"The magic of Ding is created by a great commission (...)"

Many images blossom into the brain at the same time as the words spoken, fading away in an instant. The stories of the 'Guardians' and others are much more pluralistic, with a lot of information coming and going at once.

In that exchange of ideas with a high rate of compression, fragments of high importance are left in the area of thought.


And altruistic minds.

It brought its presence as if the God of the valley, who was sleeping indolently in Kai, had inadvertently awakened to the ideological interference of the "Guardians" and others, who are clearly high-order beings.

He was Kai, who laid his hand on his chest, but God, who dwells in my "Divine Stone," does not dwell on the feelings of the Possessed Generation at all. Shivering small in a slight darkness of pleasure, bumping and crushing.

(foot scratching, not yet)

I felt clearly like a god in the valley before.

Was it also the effect of "Ding's Magic"?

"... Kai, stare up and look up -"

Following Nevin's urging honestly, Kai looked up overhead.

I understood that my vision was also more acute than usual. The myriad phosphorescence of the night sky looms as it pervades your eyes. While admiring it as a stunning night scene, you'll soon notice something heterogeneous that Nevin probably intended.

"... outside, God"

"Ha ha, take a good look -"

I remember the sight I saw at the beginning of the ritual, in the state capital Baltavia.

An indeterminate and alien god of figure was filling the night sky as if it were a feather worm sticking on the window edge of a summer night. It was as if the celestial sphere was even covered with invisible glass.

"... oh"

"With the blessings of the Valley God and the magic of the Ding, you are now open to heavenly eyes. You have to go up high. It's a special 'eye'."

Those awkward gods, even if visualized, are translucent, and the phosphorescent light behind them… the Great Spirit River (Ispi Rio) is in sight of the watermark.

Something inadvertently crossed that fringeless night sky. The moment I saw him, Kai felt his whole body hair turn upside down. It was cut to cover all the heavens in an instant... something nasty roaming the ocean of the stars... a shadow that could draw the dark tentacles to the horizon.

Watching it go too far as he was struck by fear, Kai returned to me all the same to Nevin's twinkle, who was peeling his eyes off.

"... It was an awesome 'great god'. Yabba."

Nevin, who rubbed his face calmly, pokes Kai in the back like he wants empathy. Other 'guardians' also notice their 'presence' or are groaning.

Great Hoten Patrol.

God in the valley leaked.

Big Hoten.

It is said to be a pillar of the extraordinarily high super god.

Kai remembered the illusion as if I had become a 'Mijinko', with my breath lurking in the little bubbles of the bottom of the water. I'm sure that supergod just caused a whim and this world will disappear.

"This' world 'of the ladies is just protected by that invisible sheet of thin skin. Liar or not, I've been told for a long time that that thin skin is the magic of God of Genesis's protection."

"... thin skin"

"... and that magic of protection is coming at a time of weakening in the millennium cycle"

The myriad gods who are awesome at the magical boundaries of their protection.

Are they awesome over there for whatever reason... that's just to say that it's on the 'bait' you see in front of you.

Even the foam God, who is not enough to take it, can easily become an evil god if only he fulfills his intrusion within this world. Imagining that heap of fleshy malice ravaged the surface as an endless herd, I trembled at you. I'm sure the world will turn into hell.

That's what "millennium" is all about.

"You got it.... you will need 'power', which is not the majority, to cross the time of the great trials of the gods. We must strive to be strong for the lives that are engulfed in this world."

In ancient times, the answer reached by the ancient species was' The Magic of Ding '.

The king God on the top of it climbed to a height that could not be reached by a mere king God, and the other races became "Ding" and offered it to him, and he gained a "Great King". With its isolated power overhead, the wise ancient species tried to come to the catastrophe of the 'millennium'.

And the result is, as Kai is now seeing. It only ended up surviving a few 'guardians' to future generations. Those survivors who have seen one era shatter… some of them are now meeting here.

"The strong solid is the 'millennium' … some survive even if the world is chewed up by the gods and turned into dust and mustard and stirred. There were those old ones (...) in previous times. The wisdom of survival conveyed by them caused the men to produce the magic of the Ding."

Nevin was watching.

That Urban came looking at me with his neck down.

A big dog, a green anomaly, was watching the newcomer (...) Kai.

"The guys also decided to imitate that precedent. Everything in the world was eaten and manure by the gods. The children of a new era sprung up their scattered dirt on the nursery floor... kept an eye on the alien life becoming a 'race'. And to those who stepped on the prospect (...), the yummy gave the wisdom of 'Ding'. I believed that was the duty of those who survived. Hard to be wise enough to tell - there were a lot of them, but some of them got crowded with the feeling of being better"

Some of that naturally included people.

but. I've never heard of another race in this world that wields the magic of the Ding. In an age where there is constant killing everywhere in the world and life is being mowed down as weeds, those who say, "Let's take hands with other species," will probably be treated like fools.

