The dawn of winter soil is exposed to strong winds from the east.

Its east wind brings in dust that makes the sky sweep, not the warmth of spring. In the short dry season known as the Feng Moon (Kazuki), the snow is stripped from the land of the soil, and the people of the soil are taught to meet each other at the beginning of farming.

The soiling of agricultural land has also begun in the village of Rag. It was the wisdom of my ancestors to put in tillage containing snowmelting water before it became stiff and tight.

Most of the workers this year were women. Because most of the men had been driven out to the battlefield by the break-in noise of the earlier pigs.

The woman was inferior to power than the man, but she was tenacious and patient. They all worked hard all over the dirt, even as they bumped into the fact that they had taken on a man they could count on.

If it was all year round, I would pour in the wild grass that went through winter under the snow as it was to nourish the soil, but for some reason this year it was yellowing and rotting because it didn't have many new sprouts and I also saw a few grasses.

It was clear to everyone that the soil was not nutritious enough.

"He's back!

I had a daughter who screamed then.

She was a daughter by the name of Seena. Though I know you're quite happy around swinging, it would have been a different story to see what the other guy feels when he wins.

The men who were in the battlefield returned.

A lot of women rushed over to you throwing out their farm tools. It was men who were told that there would be many deaths, but most of them seemed to have made their return safely. In response to the yellow cheers of the women, the men innocently raise their spears.


"You're finally back."

And Jose, who wiped the sweat of his forehead, wiped his muddy hand with his forehead, and climbed the earthen hand of the hook as he was drawn by his companion. The other women vacated the place when the lord's daughter arrived.

The human horse leading the men was her brother, Orha.

When I saw your dark-haired prince stretching her spine on the horse, her unmarried daughters raised their voices wow.

It is about the first time in a month that the men have returned to the village. Behind Orha is also visible the giant body of Vezin, who has made the village his present and ascended forward.

"... Princess, you'd better tell her sooner"

"You don't have to panic. Let's wait until the line is loose."

Jose was unconsciously searching for the appearance of a person, with a bitter taste in his bloody white basket. While smiling in response to Orha's eyes, those eyes are following the men of later.

Even if I say a lot, the men in Rag Village are less than a hundred. Even if one of the searchers was lost, there couldn't have been anything to miss.

(... not here)

The back of my chest shivers slightly to a bad feeling.

I couldn't find the red-haired boy who was supposed to have been given the old house, and she reunited with her family in confusion.

"... the village of Tepe fell"

The Pork (Aug) tribe 3000, which shook the eastern realm of the limestone, said that it had swallowed the village of Tepe (...), 30 yurds west of the village of Rag, and three of its tributaries, for a short period of time.

The Tempel family, the lord of the village of Tepe, enters the room the daughter of the lord of the village of Bofoy, Marquis Quainaze, in his kinship. The Moroccans couldn't even say they were human resources because they were also given the main room by the Quainaze Marquis.

Keeping the village of Bagna nearest the point of entry intact, the Pork (Aug) tribe somehow turned the spearhead of the attack eastward (...) and attacked the alarmed village of Tepe. The Tempel Marquis, who was instantly invaded by the tribal village and held hostage the sons of the clan and the folk grass, recklessly tried to calculate its rescue and ended up in a spectacular crusade.

"Oh no... no way"

"My father and I saw it. The village of Tepe is no longer a people's land"

Orha does not stop walking while he breaks up the soldiers verbally and the woman accompanying him breaks up his uniform. Our Lord Vegin is just taking off his gear and walking at the end of the hallway looking like he's wearing nothing on his upper body. The women who pick them up and gather them scattered are very busy.

"This is what happens because I swallow promises and other things with the aliens! Believe it or not, seeing an idiot is this! Damn!"

"Young lady, there's an ogre."

"Aqui, not now."

Orha only soothed his expression a little when he saw Aqui, his favorite accompaniment, but he didn't stop his leg only with a hand gesture. The news that came from Jose was hurrying him, and Vezin, the Lord.

