"The power of individual lands, God, means to that extent at best."

Nevin, who slept badly, crushed on a barren cedar as close to the edge of the woods. The tree height of 50 yul is likely to be the height of a large tree, and it may still be because of its wings that you can roll to sleep flat.

Kai also has the arrogance of being "protective" again...... this one is due to the physical performance that can be done to the extent of a plunder wound even if it falls...... so he stands at the tip of the branch where he loses his fear and makes it look clear.

Infiltration by the pigs has spread confusion to people living on the edge of the soil, which frequently arrives as information (hippins). There were certain circumstances that led Kai himself to bring them to the valley country without having to listen.

"The grace originally brought about by the God of the Land is given to the extent that the prescribed 'man-proof' and his brotherhood have no trouble eating it. If that number increases beyond the clan, the land becomes unsupported and natural"

"You mean people got too many in the first place"

"Mana. That's how the king of the third generation wanted it to grow as a nation. People decided to make up for their weakness in numbers. It's the king's will to starve."

"If the numbers increase, if you starve, you'll have no ex or child."

"... that's where the magic created by the people comes in."

Race magic.

It's called "the Divine System." It seems to have had some effect on the chronic food shortage that people have as a business.

In response to Kai's guess, Nevin talked about his gains and their utility.

"Well, race-magic secrets are strictly guarded, not just by people. I don't know much about it, even if it's a bunch of people, but if you look at the spread of inappropriateness on people's land, it's historical what one of its effects was."

View from the treetop.

On the left side of the view of Kai you can see the stone walls of the village of Tepe, which became the domain of the pigs, and the village of Bagna, which is remarkably rebuilt (...) on the right.

The limbic soil, scarce in ups and downs, can be seen as far away as a person's vision allows...... it may have been a manifestation of the fact that this world was not a 'sphere', but Kai did not speak of its awareness.

In the village of Tepe there is the village of Bofoy and the reckoning of people, and several villages can also be seen beyond the village of Bagna.

"In the villages of the people of the limbo, thanks to the race magic, more than the divine character of the lord was pouring on the land. That was then in the death of Uncle Kaito... who depleted the kingdom of the gods to crumble. A few months from now, it will be like this."

Nevin twirled his index finger to make his own thoughts interesting.

"... means that the difference between the previous year's work and this year's" Sabu "can be considered as an indication of the amount of magical effect of the lost" Divine System "- Because the Guardians are already doing a lot of research and telling in the south of the People's Nation, they knew a lot about it."

"So what's wrong with this year..."

"The divine character of the land god was a vegetarian outfit. The same number of years makes some difference, but it probably doesn't mean it outweighs the results in the upper realm. Originally, there's no such thing as the divinity of the land god.... so you can see that there are some villages over there that are" three years old, "the greenest villages in the people's villages, the villages that say Bofoy and so on, are ruled by such lords around the top of" four years old "or" five years old. "

Kai, who has truly become a 'guardian', has not returned to the village for as long as another month.

It was stronger on the side that the unrest that took place one after the other did not allow it than it did if it wanted to.

Kai, who continued to stay in the valley, had dawned on an external compromise with the troublesome peripheral forces as he interacted with various beings as king.

At that age the king of the young valley was to dwell a thoughtful light in his eyes.

(Maybe this is what the soil is supposed to look like)

Green little earth.

Before the tribe, there was a time when the Nevin species survived beyond the millennium, and many of them were dispensed with. At a time when there was no shadow in farming or anything else, the soil was nothing but a tiny grass and rocky desert.

In the surrounding soil before the development of the people, the cemetery of the Land God must have dotted the wilderness by becoming a decent green island like the 'Forest of the Township'.

Past life words such as' Forest of the Township Guard ', which are not associated with the knowledge of this life, disappear considerably with a slight appearance of it in Kai. small sanctuary, only the image remained.

The people who kicked the other species and made the soil their side. It occurred to me how the dotted little forest was cut open and turned into a village, and I thought to the business of the industrialist.

Its little sanctuary-changing peripheral soil villages cover the land at regular intervals, like knots of knitting made by the women.

I'm sure there are equally scattered graveyards of the Land God in this world. If anyone had peered in from far above the sky, the surface would have looked as if it were a series of 'cells' peeking in a 'microscope' part of the skin of a single giant organism.


Kai shakes his head and shakes off the word.

Behind it fell asleep Nevin kept talking.

