appeared without sound, even the Pork (Aug) tribe lagged behind to be frightened.

Though there are still signs in the woods, it was the three 'guardians' who doped in the new appearance. Maybe it was the relatives who were hiding or accompanying them.

Nevin broke the branches of a young tree out of the undergrowth of the forest, stabbed it in the middle of the square and stood. And one goes around saying words around it.

Kai felt that his spiritual power was dedicated to watering the stabbed young tree and that its rooting was encouraged. It seemed to be a liturgy of the Guardians.

"... good."

"Sorry, Yaso's. Now, my fellow countrymen, let's talk in circles."

"No, wait, wait."

With Dope's voice, Urban pinched his mouth like he was in a rush.

The great warriors of the Koro (Gora) tribe stepped on their feet and threw cloudy eyes at Kai.

"Succeeding to the God of the Valley does not make you a 'protector' with that." Guardian "is a good breed who has made the vows of the Ding... only his warriors are allowed to be named. I will not allow him, a humble man, to join me."

Is this round of talks so imposing on the 'Guardian' that Urban, with its powerful powers, shows the difficulty? Even while Kai, the person in charge, is bewildered, Urban's claims become one 'rigging' and become an oral passage of the 'guardian'. A pig (org) clan supporting that claim behind Urban is speaking up.

People, the word spreads like a curse.

"What qualifies as a 'good race' to evil people who eradicated many species in the first place!

Nevin leaned in, though Kai was slightly stuck in Urban's appeal, which echoed his cerebral cord. "... Kai," he called his name in his ear, blinking like a stiff.

"... I'll ask you again.... Which one are you (...)?


"King of the kingdom of the valley, or still a son of the people"

Question to be poked at.

Though I was suddenly confused about what, I somehow understood why Nevin tried to turn it around.

'Evil Gods' noise in that state capital...... then Kai named 'Guardian' for the Lords of the Horizontal Territory. That's how you stick out the boundaries of the race of people, and when you still sloppy, you enter the village of Rug, the fabric, and this little 'guardian' has watched over you from the valley, not trying to stop being a child of the people.

I'm still being watched.

I've been worried about it for a long time, even if it doesn't bother me. Returning from the Winter Solstice feast, when I was spending time with my companions in one of the barracks, or when your lord was calling me to take you around, the uncomfortable feeling I'd never felt before, never imagined, kept Kai breathless.

When I went to the dining room, they told me to sit at the end of the table reserved for lords, and I wanted to scream for you to stop me when I got a good, bad, disturbed gaze. Kai's shimmering, head-on appearance was no longer just a skinny new American soldier.

(... me?)

Kai was united with the god of the valley to gain the land.

Getting a land god meant being a guardian of the land, which was synonymous with a lord in the nation of men.

Perhaps it is right to put a new fire called 'Valley' in the immense flame of the kingdom of man, as a member of the human race if it were meant to be. But Kai's heart was rejecting it.

At first it was tiny, a child's exclusive desire. I don't want anyone else to know where the secret I got it, I want to be alone. I think it was that much of a mind move.

But now, no.

"... Lord"

If you do not keep my Lord surrounded by the aliens, you will feel the temperatures of Polek near you, wary of the harsh conditions. The breath was a testament to the lives of the families to be protected.

The valley is no longer starting to breathe as a single nation, welcoming as companions a number of races, albeit as a result of their disenchantment. I can't even think about cutting off my family and joining the nation.

Aruet's face.

Nilun's face.

The face of an unhatable cat merchant.

Fae mixed country.

Of the kingdom, I am king.

"I... am the king of the valley country"

"Then there's no problem."

Nevin, laughing to include, slapped a pound on his shoulder and fluttered up to the center of the 'Guardians'. And similarly sighted with the giant 'brothers' and then said, "I'll admit it!," he declared in a high voice like a child.

That it did not give the other 'guardians' a relaxation to pinch their words, and that Urban's claim was untargeted… I made that claim simply that Kai was not a people, but a king of a valley country, and that that country, whose people's dependents were made up of a wide variety of races, bound together all the good races who knew neither to contend nor to be recognized as a 'good race'.

"... so come on, I'm going to accept Kai as my 'guardian'"

The conversation of the 'Guardians' is a feeling of ripples being created in the core of their heads, as if they were water hoarding on a rainy day.

It must be because of the magic of reading, as well as real audio. Thus even unspoken images become mind-boggling and hiccups in the brain. As the scenery flashes back like you've never seen it before, there are a number of very familiar, valley country and thought images mixed together. That was the way the villages would have been built by their families on the edge of the valley, and the way the feast was busy. Even the species who looked like they had never seen a deer or a cat in a dwarf meets each other, and they are single-handedly welcoming the liquor, and their mouths are about to loosen.