"... Promise, is it?

To Jose's inquiry, Orha nodded lightly.

You must have been excited to be home from the war, Orha was rapping.

The promise of a truce, exchanged with the Pork (Aug) tribe, and the first of the subsequent responses of the people will also be spoken of in self-restraint.

With that promise in mind, it is also conveyed to the listener that the coalition of Eastern Lords and others had dissolved early, and perhaps that the Horse of Tepe had also been voided in its alarm… seeing that the security of the eastern periphery was no longer certain, it was indeed at the mercy of confusion, such as the Lords who escaped from the coalition.

The land of the regrouping of the Allied Lords, which hastily returned to the battlefield, is the village of Bofoy, in the south of the village of Tepe.

It was also the home of the Bofoy Marquis Quainaze, a large settlement in the east and beginning to take on the role of a compiler of neighboring lords. When the coalition forces, which totaled about 1,000, finally entered the system of rescue, Tepe village said it was no longer a battle after a failure, massive numbers of refugees fleeing the killing of the pigs, pushed to Bofoy village.

"I wasted a month fighting just to protect the refugees... I just ate precious grain.... Jose, I need you to call Adelia later. I need to talk to your father about stockpiling."

"We can still afford last year's savings. If it's about the grain I brought out this time..."

"The village of Bofoy is overflowing with people. I'm sure some of them will come to Rag Village."

"... ugh."

As I looked forward, Orha threw up a curse that didn't make her voice heard.

The cause of the confusion on the part of the people...... I keep leaking bump grudges, floating along to the neighborhood with my bloodthirsty about the unacceptable despicable breaking of a pig (org) tribe.

When the jacket is woven and minimally familiar, the three Moroccans leave the castle and travel to the monastery early. Of course, the three pillars of the village's patron saint walking together attract a lot of attention, but it seemed that people had already been paid around the monastery to get inside without anything.

My pharmacist aunt looked at the nearby vegin and said bumps and something. There were several women surrounding one bunk, and there was also the figure of her mother, Carolina, the righteous lady.

"It was three days ago that we broke water."

The reason I even had my mother there was because the superiors of the Women's Union had been gathered. Because childbirth matters are one of the things to be managed by the Women's Union as a woman's secretary.

The woman lying quietly on her bunk is barely alive or letting her chest go up and down to her weak breathing. It is difficult to see what judgment the Woman's Society has made because it has been transferred to the monastery.

Vezin turned himself over to see the little baby twisted in his belt on the pillow of that lying woman...... When I stripped away the cloth that was covered as if to be dead, a weak cry arose as to whether the baby who was there woke up.

"... Abominable?"

"... are you really a child of the people"

Soon he is clothed again, and the cries of the baby turn away. but the heat of its life is unmistakably right there.

Vegin and Orha cut the sacred mark of exorcism.

"In the years of inaction, I often say signs appear… but I do not know how to solve them"

My mother crushed me with a sinking face.

The Lord of the Land, The Protector, is sometimes a priest and judge. It was none other than Vezin, the current lord, who made the final decision on what happened in the village of Rag.

If he appeared as a prolific beast belly, he would still know.

If it showed up as a slight malformation, I can accept it.

Vezin meditated on his face with both hands.

"... stillbirth"

The baby was not born.

The current owner decided not to be there from the beginning. Carolina wiped away the tears that had spilled clearly and nodded. The Women's Guild also accepted the decision.

Her mother is now asleep with a sedative made by her pharmacist aunt. My transfer to the monastery must have enlightened my destiny. She said she was difficult to give birth to and her mother was quite scratched, ready to accept death with her child.

"... it's gonna be a tough year."

Vegin snapped.

The word of the Father, the incarnation of the Land God, is also equal in this village to the divine one.

My brother stands beside me.

When Jose grabbed his fist without stopping to retrieve it, he let himself wave.