"... I don't know much about pedigree magic - I have some work to do. The magic of prosperity shows some utility at the same time, with the addition of the unique secret wisdom of the strangers. Don't just put makeup on the dimpled land... like the" Ding "magic of the men, it is proof that some of the kings of the people went up to the height of the" Great King ", which cannot be reached by a single species. One of them is the King of the Third Generation of the Loyal Family, the King of England and Ming.... the" Great King's "shiatsu land is a step higher in the sky (...). It is said that every time the people became smart, it was because they wore the" Great King ""

"Will the sky be higher? What the hell is that?"

"It means more seed growth."

People are said to be a race that excels in wisdom.

Intelligence is like the glint of an invisible creature, whose brilliant fruit becomes an excellent product to adorn its species.

The same is true of the excellent metallurgical skills of the Porcupine (Aug) tribe, and the fine workmanship of the dwarf tribe was a testament to the intelligence of that species. The sub-races who dispute with the people prefer to strip away all their possessions from the people who killed them. There are many things that subraces want to change the color of their eyes, starting with fine, brightly colored clothing, and not just boneless axes, but also a number of weapon protective equipment, elaborate metal coins on glass balls, and baked and hardened and rotten food bread.

"... Nevin. I knew I wasn't immediately convinced by this look.... why is that woman's village (...) so rich in 'two years old' crap?"

Why did Kai come up with the idea of climbing Oki?

That's not just because I tried to enjoy the view. It was to ascertain the authenticity of (...) things.

"You can't compare it to any other village. This"

"Well, your grace is being shared with the lubricants. That much will come of it."

The village of Bagna is covered in blue greenery and the village can be seen vibrant in the distance. In the desolate wheat fields, abundant greenery rises in the wind, and the fruit trees grow leaves, and the walls of the village are filled with beautiful white flowers. The voices of the bright villagers were about to reach this point.

That would have been a sight for the other villages, who could not help but muster envy.

Kai sneezed and scratched his head at the feeling of rubbing that was about to happen.

The country of the valley, where many people had come to live, was about to change its appearance dramatically.

First of all, dwarfs, deer, and other vulnerable species that were merging slightly were beginning to form uprooted settlements near the valley.

As more residents would pioneer to support their stomachs, forest trees were being cut down under Kai's permission, and considerable agricultural land was being developed in conjunction with the increase in wooden dwellings. It would have originally also had the effect of forest leaf soil, a considerable crop was already bearing fruit, and all the nations who could safely protect their agricultural lands under a strong God gave thanks to the God of the Valley. The Palm Horse (Potro) tribe, which resembled the 'horse' of the smaller body, and the larger Khan Horse (Caballo) tribe, along with the herbivores, were hunted by livestock and lived in the Great Forest. A group of the old pig (Shaga) clan, who said that it had become a nursery for the pig clan, also began to lean into the valley under the persecution of the pig clan.

Waiting for an opportunity near the valley by the way of Polec, they proceeded with Kai's settling in the valley and at once avalanched into the colonization. Some of them, however, were disliked and driven back by others, and the Hole Bear (Woon) tribe and others were in a form close to paying off the gate due to the strong backlash of dwarves, he said.

Anyway, their settlement led the valley country to manifest its form in the world at once.

The central valley is always green with overflowing divinity. Until its circumference of 1.5 yurds came to be found to be a land in which more than a certain harvest could be obtained by the grace of God of the valley. The extent of this was well known to the inhabitants due to the failure of the open areas of the remote lands to grow well. 1 From the valley it is particularly fruitful within the Yuld area, and it is possible to realize that it is first-class to nature and the inhabitants.

It's the realm of the valley country, but it's not in a clean circle at the moment. Because not all the species abandoned the main petition site, the cemetery of the Land God, there was a place where the special effects by the union of the Land God occurred and the gracious poured land was spread.

Nevin, the country is a 'face'.

The land of God in the valley, the village of Cologne, maintained by the Palm Horse (Potro) tribe in a position ten yurds west, and the village of Bagna, a people, formed a three-point 'surface'. Nevin pointed out the changes caused by that special effect.

"'Collection'. The neglect of the land becomes dense and includes well without divulging the gracious divinity"

The grace poured by the Land God is sucked into the land like water, and the large part that was not used is scattered. That makes it harder to scatter by the privilege of "Collection (Kolder)," and to stay in the land often. This seems to mean that it leads to the fruitfulness of the land.

It is no exaggeration to say that the land that has become better inhabited is precisely national territory. So the first class around the valley also shows the spread towards the west.

And the first place of the valley country, even slightly to the east, was showing a spread.

"Well, I guess that matched your interests."

What prevented Kai from leaving the valley country… The argument in the 'Guardian' circle was the starting point in the first place.

Kai shrugged her shoulders and sighed.