Turns out that's the view of the valley country that Nevin saw.

I guess that image is shared by other 'guardians' and others.


"... Sunki View"

"This is the country of the valley I saw. No lies."

For some reason, the state of such a valley seemed to attract the interest of the 'guardians'. Even that Urban pushed silently as if to indulge in Nevin's words. It may have been a common view in the former world of races joining hands.

"Accept or reject Kai of the Valley Country as the 'Guardian'. Let's ask."

As Nevin inquired, he produced a hint of white light from the palm he offered.

Fluffy and floating, it was what we should have called 'light magic'.

Quiet white illuminated the forest at night, not the red of the bonfires of the Grey Monkeys.

"Eight Wings' Guardian 'Agrees"

"White Ticket".

Such a word came up in Kai.

White light like a cobbler can be raised one after the other.

Nevin's combined with that raised four lights, and a ruling was passed about Kai being the 'guardian'. One red in four whites.

Urban leaked his tongue in abundance.

"It was decided to accept Kai of the Valley Country as the 'Guardian'"

Different thoughts burst with Kai's head.

Because it was too strong a mindset, my brain marrow swayed like a cracked bell, and I stuck in my back smashing with severe headaches and nausea. Intentionally lowering the sensitivity (...) with the image that makes the filter cover-up, it finally calms down.

It seems that the alien predecessors were giving life to the birth of a new "Guardian".

And I also found that the accomplishment that I somehow had a hunch about started with Urban's step forward.

"'Guardian' has to be a race first class Great Warrior! And you must prove that you are worthy of it!

Was there a certain reason for that claim, there is no 'guardian' trying to stop it? It seems that 'protective holding' talks to each other with arm strength is the same thing here.

Nevin was blown away with a breezy 'mind-blowing magic' trying to give advice to Kai, who honestly tried to take the stand. Urban, the great warrior of the Kohlo (Gora) tribe, is probably a very strong warrior, even among the 'Guardians'.

In front of the unbearable strong, Kai had soared his body temperature to a boiling excitement with fear. I held and peeled my sweaty hand again and again.

I gave up Kai, who couldn't reach the voice of restraint, and Nevin stepped back as he did. With the same sense of distance, the other 'guardians' are watching over the power comparison between the two.

"It's a ritual of passage! Get to know yourself first!

In an instant, the spiritual power pounded on Kai.

The 'mindfulness magic' cursed Kai under unparalleled pressure compared to that and others earlier. Rather than tie it up, it was a rough curse as if pressing the creature's blood while living. After being jerked off with no time to do anything, I ended up in a situation where instead of breathing, I could be crushed bones all over my body.

Even though remote magic is a great waste of spiritual power. Urban still surpassed Kai with light spiritual power.

Kai desperately tries to work out his spiritual powers and strip Urban's magic from his body. Though it was difficult to concentrate, it was best to squeeze all the effort and resist the extent to which I could finally breathe.

Urban's legs approaching him are trampled down to crush Kai. My body remained fixed, even as I tried to throw myself and avoid it. Ky just had to take a breath for this, too.

What an inequality.

This is the ancient thing that has lived and grown for a long time... is it the power of the living 'Guardian'?

Take the weight of killing with both hands that you managed to point up and pour your all-out power into improving your physical abilities. I was suffocated, but I can't help it.

The shock penetrated his whole body, and his feet, which were treading on the hard earth, were buried halfway up to his tibia, as if it were muddy.

Unexpectedly, the heavy pressure from the top is eliminated, and Urban's stamp is slapped again on the blinking Kai. It seemed like he was going to pound in like a pile, without worrying about Kai's resistance or anything else.


I lowered my voice.

It belonged to Nevin, but it would have reached his ear because it was a reading, not a real voice.

"I'm going to give you the magic of Ding."

I didn't understand right away.

It seems that the magic of bringing races together in the old world meant that Kai understood at will that 'democratic' social systems, what was the only way to eliminate strife and be productive.

At that moment, the breath that had been taken was resurrected.

No, that was only one of the terminal events.

Kai's desperate willingness to resist Urban swelled. The overwhelming 'mindfulness magic' had been pushed and the impediments to the breathing motion of the lungs had been removed.

Kai enjoyed a full abundance of oxygen.

Pushing Urban's legs back, he escapes from the ground, which was buried all the way around his hips, without bitterness, only with the force of his arms.

So again, he looked down at both of my hands, which had resisted Urban's power.

Those hands weren't the only ones gleaming with too much spirituality. My whole body was thick spirited.

"Remember -. That's the magic of Ding."

That's really how 'magic' was, not thought, what they called 'Ding'.


It also had something to touch the memory of the previous life.

A three-legged artifact representing an ancient kingdom.

"This is where the king becomes the Great King."