"The Magic of Ding" did not take root in this era. I guess that's what this is about.

"That's how it is, Ky. You people are starting to expand."

How the ancestors of the people would have solved the 'magic of the Ding' taught. And the people drove away successively the aliens that were spreading around them, and took away the land god of the land. Mizuchi monopolized the power zones of other forces to join hands and surrounded its territory with a number of vast areas comparable to those of the country.


A coalition of gods.

The vast land of the soil was dominated as a fan by the great gods Baal Litriga and Uncle Baal, sucking up the power of submission from more than two hundred pillars of the soil.

By the sudden death of the earthly uncle around it, the union was crushed, and the reign of the land was restored to its original. As a result, spring sprouts lagged behind and the root-rotting grass emerged from deep snow. Even though it hasn't been long since spring, everyone has already anticipated that this year's harvest will be worse than expected.

I wondered if that was an indication that the unique magic of the species had lost its power, derived by the people from "The Magic of Ding".

"The Divine Constellation."

'Guardians' and others said that about the magic of the people.

The subordination of 'subjugation', to which the Land God binds by describing other Land God, is similar to the specifications that originally existed in this world. There may have been some proprietary magic lurking in the lineage tree itself of the Land God coalition formed in that 'regression' coalition.

Fu, a crossing monk standing in the village tsuji remembered the theory that he had decided to deal with the elderly. Some children would have been heard so sick of their parents taking them. Kai, who had no parents, listened standing flat without even doing so.

The smoke of incense trees in the chapel, and the story of the boy.

In the picture decorated in the village chapel, the Manu God was painted in the middle as a 'glowing tree'. Manu means "tree."

"... The Pork (Aug) tribe also braided new racial magic. The magic of nurturing to make it easier to be a strong, strong child… I named it 'dominant magic'"

Kai, sinking into his thoughts, raised his face to Urban's 'voice'.

Strong thoughts strike Kai in the ear with words.

"It was too late for those to emerge as seeds in the desolate North, which continues to be threatened by the wicked. Those scrubbed mud and manure to survive the tough competition for survival and had children, and they stirred up once in a while. He awoke to his intelligence after flattening one of his native races, and from then on he kept hoping that even his son would not be strong. Wishes became 'magic' and instantly pushed them up to the strong clan. Behold, that wretched body. A magnificent piece of meat armor that can be retreated by a soldier, such as a small soldier's" guardian. "… If it were more than a hundred years early, the castle of the reigning people would have been imminent."

Urban looked at Kai and at the other 'guardians' and others.

"Losing those unfortunate Foss tribes would be a pain in the ass for the Pork (Aug) tribe to have one arm. I must see the answers that I have given. There is a land for a big meal. We need a large and fruitful land that we can farm... so we want to give people some land."

"... Ur"

The words can go on, whispering Kai's attempts to raise his voice.

"The people singled out too many lands disproportionately. The size of the land is no longer more than futile! Of course I won't even ask you to help me. All I ask of you is static! If the Pork (Aug) tribe were a faction and any of the Foss tribe's would leave them alone, they would try to kick their own land away with every fallen tribe! If it's only four quarters of a wasteland that says soil..."


"... keep your new girlfriend quiet"

"Take the liberty of people's land..."

"Don't pinch your beak, kid! Kisama will stop me for what reason! As the 'Guardian', as the successor to the God of the Valley, show a good reason to be convinced!

"... ugh."

I felt like I got hit in the head with Gatsun.

Self-restraint was about this. And he denied that he was a son of the people earlier, and decided that he was king of the kingdom of the valley.

Even when I heard that people's lands would be invaded and conditionally reflexively exposed to anger, that was no longer a muscular thing.

Nevin is catching that arm so he can be alert to Kai's rampage. Nevin's thoughts about stopping it are conveyed to the power of his fingers, which devour him.

The Pork (Aug) tribe 3000 is too mighty an enemy for the people of the marginal soil. Even without Urban's help, the peripheral eastern region would be instantly ravaged if that number were ravaged around.

As we resolved to accept Kai's "Guardian", Urban's proposed cut of the human territory by the Pig (Aug) tribe was discussed in a roundtable manner.

Red vote three. White vote 3.

Kai threw red balls without hesitation, but the number of favors and disapprovals was the same as that of Ayama.

Kai was relieved by the result of the draw, but forced Nevin to stretch himself to let him shake his head to correct that mistake.

"… in the case of the same vote, the first officer of the venue shall adopt the decision"

Among the six "guardians", including Kai, who participated in the rounds, the oldest ginseng was a deformity with narrowed cloudy eyes.

Urban, a Melo warrior, distorted his grey eyes into laughter.